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Which Dolphins WR suffered from drops in 2009?

In speaking of his receivers last week coach Tony Sparano said he was "happy with group of players we have right now, been very productive over the last couple of years, and are continuing to get better."

And that's fine because a coach is supposed to show his players love, sometimes. But a coach is also supposed to know the truth and the truth is the receiver in which the Dolphins have made their biggest financial and emotional investment is not getting better.

Last year when everyone was expecting him to take a major step forward he took a significant step backwards.

That's not opinion.

Ted Ginn regressed in 2009 and the tangible measure of that is available at ProFootballFocus.com as Sam Monson's crew have broken down league-wide drop percentages for pass catchers.

The good news? Greg Camarillo, despite whatever shortcomings he has in his game, is nothing if not dependable. He didn't drop a pass in 2009 in tying for the NFL lead in drop percentage at zero. You cannot get better than zero drop percentage.

Camarillo had 50 catches on the season without a flub.

The bad news? Ginn.

Forget all you know about Ginn's draft pedigree and how in three years he hasn't really lived up to it. He's not dependable no matter if you think of him as a draft bust or a guy who came in as a street free agent. That's because Ginn had a 2009 drop percentage of 20.83, which was the third worst in the NFL behind only Kansas City's Mark Bradley (25.00 drop percentage) and Green Bay's James Jones (21.95 drop percentage).

Pro Football Focus defines a drop as when a receiver gets his hands on a ball, but drops a pass you would reasonably expect to be caught.

According to the tape study by PFF, Ginn dropped 10 passes while catching 38 passes last season. That means the guy dropped one of every five passes thrown to him.

And that followed a 2008 season in which Ginn dropped eight six passes while catching 56.

Fewer catches, more drops in 2009. That is not progress.

I will attempt to get you the statistics on Davone Bess and Brian Hartline today.

[Update: Bess dropped seven of 83 catchable passes. He had a drop percentage of 8.434 to go along with his team-leading 76 catches. Not terrible. Not great. Hartline dropped three of 34 catchables passes. His drop percentage was 8.824 to go along with his 31 catches. Interestinly one of the receivers that fell between Bess and Harltine's drop percentage was Randy Moss. He dropped eight of 91 catchable passes for an 8.791 drop percentage. Of course, Moss kind of makes up for those drops by, you know, catching 83 passes for 1,264 yards and 13 TDs. Perspective.]

Meanwhile, tight end Anthony Fasano was more dependable than probably some of you realized.

His drop percentage of 8.823 was about middle of the pack among tight ends. He dropped three of 34 catchable passes according to PFF. The most dependable tight end in the NFL last season?

Jeff King of the Carolina Panthers didn't drop any of the 25 catchable passes thrown his way. Former Dolphins tight end Randy McMichael (seven drops and a tight end-high 17.07 drop percentage) and Donald Lee (six drops and a 13.95 drop percentage) obviously struggled in 2009.


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Mike jones- I agree with everything you said, except one thing. It wasn't Miami 4th qtr D that killed them most of the time, they were gettin blowed up in the 1st half during their playoff run and shut down some good teams in the second half to make it a game. I guess you could make an argument for some 4th qtr meltdowns like Indy and New Orleans but no one would have stopped that. I just would like to see this team play 4 quarters of D this year and hope Nolan fixes that. Hell I would be happy with 3 qtrs of tough D this year, maybe then can we sqeek out a win with those tight games.

Waterboy, i think a WR can be worked in early. Lots of safeties available. good WRs for the first 3 rounds at least. one OLB - probably 1st round. and NT later cause if you don't take one in the 1st you might as well wait a while with the guys available late being about as good of prospects as Cam Thomas.

DC exactly we dont have many moves that we can make. i would give TO a chance but i know its not going to happen and i will admit i am a huge TO fan lol. I believe it is defense in the first round our chunk yardage guy ( RB or WR or TE) in the second then back to D until the 6th round.

Hey fans! Get over Ginn. He isn't going to catch the ball in traffic and he's going to drop a lot of balls. But he will stretch defenses for you. He isn't a No.1 or maybe not even a No.2. The worst thing to do is NOT play him at his ideal position, which is the kick & punt returner.

To make him more effective as a WR, we need to play him where he can contribute most... and that would be in 3 WR sets... which basically means you need a No. 1 and No. 2. I see one or two No. 2 WRs on the roster but not a No. 1. If you want to solve this problem right away, go get Brandon Marshall. Finding a guy in the draft that can fill the No.1 WR position right now is unlikely according to draft history. You gotta "take & bake" WRs... like Dallas did with Miles Austin. So there is probably no quick fixes through the draft. Until we get a No.1 WR, it looks like Ginn is a starter.

Another knock on Ginn is that he doesn't seem to show any effort towards his "development" as a WR. He should have already packed on a few pounds of muscle to look like Steve Smith. I guess he isn't interested in that.

