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No rest when Dolphins are planning, working

I'm trying to take a day off but my phone was buzzing with a handful of texts on the Dolphins possibly making some moves in the coming hours or days. The name most prominently mentioned in the "rumors" is Ronnie Brown.

Not a surprise. But I assure you, nothing is happening right now.

Funny how the Justin Smiley trade talk has died down.

That doesn't mean something won't happen. As I wrote in my column for The Miami Herald print edition, the coming week will be a busy one indeed for the Dolphins. Come to think of it, it might be the most busy week of roster activity in team history.

Check out the reasons I say that.

Last week was also quite a blast as the Dolphins added wide receiver Brandon Marshall. It's a good thing when the Dolphins make a move that have ripple effects throughout the league.

Adding Marshall resonated throughout the AFC East, including in New York where Darrelle Revis plays. Revis is the best cornerback in the NFL right now, just slightly better than Nmandi Asomugha. If you read this blog or follow me on twitter you know that Marshall reacted to playing Revis twice a year, asking "Where is Revis Island?"

Well, Revis also has thoughts on Marshall.

"It really doesn’t matter to me," Revis said when asked his reaction of Marshall coming to the AFC East. "You see it, people text you, people tweet you, so it’s well-known what’s out there. It’s just another thing where a big-time receiver is in the AFC East. It’s good for [the Dolphins]. They needed a big-time receiver and I get to play against him twice.

So does Revis relish playing Marshall twice a year?

"I love competition," he said. "That’s what I do, I compete no matter who steps up and no matter who comes into this division.’’


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Well get ready then Revis, you better have your big boy pants on :)

I bet Cromartie is glad Revis will handle Brandon: BM, I'm fairly certain, has had plenty of good games vs Crow. BM also faced Nmandi 2x a year.....somehow I think he'll hold his own, at a minimum.

Good times, No? Funny how this one BM move (no pun) has taken away the doom & gloom of the past few weeks & taken away the sting of the JT "crisis"


Revis better not let the beast catch the ball because when he does there aint no stopping him!

Yea Marshall changed it all, i was "doom and gloom" myself now I'm ecstatic!! I think where all really excited and ready for the draft, hell i cant wait for the season to start lol.

Please don't trade brown

if miami does trade brown ...do you think miami looks at blount from oregon aside from the ko that happened seemed pretty good

if u can get a 3rd for ronnie u do it---

even though hes worth is def a 2nd, u cant be picky, if we arent signing him to a 3 or 4 year deal after the season u move him now, so he doesnt walk away next year in FA for nothing

Every1 wants a 2nd, but i would take a 3rd or a 4th for him, b/c a 3rd or 4th for him is better then letting him go for nothing next year---

Hes a great back when healthy, but i think the combination of his health, age, and size of contracts he is looking for tells tuna cut ur losses now and get the most value possible--

Missing a 2nd rounder next year also forces ur hand to try and get another mid round valuable pick--

Smiley i would take 5th and call it a day

i say brown to the browns for a second or their third rounder

miami gets a second by trading down from 12th

I for one would be sad to see Brown go, I understand the move, but you better get one heck of a player with that 2nd rounder....

The games are played on the field. You guys with your doom and gloom. 3 years ago we were 1-15 and we all expected a 4 - 5 year growth plan to be a contender. We had a surprising year on the first year of our rebuild. Last year wasn't so bad and we were in most of the games. Our the middle part of our defense was suspect. We have a draft to go.
If we trade Brown, Pennington and our first for a higher first and second and pick up Spiller we would be laughing. Tough trade to push but it might work.

oh i dont want to see brown leave he is the wildcat and a very good running back in general i would keep him but i am not gm thank god cause i would be bald and gray at an early age lol

Don't know why we didn't just keep Ginn as a returner and not risk/wear another player to do that. He was better at than Cobbs or Bess. It's not his fault he was drafted 9, had we drafted him in the 3rd round nobody would be complaining.

