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No rest when Dolphins are planning, working

I'm trying to take a day off but my phone was buzzing with a handful of texts on the Dolphins possibly making some moves in the coming hours or days. The name most prominently mentioned in the "rumors" is Ronnie Brown.

Not a surprise. But I assure you, nothing is happening right now.

Funny how the Justin Smiley trade talk has died down.

That doesn't mean something won't happen. As I wrote in my column for The Miami Herald print edition, the coming week will be a busy one indeed for the Dolphins. Come to think of it, it might be the most busy week of roster activity in team history.

Check out the reasons I say that.

Last week was also quite a blast as the Dolphins added wide receiver Brandon Marshall. It's a good thing when the Dolphins make a move that have ripple effects throughout the league.

Adding Marshall resonated throughout the AFC East, including in New York where Darrelle Revis plays. Revis is the best cornerback in the NFL right now, just slightly better than Nmandi Asomugha. If you read this blog or follow me on twitter you know that Marshall reacted to playing Revis twice a year, asking "Where is Revis Island?"

Well, Revis also has thoughts on Marshall.

"It really doesn’t matter to me," Revis said when asked his reaction of Marshall coming to the AFC East. "You see it, people text you, people tweet you, so it’s well-known what’s out there. It’s just another thing where a big-time receiver is in the AFC East. It’s good for [the Dolphins]. They needed a big-time receiver and I get to play against him twice.

So does Revis relish playing Marshall twice a year?

"I love competition," he said. "That’s what I do, I compete no matter who steps up and no matter who comes into this division.’’


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NJ, yes, I took a beating on Marshall...that's what happens when u have a strong opinion, sometimes u gotta eat it when ur wrong...it's all good

Mando could you please delete this stupid a-hole from your blog. He has a vendetta against Jersey and it's now getting pretty personal and offensive. He's the guy who posted at 3:59 pm.

Guy, what is your deal. This is a blog and you don't even know Jersey. I don't care if he put you down or if he hurt your feelings by telling you your opinion was stupid. Get some thicker skin and stop acting like a pshycho stalker. I know Jerseys stuff and as he may have been condescending to you he has never talked to people the way you are. Seriously man, it's getting really creepy and it makes you look obsessed with him.

Later guys and gals. Hey Jersey, good luck with your stalker! Go Dolphins!!!!! Go Tuna! See you on the links in Saratoga!

best players on the phins
1 Jake Long
2 Brandon Marshall
3 Ronnie Brown
4 Yeremiah Bell
5 Vernon Carey
6 Chad Henne
7 Vontae Davis
Why would they trade one of their best players for a 2nd rd pick? anything less than a 1st is ridiculous and will hurt the rebuilding process... Ricky Williams most likely will retire after this year. RBs can be found in the draft true but Ronnie is in his prime.

forgot Dansby in there someplace

Darryl Dunphy

No Darryl, he just runs too upright. IT has nothing to do with his size. Ronnie is big and so is Ricky but they know how to run with leverage and finish runs. And that's the thing, he doesn't finish his runs well. In addition he's not a very talented runner in the sense of having vision and agility.

Again, he runs hard and breaks tackles, but he's nothing more that a 3rd or 4th Running back. Cobbs is much better than him when healthy. Let's hope we get a healthy Cobbs back.

I wouldn't mind drafting Dwyer if we pick up a late #2.

I don't think they are building for the superbowl 2012 I think they want it this year. Ronnie and Rickys last year playing together i think It could be spectacular now that Defenses can't focus all on the run. Brandon Marshall and another threat either at #2 receiver draft or big TE would open the run game up even more.

Bobbyd12 . Excatly right about have a strong opinion and sticking to it. It takes a man to have a strong opinion instead of being a monday morning QB and having 20/20 hindsight. Almost everybody including the writer of this blog thought miami would never trade for marshall. The tuna got desperate . He doesn't care if it doesn't work out because he'll be outta here leaving us dolphin fans to suffer.


I'm splitting hairs, but no way Vontae is not better than Carey or Bell. Let me ask you this, if you had to pick over losing Bell or losing Davis, you tell me you would keep Bell? No way.

Bobbyd, you of all people should know not to speak in absolutes. Until Brown is traded or signs with another team next year, you can't be sure he won't be our starting RB in 2011.