So go get Brandon Marshall or sit tight and keep picking late round WRs that have the best potential to be a No.1. Then keep an eye on them for the next few years and hope they develop. (Patrick Turner has been in the oven for a year... time to check his cookies and see if they are ready).

even in the 6th round a good young TE prospect can be picked up this year.

FINFANNO1- Good post except you couldnt just leave the Brandon Marshall stuff out could ya?????

beautiful article armando

April fools day prank from PFT:

Our friends at the Joe Rose Show, the morning offering at WQAM in Miami (Sid Rosenberg calls it his "opening act"), are pushing the notion that the Dolphins are trading running back Ronnie Brown to the Patriots for the 44th pick in the 2010 draft.

Happy April Fool's Day, guys.

How in the hell can he stretch the field if he can't catch it nobody will worry about ginn send him back to saban they both deserve each other. They were both waists. I've got a better chance of streaching the field!

DC Dolfan
you bring up an interesting name: TJ
my sources have always told me that Smiley would land with Seattle or the Lions.

Can the Trifecta be working on a trade for TJ?

Saban didn't draft Ginn??

I like the Idea of drafting a TE early, a pass catching threat. If we had a Dallas Clark type with our group of WR we would be ok.
The Tuna and Sparano values TE much more than WR

Maybe that is the plan

How many TE have visited the Fins?
Maybe they take one in RD 2

Saban did draft Jason Allen in the 1st round though, just as bad of pick!

Now available in Blue


Ur right saban left before draft my bad I ment cammoron! Trade him there. He can have him back

Mike Jones:

I agree with your premise that defense is the key to a good football team. However, I disagree with your assesment on Ginn and this has nothing to do with whether or not we should have picked Quinn. Ginn has cost us games. 3 come to mind from last year alone. In the Indy game Pennington hits Ginn in the hands in the endzone at the end of the game and he drops it. We don't score and loose. Against NO Henne puts a key 3rd pass on Ginn's hands for what would be a key first down. The ball goes off of Ginn's hands and is deflected, picked and returned for 6. A commanding lead becomes a narrow lead which the D ultimately surrenders in the 4th quater. Momentum was lost on that play. Against NE, we are trailing by 1 TD in the 4th. Henne hits Ginn in stride with room to run. It looks as if he could have taken it to the house but the ball bounces off Ginn's hands and we turn the ball over on downs and loose the game. Ginn did cost us 3 games. To be fair he did beat the Jets singlehandedly in 1 game as a return man and had a big play against them in the other win. However, on balance I believe Ginn's performance hurt us more than helped us last year.

The status quo with the existing WRs has to change. One or two new WRs need to be added that can become the true #1 WR. Henne hasn't shown that he can do it all by himself.

1) Peyton Manning makes his receivers look great because he's an elite QB. Henne's not there yet.

2) Randy Moss elite WR status made Dante Culpepper look great. This is what Henne could be this year the Culpepper syndrome).

You can only hope that he eventually becomes an "elite" QB.

That's would be EXCELLENT!! But it couldn't just be a straight trade: Smiley for TJ. I doubt Pete Carroll would be that dumb. He'd ask for a pick (probably 3rd or 4th round since TJ wasn't that effective last year). Doubt Parcells would give that up. But, how about Smiley and Ginn for TJ and a 3rd round pick from Seattle, now that might spark some interest from the Trifecta. With that extra 3rd-rounder we could draft a WR to develop, then leave the other picks for defense. I would not mind that at all.

I think Henne has a few years before he can even get close to being elite (if he ever does). He was a workhorse in college, never a shining star. Doesn't mean he can't become great, but I'd settle for him being really good. Right now, if we had a QB who didn't beat us (with more INTs than TDs) and managed the game really well (like Penny), then I think we can make the playoffs. And I think Henne can be that guy. He definitely has to work on some things, but Sparano says he has all offseason, so we'll see where he's progressed to in a few months.

DC Dolfan, i don't see Henne ever becoming a great QB. he's a facilitator. put good people around him and he'll get them the ball. he's not going to elevate guys around him though.

DC Dolfan and Esteban,

I think you're right about Henne. He'll never be a Montana, Marino or Manning. He'll probably never be a top 10 QB in statistics but he could learn to be a good game manager.

Most SQ QBs were either good or average (e.g., Dilfer, Johnson, Williams, Rypien, Hostetler, etc.). It was the stars at other positions that made the difference.

Henne needs to develop the following

1) Touch Passes
2) Beware of danger, throw it away

If not, he will be another riffle arm quater with 15 TDs and 15 picks per year.


Let's hope he learns to do that this year or it's going to be a "lonnnnng season".

You think the FO would let him play out the entire season to see if he "sinks or swims" or would they pull-the-plug on him at some point?

