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Ireland declines to discuss Taylor to great extent

Jeff Ireland conducted a 25 minute draft press conference today where the first, second and third questions weren't about the draft but rather the Jason Taylor situation.

And Ireland's answer to the questions is basically that none of this -- why Taylor is still unsigned, whether the Dolphins have interest in signing Taylor, whether the Dolphins are treating Taylor with respect -- is any of the media's business.

"This where we are on JT," Ireland said. "This organization knows exactly our stance on it. Jason and his agent know our stance on it. And I'm not going to air our business through the media. They know exactly where our stance is. We know both sides of it and that's where I'll leave it."

Pressed a bit Ireland repeated he has talked to Taylor's agent, Gary Wichard, and he's told him the Dolphins will be ready to deal with Jason Taylor after the draft.

"They know our stance," Ireland repeated. "We know our stance. I've told Gary this. Tony's told Jason this. We have to evaluate things after the draft."

Then Ireland was asked if it doesn't worry him that Taylor is visiting with the Jets and he started to show a little agitation.

"He's a free agent right now," Ireland said. "We told him exactly what our stance is, and he's free to do exactly what he needs to do. And I thought this was a pre-draft press conference, fellas."

What Ireland did not explain is why the Dolphins have to wait until after the draft to know whether they want Taylor or not. Fact is the guy makes sense right now, not just after the draft.

Taylor, meanwhile, continued his visit with the Jets today. He is scheduled to fly home this evening. Taylor has not been offered a contract by the Jets and will not be signing today -- which is no surprise since Wichard said as much on this blog yesterday morning.


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seriously,are you his posing as his agent? if he goes to the jets or anywhere else,how many wins is that going to cost us?you keep making a huge deal out of the way he is getting treated in miami and hes a situational 36 year old part time player.this team has more important issue than this one.let go already.your becoming quite the dolphin trasher and the readers are getting tired of it.

Ireland said Karlos Dansby will be used primarily as an inside linebacker, but has great value as a three down player who can play outside

Hello Mclain and Clam Chowder in the middle. Dansby and Wake. See you later JT

If we draft 2 OLB in the first 3 rounds (easily possible as these guys like to double up on picks) and we already have Wake then does it make sense to keep Taylor as well? I can fully understand why the FO wants to see how the draft plays out before commiting to Taylor.

"GM jeff Ireland admits some player visits are meant as smokescreens. about an hour ago"

So Armando, Waterboy was right!

Comon Mando we get already! What else was said at this pre draft conference? Jeff Ireland actually speaks football about the draft and this is what came out of it? It could have not been that bad of a 25 min, was it?

In regards to the outside linebackers, Jeff Ireland said he's more interested in drafting his prototype players. That means 6-3 and above.

Smokescreen, Morgan can be the pick

Our first two picks in the draft will be linebackers.


Why do you attend these press conference??

Seems to be a waste of time. Ireland and Co. never say anything useful. Its all old news or no news with these guys. Im a little annoyed.

I agree w Mando, the Irish & Tuna are running a communism there. JT has intangibles that clearly Wake does not provide, but hey, theyre saving money playing some dude from a second-tier football league. Lo barato sale caro brode! Im sorry but JT brings it, sniffing ammonia before getting on that field, whos got the nuts on this team if JT isnt out there?

They rush to give a 35-year, substance abuse offender who can only play 8 games next year but not sure about JT?

Ireland is whacked out.

I would completely understand if JT goes to the Jets and wish him the best.

Why did n't they wait on Pennington or Ferguson until after the draft. These guys are trying to shaft JT. Classless move.

Ferguson is waaaay more on the decline than Taylor, but they sign him EVEN WITH THE SUSPENSION! so i gotta call WTF TUNA on this..

its the effing Jets!!!! there's no way in hell he's gonna sign with them.. it's gotta be some undercover intel gathering mission or something... it'd be like Reggie Miller signing with the Knicks, just retire, it's not worth being a hated man in Miami to play for those people...

Tom Watson finished -5 at the Masters.

Maybe Fergie can play until his 40

This is the way I read this situation.

Penny was signed for possible trade value and the experience he brings. The FO already knows what they are going into the season with in regards to QB. Thigpen or Penny will get traded and we’ll carry 3 QBs.

