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No rest when Dolphins are planning, working

I'm trying to take a day off but my phone was buzzing with a handful of texts on the Dolphins possibly making some moves in the coming hours or days. The name most prominently mentioned in the "rumors" is Ronnie Brown.

Not a surprise. But I assure you, nothing is happening right now.

Funny how the Justin Smiley trade talk has died down.

That doesn't mean something won't happen. As I wrote in my column for The Miami Herald print edition, the coming week will be a busy one indeed for the Dolphins. Come to think of it, it might be the most busy week of roster activity in team history.

Check out the reasons I say that.

Last week was also quite a blast as the Dolphins added wide receiver Brandon Marshall. It's a good thing when the Dolphins make a move that have ripple effects throughout the league.

Adding Marshall resonated throughout the AFC East, including in New York where Darrelle Revis plays. Revis is the best cornerback in the NFL right now, just slightly better than Nmandi Asomugha. If you read this blog or follow me on twitter you know that Marshall reacted to playing Revis twice a year, asking "Where is Revis Island?"

Well, Revis also has thoughts on Marshall.

"It really doesn’t matter to me," Revis said when asked his reaction of Marshall coming to the AFC East. "You see it, people text you, people tweet you, so it’s well-known what’s out there. It’s just another thing where a big-time receiver is in the AFC East. It’s good for [the Dolphins]. They needed a big-time receiver and I get to play against him twice.

So does Revis relish playing Marshall twice a year?

"I love competition," he said. "That’s what I do, I compete no matter who steps up and no matter who comes into this division.’’


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so do you think any player will ever wear the number 19 again for the dolphins in fear of like a ginn curse

You're right on point buddy.

Let's not get trade happy and do something that doesn't make sense after a great trade for Marshall early in the week!

That's like leading by 3 Tds and going for 2.... what's the point??

if brown is traded and we find out the other 3 RB'S are sucks what would we do ?

Brandon Marshall makes it so teams can't stack 8-9 guys in the box. Stability and continuity on the offensive line will also help the running game. As good as our running game has been the past few years, it should be even better with the two factors I just mentioned.

boxwoman.... using just two of the many draft choices we have made over the years as an example of why never to trust your drafting and talent scouting ability hold no water. Pat White has been the poster boy for every anti-draft person I have ever seen in Miami. Fact is this. Every team makes draft mistakes... it the way it goes, But you NEVER stop trying because that is where the talent is that will last you the longest at the best price. RB's are expendable. And have a 4 to 6 year shelf life. Ronnie is up for a contract next year, his 6th, he will leave... 100% he will leave... So, you get your #34 pick now... Or... wait to watch him walk away for nothing next year. As far as a replacement... You can place a Scat Back behind a Dominant O-line and gain 1000 yards and make him look like a star. Shanahan taught the NFL that little trick back in the 90's, Wanny was not paying attention and gave up 2 #1 picks for Ricky and placed out team in a downward spiral that ended in 1-15 in 07.

Hi Guy's - there has been no one as critical as me when it come to the trifecta. Mainly because of the lack of movement within free agency and trades. The fact is we are a much better team with BM, but we're still not a SB caliber team and probably wont be for a few years. We still need to get bigger, stronger and much faster to really compete. I like RB as much as anyone but I doubt if Parcells and company really envision Ronnie or Ricky to be here when we finally have the talent for a strong push to the SB. We need to trade Rb, Smiley, Penne or PW for draft picks or other payers quickly. There are at least a half dozen running backs in this draft that would be an upgrade from what we have now.

As for drafting Dez - it will never happen unfortunately, but if it ever did, WOW. That was the first thing that popped into my head when I heard BM was coming to MIami. We can only dream.


i ager w/ you but to try your luck for a good trade when it comes to r. brown is nuts ,if brown only 7 games a year ,it's better than any draft you can come up with .he's an elite player ,no question .

kinda wierd trading ronnie, how is cobbs recovery coming along plus the ricky situation. feels like a head fake to me especially when we need a 1st rounder OLB AND FS.