We now need a tandem of great receivers ala the Mark brothers (Mark Duper Mark Clayton) that became unstopable and we just said OK we know you can score on us but try to outscore us, because we will score more points.
Well with Allen ready to play this year I would not be as concerned about the FS position. I think that the best pick for the Dolphins at 12 (if we keep that position in the draft and do not trade down, and if Dez is available at 12), is Dez Bryant. Yes it is a bold move but I think we need a second impact pro bowler (in the near future) receiver to have an unstopable offense. Then keep Ronnie and stop even thinking about trading him, and we will have a very prolific scoring machine.2 great runners, 2 great receivers, it will help our other receivers be more open on all plays and they will catch many more balls than in the past years. I am sure we can dedicate the rest of our picks to defense (this draft is deep for defense) and do just fine. we will get an adequate FS in the third, and an OLB and a Guard in the draft, but Dez will be a difference maker with Brandon at the other end. Anyway that is my opinion, but then again I am sure the trifecta has many scenarios under discussion, and will do something prior to the draft to mix things up a little more for us.

ahh the ginn thing let him go to one of the scariest lbs from the day ...i say ginn wets his pants when singletary sees him do something with his no balls syndrome ...singletary will drop his pants and show him his balls and ask if he has set himself ...

If Brown does get traded it means that another deal is almost done for another RB, probably marion barber in a trade down with Dallas. There is no way we trade Ronnie without another solid back coming in before the draft either through trade or FA. Ricky, Hilliard and Cobbs won't cut it. There has to be another stud. Trading Ronnie and banking on Spiller being there at 12 is too risky.

anthing less than a 2nd is a mistake for brown. Even if he plays this year and leaves next year we get a 3rd suplemental draft pick. So why trade him now. If ronnie hadn't been injured last year we would have been in the playoffs. I don't think they should trade brown

ginn being gone allows miami to get turner in the line up this year

Can't understand why so many of my pips here wanna trade Ronnie?? And for a 3rd rounder!! Geeze-a-mighty!!!!!!!!

its not that i want to tade ronnie for a 3rd, but u have to---

u gootta look at the financial part of football---we arent givn him a deal next year , u have 2 cut ties and get w/e value u can---

Why would u trade ronald the beast brown u guys all dont know anythang about good players! Everytime i come on here its a bunch of cryn babys sayn trade ronnie. Hes a animal when healthy! So stop the trade rumors it makes me sick.

Gruden's QB camp on ESPN is great program

Problem is John, he is rarely healthy and will leave next year. Trade him now, get some value. Pick up Spiller or another back later in the draft.

a 2d or a very very high third or no trading brown.

I like Ronnie guys, I really think we do not need to get rid of him...especially for a 3rd or higher pick...crazy if you ask me. There have been so many more great players that have been injured more than him and they didn't get traded right away. Mark my words, Ronnie has many good years left in him and he is an outstanding RB. I say keep him, becaue if we let him go and Ricky gets hurt we are screwed in our running game. How bout this...give ronnie this year to prove he is our elite back he was before injury.

these are all what if things about ronnie brown ..... it is what it is

Marshall is gonna dock his boat and build a mansion on Revis Island. He's gonna make that dude miserable for the next five years. I can't wait to see DR doing post game interviews in tears because he got scorched in the 4th quarter again and again and again.

Be lucky to get a second because of his injury history.

and i think miami might have thier eyes set on a couple tes this year in the draft late in the draft i think haynos, fasano ,and nalbone are jus filler peeps til they get what they want

Fasano will benefit from having Marshall in the lineup as he will take a corner and a safety with almost everywhere he goes on the field.

The Lions are said to be willing to trade for a RB which put Brown in the middle of that rumor. I would not accept anything less than a 2nd rd pick for Brown. When healthy the guy is an elite back.

As for CJ Spiller, I have concerns with Spiller. He has a tone of talent, and has blazing speed but in the NFL everyone is fast and his weakness is said to be his inability to break tackles. If that is true thats a huge red flag for a RB. Makes me wonder how his talent will transfer to the NFL.

the whole offense will benefit from marshall....miamis been endorsed by marshall

R. I. P.

Looks like you don't rest either
I've been critical about sensationlism in your blog before, bur right now the moves are very sensational
Nice job

