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No rest when Dolphins are planning, working

I'm trying to take a day off but my phone was buzzing with a handful of texts on the Dolphins possibly making some moves in the coming hours or days. The name most prominently mentioned in the "rumors" is Ronnie Brown.

Not a surprise. But I assure you, nothing is happening right now.

Funny how the Justin Smiley trade talk has died down.

That doesn't mean something won't happen. As I wrote in my column for The Miami Herald print edition, the coming week will be a busy one indeed for the Dolphins. Come to think of it, it might be the most busy week of roster activity in team history.

Check out the reasons I say that.

Last week was also quite a blast as the Dolphins added wide receiver Brandon Marshall. It's a good thing when the Dolphins make a move that have ripple effects throughout the league.

Adding Marshall resonated throughout the AFC East, including in New York where Darrelle Revis plays. Revis is the best cornerback in the NFL right now, just slightly better than Nmandi Asomugha. If you read this blog or follow me on twitter you know that Marshall reacted to playing Revis twice a year, asking "Where is Revis Island?"

Well, Revis also has thoughts on Marshall.

"It really doesn’t matter to me," Revis said when asked his reaction of Marshall coming to the AFC East. "You see it, people text you, people tweet you, so it’s well-known what’s out there. It’s just another thing where a big-time receiver is in the AFC East. It’s good for [the Dolphins]. They needed a big-time receiver and I get to play against him twice.

So does Revis relish playing Marshall twice a year?

"I love competition," he said. "That’s what I do, I compete no matter who steps up and no matter who comes into this division.’’


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Omar Kelly is reporting that the Dolphins are really coveting Major Wright in the 3rd or 4th

My friend and I are taking shots everytime we are wrong on who will be picked in the 1st round. I don't think I should have agreed to that lol. I may be VERY hungover Friday morning. The draft is so unpredictable.

Crow taste great!

Carlito, Major Wright would be my favorite S after Berry and Thomas. I know I am in the minority there, but he lays the wood and has good ball skills. If we don't go S in round 1, I'd be ok with Wright at 73, though I doubt he'll be there.


Yeah I like him and Morgan Burnett

Carlito, Omar Kelly was Ricky's supplier I believe...I don't take much stock in anyone who is trying to predict a 3Rd or 4th RD pick

Carlito , the dolphins love major wright. Nolan brought in wright on the suppossed sneak tip and went over plays and film with him.

There is gonna be a run on NT's in the 2nd round though, I think the Dolphins might be better off going NT in round 3... Otherwise if they wait, it might end up like last year with no more good NT's on the board

Daryl, I don't think we can rely on Ricky. He went to his limit last year and (held up well for his age) but can't be the #1 back. And I'm not sure Cobbs and Hilliard are ready. So, if we don't get a back in the draft, then I say keep Ronnie one more year (to get Henne comfortable with Marshall). Because if we don't have a running game, then everyone will triple-team Marshall and who knows if the other guys get open.

**********DO NOT TRADE RONNIE BROWN***********

I Repeat, Do Not Trade Ronnie Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!'

*************IM A DOUCHEBAG************

I Repeat, ahh...nevermind.

Think this would be a pretty sweet draft. Tell me what you guys think....

1st - Hughes (Trade with Philly picking up one of ther seconds)

2cnd - Ricky Sapp (Ronnie trade)

2cnd - Best RB available (Philly's second)

3rd - If Cam is available snatch him up, if not maybe Troup...

Sign Atogwe, or let Culver and Clemons fight it out....

We don't need 1 back that is a "gamebreaker" we need backs that can fit into our system, and that is what I think we have."Gamebreaker" or "Home Run Hitters" are few and far between. And to think that we need one to have a productive offense is a little skewed. Look at the playoff teams last year. Most had backs that were not Dynamic, but a commitee of backs who fit into their systems. Look at the Saints, Bell, and Thomas were the guys that carried the majority of the time. These backs aren't dynamic. But what they did was carry for a decent average. catch the ball exceptionaly, block, and most importantly, they held onto the ball. Also, we play in a division where cold weather can come into play at the end of the year. I would rather have the type of backs that we have, that can wear teams down over a long stretch.

Floyd , put a S with your 2 2nd round instead of a rb and forget Atogwe ( he stays with rams ) and you have something there,

Armando said he is posting his Mock Draft tommorrow afternoon!! Should be interesting even though he already tweeted his Miami pick at 12


you cannot anticipate a 2nd round pick. we gave them up for BM. Until it happenss you cannot bank on it.

I like OLB in the 1st
NT 3rd
FS in the 4th

Do any of you think sean smith or will allen could convert to FS and we draft a corner?

TnPhinFan, I asked Mando last night about what happens if Ronnie don't sign his RFA...He answered me and said if he does not sign by June 15th, the Dolphins retain his rights but he would not be able to play...