How does trading Ronnie get this done?

i agree,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if brown plays only 7 games--------



wife still beautiful blonde with green eyes and still 11 yrs younger than me , so go figure, lol

I dont think that Ronnie is going to command the type of contract that everyone believes he will. The Trifecta can use his injury history against him as far as money goes, and Brown has to understad this is one of the best situations for him as well. I think that both sides will come to an agreement and Ronnie stays, IMO. As for the notion that RB is the most interchangeable position, I agree, but when you find a guy with premier talent, you don't just give him away for nothing. A top 40 pick for Brown would be acceptable, and I say that being his biggest fan. Once you get to about 40 in this years draft, youstart to fall from high impact guys to good quality starters. I don't want to give Brown up for an average starter.

Ronnie Brown, Justin Smiley, Reggie Torbor, and Jason Allen to Detroit for #34 and Cliff Avril - accomplishes a couple of things:

-saves money
-picks us up what is basically a late 1st rounder
-gives us a potential starting OLB/pass rusher

I dont know if ya'll realized that Ronnie and Ricky were a force last year even when teams were stacking 8 in the box. With the Beast on our team its we finally have a way to make teams pay for doing that. Why would We want to trade Brown for a 3rd rounder and get a player that may be as productive as Pat Turner.

If we trade Brown for a 3rd rounder, I dont know if we can afford to take Spiller who might not even be there at the 12 pick which all of you are taking for a sure thing. We NEED a starting DT, a FS, and an OLB if not two. If we trade Ronnie all we have is another hole to fill.

I dont know if id even trade ronnie for a second, but a low second round pick would be the least i would take for him. His injury last year doesn't really affect his future status, its not something that will bother him this year or the next. Ronnie is a competitor and a redzone machine. i want a guy like that on my team.

Well trading Ronnie is a moot point until he signs his tender, if he does that in the coming days then the writing is on the wall and we know it is only a matter of time. If he is still a Dolphin by the completion of the draft, he will be on our 2010 roster.

Man some of you guys are crazy man!! Ronnie has been hurt a couple of times...but nothing compared to other injury ridden NFL guys. Ronnie is an elite back and if you want to trade him then why not keep Marshall for 3 years and then trade him too to "search" and try to hit a jackpot somewhere in the draft...ronnie is proven, period

cowkiller 100% on Ronny 0% on Marshall for only 3 yrs, com'on'man

I personally think that we should trade our number 12. Terrence Cody is a late first round talent that we could really use. We also could draft a premier player such as Sergio Kindle or Pierre-Paul if he is available. with all the offensive linemen being predicted to go in the early first rounds its more than likely that a serious elite pass rusher will be there for us in the late first round. That would give us a 2nd round pick to use on one of this deep draft's many first round prospects who are going to fall into the second round, such as Morgan Burnett, Jahvid Best, and Mike Williams.

How many years has it taken us to find a RB of Ronnie Browns caliber? 1973 to 2002. We finally got Ricky in 2002. That didnt last long. 2006-present. Please, Dont trade Ronnie!!

It is stupid to trade Ronnie Brown. He is one of the best backs in the league. Ricky Williams is a pleasant bonus to make up for the years that he smoked away in Canada. Injury or not, Ronnie Brown creates the "chunk" yardage that everyone is talking about. He has game breaking moves. How many other teams have a player that inspired a play that has now been adopted by half the league. Read my previous post to hear how I think that we should handle reacquiring a 2nd round pick.

I agree if he signs his tender prior to the draft...he's gone.



A fifth for Smiley and I think we're looking pretty good for this draft, even if we don't trade down.

1. FS Earl Thomas
2. WR Brandon Marshall
3. OLB/DE Jermaine Cunningham
4. TE Ed Dickson
5. NT Jeff Owens
5. RB Legarrette Blount
6. NT Kade Weston
6. OG Kevin Matthews
6. ILB Boris Lee
7. KR/WR Trindon Holliday
7. RB LaMarcus Coker

how are we supposed to win the super bowl next year if we trade brown now?


Prior to the start of last season the plan was to work Pat White into the offense.
After Pennington got hurt Henne and White were the only 2 that knew the offense so they couldn't play him.

For those of you that think CJ Spiller will be a great back in the NFL keep in mind that White outrushed Spiller by 1,000 yards AND threw for 6000 yards AND 47 TDs on top of that.

When Pat White and Brandon Marshall played each other college Pat White was the dominant player on the field. Same with when played against Ray Rice and Chris Johnson.

