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Jeff Ireland: The interview, the Wilson flap

I got the opportunity to speak with Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland one-on-one Saturday night after his work was mostly done with the draft and the adding of priority free agents.

That conversation gave me a better understanding of exactly how it is the Dolphins attack the draft when Ireland and Bill Parcells are sitting in the war room together. I wrote about that as part of my column that appears in Monday's Miami Herald.

Another part of the column, by the way, tells you how Ireland seemed to be getting more comfortable even as this draft was proceeding. He actually made jokes when he was in front of the media. The guy was cool.

But we're not 100 percent there yet.

This interview gave me the opportunity to ask about a topic that's been bothering me for a while now:

I wanted to know why it was Ireland seemingly misled at the Indianapolis Combine on the subject of Gibril Wilson. As you know, everyone assumed Wilson was a goner after a season in which he played poorly and cost Miami chances to win at least two games -- Indianapolis and New Orleans.

But Ireland went to the Combine and in speaking with the media -- to his credit, against the wishes of Parcells -- defended Wilson so vehemently that it seemed like Wilson was coming back.

"We have our evaluation of Gibril Wilson," Ireland said at the time. "We know what kind of player he's capable of being. I think he's going to be a very good player for the future. He was disappointed in his play last year. He will tell you that. I think he can play better. We'll just have to see. I think he will."

Of course, everyone assumed Ireland meant Wilson would play better for the Dolphins. Bad assumption. The Dolphins cut Wilson when the new league year opened in March.

"I didn't say anything that was wrong," Ireland told me during our interview. "I didn't say anything that was false. If you read the transcript, I said he's going to be a good player in the future. I knew what I was saying. You know, he's a player on my team. And I'm going to defend a player on my team. I'm not going to say anything else bad out there. I do believe he's going to be a good player in the future. I like the kid. It was probably not the right position for him. That's obvious now. But I did believe what I was telling you. I was telling the truth.

"I just wasn't giving you every thought in my head."

Fair enough. It wasn't Ireland's fault that folks like me made an assumption. As Ireland told me in another part of the interview, every draft mistake his makes is a lesson he learns.

Count this a lesson learned for yours truly.


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hey guys go to this dolphin talk show! ask questions in the chat room! he answers them on the radio! fun stuff!

this all started with me sayn misi in the 2nd to me is questionable---i like the kid--havnt seen him play live--- there is limited tape

and i heard what mayock said about him being more of an inside guy in a parcells 34

i agree with that i think if misi can bulk up i can see him at strognside but at 251 which is wat he was at combine he looks small to strictly be an outside guy

I never said he couldnt play outside but i agree with mayock---that he looks like a combo guy that will play inside and outside and be moved around in a nolan scheme

NJ thinks he is strictly SOLB---and thats fine we can have different opinions

i see a weapon that will be used inside and outside and i dont think he will start 1st year

misi reminds of david veikune from last year ---a guy little undersized that showed alot of skills at senior bowl---he struggled his first year--- i think misi has a lot of similarites
Veikune was a late 2nd----

i like edds on the inside, mccoy is intersting--
misi to me might of been a reach but i hope it works out cause we need pass rushers

MY GOD , you still don't get it . also anthony spencer size 6-3 255 is fine at SOLB but misi who's 6-3 251 with more room to grow and was already 275 once looks a little small to be strictly an OLB. Will this ever end ??/

good night ,

we will agree to disagree i see david veikune----u see anthony spencer we will leave it there----nite all


I'll try to say this as simply as I can. At least what my understanding of Nolan's type of 3-4 is.
First of all I believes he likes guys that can be moved around. This helps when trying to confuse the QB in passing situations.
Generally speaking though the SOLB and the WOLB are very different positions with different responsibilities.
The WOLB is much more similar to a DE. Not the same, but more similar. The SOLB position is quite a bit different from either of those. He usually has more coverage responsibilties in ADDITION to setting the edge and rushing the passer.
I personally believe Wake will play weakside, Misi strong.

I hope this helps.

veikune isn't even in misi's league when it comes to playing the run and pass coverage, veikune was strickly a pass rusher who needed alot of work in coverage and playing the run, there's no comparison.

Odinseye , forget it , It won't help . good night my friend !

NJ u have NOOOOOO credibility, zipo my friend not after u shyt the bed w/the Marshall deal!

even when you are right, you words hold no weight! stick to the DUMB bells you clown! you are a black eye to all true Dolphin fans on here!

and i am not HOME..lol but hey, f' it i'll take the credit if it annoys u hahaha!

1701972 you R correct on this cat. It is wierd how so many on here follow this cat. Even if you have facts and make sense some on here will throw you down. Be a robot and follow NJ... start chanting yes NJ, we honor you NJ, NJ NJ NJ. Keep the fight.

Good article - for a change by Armando.

We used our 1 - 2 pick for Odrick anD Misi ... Baltimore drafter after us and used 1 - 2 for Cody and Kindle. On paper, I think that Baltimroe got a better NT (a monster in the middle) and a better OLB. I HOPE I AM WRONG

Let's see , the Dolphins brass were able to take the players they chose on a one week " test drive " to see how they perform and learn who they are , how they respond to coaching plus how they get along with other players. Yet there are still people that only have looked through the window at the " dealership " and have listened to talking heads that have never coached or played the game on a professional level and cry " we could have had this or we should have done that ". Absolutely unbelievable to me.

How about we let this thing play out and see if these guys know how to build a football team , history says they do , yet there are all sorts of clowns that seem to think they could do better.

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