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Introducing A.J. Edds -- No. 49!

Getting ready to go out to the first practice of this rookie minicamp and I have one thing to report before taking that walk:

A.J. Edds has been reassigned to No. 49. Originally, he was slated to wear No. 54, which in my humble opinion would have been a mistake. The team is avoiding any issue with this now. Good for them! 

Let me share really quickly some of the names here today. No time to tell you about them so google them:

K Parker Douglas, P Aaron Perez, WR Ryan Grice-Mullen, WR Julius Pruitt, WR Marlon Moore, RB Tristan Davis, FB Mick Turner, S Nate Ness, DB Jonathan Amaya, FB Rolly Lumbala, T Dan Ryan, LS Andy Huffman, LS Andy Leavine, OL Kris Doura, DT, Vince Oghobasse, WR Isaiah Williams, DE Alex Field.

The guys whose names are in italics are tryout guys.


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Bring on the Bills before somebody dies.

Odin, Have you partaken in the Bacardi dark Rum today??

No one circles the "WAGONS" like the buffalo bills....is it too early for a prediction???

Yup. Many long, long months too early. I'm excited to hear how practice went, though. Mando, you're the lifeline! Keep it coming, man!

Bills only circle the drain

Good job, Dolphins. It's about time they treat one of their all-time greats with a little class.

Did a pretty good job on TG, Jr. and his family, too. Or is that who you meant by drain?

Mando's too busy writing his new "Pride Of A Miami Orginization" piece, u'll have to sneak into camp urself if u want any news....

Brett Favre has a sore ankle.
I though this would be better to talk about than the #54 thing and Jeff's interview skills.

NJ, You out there????

Cuban is it true that NJ broke the blog peace treaty? If so what is consequence?

Carlito, Plumber jokes, A $hit load of them....lol

Odin, Have you partaken in the Bacardi dark Rum today??

Posted by: Cuban Menace | April 30, 2010 at 04:56 PM

NO! That's most likely the problem.

When I hear a player on another team gets hurt, arrested or traded, my FIRST thought is how will this affect my Dolphins? Are they on our schedule?
When two teams are playing my FIRST thought is NFC or AFC. I always root for the NFC team because it makes our conference record "better".
If it's two AFC teams I root for the team with the worst record for the same reasons.
I'm a Miami Dolphin fan since they called Csonka and Kiick Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I had to hide my tears(i was just a kid) from my Dad and Uncle when Warfield, Kiick and the Csonk went to the WFL. I hated them for years, just like I hate JT now.
Excuse me I digress. The point is I don't care who it is. If you're taking shots at the Fins you're the enemy! Football doesn't exist for me unless it's Aqua and Orange.
Mando and his excuses of over-sensitive wanna be's have become a detriment to MY TEAM!
Having an opinion is one thing. Purposefully trying to cause distractions and divisions in the media is something else.
These guys have blogs and airtime. They have followings. When they step over that line their abusing the privelage and becoming the ENEMY!!!!

Has anyone E-mailed mando that his blog broke????Or should we? this way we dont have to listen to his "Kith Olbermann" type of posts....lol JK Mando... Oh yeah, your blog is broken.... I wonder if it's clogged??? maybe we should call NJ Fin Fan to unclog it.....(Ohhh it's onnnnnnn)

Keep up The "Good" fight Odin.....

How can his blog be broken if there's so much useless info to report on, i hear dan marino plans to issue a conferene call in the next few minutes to premiere his new cooking with dan the man on HGTV. Stay tuned

Let Pandemonium Reign!!!!

NJ and The Cuban?

Rumours of WAR!

F U C K E-mailing Mando, I'm notifying Homeland Security!

John Jerry lined up at left guard, a first for him, he said.

I know Armando doesn't think this important, still just thought I'd pass it along.

Sparano said he thought Jerry moved well on left during Senior Bowl and Incognito is more a RGM.

Just as I envisioned.

