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Interesting stuff on Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall

There are two players that tingle the toes (as Jim Mandich would say) of Dolphins fans as our team looks to checkmate all the moves the stinkin' New York Jets have been making and the evil New England Patriots are about to make with their 18 four picks in the draft's first two rounds. 

Dez Bryant.

Brandon Marshall.

I write about Bryant in today's Miami Herald and I share with you not only the sad circumstances of his upbringing but also what he's trying to do to overcome what he recognizes are maturity issues.

People close to Bryant tell me the wide receiver has hired a "life skills coach." Read the column to see what this person is charged with doing because it is interesting. Meanwhile, I asked if this so-called coach is traveling with Bryant as he takes his various visits to different teams around the league.

The question drew long pauses. "I don't want to confirm or deny that is happening," I was told.

Interesting. I make the case that Bryant having a "life skills coach" is a good thing. It shows he's being proactive in trying to address the issues some teams are worried about. But I've also heard some teams have been turned off when learning that this person is constantly around Bryant.

And yes, I've been told the "life skills coach" has been taking Bryant to some visits.

Regardless, I know the Dolphins have done extensive work on Bryant, trying to learn the truth about him and not just accept what is rumored. I think the truth about this kid paints a much more positive picture than the rumors.

As to Marshall, you know I hate rumor-mongering. I either tell you what other reputable sources are reporting or tell you what I have learned myself. When I don't know something I tell you.

I'm here to tell you that contrary to every instinct in my being and going against everything the Dolphins have said both privately and publicly, I keep hearing Marshall is indeed a possibility in Miami. (I cannot believe I just wrote that sentence.)

I got a call from an agent Tuesday night who wanted to know what I thought about Marshall coming to Miami.

"Isn't happening," I responded.

"What makes you so sure?" he asked.

"What do you know," I asked.

Well this agent represents a player on the Denver Broncos. And he tells me his client told him Marshall said the Dolphins are the other team -- along with Seattle -- interested in him. So the agent said Marshall was being traded to the Dolphins.

That is not exactly straight from the horse's mouth. That is not even from the horse's brother's girlfriend.

But this is a serious agent I've known for years and he doesn't call to waste his time or mine. I am therefore passing it along to you.

Is it 100 percent? I still have my doubts. I find it hard to believe the Dolphins would be willing to give up multiple high picks (perhaps a second and third rounder) for the right to Marshall, whom they would then have to turn around and pay between $8-10 million per year on average.

It is just not a Dolphins type move. This team is supposed to be trying to add draft picks, not lose picks. It would also go against what coach Tony Sparano said at the NFL annual meeting when he said the Dolphins were interested in neither Marshall nor Terrell Owens.

But I pass it along to you nonethless because it comes from a credible source. If nothing else, I've given my boy Joe Rose another entire show this morning -- just like I did Tuesday morning. You're welcome, Joe!


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I would have to apologize to many. Wow

Third. I can't believe it either. I say to hell w/ both of them. Of the two, I can see Bryant growing up due to the fact he is getting married but that will still take a couple of years.

Explain that NJ poser boy

Tiger, Good show at the Masters. Glad your back.

Marshal to the dolphins would be a dream, trade ME and a 3rd rounder, that adresses the WR spot, get a OLB in the 1st and FS in the 2nd and then a double up on NT in rounds 4 and 6..........Marshal is legit, draft picks are a roll of a dice, Marshal is Probowl Player the merlings, Turners and Whites we have drafted in the 2nd and 3rd aint!!!...plz spare me the lets hoard picks crap this scenario works we need a WR too, id rather get marshall than anyone else in the draft at the position

If you're really glad I'm back you'll sneak me some hookers!


Why not just go crazy and get both these guys LOL. Would be nice though, just get at least one of these guys to give Henne a weapon.

Hey Armando,

Just wanted to say it was wicked listening to you on the Big O's show on WQAM.

You're the best.

Stay cool.


I didnt get a chance to tell you but that story you wrote about the Dolphins leaking stuff to ESPN while demanding secrecy/loyalty from their players was an excellent piece of journalism. What an insightful article. Very, very well done.

@#$%! I knew you weren't glad to see me back *Throws golf club*

You're so full of it Armando can you ever give us something that's actually you know confirmed?

See? I knew you weren't worth a damn, spending time on these message boards when you should be home w/ me and the kids. I thought you really cared about us!