Yeah. Let's just Trade Ronnie Brown. That way when Ricky retires next year we are back to just one play maker that everyone can focus on. TRADE VALUE??? How about plain VALUE? He' s our most valuable player on offense. What we had before with the ground and pound PLUS the ADDITION OF MARSHALL???? Why mess that up. Spiller won't be able to break tackles like Brown-- WHICH is his strength. Towards the 3rd quarter Ricky and Ronnie can run out the game. THAT is the plan. We have a mixed offense-- get the lead with passing and running. Marshall loosens the defense, then we them with the run once we have the lead. In the 4th QRT teams don't want a 230lb running back coming at them. And we have 3 of them. Hilliard, Brown and Williams. Spiller would be great to get. He AND Brown together would be a perfect combination. Brown also is the only person in the NFL that can run the Wildcat(J Cribbs is good too) effectively. Giving him up for a 3rd round draft pick gets us a player that might not ever get on the field. So why trade a star for that?

I just had a brain fart...but what if Rolando McClain was drafted by MIA and moved to SOLB. He's big enough to stuff the run and cover TE's, I guess the question would be can he learn to rush the passer from a 3point stance. Which is easier learning to rush the passer or learning how to cover and play in space. I would think the latter..

can this regime realyy blame ronnie for getting hurt? they gave him the ball like every play. thwt had him at QB! now with marshall some stress can be taken off the running game

I'm fine with trading Ronnie but it has to be for a second. If not then don't trade him. If he leaves next year as a free agent we will get a third round supplemental. Not sure why everyone is so keen to trade a lot of our guys for fourth or fifth rounders. The chance of hitting on those guys is slim and while in theory they can be used to move up, a lot of times teams aren't interested in fifth round picks.

Allen, don't look only at the financial part of it. Look at the competitve part as well.. Ricky's old and worked hard last season. BM puts u right up with Jests and Patsies. U don't trade your horse.. Besides, his injuries have been freak accidents!! How the hell do u break a linsfranc? That's not like having a recurring hamstring, that's just bad luck!

I don't think the wildcat is done if ronnie is traded

Pat white is still an x factor

You also have to realize that the lions 2nd round pick is the 34th in the draft, 2nd in the 2nd round... I am a huge Ronnie Brown fan, he has been my favorite Dolphin for a few years, but that pick has alot of value if the Lions are willing to give it up.

Back on Ginn..

just saw the news, here in SF they are labeling the deal a steal because they think they are " getting a playmaker" who " beat all niners receivers in stats the last 2 years" .. that si how bad the niners are!

Dont let RB go!

we should sign adelius thomas toay outside LB once NE releases him. this might be why they are stringing along JT

First running backs have a short life, trading Brown now is smart...but it does say something of the future, without Brown either the Dolphins are getting away from using the wildcat or that they will have someone else to be the main guy using it...be it White, Thigpen or perhaps someone from the draft. As far as Spiller goes...he's a great outside runner...but the Dolphins run between the tackles, so I'm leaning that he won't be a selection of the Dolphins...actually I can see Tate wearing a Dolphins uniform...he has the size, speed and can catch and should be Available in the 3rd round.




RONNIE BROWN 2010 - 1,200 YARDS. 14TDS!!!


Carlito... That Gruden Camp show is some of the best stuff ESPN has put on the air in YEARS... I could watch him sit there and talk to freakin DT's and enjoy the feedback. Great stuff man... I see a show for him in the future... he may have coached his last team??? I have been doing all the penitence I can in hopes he would consider the "U" as a coaching destination.... Until Marshall happened I would have said "NEVER HAPPEN"!... I ate enough crow on that deal to "never say never again"...

Good. I say trade and acquire picks. Patience is what I have been preaching and i think this team is getting ready to be something special. Especially if they draft well this year. With regards to Revis' remarks, glad he's not laying down like his last two opponents in the regular season did. i would rather my team earn a playoff spot than be given one with a big red bow on top.

Thomas was a beast in Baltimore. Not very good as a Cheatriot. He will want big money. No thanks.


