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Which Dolphins WR suffered from drops in 2009?

In speaking of his receivers last week coach Tony Sparano said he was "happy with group of players we have right now, been very productive over the last couple of years, and are continuing to get better."

And that's fine because a coach is supposed to show his players love, sometimes. But a coach is also supposed to know the truth and the truth is the receiver in which the Dolphins have made their biggest financial and emotional investment is not getting better.

Last year when everyone was expecting him to take a major step forward he took a significant step backwards.

That's not opinion.

Ted Ginn regressed in 2009 and the tangible measure of that is available at ProFootballFocus.com as Sam Monson's crew have broken down league-wide drop percentages for pass catchers.

The good news? Greg Camarillo, despite whatever shortcomings he has in his game, is nothing if not dependable. He didn't drop a pass in 2009 in tying for the NFL lead in drop percentage at zero. You cannot get better than zero drop percentage.

Camarillo had 50 catches on the season without a flub.

The bad news? Ginn.

Forget all you know about Ginn's draft pedigree and how in three years he hasn't really lived up to it. He's not dependable no matter if you think of him as a draft bust or a guy who came in as a street free agent. That's because Ginn had a 2009 drop percentage of 20.83, which was the third worst in the NFL behind only Kansas City's Mark Bradley (25.00 drop percentage) and Green Bay's James Jones (21.95 drop percentage).

Pro Football Focus defines a drop as when a receiver gets his hands on a ball, but drops a pass you would reasonably expect to be caught.

According to the tape study by PFF, Ginn dropped 10 passes while catching 38 passes last season. That means the guy dropped one of every five passes thrown to him.

And that followed a 2008 season in which Ginn dropped eight six passes while catching 56.

Fewer catches, more drops in 2009. That is not progress.

I will attempt to get you the statistics on Davone Bess and Brian Hartline today.

[Update: Bess dropped seven of 83 catchable passes. He had a drop percentage of 8.434 to go along with his team-leading 76 catches. Not terrible. Not great. Hartline dropped three of 34 catchables passes. His drop percentage was 8.824 to go along with his 31 catches. Interestinly one of the receivers that fell between Bess and Harltine's drop percentage was Randy Moss. He dropped eight of 91 catchable passes for an 8.791 drop percentage. Of course, Moss kind of makes up for those drops by, you know, catching 83 passes for 1,264 yards and 13 TDs. Perspective.]

Meanwhile, tight end Anthony Fasano was more dependable than probably some of you realized.

His drop percentage of 8.823 was about middle of the pack among tight ends. He dropped three of 34 catchable passes according to PFF. The most dependable tight end in the NFL last season?

Jeff King of the Carolina Panthers didn't drop any of the 25 catchable passes thrown his way. Former Dolphins tight end Randy McMichael (seven drops and a tight end-high 17.07 drop percentage) and Donald Lee (six drops and a 13.95 drop percentage) obviously struggled in 2009.


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305_PhinPhan the Raiders have nothing, Tampa Bay lost Bryant they have nothing, Cleveland has nothing. I think Miami has better WRs then they do but I get your point. Miami is in the bottom half of the league, no question about it.

fasano's problem wasnt drops, fasano has problems getting open and single handedly gave atlanta our season opener due to FUMBLES

Is the draft here yet cant wait

D Dunphy, no cap hit if "SHE" was released. I think their logic in Miami is although he plays with no heart can't make tough grabs is he is the only one with straight line speed on the entire team but I feel your pain.

A friend of mine does a local college sports show and he had me on as his "draft expert" not saying I am one it was just me and a friend having fun at LaSalle University in Philly. He asked me a question he said who do I think is the most over rated player in the 2007 draft. It was the Friday before the draft and my answer was Tedd Ginn. We did a follow up the following week and he asked me the worst pick in the entire first round and again Ted Ginn.

I have always hated the pick and the player and his play makes me hate him even more as a player.

Andy NJ
Thank you for clearing that up for me. Wasn't clear on cap rules.

Who is Ted Ginn? Never heard of him...

Anyone that can possibly want Ginn on our team is an idiot. Ginn is nothing more than a number 2 receiver. His speed is his only benifit, however there is much more to being a solid wide receiver than just speed. Size, hands, ability to run routes, brains, and most importantly heart. Camirillo, Bess, and HARTline have heart and play tough. Ill take them on my team any day over a speedy guy that is afraid to get tackled.