Same thing at NT. They will draft a NT to develop and probably start Soliai. Ferg is insurance since quality NTs are hard to find. The FO knows what they are going into the season with at NT.

LB on the other hand is up in the air on this team. Why sign Taylor if you draft 2 or 3 LBs early on in the draft. If the draft plays out wrong then they will surely sign Taylor and he will end up getting more as his value to the team will rise. I’m sure Taylor will be ok.

I am really, really getting tired of Ireland and Parcells. Make fun of Rex Ryan and the Jets but at least they are improving themselves and if not trying to improve themselves and talking about it. New FO same old Dolphin strategy, the kind that has not worked since I was 11yrs old and I'm 47 now. This sucks, I wish I could be one of those band wagon fans and jump from team to team and the frustration would be OVER, but I can't and so frustration all the way to the grave because I don't think they will ever win a SB again in my lifetime unless I live to be 120.

Seems like a done deal--he will not be back...the only negotiation left maybe what it will take for Taylor to get to wear the #99 jersey from Bryan Thomas for the jets next year...

I think they are waiting until after the draft because they have yet to decide the role JT would have.

Depending on who they pick up, they may need him on run downs, as a pass rusher, as a starter... who knows?

JT probably wants to play a specific role.. so in order to answer that, the trifecta need some draft day picks to fill in some blanks...

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Jeff Ireland conducted a 25 minute draft press conference"

JI : Ok first question about the draft ?

Reporter : Why are the Dolphins leaving JT out to dry ?

JI : I'm only talking about the draft...next question.

Reporter : Will Jason Taylor wear a Dolphin uniform this year ?

JI : Like I just said I'm here for draft questions only...next question.

Reporter : With JT in N.Y. does that put pressure on you guys to make JT an offer ?

JI : [Taps Mic.] Is this thing on ?..Listen people these questions are about the draft..ok!..next question.

Reporter : If JT had injuries like Penne or Fergie would he be already signed ?

JI :[mumbles to self] I'm surrounded by idiots.
JI : Listen people..I'm prepared to tell you who we are targeting in the first 2 rounds....next question.

Reporter : Are the Dolphins concerned that JT will sign with another team before the draft ?

and so on and so forth

Soiled :)

Jed and Ry86, what are you two talking about? Did you see the times Ferguson was in the game (no one ran up the middle). Now look at the times he wasn't in the game (10, 20, 30-yard runs straight up the middle of the defense). Jason Ferguson is still the best NT on our team. He's also the leader of that D-line. So yeah, I think he deserved to be re-signed. I also think we should re-sign JT, but I hear what the Trifecta is saying. They want to wait, because if they get a linebacker in the draft, who can start Day 1, then that pretty much leaves JT out in the cold (unless they get rid of one of the younger LBs, which is unlikely). So, two totally different situations (not about substance abuse or anything else). One guy is one of 2 players (NT) playing that position, and the MUCH better player, and the other guy (JT) is one of what 5-6 LBs on the team already, with more possible coming in the draft. Make sense now?

I don’t mind not signing Clarke, there are better options still available (especially if we get Berry or Thomas)

I this "Trifecta" likes building in the draft and have done a good job of that the past two years but this is just not logical at all.

Taylor is the leader of the defense, heart & soul for years and it’s a position of need where there isn’t anyone else to step in at OLB to help us win. If we had two Wakes then may-be this would make sense about them wanting to get younger and letting Taylor move on. But that’s not the case; the guy had 8 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, Int for a TD, 43 tackles in less playing time then he’s used to – that speaks for itself; he can STILL PRODUCE! He’s not expensive, wants to be on the team, and in a position of need. SIGN JT AND STOP PLAYING MIND GAMES!! THERE’S NO NEED FOR THAT!!

I think they’re plan was to wait and see after the draft but hopefully now after all this Jets mess, we sign JT by next week!

I also think part of their plan is to draft an ILB, like McClain, play McClain and Crowder in the middle; Wake and Dansby on the outside. But even then, Taylor provides great situational Depth & cost effective too.

"Trifecta" has had a B+ draft and a D+ Free agency since Parcells has been here. This year he’s had a D free agency so far and would be an F without Dansby. We better re-sign Taylor and have an A+ draft!