Jerry next to Long and Cognito between Carey and Grove. I'm loving it!

Now that George W. Bush is no longer the President do you think Jena bushes "Wet lands" are still federally protected???? Just asking....

Sparano said they want to get Reshad Jones as many reps as possible at free S, Clemons, too.

Again, just like I predicted. Jones at FS. Our future Lester Hayes and Jack Tatum!

Odin, Just like two "Super powers" Rattling there Sabers, I'am sure nuclear war can and will be avoided.....

O Odin,
Armando's on it and probably interviewing him this second

Mando-So jerry,how goes it???

Jerry-pretty good, i feel like i'm really ready to step up and contribute.

Mando-What, no not with u, i meant with this whole Ireland situation, is it distracting for u and ur teammates.

Jerry- Huh, ,man i dont know anything bout that???no comment!@!!

Mando- Okay,OK, then tell me, how would u feel to see one of m local heroes of all time to see his jersey # given away to some rookie in camp who hasn't even had one play in the NFL???

Jerry-Man, GTF outta Here!!!


Now that George W. Bush is no longer the President do you think Jena bushes "Wet lands" are still federally protected???? Just asking....

Posted by: Cuban Menace | April 30, 2010 at 05:35 PM


Why are you even thinking about Jena's wetlands when you got a Hot little Stacked Hawaiian?

Just for the record, I've beaten all types of protection. Federals don't scare me, I'm a repeat offender!

If I had a nickel for everytime I've heard "U.S. Marshall's GET ON THE GROUND"!

Jerry-Man, GTF outta Here!!!


Posted by: superPHIN | April 30, 2010 at 05:41 PM

Classic! LMFAO!

The sad thing about it......it probably happened!

Guys get off Mando's jock, When all you got is lemons all you can make is lemonade....lol, I dont know what that means but Ashley just said it to me describing why she hates to live in New York and how she keeps her spirit up......Not to mention living with me... I better hide the gun........

She longs for her Islands bro.....

She longs for her Islands bro.....

Posted by: Cuban Menace | April 30, 2010 at 05:49 PM

Are her "Islands" federally protected?

Just asking...........

If they are, They've been "Poached" if you know what I mean, And I think you do........

How do you justify getting worked up over Edds, a 4th round draft pick, getting assigned #54 while remaining silent on the fact that an undrafted FA is wearing the number (#57) of HALL OF FAMER Dwight Stevenson?

Perhaps a little more consistency and a little less hypocrisy is in order…

For all you so called true Dolphin fans that think this 54 thing is BS. You miss the big picture. First of all, all of you that say he did not win us a superbowl, I think Dan Marino didnt win one either but he is still the best passing QB ever. This whole thing is about respect, let me say that again, "RESPECT". Zack Thomas has said that he would like to retire as Dolphin. Now for all you brainiacs how does Zack sign with Miami then retire. I know, he can sign and be given number 49. That would be a real class act. No one was saying retire his number just let him sign with his old number and let him retire with our best wishes.

i'm secretly GAY :)
why do you think i like football so much
tight pants sweaty men, yummy.

What's up with Brandon Marshalls number he's the only one not assigned on the roster

For all you so called true Dolphin fans that think this 54 thing is BS. You miss the big picture

Posted by: Pat S

Thats insulting Pat S, In all my years cheering for the phins i've never been called a so called true doolphin fan----I'm either a fruad or the real deal***Best wishes in regards to u sir


Justin said Marshall's getting No.1

Garo Yepremian gets no respect!

I've been a true Dolphin fan for over 35 years and still expect the front office to act with a little bit of class.

No one was saying retire his number just let him sign with his old number and let him retire with our best wishes.

Posted by: Pat S | April 30, 2010 at 06:06 PM

WTF? You have to have a number to sign a contract? A number to retire?

Sure pal, and you call us brainiacs?

any man in here ?

Odin, LMAO!


Go Phins!

Fake HOT ASHLEY @6:54



Hot Ashley?

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