Pat White is not the dead weight on the roster.
Patrick Cobbs is.




That is why Penny was resigned my friend.
When we get to the postseason he will tell Henne & White, "Don't throw interception here".

Penny cannot demonstrate it because his last playoff game against B'more he threw 4 picks, but at least he can say it.

I hate the idea of trading brown

If Cobbs is our kick returner again I'm going to crap myself. Please draft Jacoby Ford or Trindon Holliday!

You HAVE to trade Ronnie Brown now if you can but only for a 4th this year along with a 2nd next year or a straight up 2nd this year.

#1 The guy's getting older and is injury prone.
#2 We will not want to pay his asking price next season when he is a free agent (because of issue #1), meaning we will then lose him for no compensation.
#3 We have Ricky to take over this season while we groom a new RB and also pick up a RB in next years draft with a high pick.

This is a no brainer. Everyone has said it, he's great when he's not injured. Well he's not helping us when he's injured which seems to be 50% of the time so exactly what's the point of keeping him? And don't forget about Patrick Cobbs and Lex Hilliard. Lex can run over people and Pat can run around them. We would be fine at RB this season with plenty of time to replace him Ronnie if we traded him.

It seems that fans sometimes develop a loyalty to certain players without thinking of the business side of the game. This was Huziengas downfall and I wish people would learn from it.

Trade Ronnie for a #2 with Detroit.

1 - Dan Williams - NT
2 - Brandon Marshall trade
2 - from Detroit - Jerry Hughes - OLB
3 - Dexter McCluster - RB
4 - Mike Williams - WR - Syracuse
5 - Jimmy Graham - TE - the U
6 - Legarette Blount - RB
6 - best defensive player available
6 - best defensive player available
7 - best defensive player available
7 - best defensive player available
7 - best defensive player available

Does anyone know or think Ryan Grice-Mullen will do a good job of returning and be a deep threat as a receiver?

Hello long lost dolphin fan friends. I was unable to talk/blog with you guys for almost 2 weeks for various reason ranging from being busy with work ( very busy time of the year ) , My training , my mother having surgey ( she 's fine ) , my hard drive in my personal computer crashing and having to replace it and installing windows 7 which is great. Now on to dolphins new which was plenty and it happened at the time all this happened . Go figure.





What if anything is Pat White worth.

Please keep Ronnie,as someone said he`ll still bring a third supplimental next year.

Absolutely trade down to get a second second.

Sixth and sevenths are but bargaining chips to get better 5th rounders.

Those are my simple thoughts

Someone said we could use Ronnies injury history against him in order to sign him on the cheap next year. This is contradictory to what the team should and can do in so many ways. Ronnies injury history works against the team, not against him. You're suggesting that we sign him on the cheap with the knowledge that he has been hurt and probably will be hurt again?!

How does that help us in game 10 during a playoff push when we find out he's done for the season again? And someone said even if he only plays 7 games it would be worth it to keep him! Oh my God that is so short sighted people. Why don't we just draft a young running back that will cost 1/3 of the price and be able to play 16 full games?

Or go with our three backs who are more than serviceable until next years draft when we can find a starter?


How much will the wildcat be used this year? Why not let Pat White have a go at this formation? Isn't this why he was drafted? Change his number so he doesn't have to report in as a Qb. Ronnie Brown is an average back running out of the pro-set. I didn't think he had much trade value by himself, but at this point if we could get a third rounder for him, why not pull the trigger. We could draft a tight end in the third, which would be more important then finding an immediate replacement for Brown.

First , the marshall trade. I was very suprised this deal happened. This smell like a little desperation on the tuna part. It tells me the tuna is going for it now because he won't be around much longer. Given up 2 2nd rounders and 50 mil is very unlike tuna and is a hefty price tag. It tells me the jets making all their moves, with the holmes trade being the clincher , helped the tuna in his desperation and changed his mind on marshall. It tells me the tuna didn't like the dez bryant interviews . This is a HUGE gamble that can help bring miami a super bowl or set this franshise back years if marshall F'S UP ! I'm a Huge marshall fan now becuase i'm a dolphin fan first and i want my team to win the super bowl. I hope marshall helps do that and hope he keeps his nose clean in sout beach. If doesn't , alot of us will be crying about this trade. :)

don't trade ronnie ricky will be leaving next year so keep him and maybe draft spiller to groom until ricky leaves

We need another speedy reciever to keep safeties deep, bess, cam, turner, hartline don,t even scare command respect

If you can't get a top 40 pick for Brown, you don't make the deal. Giving him away for nothing is not a good idea. Brown also represents everything the Trifecta likes in their players. He is not just a RB, we use his versatility in many ways, and he is one of the top guys in our locker room. He should be as dominant as ever with Marshall helping move extra defenders off the line of scrimmage.