LMFAO @ NYSCOTT. Thanks . That's exactly what she is , a STALKER. That's also what happened. I probably hurt her little feeling somwhere along the line and now she's crying like a baby. Poor baby !

Beerphin. i would put randy starks in there too. he's a terrific player. the best on defense last year.

Bootang25, if the CBA wasn't ended, Ronnie Brown would already be elsewhere...Dolphins made NO attempt to redo his contract or sign him longterm..that should be a pretty good indication that they are not interested in Ronnie, don't u think???

Why the hell would you trade Ronnie Brown it sounds ridicolous? Ya would trade our 2nd overall pick and best playmaker on offense for a third roudner? plzz Maybe a 1st and a future 2nd or 3rd. Name 3 running backs that can play for us that would do better than Ronnie Brown. Not Marien Barber he also been injured. Keep Ronnie and resign Taylor ughh I hate offseason with all this nonsense trade rumors

Bobbyd, I think the FO recognized there was in all likelihood going to be no CBA reached, so given Ronnie's injury history, why even begin contract talks? If someone offers you something worth a trade, you do it. If not, let 2010 play out. If Brown struggles or gets hurt again, let him walk. If he finally plays to his enormous potential, then work out a long term contract. Why would the FO play it any other way?





Bootang25, there was negotiating and lots of questions whether a new CBA would be signed right up to 5 days before the deadline and management did not pull out of the CBA till AFTER the season was over... I'm not going to say never but everyone keeps saying Ronnie is on the block and I believe there is a good chance he will be moved...

1) Trade Ronnie for the Lions 2nd rounder

2) Hopefully,the Eagles find a trade partner with the Jags and swap places in the 1st

3) The Eagles select Earl Thomas at #10

4) Denver selects Dez Bryant at #11

5) Dolphins select Rolando McClain at #12

Sounds perfect to me :)

Bobbyd, I agree he may very well be moved. If he signs his tender, you know it is coming. One thing I will say for this regime is they don't usually let good, young guys go. They resigned Crowder, Bell, and Carey, all of whom you could have made a strong argument they would have been let free to go elsewhere. The only big name guys who have performed for them they have let go have been Porter and JT, and I still believe they want JT back, just after the draft. The Trifecta likes proven players, especially ones they already have on the roster.

Guys , i had a lttle time but i have to run . i wanted to get into the draft and why the marshall trade puts olb kindle in play for me at 12. I'll try to be back later and maybe bobbyd12 or boontang25 can remind me about the kindle subject. i'd also like to say good - bye to my obsessed stalker. Don't cry baby !

Lol I wish I had a stalker. Though one time I did see someone posted under my name. Maybe I'm getting there

Bootang25, if he goes it's all because of his injury history.

hiya.just just saw a interview last season in a preseason game show with 'lesley''plasticface''visser...and jt said playing with the skins 'he rather retire than play for any one else 'he said he just hopes the fins still want him..that means he's using the jets' so he can get more mullah from the fins 'he knows 'that the fins'' they will meet with him after the draft. but he's afraid they will offer him the same money''joey 'bigmouth''porter said towards the end of the year that if the fins think jt is playing for the same money 'think again'but i don't care if he leaves cause we need hungry younger players.

so wheres the big news??

If the Fins end up trading Ronnie Brown for a 2nd rounder to Detroit. (The jersey price drop would seem to be a good indicator) Get their 2nd rnd pick #34.

Fins could also trade their 1st round #12 back with Philly or Dallas and get their 1st #24 or #27 + their #2.

An outstanding draft could look like:

1- #24 OLB Brandon Graham or Jerry Hughes
(Two best pass rushers in the draft...Period!)
2- #34 From Det for R.B. trade RB Jahvid Best (Spiller clone, could be better RB/WR than Spiller, Value in 2nd rd! Better PR/KR returner than Ginn was!!)
2- #37 From Phili for #12 trade NT T. Cody
(Knows how to play NT in a 3-4 already)
3- #73 S Morgan Burnett
(Best all around Safety via height/weight/speed numbers, tackling ballhawk stats in college and Value in 3rd)
4- #110 TE Jimmy Graham (probably gone) or TE Dennis Pita (Both have unique upsides to be super NFL TE's!)
5- #145 RB Ben Tate or RB Anthony Dixon (Both Very hard nosed runners although Tate probably goes in 3rd-4rth)

IF Tate is there in the 4rth they could grab him and then take TE Clay Harbor in the 5th round.

