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No rest when Dolphins are planning, working

I'm trying to take a day off but my phone was buzzing with a handful of texts on the Dolphins possibly making some moves in the coming hours or days. The name most prominently mentioned in the "rumors" is Ronnie Brown.

Not a surprise. But I assure you, nothing is happening right now.

Funny how the Justin Smiley trade talk has died down.

That doesn't mean something won't happen. As I wrote in my column for The Miami Herald print edition, the coming week will be a busy one indeed for the Dolphins. Come to think of it, it might be the most busy week of roster activity in team history.

Check out the reasons I say that.

Last week was also quite a blast as the Dolphins added wide receiver Brandon Marshall. It's a good thing when the Dolphins make a move that have ripple effects throughout the league.

Adding Marshall resonated throughout the AFC East, including in New York where Darrelle Revis plays. Revis is the best cornerback in the NFL right now, just slightly better than Nmandi Asomugha. If you read this blog or follow me on twitter you know that Marshall reacted to playing Revis twice a year, asking "Where is Revis Island?"

Well, Revis also has thoughts on Marshall.

"It really doesn’t matter to me," Revis said when asked his reaction of Marshall coming to the AFC East. "You see it, people text you, people tweet you, so it’s well-known what’s out there. It’s just another thing where a big-time receiver is in the AFC East. It’s good for [the Dolphins]. They needed a big-time receiver and I get to play against him twice.

So does Revis relish playing Marshall twice a year?

"I love competition," he said. "That’s what I do, I compete no matter who steps up and no matter who comes into this division.’’


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We have a new veteran leader...his name is Karlos Dansby..the veteran leadership arguement isn't valid

If Ronnie does not sign his RFA tender, can he be dealt after June 1st or what happens?

Bringing in another player still leaves a hole at linebacker. But, it sounds like you have some sort of grudge against JT.......did he beat you at madden 2010?

Jon.. who are you talking too?

Good question TnPhinfan, I'm not sure...in the case of Atowge, if he doesn't sign by the draft he becomes a FA on June 1st...

what up yo?

'Did he beat you at Madden 2010'?


Bobby, who are you thinking at 12 if we do not trade down. I have not a clue or a preference. I am thinking Best OLB available. But no real name to put with it. I am torn between Brandon Graham, Kindle and Derrick Morgan.

Jon, he's OLD, he's declining and I'm sick of guys like YOU who live off nostalgia and name....he's not bought the Miami Dolphins ANYTHING...I hope he goes so this franchise can move on finally

Mando maybe you can shed some light on the Ronnie Brown RFA situation and all of our RFA's.

TnPhinfan, no clue if we move down or not..I hope we pick up 2 OLBs in this draft so Taylor becomes a memory

I know the question was'nt aimed at me but bugger it,i'm gonna give you my answer.

I'll give you 2 names...

Rolando and McClain (Dansby will go OLB)

Bobby, I don't believe that I am living off nostalgia or name. I just don't see a replacement on the roster currently or who could be added that brings more right now than JT. However if a. Thomas of New England becomes available I would like to add him instead.

Bobby12 I understand Karlos has been in the leauge since 04, but he's 28yo. How can you argue the point that for what JT will cost us, the positives outway the negatives.Maybe he starts out the season depending on training camp, maybe he dosent, but we could use the depth at OLB and even DE wich he can still bring it off the corner. I'm not saying he's better than Wake, but definitly value for the cost.

I could not have said it better Afinfan74.

Mark, Bobby or whoever, With all the double talk the phins have given I believe Dansby stays inside and we draft outside or stabilize the middle with 1st pick. I think there is an outside shot for Sharper after the draft as stop gap FS. I would love to see Rolondo McClain at 12, but, do not see that happening. Then again a lot of things thi offseason have happened most of us never thought would.

JON is Cuban Menace translated into english.

TnPhinfan, if Ronnie doesn't sign his tender by June 15th the Fins can do one of two things, they can reduce his salary by a percentage or they can cut their ties and he can become a UFA...

JT lovers, what has JT done for Miami in the way of post season since he was drafted 13 years ago? nothing.. it takes a the right Jimmy and Joe,s mixed with the right x's and o's to be successful. I think JT brings bad chemistry to the team and hope he finds what he is looking for wherever he lands.

TheSMF, I don't follow you........is that an insult or what....

Bobby, basically Ronnie stays with the team under current salary structure unless he signs RFA, which would increase his pay by whatever.

Is my thinking correct?

The Cuban is one of my best friends. He like's to post under a multitude of handles.

SMF, Thats funny too....

TNPhinFan, it's not JT's fault the Phins have not had much success in the playoffs. I think being the defensive player of the year at one point and all his in game production has been pretty damn good. so were his seven sacks last year.