Thanx ted for havin the speed yo be one special player but the only time you use it is to get out of bounds. Your so scared of contact thay you cnt concentrate and therefore you drop key passes. Worst part is i dnt even think you try to improve how do you even look in the mirror after some of your games.3 yrs ago we drafted you to spread the field & were still lookn for the answer once again ted thanx alot

Cam Cammeron drafts Ginn at number 9. Gets absolutley crushed by the fans and ran out of Miami. Ends up in Baltimore with Donte Stallworth, Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason. Don't you love the NFL?

CADolpFAN I agree with everything you said except for him being nothing more then a #2 WR. He isn't even good enough to be a #2. He is a #3 or #4.

Ginn did single handely beat the Jets last year. That doesn't mean I want him on this team. He was supposed to take the momentum from that game and continue to improve. He got worse after that. That was his one and only shining moment all season.

Look at ginns highlights w/ Miami. It'll make u feel better and maybe u might givem one more yr for improvement.id like Miami to use him as trade bait But it is what it is! Right!

I think its laughable a bunch of armchair no bodies calling Ted Ginn Worthless... look in the mirror... that reflection you see???... THAT CHUNK OF MEAT IS WORTHLESS. While Ted Ginn may not be the best receiver on our team, he is on OUR team. I never in my life thought I would see the Dolphin fans lower themselves to the level of a Jests fan... because that is the shyt they do up there to THEIR clubs. Think this management doesn't see Ginn struggling? I see morons saying "Trade Ginn"... I guess you don't "GET IT" do ya fools? You don't get anything in trade from players who are struggling. What? you gonna hold a gun to your head and tell some team to "Take him or the dummy gets it?"... Here is a hint, just in case you are not certain... you don't know shyt... about NOTHING!!! Your a non athlete, non management, non coach, non scout... couch potato hiding behind a computer screen in your boxers trying to run a Billion Dollar football team... Idiots... get a clue and realize who YOU ARE... and who THEY are... Ted Ginn can run a sub 4.75 40... can you? Ted Ginn may not do it as well as some, but he can line up on a pro team and run a rout against a pro corner... Can YOU? Ted Ginn can do something 97% of the guys on this blog have never even tried or know just how hard it is... Go try and catch a Pro Kickers punt or kickoff after it goes 75 feet in the air and 65 yards down field... I'll bet your old ladies skank ass for the night that 97% of ya can't do it! The other 3% can't do it with 11 huge guys running down the field to KILL YOU or you would be doing it... instead of working for 12 buck an hour at what and who ever shyt hole you work for. Now... I have had my rant... I feel better... I hope some of you are HUMILIATED enough to see how pathetic you are and how pathetic it is to bash OUR TEAMS players.Now do us all a flavor and just go cry in your beer at what ever drinking hole you tell lies about your days at Florida State as starting QB. What ever you do... do what some of us have and look in the mirror and understand "nosce te ipsum" before you go tearing into others.

Ginn just might be coming to a Walmart near you as a greeter,

temet nosce WINNER!!! Of the stupidest comment left on a blog! Neither I or anyone else on this blog is paid millions of dollars to catch the ball or run fast....Teddy Ginn is, and he obviously suks at his job...If people on here weren't able to do the basic things in their job that they were hired to do, they would be fired...Teddy Ginn is a WR in the NFL who can't catch and is afraid to be hit, that makes him WORTHLESS....the only smart thing u said was he probaly can't be traded, but he sure as hell can be cut

Temet Noce, Part of being a fan and quite frankly an American, is having an opinion. Just because you want to lick GInn's butt doesnt everyone shares your obsession. Sure, Ginn can run fast, and sure most humans cant not do that, but is in not being paid to run fast. He is being paid to be a wide receiver. That being said, I love our team and support it whole hearlty, but one thing I cant get behind is backing a guy that want take a hit or shy's from catching across the middle. He's paid big bucks. Why is he excluded from playing hard because he is fast. Your arguement is lame

I say put Ginn as a corner. He can keep up with the other receivers. And slap the ball away. Basically the same thing he does now only he keeps doing it for the other team. Put him on defense. Then the only problem would be him being able to adjust to the other receivers routes. AWE come to think of it the guy just plain sucks trade him if you can!!!

To the guys that always try to be first and brag about it are GAY!!!!!