Sorry man, I don't see McClain as an OLB. He's just not fast enough and I think he struggles shedding blockers. I'd be fine with them drafting him and moving Dansby to outside though. I think this will Crowder's last year, so maybe next year you move Dansby back inside and draft OLB next year. I think the combination of McClain and Dansby inside going forward would be dynamite. I fear that this year there isn't that elite can't miss OLB. I like Morgan, Kindle and Graham but I think there are questions about each of them.

trade brown NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love brown an is a big fan but he was n the nfl 5 yrs n only played 1 full yr. trade him now b4 we loose he 4 nothing, BUT GET NOTHING LESS THEN A 2ROUND, its two reason i can c this trade happing....we going after dez n learn from the pass superbowl that passing is how u get there..or going to trade down wit the cowboys n get they 1,2 pick n there running back.....if u a real dolpin u understand this is a good thing an only good going out that deal......dont half step tuna take that jump into the superbowl.....WOOOOOOOOOOO gooo phins

Picking at #34 is like having a late first rounder in this draft... the depth in this draft just allows a good player to be had at a low pick... It would be a great P/U for Miami to get the RB trade done to Detroit. I love the kid but the fact is... he will be gone next year anyway without giving him a contract we never will. Take the value or take NOTHING... you choose.

This is the best blog anywhere. Thanks Mando. Take the rest of the day off.




With all this Ronnie Brown trade talk, it tells me that the front office is probably high on either Spiller or Ryan Matthews, and probably does not have Brown in its long-term plans. I can see things maybe playing out like this:
They trade Brown to Detroit for its second round pick (34th overall). If Spiller is there at 12, they take him. If he is not, they may trade down with Philadelphia, who has openly stated that they want to take Earl Thomas. So Miami would have the 24th pick in the first, and two second round picks. With the 24th pick, Miami can take Ryan Matthews or a good pass rusher, and take Best with the 34th. Just a thought.

Ralph in Satellite Beach... I read your post on this same thing a few days ago... I will ask the same question to you now as I did then... If we took Dez Bryant in the #12 SPOT (IF HE IS THERE)... He is going to demand a contact of $5 to $7 million a year. And... he has the same Agent as Crabtree, who held out until well into last season. So.. 2 questions...1. Do you take a chance on a player who will likely hold out if you don't want to pay him what he thinks he is worth? 2. With just applying $50 Million to our receiver corps, how can you justify taking another receiver when we already are going to have to release 2 or 3 off the roster now? I believe the bottom line is this... we are stocked at WR unless a deal comes up that really has our name on it... It will not happen until perhaps next year... we have to many holes to fill on D still.

What's the point of trading Brown????

so a search for good running back can begin????

Ricky isn't able to carry the load by himself...

two good moves this week with Marshall and trading Ginn deosn't give the team a right to do something that doesn't make sense!

Some further thoughts, I believe the Dolphins along with Taylor are scamming teams...especially the Jets...if Taylor was really intersted in leaving the Dolphins to join the Jets, would he be in Costa Rica on Vacation? Would he be willing to wait to hear from the Dolphins...till draft day...of course not...everyone knows that one way or the other the Dolphins have to acquire at least one OLB in this draft..the only way Taylor gets shown th door is if the Dolphins trade for Osi from the Giants. I also wonder why Smiley has been out there alot longer than Ginn...but as of yet hasn't been traded...is he scam material also? One would have to believe that if the Dolphins were willing to part with Ginn for a 5th rounder...would they not part ways with Smiley for a similiar pick? There's a center/Guard out there that is on at least 10 teams boards, his name is Pouncey...is he also on the Dolphins board? We all assume that the Dolphins will select a defensive player early...but we all know that Parcells doesn't always do the obvious...we could see a offensive type player taken early...and I wouldn't be surprised to see another receiver selected also...perhaps Tate, Thomas or even Bryant if he drop's enough and the Dolphins trade back.

I applaud the regime for looking at exploring all opportunities. Ronnie is one of our best players but he does get hurt and he's not getting any younger. If we could get Detroit's second round pick, 34th overall, I think that would be a real coup for the regime. I don't think I would take Spiller. Really like the guy but I would rather see them draft a running back in the second round, somebody like Matthews or Best. A trade back with someone like Philly would be awesome. Obviously the defence needs work but I think some extra picks would also open up the possibility of drafting someone like D Thomas WR at the top of the second round. I think he'd be a great long term complement to Marshall.

fins will regret trading brown even if we get a 2 rounder ,what make us feel so good it's not going to be another pat white or turner ?

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