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Aloco, think my friend. You want us to trade crappy players to who? Why would anyone trade for our crappy players? We were 7-9 so why woulda winning team want to take the worst players off of a losing team? It just doesn't make sense.

Ronnie WILL be leaving next season because Ireland isn't stupid enough to pay an aging injury prone RB a hefty salary at the end of his career. So what some of you are saying in essence is it would be more worth it to keep him for one season, a season that the phins WILL NOT be pushing for a superbowl, and then let him walk for free the following year.

Would someone PLEASE explain to me why they think this is a good idea? I don't care if he's elite, we're not going to the superbowl this season so his elite status is a moot point. Not to mention it's only Dolphin fans who have given him this so called "elite" status. NFL scouts do not feel the same way or we wouldn't be talking about a possible 2nd probable 3rd for him. Elite running backs don't get traded for 2nd or 3rd round picks.

We are building for a Super Bowl run in the near future. Ronnie will not be a part of that. Trade him for no less than a 3rd rounder. This is business, not personal.

Here's something funny and ironic that happened to me . When the marshall trade went down on wed, i had a open gym day and the place was packed all day. Alot of jet/giant members who know i'm a huge dolphin fan and new jet /giant members finding out i'm a dolphin fan were riding me about marshall and his problems . I found myself defending marshall ( because he's now a dolphin ) in some heated debates . LOL ! These are same problems i was pointing out on marshall. I had alot of people giving me congrats on marshall too.



I believe this trade will allow us to find out if Chad Henne is the real deal??!!!

The more Draft picks the better, these guys know how to get talent in the door and the more shot the better the odds to succeed

If you go by the famous "Dolphins Jersey" theory, Ronnie is gone...Ted Ginn's jersey went from $65.00 to $15.00 last week, shortly BANG Teddy to SF...Well Ronnie Browns Jersey has gone from $80.00 to $20.00 connect the dots...

How was the crow NJ?Did you enjoy it while hiding under your rock?

In Fact, let the cleaning the house continue, I say plenty of dead weight still to go

Aloco how in your mind does having a young RB along with Williams, Cobbs, and Hilliard mean no playoffs?

F**k the playoffs by the way. This team isn't ready to win a superbowl so what are the playoffs going to do for us? Only make our pick next year lower on the list.

You're all so worried about trading Ronnie and acting as if this is going to kill our chances at a superbowl this season. This is the definition of dillusion.

What's ALREADY killed our chances at a superbowl this year is the fact that we have no starting caliber OLBs, no starting NT, and no starting FS. We also have no field stretching TE to take pressure off of Fasano which basically makes him a blocker and takes a target away from Henne.

So shouldn't we worry about filling these ULTRA important needs and wouldn't a smart way to do that be to trade away someone that has value now at a position where we have a lot of depth? Some of you guys sound like you work for the Lions or Browns.


I don't post often, so I say keep Ronnie, great trade for us to get Marshall, Mando, your the bomb, and (I would dearly love to have this come to reality) We should be asking the Dolphins to bring back Zach Thomas for a day, so that he can retire a Dolphin! Not only did he excell at his position, he was fun to watch for years and a true gentleman.


Well said.
If we can package a deal with Brown involved, that makes more sense then trying to trade him outright. Also, Brown might be facing some punishment for his Dui. That and the fact he hasn't finished a season in two years might scare a few prospective shoppers. We would be lucky to get a third rounder for him right now.

I think this team managers where waiting to not tip their hands on what they will unfold, watch out now folks it now starting to show up. I see more gone soon and replacements badly needed will finally get put in place. It all about timing and the right players finally being available with the right schedule. ZZI think they have waited long enough and are finally going for it.

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