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Interesting stuff on Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall

There are two players that tingle the toes (as Jim Mandich would say) of Dolphins fans as our team looks to checkmate all the moves the stinkin' New York Jets have been making and the evil New England Patriots are about to make with their 18 four picks in the draft's first two rounds. 

Dez Bryant.

Brandon Marshall.

I write about Bryant in today's Miami Herald and I share with you not only the sad circumstances of his upbringing but also what he's trying to do to overcome what he recognizes are maturity issues.

People close to Bryant tell me the wide receiver has hired a "life skills coach." Read the column to see what this person is charged with doing because it is interesting. Meanwhile, I asked if this so-called coach is traveling with Bryant as he takes his various visits to different teams around the league.

The question drew long pauses. "I don't want to confirm or deny that is happening," I was told.

Interesting. I make the case that Bryant having a "life skills coach" is a good thing. It shows he's being proactive in trying to address the issues some teams are worried about. But I've also heard some teams have been turned off when learning that this person is constantly around Bryant.

And yes, I've been told the "life skills coach" has been taking Bryant to some visits.

Regardless, I know the Dolphins have done extensive work on Bryant, trying to learn the truth about him and not just accept what is rumored. I think the truth about this kid paints a much more positive picture than the rumors.

As to Marshall, you know I hate rumor-mongering. I either tell you what other reputable sources are reporting or tell you what I have learned myself. When I don't know something I tell you.

I'm here to tell you that contrary to every instinct in my being and going against everything the Dolphins have said both privately and publicly, I keep hearing Marshall is indeed a possibility in Miami. (I cannot believe I just wrote that sentence.)

I got a call from an agent Tuesday night who wanted to know what I thought about Marshall coming to Miami.

"Isn't happening," I responded.

"What makes you so sure?" he asked.

"What do you know," I asked.

Well this agent represents a player on the Denver Broncos. And he tells me his client told him Marshall said the Dolphins are the other team -- along with Seattle -- interested in him. So the agent said Marshall was being traded to the Dolphins.

That is not exactly straight from the horse's mouth. That is not even from the horse's brother's girlfriend.

But this is a serious agent I've known for years and he doesn't call to waste his time or mine. I am therefore passing it along to you.

Is it 100 percent? I still have my doubts. I find it hard to believe the Dolphins would be willing to give up multiple high picks (perhaps a second and third rounder) for the right to Marshall, whom they would then have to turn around and pay between $8-10 million per year on average.

It is just not a Dolphins type move. This team is supposed to be trying to add draft picks, not lose picks. It would also go against what coach Tony Sparano said at the NFL annual meeting when he said the Dolphins were interested in neither Marshall nor Terrell Owens.

But I pass it along to you nonethless because it comes from a credible source. If nothing else, I've given my boy Joe Rose another entire show this morning -- just like I did Tuesday morning. You're welcome, Joe!


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Not sure socalfan. I don't think they lied. I just don't think they tell anything, to anyone... about anything... and I like that.
I know its driving the local media out of their minds. And I pray to God Wex Wynin tries to play a guessing game with them. I will be very pleased should the deal happen... I will be even more pleased if the man leaves his troubles in Colorado and does not make a fool out of Miami for trusting him... should they indeed do so.

As the draft gets closer the asking price for Marshall will decrease. The Broncos need to unload Marshall, nobody wants a player who doesnt want to be there.


Marshall would be the surest pick we could make in the draft. If we could get him for a third and a player or a second this year and another lower pick next year it would be a plus. I still think the FO is waiting for the Rams FS Atogwe. I hope all the right moves, trades and selections are made this year! Cant wait for some positive news!

I disagree to an extent tmike... Yes... he is a good football player... but that is the only thing that is for certain. After that... what he does off the field is already been proven a risk. Like I said above... if it does go down.. I hope he leaves those issues in Denver.

OK t.ginn & smiley 2nd next year
for b.marshall & ron feilds.
#1 wr and nt (feilds m.nolan boy)
draft 1.b.graham-olb
,5.trd thigpen<
would be nice to add j.t.& vet fs like atogwe or sharper.master plan
this IF put together would be a great team!!

That's okay but nothing is a for sure thing. Marshall wasn't the only player upset with Coach McDaniels. Maybe a change of scenery and coaching style will help him. Either way everyone deserves a second chance or at least an opportunity to prove them self. I hope He leaves those issues in Denver too!