Hey Dolfanken, YOU, just like most of the other Dolphin fans have NO CLUE as what your talking about..
Bill Parcells is the best thing that has happened to the dolphins in a long time, I supposed you want us to go back to a sinile Don Shula, or a burn out jimmy johnson or a cluless Wanny or Speilman, or better yet how bout Satan ?or cluless cam-moron?...
You sir are an idiot, when bill parcells took over, this team had NO TALENT, this is only his third draft, the dolphins have increase the talent level of the team ten-fold...yes, there is still work to be done...but there is a plan in place, give it time , it will happy and then all you morons won't be able to complain.

This will be our best draft in decades people.

Keep the faith. Stay the course.

With the stance the Trifecta is taking on JT, it's looking more and more like OLB - Morgan, Kindle, or Graham - in the first or round. Besides finding a starting SOLB, they have to find a starting NT and FS. Not to mention the need for a #1 WR and pass catching TE. This better be a damn good draft! The rebuilding project is taking a bit longer than expected.

Dolfanken, I disagree. This is a totally different Dolphins strategy in off-season than the last decade I'd say. They draft prototypical players in each position, try to keep their draft picks and not trade for "hot" players who may/may not work out, they want big, tough, physical guys, "football" guys (who love to workout, practice, be around the field and players and the game), don't like trouble players and KEEP EVERY DECISION CLOSE TO THE VEST! How is that the same strategy as the 1-15 Cam Cameron team, or for that matter Saban or Wannstadt or even Jimmie Johnson? As a fan since I was 11 yrs old (I'm 36 now), I'm pretty happy with the team's direction. Sure, I wish we could make more progress faster, but I think soon enough we'll be where you and I both want us to be. The Jets didn't have as far to come as we did, remember that. They were decent before Rex Ryan came in (I mean, if they won that game in '08, they would've made the playoffs and we would have been sent packing). So you shouldn't compare them to us. After 1-15, we needed to totally restructure. Plus the Trifecta needed to try and overcome ALL the mistakes that were made previous to them arriving (all the miscalculations on players). This team (Trifecta) hasn't been perfect, but they're a heck of a lot better than what came before them (after Shula).

Im getting really tired of the "TRIFECTA"
you never here from Parcells. and his little
puppets Ireland ,and Sparano they dance around
all the real questions with more questions
a big fat D for all three!!

I will be very disappointed if JT goes to the jets but it is a business. Also why not sign him and if you draft to cover then release him to do what he wants. No guaranteed money up front and what do you lose?

I guess no one has thought that the Dolphins are using Taylor as a smokescreen for the draft....and let me add...Taylor is part of it.
The Jets can't sign Taylor to anything more than 1.5 mil...the Jets know this, Taylor knows this and the Dolphins know this. If the Dolphins came out and said today that they aren't going to keep Taylor...big surprise...every team would know that the Dolphins would be taking an OLB with at least the first pick. By not saying what they will do with Taylor...just keeps other teams guessing.

If he signs with jests he is NEVER again a Dolphin. I live in NY and the Jet fans hate em. If he signs with the jets we hate him. So he has a choice, be Fin and be a legend or sign with green and be a joke.

Get a life losers. Its like worrying who your ex gf is banging. In this case your ex gf will be 36 come September, too. Sheeesh. Get real

the reason JT should be treated well is because all the guys on this team are watching how a star for 13 years is treated by the team he bleeds for. if JT is not respected by the FO how will they be treated???? sparano spoke of JT in the past tense; said he enjoyed coaching jt the past year. he never expressed his desire to continue coaching JT. i don't understand why we can't praise JT's effort in 2009; he did alot more to get a W than sparano!

jets suck. Anyone wanting to win would not sign with these smelly losers.

The reason why the trifecta is'nt making any decisions about J.T prior to the Draft is because of this little theory...

I believe Parcells loves Rolando McClain and will take him at #12 meaning Dansby will play OLB and as a result,J.T is'nt needed in Miami.

If McClain goes to either Jacksonville or Denver,then i think Dansby stays at ILB and J.T stays on the team

Thats the theory,watch it play out that way fellas....