I believe every guy on this list could take roster spots away from current Fins imho.

The myriad of ways to skin the cat is what makes for some fun draft banter dry runs beofre they launch for real on Thurs!!!


for me its d williams or Jean-Paul at 12, JP looks like JT kinda and JT comes back, ronnie gets traded and as someone sd the 2nd in the 2nd is like a first late round pick and tehn a FS behind maybe clemmons

I have to bail for now. I will be back to hash points out later.

Why NJ PHIN comes back! How bout that. I was wondering what happened to you as a board stalwart? I read your "stuff happens" posts...bummersville.


PFT Headlines: Dolphins Cancel Meeting With Jason Taylor....read into it whatever u want, I read that it's the end of Jason Taylor in Miami

i heard they canceled the meeting 3 days ago

What everyone needs to remember is the reason for implementing the Wildcat in the first place. That reason is to hide their offensive weaknesses not to be innovative and create the next new offensive scheme in NFL.
No quarterback plus no quality WRs= poor offense= one dimensional offense= need to control the clock= offense from 30 years ago= no chance of winning superbowl.
You mean to tell me if Trifecta had a choice of offense used last two seasons, or new generation offense(i.e. Colts, west coast) they would choose an offense with no QB and poor WRs? Of course not.
Wildcat generated out of necessity
Now that we have a promising stud QB and perhaps best WR in the game, we are catching up with quality offenses in the league. There will be little to no productive wildcat without Ronnie Brown, and considering he may be traded, then thankfully we say adios to the bandaid Wildcat. Say hello to more passing attack something missing since Marinos departure.
I would have loved to see the Dolphins also given up a 5th and 3rd for A Boldin & Santonio Holmes. Could you imagine going from the worst NFL passing attack to the best 3 starting WRs in the league for 3 mid to late draft picks?
Hope Phins move from 12 to 24 with Philly and recoup second rounder and trade injury proned Ronnie Brown for perhaps second rounder. When Ronnie is 100% healthy, he is as good a RB in the league, and my opinion no one runs harder when healthy. But being that he has had only one season in six where he played all 16 games, it's fair to say he is injury prone. Ricky Williams has avoided father time on the field by retiring, suspensions, and stint in CFL. Being that he is about to turn 60 on his next bday, RB is a strong need.

I am so proud of you Mando. You wrote a whole blog about someone's tweets and an article you wrote. See, I always told you they would someday pay you money for contributing nothing...

Hey bobby,

Do you think cancelling that meeting with Taylor means we've got some sort of a deal in place to trade Ronnie?

Think about it,if we get a high 2nd (Lions pick),Parcells must have one eye on a pass rusher (Sapp or Hughes?) and knows we'll get one of them so Taylor is no longer needed?

i want to know where the news is!!!

you said a within the hours or days, if its days im gonna be mad!!


IDK Mark, I think that the Fins are sticking to their plan they have had all along...they are not going to talk to Taylor till after the draft..he is not going to gain any leverage...no matter whether he comes back or not, I don't see him being anything more then a "speciality back up" or someone for depth...nothing else

Jon, he is a "good" back when he is not injured, which is way too often...no one has a clue what Parcells is doing with this draft...Ronnie Brown is good but certainly nothing special

under no circumstances should miami let Taylor become a jet......none.......period. As a matter of fact I think I'm getting sick right now at the thought of it.

bobby can you name a back in the 3rd round that can compensate for Ronnie?

That's TAYLOR'S CHOICE, not Miami's

I've never been a HUGE Ronnie Brown supporter: not as fast as advertised, gets hurt a lot, and, have I said, NOT AS FAST AS ADVERTISED? Not the "take it to the house" guy lime Peterson, etc.

That said, IF we're going to run a Wildcat package, WHO better than Ronnie?
He is tough, and will run all day if need be. A 3 down back due to his exceptional versatility, unlike a a small back like Best.
Only a VERY high 2nd would justify trading Ronnie, and my guess it won't till till draft day, AFTER we've drafted our 1st player.
At least that's my take. Like 90% of us here, I could be wrong. LOL

OK guys the Menace has arrived, what's going on tonite, I see NJ PHIN FAN has made a appearance(Good to see him back)(and all his stalkers too).....What are we talking about tonite??