Thanks for passing that along Mando.

Sporano and Ireland have both proven that you can't listen to anything they say. I'm not knocking the guy, I'm just saying, working for Parcell's I can understand it.

I told everybody on the last blog, there's a c o o n in the woodpile.
Something big is about to happen!

Marshall! Marshall! Marshall!


2nd for Marshall (reason they had to deny they were ever interested and say that they dont want diva WRs is to get a better price)

Trade out of 12 spot if no one falls (ie. Berry) or guy is taken (ie. Kindle, McClain,EThomas) and get late 1st and 2nd round and maybe another pick (but that is probably hoping too much).. someone will want dez and trade to our spot.

.. proceed as nothing has happened. Pick up good LB, S in 1 and 2, TE (3rd), DT somewhere down the line.

You got that right! Always thought they had something in there odd little minds that might turn into something great! Maybe Henne will get that WR after all! Go BLUE

Mando, I know most are going to focus on Marshall but I read your column on Bryant and it was outstanding. Great job by you.

Better yet maybe Mando will get his Brandon Graham and then we will be on a roll..

Wow, the Bryant stuff was eye-opening. But you are right when you say some teams will look at Dez and look at his lifestyle coach and wonder, what the heck is going on here. Kinda creepy.

Still, excellent information I haven't read anywhere else.

no matter what do not give up thigpen.the kid is a competitor with skills and talent. qbs are so hard to come buy starter or not. we finnally have depth imo henne, thigpen, penne, and well white.... ummm whatever. i mean the browns had some major qb controversy, only to both be sent packing to sing delhome and seneca wallace? think about it who out ther if something god forbid happens to henne.not sure tyler is for sure but i believe to be pretty solid and a gamer

Getting Marshall would make our WR corp tops instantly. Not to metion helping the running game.
Marshall will make Hartline and Bess that much better immediately.
Hell even Ginn would look goo....OK....now I know I've benn drinking to much!

I'm not the type of guy to be a told ya so.......yes I am.

Bobbyd12 - Marshall! Marshall! Marshall!

Why would we not trade a 2nd rounder for Marshall??? We can use #12 to draft a great DT and call it a day then. A proven #1 receiver via a 2nd round pic is a steal

I rather have Bryant than Marshall. He's cheaper and is going to be very good. Also doesn't cost multiple draft picks.

I also rather have men than women.

Better yet maybe Mando will get his Brandon Graham and then we will be on a roll..

Posted by: socalfan | April 14, 2010 at 12:37 AM

That's what I've been saying all along. Reach if we have to, just get Brandon Graham.
Trade for Marshall and Take FS Reshad Jones in the 3rd.

Wallah! 3 starters with our first 3 picks.

What about me Mando? My radio show has sucked since you haven't been on in the morning. When you coming back home big fella?

2nd and a 3rd next season and I would throw Ted Ginn in as a gift to get Marshall.

I hope the Brandon Marshall rumors are true. The window of opportunity for a SB would immediately open with a dominant WR. It would be great for Henne's development as well if he had someone to throw to. A great point guard can't be great if everyone around him sucks.

Odin.. Graham is a future star no question.. He has the moves.. Forget his arm length. He has the goods. Michigan sucked this year, but he never lost focus. He is our man!!

anyone find it a little curious that the dolphins are reported to be shopping ginn and then 2 hours later marshall is called to come in and sign tender? 2rd pick plus ginn for marshall?

CZ big time.. Thought the same thing this afternoon.. Something is up!!

We won't have to give up multiple picks for Marshall.
A 2nd and Smiley. Maybe Ginn as well. Mark my words. I did break this story 3 hours before Mando on the last blog-LOL! Everybody praise me!
I'm so pumped! Marshall goes up and takes the ball away from defenders as good as or better than anyone in the NFL!

FINALLY, some justice for Henne.

marshall is proven, bryant is not. bryant would cost a 1st, marshall a 2nd and 4th or player. this is a no brainer!! if you can get marshall for your 2nd and a 4th or ted gin and/or say thigpen. that would be awesome. you still got the 12th pick. you got a starting 3 of marshall, hartline and bess in the slot. huge holes to run through, wildcat, everything would open up. also, paying marshal wouldn't cost much more than paying the 12th pick dez bryant.

@#$% you Elin you crazy @#$%!You almost killed me you lunatic.