I am not sure why people rip apart Parcells and compnay. Where do you think Miami would be now if Saban or Cameron were still running the show?

I think instead of looking for 4 or 5 players to fill needs in this draft we would be looking for 15 plus. Give these guys a break. They inherited a 1 and 15 team with minimal talent due to countless crappy drafts from previous years.

Yes we are all dissapointed that we went from the playoffs to 7 and 9 but was Miami really blown out of many games last year? Not really. Alot of their losses 1 or 2 plays could have turned losses into potential wins.

I think Miami making the playoffs a year after going 1 and 15 made expectations too high. They are on the right track. Rome wasn't built in a day fellas!!!

Greg Z., how wasn't JT treated well? He was part of a 1-15 team in '07, when new mgmt. came in and cleaned house. He was an aging LB and wanted too much money. So he went to another team who paid him what he wanted to make. He did NOTHING that year for the Redskins (in '08). So, now, he's one year older, doing Dancing with the Stars, and looks like he's ready to jump to acting. Then he says he wants to come back, but on his own terms (no OTA's, etc.). Dolphins take a gamble and re-sign him (but tell him he has to prove himself again). He does prove himself in '09, and they make him a captain and he becomes the leader Sparano confides in most (since J Peezy starts acting crazy). Two years ago he said he's playing one more year. Now he wants to play 2 years more. He's now 36 years old (mind you, Philly just got rid of their 33 yrs. old QB because they said HE was too old). Dolphins are being up front with JT, just 'cause you don't know about all the in's and out's doesn't mean they're treating him bad. I think you're letting Mando get to you too much. Remember, we're weeks away from the draft, and there's not much to talk about every day. So, great reporter that Mando is, he has to stir up controversy to bring people to the blog. Relax dude, smoke the pipe. In the end, everything will work out for the best.

WOW after listening to jeff ireland for an hour can you imagine how a young draft prospect would feel???? he would be bored to death if jeff started talking. we need someone with a personality to become a spokesman to try and answer the fans questions about our teams direction. must be frustrating for armando!

The Tuna Era is now officially over, or just about dead, anyway.

Two yeras ago, after the 1-15 debacle,the Fans swore they would committ to rebuilding, and would not want to take deceptively seductive shortcuts. The Fans swore they would not judge Tuna & Co. prematurely.

Now, two years on, every FA is viewed as Absolutely Vital, and every failure to sign every FA is a debacle undoing the team. Now, we MUST sign Brandon or we MUST draft Dez, and if we don't, we're doomed.

Conversely, every FA pick-up that does not work, e.g., Gerbril Wilson, Ernest Willford, means Tuna & co. are utter incompetents and cannot be trusted at all.

Now, this JT thing is being used by the Media & many of you so-called fans to drive a wedge between Ross & Tuna & co.

The negativity here and on talk radio is killing this team.

Can we PLEASE sign Sharper ?? He's gonna sign soon and he would lend a ton to our Defense. He'd be a great 2 year stop gap at Safety, this way we draft a Safety in the 3rd round and develop him slowly. Then.... DRAFT DEZ !!!

For all of you who think mando is talking this issue to death you couldnt be more wrong. If you dont think this is mentally going to wear on this whole team and fan base, you dont trully know football. Taylor is a staple in Miami with his team mates and the fans. The whole team begged Miami to bring him back last year. The fans wanted it. Him going to Washington is one thing. It will demoralize his teammates to see their thirteen year leader with another team. Believe that! The jets dont need Taylor, they need to weaken Miami and thats what this will do. So, as a fan, Damn right I'm worried about him signing with the dirty sanchez's


Heard anything about the rumor on TheLandryHat.com about Dallas wanting to move up into the 12 spot? Marion Barber, the #27 in rd 1 and a #3 draft pick this year for our #12. Dallas wants Dez Bryant to pair up with Miles Austin. Would be a great dealfor us. Barber solves RB problem, get Demaryius Thomas with #27 and Jimmy Graham with extra #3.

Is it just me, or does Ireland come across as arrogant? I mean, nothing personal Mando, but Ireland wasn't just addressing the media since the Dolphins broad-casted this on their own website. It seemed to me that Ireland could have been a little more open to the fans. I under you can't give too many details about contract negotiations, but they could throw us and Jason a small bone and been somewhat diplomatic.