I am not or moving Sean Smith to FS, as we of all teams know after J Allen switching a guy back and forth can be stuntful to a players growth (though Smith is far better than Allen)

As for drafting a CB, I would actually be more surprised f we did NOT. We lost Nate Jones. We have yet to replace him, though I think Jason Allen could play a role for us this tear.

Sean smith cannot but allen might be able 2 . Sean smith isn't physical and is not a good tackler. allen is.

boontang , you are correct. look for miami to draft a cb .

Jason Allen played FS in College and played pretty good. I wonder why he could not play FS unless he cannot process the calls quick enough at the NFL Level. All the talk about Mays reminds me of Jason Allen. I hope we do not go that route.

Bobby, the Ronnie RFA not playing thing does not sound right. I don't know just don't sound right. I guess in effect he has until 6-15 or he is a hold out. Interesting because maybe he cannot go at the start of the season anyway.

Jason Allen just lacks the mental aspect. Ironically he has been lined up vs Moss a few times the last few years. And has done pretty good all things considered. He is great on ST as well. I think Jason Allen has a good role for this team.

Has anyone heard anymore rumors about Ronnie trade or trade down with Philly?

Have the Phins had Kindle in for a visit? or did they coach him in the Senior bowl?

I think the Phins were fortunate to be able to work with the seniors for this draft. This draft will define our defense for years to come.

TnPhinfan, all I can do is tell u what Mando said...I would assume that means he wouldn't be able to play till he signs it BUT never know

**********DO NOT TRADE RONNIE BROWN***********

**********IM A DOUCHEBAG***********

Kindle missed the senior bowl but i believe miami interviewed kindle during the texas pro day.

Palm Beach Post reports that the Dolphins covets Morgan and that their scout says they will pick if available. I think they could go many different directions as long as it is defense. It would be nice to be able to trade down as rumored.

The silence on the NT front is interesting. I have not heard much lately. Do any of you know if the phins brought a NT in for private interview? seems Earl Thomas is high on their radar too.

Goodnight everyone. Ax Man season finally on next. Let's chop some wood!!!!!

Night TnPhinfan

Bobbyd12 goodnight. You can sleep on my couch anytime bro. If I am sleeping, just pull out the goods and go to work.

Mando, and fellow PhinsFanatics.
I've been doing some mock drafts on NFL.com and Ive seen the possiblity of DT N.Suh falling to the Dolphins at 12. Is it TOO GOOD to be true? That would make the lose of our 2nd rounder worth it.
I like LB Kindle (Bias since Im from Texas :D )
@ 12 if not trade Down for two picks and get either G Iupati or DE Morgan.

gabe wake up you are posting your dreams right now .....no way he falls past pick 5 and thats being generous

Suh is not dropping that far and he is not a NT in 3-4...

oh carlito i bet he is good enough to be one not projected to be one ..i am jus saying imo

any other buzz about what chris mortenson said about the fins trading 1st rd pick with the giants, giving up their 5th rd and getting osi umenyiora?

if that would ever happen i would pee myself.....

He would be a DE in the 3-4, which is one of the deepest positions on the Dolphins D... I'm not sayin he's not good, he's probably the best player in the draft...

mort thought we would convert him to OLB because he is the same makeup as demarcus ware and LT (which we know gives parcells a chubby....)

i still wish we would have landed ryan clark

Ryan Clark is overratted

ask pat white if he is overratted........

my bad, that was ike taylor

Pat white is overrated also , he's just another idiot who didn't lower his shoulder when he ran out of bounds . Clark was just the best FS this free agency but clearly not even in the top 15 of the league.

do you think clemmons or culver can man up?

any other buzz about what chris mortenson said about the fins trading 1st rd pick with the giants, giving up their 5th rd and getting osi umenyiora?

if that would ever happen i would pee myself.....

Posted by: swedish_phish | April 18, 2010 at 10:21 PM

Swedish P, Interesting I did not catch that about the Phins and Giants.

Please dont pee on yourself, well at least dont do it around pricemaster.

**********DO NOT TRADE RONNIE BROWN***********

**********DO NOT TRADE RONNIE BROWN***********

ryan clark did destroy wes welker


i would love to have wes thinking about that on every quick slant he runs against us

No but e Thomas or major wright could. Hell , I would love Taylor mays but we don't need a ss


its good to see you are keeping up the good fight.


The sox got punished today. hahahahaha

Hey man, I hope we extend him...intersting reading about the Osi Umenyora report, haven't seen that anywhere myself


here is one place i saw the comment by mortenson

Thanks for that. Interesting, interesting. Heard about trading with Philly for their #1, and one of their #2s.

yeah, the more i think about it, i think it would be better to trade down for a 2nd rd pick vs giving up someone like ronnie. god, i wish we could have that pick on pat white this draft...

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