I think the following should be on the trading block to get as many picks as possible in this years draft. Ginn, Smiley, Brown, Bess,White, Pennington. WE need to get an extra 2nd and 2 3rds and a 5th round pick for the 6 players and perhaps we have to give up one of our 7th or 2 as packages.
Draftt then looks like this to solidify positions for years and add speed.
1st. McClain ILB
2nd Worildis. OLB
2nd N.Allen Safety
3rd M Williams W Receiver
3rd Jeff Owens N Tackle
3rd Misa OLB
4th Hardesty RB
5th Easly W Receiver
6th Cumberland TE
6th Running Back
7th Corner
7th Lineman Offensive
Undrafted FA
1 running back
1 LB
1 corner
2 NTackles
1 offensive lineman.

I said it here months ago when everyone was crying for a TE in this draft, Fasano started out slow but then found his groove to have a solid year. We can do without a TE in this draft!

You gotta let the guy play for whole season. Nice to see they named Penne # 3 so their is no crying after 2 losses

In addition to the Cowboys, Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant is also setting up visits to the Bengals and Bucs.
Bryant hasn't been able to shake immaturity and character concerns, so you just knew the Bengals would be interested. The Bucs won't draft him as high as No. 3 overall, but he could slide to Cincy with the 21st pick in the first round.

Guys, Just got a text message that Ronnie Brown is going to be traded to the Patriots???? what do you guys in miami hear about this?????

April fools joke. Dont worry Man!

Jesus! Reggie Wayne's 3 drops on 100 catches is rediculous! What a beast...

Mike Jones

What team did u watch last year? Ginn shortarming running out of bounds and pulling up short on routes killed momentum and team spirit. He is a nice person but he is a kick returner not WR. The game of football is financed by the couch potatoes and we have the right to complain and give our opinions. Of course in good order and in non offensive way. Coaches need to beef up WR corps and take blinders off. I wonder what effect having 5 different owners has on Fins. Bleeding Aqua & Orange guys!!!

armando your a fuckin idiot you think nobody knows ginnn suffered from drops you fuckin moron way to sat6e the obvious jackass

OHHHHHHHHHH Snap, I fell for it, hook line and sinker............

jonb's wife left him this morning for a midget stripper

In response to the posts which call for Ginn to be kept and used just as a KR and PR, it's worth remembering that he's no good at PR bec he's terrified of the coverage runners hurtling at him.

My Favorite subject, Ted(Tyrannosaurus Rex arms)Ginn....

As much as Ted Ginn struggles with getting off the line to run his routes and running a route to get separation, it's the inconsistent ability to catch the ball that's the most important. The times that he does catch the balls and usually runs toward the sidelines is my second pet peeve.

I believe the core issue is similar to Todd Marinovich as a QB. Both had the family pressure to succeed but really didn't want it even though I know that Marinovich had an overbearing father. Ted Ginn Jr, even though his father is a coach, doesn't show me that he really wants to be at least a solid NFL WR. Sad to say, he's a Cam Cameron bust.

GmJohnson, you pointed out some good information about Ted Ginn.
I just wanted to add to your comments.

1. He doesnt go after the ball if its under thrown.

2. His dropped passes where mommentum drive killers, and game changing plays(3rd quarter - New Orleans int. ran back for 6).

All that damn speed, (2 kickoff return for touchdowns vs. the Jets) he still cant get seperation consistantly?

I almost hate to trade him because of his speed alone, and knowing Miami's luck, he will be traded to a team this year and put it all together and become a prolific wr that we thought he should be.


Remember that play when Ted Ginn knocks the ball in the air to Sharper and it's a pick 6 . Well it was a beutiful throw. So enough with the qb's fault for drops, we all saw the drops and they were clearlyon the wr. Dez Bryant makes the catch.

the maturity issues with Bryant are obvious...but growing up is something that a lot of guys his age still have to do. He's not a troublemaker/bad seed though. I would hope the reason the Fish pass on him would be that they feel the guy they choose is the better prospect and not that its his off the field questions that make them pass on him. If they have him the highest rated player on the board when their pick comes up I hope they take him.

I believe that they will draft defense, defense, and more defense. Parcells (read as Sparano's) m.o. is solid defense and time of possession, and that isn't about to change, pass happy NFL or not. I think that means more linebackers, especially if Taylor is gone, and it sure seems likely that's the case. One of the big early losses of the year (home against Indy)can be squarely blamed on poor safety play, and they will address it as well--probably in free agency.

Ginn can't even be considered a real kick returner due to his aversion to contact of any sort. He is the most cowardly Dolphin since Cleo Lemons.

Ted, dont worry about ted(Hands of stone)Ginn be a prolific wide out, no matter where he goes he's gonna have the same problems(Dropped passes, falling down, running straight to the sidelines,etc,etc,etc..)By the way, have you thought about changing your name to something other then Ted????

