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Ireland declines to discuss Taylor to great extent

Jeff Ireland conducted a 25 minute draft press conference today where the first, second and third questions weren't about the draft but rather the Jason Taylor situation.

And Ireland's answer to the questions is basically that none of this -- why Taylor is still unsigned, whether the Dolphins have interest in signing Taylor, whether the Dolphins are treating Taylor with respect -- is any of the media's business.

"This where we are on JT," Ireland said. "This organization knows exactly our stance on it. Jason and his agent know our stance on it. And I'm not going to air our business through the media. They know exactly where our stance is. We know both sides of it and that's where I'll leave it."

Pressed a bit Ireland repeated he has talked to Taylor's agent, Gary Wichard, and he's told him the Dolphins will be ready to deal with Jason Taylor after the draft.

"They know our stance," Ireland repeated. "We know our stance. I've told Gary this. Tony's told Jason this. We have to evaluate things after the draft."

Then Ireland was asked if it doesn't worry him that Taylor is visiting with the Jets and he started to show a little agitation.

"He's a free agent right now," Ireland said. "We told him exactly what our stance is, and he's free to do exactly what he needs to do. And I thought this was a pre-draft press conference, fellas."

What Ireland did not explain is why the Dolphins have to wait until after the draft to know whether they want Taylor or not. Fact is the guy makes sense right now, not just after the draft.

Taylor, meanwhile, continued his visit with the Jets today. He is scheduled to fly home this evening. Taylor has not been offered a contract by the Jets and will not be signing today -- which is no surprise since Wichard said as much on this blog yesterday morning.