You people on here s--k. Ted Gin is am awesome player you all forget how many excellent catches he made. He has amazing speed good hands and a great work ethic. He is so young and raw you dont understand talent. He won us a few games that you all are forgetting. He is the only guy who burns down the field and gives henne a chance to have a long Td. he ran back like 5 punt returns for tds but a few got called back and he had atleast 3 long td passes called back all due to penalties just that catch in 08 he made in the back of the endzone with 2 defenders on him alone is enough for me to love the guy please give him time he is going to be amoung the elite. unless you want new england to utilize him???????????

What dumb ass said to trade Bess?????? go watch tennis DB the guys has the makings of jerry rice or OJ mcduffy

the positions we really need out of the draft is free safety lb wr nt demitry thomas will do fine at wr we have a few good guys on the roster that should pan out we should take a corner from free agency. we dont nee any head cases for wide receivers such as brandon marshall or TO i rather get chris chambers or marty booker back

Johnny Dam,

Three years into the league is not raw...

I live. For miami dolphin football 24/7 365 just as much in the offseason as durin the season ive missed three games since 1993.
When i watch a player drafted as hi & paid as much blow games that prevent my team from gettin to playoffs im gonna say something. Ted ginn gets paid alot of money to catch footballs but hes to scared to get hit. They would cut his ass a long time ago but he flashes potential. This a miami dolphin blog where you voice your opinion if you dnt like it go somewhere else.

Cam still sucks. wasting the number 9 pick on worthless punt returner

Ok lets start off slow, Ted Ginn will not leave nor be traded bec Sparano loves having recievers progress into stars (though I doubt that will happen). I have Gone to every dolphin Home game since I was 3 im 16 now. Ive watched these games very closely and this is my theory, I believe the drop balls and game losses were mainly because of Gibril Wilson and Chad Hennes Inexperience (his 3rd game starting I saw him miss Devone Bess on a open field unguarded pass that would have gone for 20+ yards if he had thrown the ball. Better yet when we played the Bucs and he threw the ball DIRECTLY to Sabby Piscitellie. I think that Ted Ginns only problems are simply that hes a Poor Route runner and hes afraid on contact (the reason for the drop balls is bec of how hard Henne throws compaired to Pennington which Ginn was Aquanted to)

Lets look at the games Ted Ginn won for us The First time we played the jets he caught an open field td and the second time he returned two amazing runs for Td's
He would have one the Steelers game for us if we wernt RANDOMLY called for "Tripping"

No one here is looking at the fact that Henne was terrible this year and on top of that Ronnie Brown got Hurt SO look at whats really the problem on this team LIKE UMMM HOW 17 TIMES THIS YEAR WILSON LET RECIEVERS RUN BY HIM FOR TD'S

Lets see
Reggie Wayne
Randy Moss
Vincent Jackson
ALMOST Torry Holt
Andre Johnson
Roddy White/Tony Gonzales
Antonio Bryant
And Santonio Holmes
Need I go on.

What was Wes welker, the worst trade in NFL history, bess goes into the meat of the defense. I believe he will be as good or not better in time.

As bad as that stat is for Ginn, I honestly was expecting it tp be much worse.....

I agree with Mike Jones and Narm. People are waaay to critical of Ginn. Ginn..like all of the guys except Camarillo, seemed to suffer a bad case of the dropsies which coincided with the change in QB and the velocity change on the ball. Unlike Bess though, Ginn loss playing time and didn't have as many opportunities. He made some clutch cathces near the end of the year when given an opportunity. He can change a game...he has changed a game...and while he has issues to work out none of the other receiver's we have done that. Maybe he had a Junior slump instead of a sophomore one.

Camarillo is clearly the most reliable WR -- hopefully he will get more throws from Henne and Pennington this year and prove his strength.

So whats new?

Mando I don't think anybody that watched the Phins last year would tell you any different on Ginn.
The man has great natural attributes but lacks the HEART...be off with him get somebody else anybody for gosh sakes...!!!!

Some people like to mention the fact that Parcells and Co like to double-down with picks to fill a need. All the real phin fans know that is fact. However, I believe we will take BPA in the first 4 rounds. We can do that because we have SO MANY NEEDS.

I believe the doubling-down will occur in the 6th and 7th rounds. That's where we will get our second NT, FS and OLB/ILB.