I wish it was TRUE....but I really dont beleive it...its too daring and adventurous...they havnt got it in them...wont happen...

Something is in the works because it would be reckless for Miami to trade Ginn without a replacement already in the works. Ginn is the only player that can stretch the field.

yets made their move s time too counter strike.

What is with all the optomism???? lol
I'd love the Dolphins to get Marshall but I don't believe they will for one second, they just don't do things like that, sorry guys but this is one of those "I'll belive it when I see it" moments.

Easy Cobras .. If the Fins were to get Marshall They wouldnt take Bryant AS well they will use that #1 pick to improve the defense.. which is smart. Yeah, i would love to have Marshall and Bryant no doubt but its not real. The Seahawks will most likley end up with one of these two players.. Espn reported that Seattle and Miami are possible places for Marshall to land. Marshall only if they can get him for the right price. No way will the Team pay him 8-9 million a season.

Trade Ginn and 3rd round + 2011 5th pick for Marshall First round pick of Dez Bryant awesome up grade at receiver!!! 2nd OLB or FS, 4th OLB or NT, 6th NT or FS, 6th ILB or RB, 6th SS or OLB, 7th NT or RR, 7th OLB, CB, or ILB for special teams.

Trade Ronnie Brown to Denver for Marshall ??? Sign Sharper to a 1 yr deal to help groom the young secondary. Take CJ Spilliar with our #12 and the best olb with #43 ..Then pick up a NT,TE,WR in the later rounds.. Could also grab T.O as well .. Could you see the match up problems these guys would create for teams .. I know what a headache... Marshall and Owens on the same team ...

I am lovin this dream scenario, even if i doubt it will happen. The only problem with it is that if we take an OLB in the 1st and a FS in the 3rd, then we are getting pretty deep into the draft looking for a good NT. This is arguably one of the most difficult positions to fill and our biggest need.

Why are so convinced that the compensation for Marshall is that high?

Screw it, it's a uncapped year, get both of them, keep Ginn, throw it 40 times a game and win or lose 45-44!!

Whatever happens,we have to get an elite WR on this team starting straight away. Marshall is a great player and would improve this offense considerably. I know he'd cost $8-10 million a year but i guess we have to take that risk.

Dez Bryant is the other option but i'm alittle concerned he might not be able to contribute straight away regardless of how productive he has been in college.

Wow the picture looks pretty nice...

Here are my thoughts on this one.

1. Bryant would end being less of a problem then marshall if it happens to be they dont get too many ball thrown to them..."I think" marshall is a T.O just younger... and I also think this because Bryant can be molded to what the phins philosophy is.

2. The marshall move would make "more sense" because if we trade maybe a 2nd and a 4th or even maybe a 3rd and another pick from next year, we can still get a playmaker at defense in the first or as even some said trade down and get back that pick that we gave away for marshall.

Either move would be great for miami. Armando I like how you think and compare bryant with v.davis.

Ginn is on the trading block but has drawn no interest? What's up with that, do these other teams have eyes? I can't believe no other team wants a receiver that can't catch and if it accidently sticks to his hands it causes him to careen out of bounds.







If we do get Marshall Bryant Isn´t coming for sure!!

Ok, it would be the coolest pick but maybe not the safest and balanced draft we should make... it all depends on how the draft unfolds I can really see miami trying to trade down if we get marshall...

I said it in the last blog and I'm gonna stand by it. Smiley, Ginn, and a conditional (incentive based) pick in this years or next years draft for Marshall. Try to trade back with our first with someone who covets Dez if he's still available and pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd. I'm fantasizing but its seeming more possible.

DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE!! This is another well thought out smoke screen by the front office. They don't want people believing they only have one option to upgrade our lackluster WR squad. If everyone out there knows we want Dez, then anyone who REALLY wants him will trade for Denver's first round pick so they can grab him right before us. This is a brilliant move to let this out there. However, you said it yourself Mando, this is NOT a Dolphins-type move to sign him - and I think they know that too!

I can't imagine any team going after Ginn.If we were to get Marshall,they may as well keep Ginn because he's going to get wide open with the D focusing on Marshall.

John Clayton said yesterday that Marshall will be traded within 24 hours so some team is going to get a pain in the ass that can catch and produce.I wonder who it will be?