Well stated Greg Z.
Business isn't just "business" if you take the human element out of the scenario. Business is very much about relationships. Men want to be respected many times before they want money. It is not always about money, and J.T. proved that last season when he played for peanuts. The Dolphins would do well to give him some public attention or respect at the very least and make it known in the media that they "love" J.T. I am sure Sparano does what he can with J.T. in this regard, but it really is about the others in the front office. I think losing J.T. would be a public relations nightmare for the Dolphins. I still see most Jersey's in the crowd wearing #99.
Wake up Ireland!

Mando, did not see a retract from you.... Wasn't you the one who said the Dolphins don't bring in players as "smokescreens"? Jeff Ireland said the opposite in his press conference. He said they may bring in a guy to confuse the 11 teams in front of them.

What did Taylor do when the Dolphins needed to win a game to get in the playoffs. The last 3 games. LOSSES. The first half of the last 3 games like 70-0 score. Taylor had 10 tackles and 1 sack in the last 3 games. Thats not going to cut it. This Defense didn't even show up in the first half of the last 3 games and Taylor was a big part of that.

I completely agree that they bring in players as smokescreens. But as Ireland said they want to get an up close look at these players. They want to see how they look physically and if they meet their requirements or to see if a player looks like Napolean Dynamite out of pads.

Eff Marion Barber......give us Miles Austin or take a walk.

I don't understand why fans are bashing the FO on speculation. When JT ends up a Jet (not gonna happen) then bash them. When JT is producing for another team next year and the youngster replacing him struggles then bash them. But as it stands now there is no reason to bash them, at least on this issue.

What if they are not signing JT till after that draft but both sides have an understanding it will get done. They create a smokescreen and fake drama to divert the attention from what their true plans are. In the mean time JT is in recon mode getting intel on various teams. Not a bad plan if you ask me.

I agree with many posts here. Not signing JT is just stupid, it has nothing to do with not going forward or getting younger. He is the best option even if we draft young guys. signing Ferguson and Penny before the draft does not makes sense under their logic. Ferguson was signed so someone on the team is actually fatter than parcells. so I guess there is logic there... ?? This is classless, JT does deserve better than this. I know it is a business, and the point is, our business is better with JT on the team this year. there is no question of that. Irelands press conferences are useless btw, and he is useless in general.

The dolphins need to give Jason Taylor some respect. This guy would and has given his heart and soul for the dolphins fans / organization and they treat him like a rag doll....Come on peope...No wonder why free agents won't sign.

Have you considered that they already have a deal with JT and are waiting til the draft is over as another smokescreen. Watch the other hand.

Sorry I think some of you guys are stuck in the past. JT has been a great warrior for this team for a number of years now but he is NOT going to be the difference of whether we make the playoffs or not. If you think he's going to be a big contributor tot this team, then we are worse of than we thought. I still want JT on this team but not at the expense of some young studs who need to play. The trifecta is handling this whole thing properly.

I can't believe that at all. All though they are stupid, and ignorant, the JETS management would not fall for this kind of crap. They have put a lot of time into JT, and money. It is really not that easy to pull the wool over NFL teams eyes when it comes to true interest.

Gary, I agree 100% that Ireland comes across as arrogant. And frankly, so does the Tuna. But, I don't think anyone thought these guys were "guys you'd wanna have a beer with." People HATE Parcells in the NFL. They think he's too tough on players, not a nice individual, disrespectful, downright ornery. What no one can erase is Parcells' ability throughout his career to turn teams around from losing to winning records. He's done it everywhere he's been. I'm willing to bet on him (and Ireland is his guy).

Also, trust and believe they don't treat potential draftees this way. The only reason JT gets (what you guys think) poor treatment is because he's a) old in a football sense, and b) not "one of his guys." But ask some of Parcells' guys, and they'll tell you a different story about how well he treats people.

I hate the Jets that's all I say about this.

JT was the best OLB the Fins had last year.

No rookie can do better.

Nobody currently on the roster is better.

Who cares about mentoring? It's about play and he is still better than anyone there.