Yes Ted Ginn had some drops this year but he had no problem with drops until this year. There is no other receiver on this team capable of beating REVIS ISLAND for that 53 yard touchdown, or the long touchdown against the Texans that got called back. Over the last 3 years Ginn has 5 receiving touchdowns, 2 rushing touchdowns, and 4 kick/punt return touchdowns and has had about 3 returns called back. Yes he avoids contact but Marvin Harrison ran out of bounds and dove on the ground too. The Rams GREATEST SHOW ON TURF Torry Holt, Issac Bruce, and Az Hakim all avoided contact the same way. Desean Jackson is catching deep balls over the top. He dives on the turf and runs out of bounds to avoid contact also. The Eagles use him the right way. The one time he couldn't avoid the contact and actually got hit he suffered a concussion and was out 2 weeks. Our offensive system sucks it is not passer friendly. I'm not saying Ginn is a #1 he should be a solid #2 or #3. If we do let him go and he gets on a passing team he will put up better numbers. Mark my words.

I'm with you Realist

Thanks for the unpleasant reminder
The drops and were ugly enough to watch during the regular season
Can we move past it now

I agree Realist. And to the"fan" who said anyone who wants him on the team is an idiot, well here I am. Yes I want Ginn on the team. I want so bad for him to do good and shut you crybabies up. You have no clue. Nat Moore ran out of bounds too, said so himself. All smaller frame wideouts avoid contact numnuts! They have to or their careers would be 3-5 years, their bodies are not suited to take on bigger defenders. You Ginn haters are ridiculous. Hate on him because he runs out of bounds, was picked ninth, is not a number one, whatever. He is who he is. A number 2 or 3 reciever, elite speed, great returner...and he is on the team I pledge my devotion to. I will not bash the guy for what I think he should have become. How pathetic. Keep clamoring for Miami to cut him. It makes me laugh inside to know you are pissed off every day Parcells and Co don't agree with you!! It's not his fault Randy Mueller picked him too high in a WR thin draft. Too the "fans" who claim he cost us the Colts game, whatever. It would have been a tough catch with a DB clearly interfering with him before ball arrived, yet I agree a bigger/stronger WR may have made the catch. But that is not Ginn and to whine about that fact is crazy. Miami lost the Colts game on defense folks...Ginn had one drop the whole game, if you really consider it a drop, which I dont. He did convert six or seven third down situations with catches, many over the middle, without which Miami does not eat up as much clock as they did. Look it up folks. But he cost Miami the game....whatever!!! And if you Ginn haters pin the losses to Indy and N.O. on him(which is beyond stupid) then we true fans get to pin two wins on him as well. Fact remains without Ted Ginn, we dont beat the Jets in either game. Simple fact. Look that up as well. Shoot, you could say he had a great hand in all three of the last Jet game victories....he's a Jet killer!! For that fact alone I am surprised more fans don't love the kid!!

Ginn's a Dolphin, deal with it, get behind him and the team, and be a sensible, even-headed fan. Please! I have to know....when Ted Ginn scores a TD, do you cheer or get pissed? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginn is a deep threat wr, he is not a slot wr who can catch 5 and 10 yd catches. They need to throw the damn ball deep to him like they did at ohio state. Throw the ball to ginn, like randle cunningham threw the ball deep to a young randy moss.

If the trifecta can't figure that out than maybe they need to get rid of him and let phillip rivers or brees or brady etc. or someone that knows how to get the ball deep to him, throw to him.

the next level of this would be to factor in fumbles after the catch. Fasano for example tied for the most fumbles by a TE w/ two. Because those are drive killers. Those are worse than drops. There should also be an even more detailed breakdown regarding drops on third downs. That's where Ted Ginn might finally get some separation from the pack.

Dolphin man they dd throw the ball deep to ginn. Game winning td throws twice in his hands. He dropped both of then and we lost. Also, he dropped one right into te hands of new Orleans I believe and gave them that game too. He is a bust in every sense f the word and should not be on te field. Let's move on.

As much as I woul love to see a a geat WR pick in the draft, I keep thinking about the loses to Indy, Atlanta and New Orleans. The problem wasn't the offense, it was the defense, more specifically the inability to stop a good pass catching TE and giving up HUGE pass plays. We need defensive draft picks. Safety, LB, NT. Then you go offense WR, O-line, RB & BPA. Just my opinion.

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