You realy think that Ronni is worth more in trade value than Thomas Jones, and Tomlinson was ? Also I gotta say I'd like to see what Lex could do as a feature back for us. And thoughts?

Also, you think any of this trade talk has anything to do with the DUI ?

Taylor has given a lot to this org. Show him some respect and sign him. TAYLOR WANTS TO RETURN TO MIAMI. He's just using NY for leverage.


Dont underestimate the impact that Ricky Williams,Patrick Cobbs and Lex Hilliard has on the Offense if Brown gets traded.

Behind our decent Offensive line,these 3 guys could do more than a good job

Jon, how do you know it's a third round pick??? Fins are looking for a second...do u know the Fins are carrying one more RB then they want??? They only WANT to carry 3, they now have 4...just like they have 4 QBs, one will more then likely go....please, most teams carry three anyway AND getting a 2nd or 3rd is a hell of alot better then getting NOTHING at the end of the year...

I agree with Mark. Also I think we have a top 5 FB doing the blocking ,in Polite.

Jon, RESPECT??? Ur kidding me right??? Who went Dancing with the Stars??? Who signed with the Redskins??? Who visited the Jets in an attempt to gain leverage??? Gimme a break, guys like u SCREAM for a winning team then u want to sign a declining 36 yr old guy coming off shoulder surgery...

I saw Ricky do really well and fade at the end of the year. I don't get the Lex hype......at all but, maybe I'm the only one who saw his runs of one and two yards at a time. Cobbs however, is a playmaker. I would rather trade Ricky.

Seems like a "weirdness" has settled onto the NFL this offseason; some big names being jettisoned because there's no CBA issues regarding cap hits; unlikely trades actually happening; former coaches resurfacing in new & unusual places and huge questions on most of the highest rated draft picks. Now I'm reading that some feel Ronnie B. s/b traded for at least a 3rd? But then I read that we'll get a 3rd (supplemental) for him if he walks next year anyway. The "weirdness" may result in something better than just a 3rd pick, but would Ronnie fetch anything more this year given his production vs. injury in a normal market? The only thing he really has that makes him special is his skillset in the Wildcat, which only narrows his potential marketability due to the few teams that run it. I don't think the "cat is dead yet, and R.B. is prolly worth more to us now than to most other teams (further diminishing his value on the streets). Plus, the odds favor 1 more decent full season from him. Heck, this team resigned our N.T. for half a season...Oh, and I kinda like the idea of keeping Cobbie around too.

Ricky can't get back second rd pick we lost, Ronnie might...

I don't think he did anything wrong doing a t.v. show. By the way he was TRADED to Washington. sign him. He is not going to delay the growth of any other player. The guy was the face of the franchise for years. He needs to retire a Dolphin.


I forgot about Polite. LOL. This guy has been tremendous for us and should have gone to the Pro Bowl

Lol, he can retire a Dolphin by signing for a day and retiring...sorry, he takes up a roster spot AND impedes the progress of younger players...Stop with ur Nostalgia, that don't win you games!!

Anita Goodleigh , Love that name......

JT, Stop the nonsense, retire a Dolphin Tommorrow so we don't have to hear about this anymore..Ur a "backup" not a starter...retire so these fans can "move on" please

Nostalgia? Hmmm.....who's progress would he be impeding. He would be in on passing downs for a pass rush. You would rather rely on who then? Name someone better than JT on the roster not named karlos.

I agree sign JT. Yes he's 36, yes he's declining. But he still gave us 7 sacks in situational down, he's a veteran presence for our young LB's and the ones we will pull in this draft, and he will come at cheap money.Do it pull the trigger, JT can still rush the QB and get upfield.

Nostalgia, this is all this is, draft Morgan, Kindle whoever and let them play...Taylor is old and used up...this is a young dynamic up and coming team..screw JT

Gentlemen, It is time to let JT go. I cannot prove, but, I think he causes trouble in the Locker Room with his mouth. The last several years he has been on the team we have been awefull and seemingly no communication on the field between the 3 different levels. I think JT while a good player kills team chemistry.

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