Fergie may have been loyal to the Trifecta but he juiced and got himself caught. That's helpful to the first half of the season. Almost treasonous (I could care less about the juicing - it's the idiocy of being caught).

Zach has not yet been offered the chance to retire a Dolphin and that is why many fans believe he has been dissed - more evidence of a FO that cares not a whit about their fanbase.

Anyone who wants to go younger right now (i.e. get rid of JT) is absolutely fine with going 6-10 this season, because that is what happens when you don't have a decent OLB. (Anderson? Please). The OLB corps without JT is as bad as the ILB corps of last year - and that lost a LOT of games.

JT was good against the pass, rushed decently and was NOT bad against the run last year. He was, in fact, the best OLB against the run that this team had.

JT is still going quite strong. At 35 he is as good as most (not all) OLBs in the league (sure, he isn't elite anymore, but he is above average).

Why doesn't JT deserve as much money as a lackey like Torbor? Even that meatball Crowder is getting paid.

It's a no brainer - he's the best available at the position. He's not asking a whole lot of money. Sign him.

For the moment, let's forget loyalty to a team icon - this FO doesn't care about that. Half of the fans on this and other So. Fla blogs don't care about that - so, from a simple business and on-field talent standpoint bringing JT back is the only way to go if they want to win more than 6 to 8 games. If this is all about rebuilding (and it might well be) then ditch all your old guys. Why keep Fergie around? Why keep Penne? If it's about rebuilding, just throw Soliai and some rook in there and let them fail forward. And don't give me the mentoring garbage - all of you who want so badly to ditch JT say that mentoring doesn't mean anything, so let's agree that it doesn't. If they don't want old guys, even at a need position (they signed Ferg because he's the best they can get at a need position), then they need to get rid of them all. They are just taking up roster space. But, with signings like Penne and Ferg (and I like those signings for the most part), they are obviously not just dumping old guys.

Sign the guy or tell him to pound salt and get this over with.

Long and short of it is that without JT, you are looking at the current crew plus a rookie. this means getting eaten up on the outside. This means less wins. That is fine if you don't mind a low number of wins. Which is fine if you are on the rebuilding wagon and feel that we are two to three more years away (when the Trifecta came in the rebuild was expected to take 3 years but another two to three means closer to five years - which could be the truth given what an abysmal mess this team was). If you are wanting wins now and build while getting wins, you bring JT back. Otherwise, next year will be truly painful to watch... we'll be looking for the nuggets of hope like we did this year. Again, okay if you're prepared for it.

Hello everybody,

My name is Carlito and I am a Dolphinsaholic.

Agree with Jimmy Jam

You guys are dancing like puppets on the strings of half assed, non-informational Press releases. Not at all an offense to Armando who is just reporting what he knows, but this Management has learned and learned well not to air their laundry in public... And from what I see written on this and other blogs... They have a damn good reason. After living in several Cities, 4 that were NFL towns... I have to say My beloved Dolphins have the most Ignorant, uptight, Pansy assed fans (at least a great deal of them) as any town I have ever seen. Some one tweets that JT smelled Rex's Underwear and you nuts are ready to fire a Management staff that everyone in the league has NOTHING but high praise for. You don't even know what you got... the football ignorance and cry baby mentalities in this city is embarrassing... I am ashamed to even see or know what others say about our fans... and they are right in what ever they believe.

Oh no! What will we do without twinkle toes taylor?!?!?! Last time he wasn't here the Fins made the playoffs!!!! oh no!!! the sky is falling!

Seriously, I don't care if JT is back on the fins or not next year... but there is no forgiveness for becoming a Jet, especially after some of the things Mr. Taylor has said about the Jests in the past....

If Taylor goes to the Jets he can only make 1.5 million dollars and it seems it would be purely out of spite... I'm sure he would have offers from other teams besides the Dolphins and Jets after the draft...

Ireland knows if he airs the Dolphins stance on JT through the media he would be verbally (and maybe physically) assaulted by Parcells and Sparano begind closed doors. He's only doing his job, which is to keep his mouth shut when it comes to all things JT-related.

We need an OLB that can cover TE and set the edge. We will draft one.

We have an elite pash rusher in Cam Wake.

JT is a one trick pony at this stage : hurry the QB.

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