I need to be a GM because my thinking all along would be to draft Dez with the 1st rounder and package the 2nd along with Tedd Ginn and get Marshall. Now I'll whole offense looks completely different. Two big monsters at receiver to go along with the running game. Changes the whole game for our opponents.

How about:

Brandon Marshal to Miami!!! Shefty just reported it on ESPN!!!!

For a 2 this year!!!! and

Brandon Marshal for a 2 this year and a 2 next year!!! WOW!!!!

Brandon Marshal is a BEAST!!!!

This is the worst news. Parcells caved in to the braying jackasses and made a huge mistake here. Argh!

Oh boy.

Filed to ESPN: Brandon Marshall is going to be traded to the Miami Dolphins for a second-round pick this year and another pick next year.
4 minutes ago via web



Someone posted on the ESPN board how ironic it would be if we traded Ginn to Denver in a deal, because they already have Quinn. I thought that was pretty funny.

Do you guys think this is legitimate news? is this a done deal?

I personally am stoked about this.

Best day ever!

I like the move baby!!!

Now I would like us to trade one of our 6th round picks for Troy Polumolo since we need a safety and Pittsburgh could use the pick to get a new one.

It's breaking news on ESPN.They will discuss it at 9:00 I think that's what they said.

marshall to miami?!?!?!?! o man espn just reported it

marshall traded to phins for 2nd this year and a pick next year

PFT says its a 2nd this year and a 2nd next year! Thats alot to give up...


The second pick traded for Marshall is thought to be a second-round pick in 2011, but that is not yet confirmed. Still waiting.

its a 2nd for next year!!!

adam schefter twitter:

Marshall scheduled to fly to Miami. He still must pass physical and league must approve deal before it would become official.

It's a lot to give up,but you know he can get the job done.Dez would be a gamble and with the Jets going for broke,we have to try and keep pace.

Angry fin fan, thanks for breaking the new in the blog!! wow im sooooo hype right now!!!

This will be a mistake that will doom this regime. They'll all be canned by Ross the next time Marshall beats up his wife and winds up in jail. The police say that they've been to Marshall's house 11 times in 2 years for domestic violence complaints. This guy makes Lawrence Phillips and Cecil Collins look like upstanding citizens.

LMFAO @ all the know it alls on here that said it would never happen! Eat your words now!

They just leveled the field. Shore up the D a little and the division is up for grabs. Yes!!!!


I'm telling you now, once Ronnie signs his tender, he will be traded for a 2 or a 3. Ginn will be traded for a 4-5 and we will trade the Number one pick #12 to dallas for their #1 and their #2!!!

Now add Smiley for a 4rth rounder and Bill has his picks plus a BEAST at WR.

Mark, don't you think they did their due diligence on this guy. If the risks outweighed the rewards they wouldn't have done it. Great job Tuna!!

Damn Mando you called it, Adam Schefter just reported that Marshall has been traded to Miami for not one but two 2nd rounders

TRADE 1-12 FOR 1-18 and a 3rd
trade Smiley for a 4th and Thigpen for a 5th


1ST round ... GRAHAM,OLB
2nd round ... trade for B.MARSHALL (include Camarillo or Turner in the deal)
4. (the Smiley trade) J.JERRY,OG
5. (Thigpen trade) J.GRAHAM,TE

2 2nd rounders is a lot to give up, though.. especially if he is one issue away from a year long suspension, and ESPN says it will be one of the the most expensive deals in NFL history for him.

Just got B Marshall for a 2 this year and a 2 next year F the jets...

Great player ..........

oooops ... I forgot about the extra 3rd round pick

DEXTER MCCLUSKER, RB/WR Ole Miss (a percy harvin clone)

I agree with Ted Ginn's post, but a little differently, lol, send Ginny our 4th & early 6th rd pick to Denver for Brandon Marshall! Then grab Dez @ 12 if available, and get our safety and olb in rd 2 & 3. BTW SIGN JASON TAYLOR for 2 more years! He will be what Michael Strahan was for the Giants when they shocked THE WORLD and beat the CHEATIN PATS in SB 42!

Mando where are you? Dude I must say, you are the man!!!
It happened, we got him! Zac Thomas was right in saying we should trade for this guy. I'm in shock.
Just when we thought the Dolphins were asleep at the switch, bam!!!
What a statement to make. Bravo Trifecta!
Now go out and get Williams or Thomas and we'll be set.

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