Fasano fumbled a lot too in the beginning of the season.

Well can any body tell me what Dez Bryant did everybody says he has charecter issues but no one has a reason. You've never met him so how can you say this. It's been confirmed he has NEVER been late to a game. All he did was
get nervous and lie about talkin to Deion Sander. Big deal everyone here has lied before. The worst thing he did was
forget his cleats. Hopefully he drops all the way down to 12. We answer the WR problem

Ginn does not like contact. How do you play football if you do not like contact? We need a WR so bad it hurts.

Devin, I love me some Bryant, but his "pro day" was troublesome. He has mad raw ability. Dez struggled with drills which he obviously had no coaching in. Who did he trust to teach him these skills? As for my largest current concern,"Jason Allen Syndrome". For those of you who also suffer from the syndrome, Bryant is as dumb as a box of rocks! I would never claim a player needs to be smart to excell. However, lacking common sense and the ability to speak hurts everyone around.

Great stuff, as usual Armando. Pound these guys into submission on the WR issue. Happy with them my butt, Tony Soprano.

I know that Armando really really really wants a wide receiver. We`ve read it again and again. For two years he`s been screaming for it. And you know what....The Tuna doesn`t care aabout Armando.The Tuna will build the team the way he wants to. Every position has a value and he`ll address it the way he likes to and it seems to me that he gives more value to the lines than the recievers.
This year he`s going to adress the Front Seven.
Linebackers Nose and Safety are the goals this year and next is the year to adress the skill positions .
Last year it was the secondary and the year before it was both lines he worked on.

Last night the best part of the blog was wheb The Menace and Rob in OC made their bet about the draft being defence for the first 4 rounds. I`m not sure about 4 rounds but 3 is almost certain. The only way not for it to happen is the Dolphins are certain that they can sign either Sharper or OJ Atogwe.
BTW I really think that Dez would look great in a Miami uniform. He plays tough and wants YAC,and as opposed to Ginn doesn`t run out of bounds immediately,but it wont happen.

Ginn will only show some balls when he is a contract year.

Would anyone else love to see Ginn catch a pass or two from Dan Marino back in the day!?! I think Dan would've broke his fingers!!! lmao

Hey jonb, you are an idiot. I still appreciate him putting out a new article. What would you like for him to write about? Your Mom?






Im good with Bryant, Spiller, Thomas, Berry, Mclain, Williams, Graham, or even JPP with #12.

After reading such a fine piece , my morning is now complete.

Let's see ... the Dolphins are in need of a wide receiver ( didn't know that ), has that been discussed on here before ?

Also I now have someone to focus my hate on . Where would we be without focus ?

and we don't need a WR? LMAO we have the crappiest core of WR's in the entire NFL, name one team that is worse of then we are? NONE! It's long overdue, we have the franchise QB now give him some weapons!

By the way, we really lost out on Antel Rolle. Sure he is the highest paid safety in the NFL but is it $$$ coming out of our pockets? NO! He is not the best but I would consider him top 8 in the league and he is still very young and will be a top 3 talent in another year or two. With the Phins trying to address S in FA you can pretty much guarantee that the 12th overall pick will not be a S. The first pick will be either OLB or NT.

I'm not suprised withg Ginn. None of us are. Unless we have amnesia then we all remember him dropping balls every game, especially when Miami needed a big play. He let Miami down so much last year, I don't see why he still on the team. Anyone saying appreciate him for what he is can kiss my a**. You are being too sympathetic to a millionaire.

Ginn gives you 50% effort and has 0% hart. He is soft and a punk. He really is another word that begin with the letter "P".

Camarillo and the rest of the guys don't suprise me at all. They are all dependable sure handed guys. None of them are pure playmakers though.

Bess is small and quick, has athletic ability to make the tough catches, a solid route runner and can find a way to get open. He just doesn't have the size or top end speed. He is best used out of the slot and very good at it.

Harline - is tough and has deceiving speed. His average per catch last year was over 16 yards per grab. He would be a perfect #2 if he could compliment a #1.

Camrillo - perfect as a #3 or #4 WR. He just doesn't have speed or the size to be a guy used 50-60 plays a game. Best utilized when playing on third downs because of his sure hands.

Just wanted to post my feelings on the postion and my thoughts fellas.

Henne needs to be more acurate. Too many of his passes were high, or a little behind. He needs to be better at putting the ball in a space where the recievers can catch in stride.
Obviously if Ginn weren't a 1st round pick, he would have been cut by now. He effects this team negativley in more ways then drops.He is taking up a roster spot that could be used for a player who could come in an make a difference. All because of his high draft status. Somebody help me out here. But in an uncapped year, what sort of hit against the salary cap would we take if Ginn were to be released?

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