You are praised! Odin and you usually call it as it, is with of course, a few indiscretions. Boy I hope your right on this one!


I hope so, I love the guy. He looked like Superman at the Senior Bowl.

They took Long and that worked out good.
They took Henne and that worked out good.
If it ain't broke don't fix it!

A week from friday with two more Brandon's on the team, the Jets will suddenly look like......the Jets again.

Ya know Odin, they really would and ours to bring alittle of our own "hard knocks" on their reality show.

I would be less surprized if I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet... Then if Miami took Marshall. It would have to be followed by a great big "I was wrong"... but lets see before I jump to such extreme measures. Buy the way...Odinseye... I sell that shirt in my shop... have it with him in the "joker" face too... hilarious stuff.
I don't think anyone will whine after he makes a few catches... and he would certainly do that... We'll see... Momma always said... We'll see.

there is too much smoke now for something not to be up

Marshall is ONLY 26 years old. Pull the trigger. 2nd rounder. Common !

You know what. You gotta give a kid that grew up in Dez Bryants circumstances props for making something of himself out of nuthin.

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww---im ready to bring a florida native back home--if its multiple picks i bet one of them will be a 2011---so with it---we can get a 5th for ginn, and smiley hopefully a 4th---draft im ready

Last years no.12 pick Denver- Knowshon Moreno - RB 5 year $23 million contract, $13 million guaranteed

This is just over 4 mil a year. There will be a "cost of living" increase for this years no.12.

Either way, I'd be willing to pay twice as much for a proven, battle teasted, true No.1 playmaker.

Mr. Ross! You want to expand the game day experience for fans at the stadium? Show me the Money!!!!

Yes, there needs to be a better defense.. The draft is loaded.. Who could we get to be a bigger differnce maker than Marshall. Jets.. Jets .. Jets. Would be crying like the Babes they are!

The best, boldest moves Miami can make right now to restore competitiveness with the much hated Jets and others and rebuild the faithfulness of its fans:
Sign JT. Trade for Brandon Marshall AND draft Dez Bryant.
Then, all is well in Dolphin land.

Anybody know who returns kick offs and punts for the Broncos?

Jed.. What about Spiller if he is still there?


Memory might be off because I have had more than a few caption and cokes, but I think Royal was returning punts for Denver...

captain and cokes


I agree. I don't think the Jets would be able to stack the box against us anymore.

You guys thought Ginn made Reemis look bad?

I can just see Marshall burning Reemis and CroMagnonMarty in double coverage, single coverage, zone coverage. It wouldn't matter, pick your poison REX!

Oh God who art in Heaven, PLEASE make it happen-LOL!

what about Smiley???

As much as I would to draft D the first three rounds. Marshall is very appealing...

What about Smiley and a second for Marshall..

1 - OLB
2 - (Denver for Marshall)
3 - FS

You forgot AMEN!!!!

Yeah I think it was Royal. Seems like he was doing pretty good too.
Oh well, I was just hoping that Denver could use a great return specialist/WR like Ted Ginn.

Ha! I typed that with a straight face.

What do ya think Odinseye?... This whole thing a load of crap or should we actually think it mat happen... I am skeptical as hell... not certain why.

Living in SoCal, I watched alot of Chargers games, and I don't think Cromartie is that good.

Actually, I know alot Chargers fans who are happy to be done with him. He can't tackle for s@@t....

Perfect fit for the Jests...

Remember I've posted Tyler Thigpen, is a key player if Marshall comes to Miami. Plus I believe trading down and gaining an extra #2 pick could hinge Marshall to Miami. Ginn out makes roster sense. SteFin

Bryant and Marshall with Ricky and Ronnie and Lex Hilliard would be one of the most physical offenses in the league. Who wants to tackle these boys?

Mr.Bill.. Maybe the skeptic in you is because the boys upstairs have lied to us in order to keep teams off balance.. Now I think they will unfold the magical pages and give us a damm good team!

A HORSE with a Girlfriend...

How COOL is THAT!!!

I really don't see a down side to aquiring Marshall even though its not the Trifecta's MO. It would be icing on the cake if it could be done without giving up a second rounder in this years deep draft. My guess is we would like to get a NT with that pick. I would be surprised if we went with a rookie starter at FS beside our 2 2nd year corners so I don't think with draft a safety very high.

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