Alfinfan74, IMO, keeping Taylor has alot more negatives then positives..36 years old, injured, declining, wants a two year deal, impedes progress of a younger player...I'm tired of u guys thinking we are going to the Superbowl with Jason Taylor this year...WERE NOT...put in a rookie and let him learn, not sit on the pine so JT can have a couple sacks...

And an average NFL players career lasts 3-5 years...Dansby is in year 5 he is considered by NFL standards " a veteran"

AHHHH SMF, You know as will as anyone I only post as the Cuban, No other, No need to, No one can post like the Menace...(By the way, my first names not Jon)(Not that there's anything wrong with the name Jon).......just saying.

no the answer at SLB is Channing crowder after draft Rolando McClain

Tnphinfan yes if Ronnie signs his tender he gets 110% of last years salary, so he gets an increase, if he doesn't sign by April 22nd, he can negotiate his services to other teams, but the Fins continue to have Right of First Refusal...if he doesn't sign by June 15th, his salary can be reduced or the Fins can let him become a UFA...that's how I understand it

Jon, my point is not that JT has not been good for Miami in the past... I just do not think he is good for us going forward. He is on the tail end of his career and I believe he causes bad chemistry on and off the field. I hope the best for him and I like him as a person and player. It is time for him to move on. And yes, I would hope he would retire someday as a Dolphin and I hope he can play as long as Favre.

One of the stupidest interviews i've ever heard was this morning when Rich Eisan on the NFL Channel asked "What can Ben Roethlisberger do to repair his tarnished image" and you could almost hear the one guy say"Well rich, maybe he needs to keep his dick in his pants and not his hand"...........


LOL at CM. I saw that segment too. very humerous

TNPhinFan, you gotta admit JT wearing jets green is nasty. I can agree to disagree but, you have to admit that if not here, then he needs to go to the NFC. Go to Tampa, just not NY with jabba the hut.

PFT have announced the proper deal that Brandon Marshall got. After half way through,i gave up. How confusing.?? All i know is that we've signed one of the best WR's out there.

Get in...




Jon, I think him wanting to even appear to want to sign with the Jets proves my point even more... Bad Chemistry. He wants to finish up his career with Miami and push Parcells and company by negotiating with the Jets? Whatever.. more power to ya JT. I think JT just trying to max his pay and Parcells not falling for it. Kinda like a kid trying to punk his Father for a few dollars. It works on me with my kids but not with Parcells with his.

I remember a few years ago Brian "birdy" Cox wearing a Jets uniform after Miami was done with him. Not as bad as you think.

IF I were GM, I'd be shopping Ronnie Brown too. Think about it, if the CBA goes through, he's a free agent this year, if the CBA doesn't go through he's a free agent next year. To re-sign him would take Brandon Marshall money that I know we can't afford. I'd settle for a 3rd rounder or a move back from the 12th pick and receive a second in return and maybe get a CJ Spiller or the Oregon RB. Look I love Ronnie for the wildcat too, and he has tremendous talent (also injury prone) but at what price?? If we can get something for him now, let's pull the trigger, BUT let's not let him go for nothing next year when his contract is up.

Aloco, Why are you so negative???? you know where you live you can be rooting for the Steelers, Philly and even the Redskins....So go make me a sub and shut up.......

Aloco. is the bad player list in order as Chowder the worst?

TNPhinFan, you made a valid point. I remember Brian Cox leaving for NY really pissed me off back then too. On another note........Aloco what point are you trying to make?


Cuban, Mama M. is in Costa Rica.. He's been in a bad mood all day

Damn, see how right I was?

I guess Aloco will have to take matters into his own hands....


Walks around with his penis out of his pants!!


Interesting article on PFT about the Brandon Marshall deal... turns out he is not as highly paid as advertised...


One of the best police reports since Kobe, who I called a guy with character :0

Tina Turner sings and has great legs for an old lady!!!

Jon, it's hard to see your favorite players wind down their careers. I felt the same way you described with Czonka and Marino, It sucks that the NFL can not seperate the Salary cap for lifetime players and allow players to play their entire career with one team. I guess new coaching and ownership has a lot to do with that too. It just sucks for the fans. I feel your pain.


Well, time to get ready to go out to the sports bar and watch the Heat play the Celtics...have a good nite

I think Ronnie Brown will be Traded before the draft. Spiller, will be drafted by us.

Poor Lil Aloco, Mama's down south and nobodys home to tell aloco to "GET OFF THE COMPUTOR,DO YOUR HOME-WORK, BRUSH YOUR TEETH, AND GET READY FOR BED YOUNG MAN"......... I hope this helps Aloco...


Carlito, I read that article at PFT on BM and took it that Miami has outs each year without much salary cap hits. In essence if he is on the roster each year it is 9.6 mil for the year.

go celtics!!

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