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Jeff Ireland: The interview, the Wilson flap

I got the opportunity to speak with Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland one-on-one Saturday night after his work was mostly done with the draft and the adding of priority free agents.

That conversation gave me a better understanding of exactly how it is the Dolphins attack the draft when Ireland and Bill Parcells are sitting in the war room together. I wrote about that as part of my column that appears in Monday's Miami Herald.

Another part of the column, by the way, tells you how Ireland seemed to be getting more comfortable even as this draft was proceeding. He actually made jokes when he was in front of the media. The guy was cool.

But we're not 100 percent there yet.

This interview gave me the opportunity to ask about a topic that's been bothering me for a while now:

I wanted to know why it was Ireland seemingly misled at the Indianapolis Combine on the subject of Gibril Wilson. As you know, everyone assumed Wilson was a goner after a season in which he played poorly and cost Miami chances to win at least two games -- Indianapolis and New Orleans.

But Ireland went to the Combine and in speaking with the media -- to his credit, against the wishes of Parcells -- defended Wilson so vehemently that it seemed like Wilson was coming back.

"We have our evaluation of Gibril Wilson," Ireland said at the time. "We know what kind of player he's capable of being. I think he's going to be a very good player for the future. He was disappointed in his play last year. He will tell you that. I think he can play better. We'll just have to see. I think he will."

Of course, everyone assumed Ireland meant Wilson would play better for the Dolphins. Bad assumption. The Dolphins cut Wilson when the new league year opened in March.

"I didn't say anything that was wrong," Ireland told me during our interview. "I didn't say anything that was false. If you read the transcript, I said he's going to be a good player in the future. I knew what I was saying. You know, he's a player on my team. And I'm going to defend a player on my team. I'm not going to say anything else bad out there. I do believe he's going to be a good player in the future. I like the kid. It was probably not the right position for him. That's obvious now. But I did believe what I was telling you. I was telling the truth.

"I just wasn't giving you every thought in my head."

Fair enough. It wasn't Ireland's fault that folks like me made an assumption. As Ireland told me in another part of the interview, every draft mistake his makes is a lesson he learns.

Count this a lesson learned for yours truly.


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Taylor was alot older...plus you can sign him to a one year contract cheap. I'll leave that up to the Dolphins.

One question and please don't attack me, I am seriously inquiring. Did anyone happen to see that Misi did only 2 reps on the bench at the combine?

Posted by: Jrljr2 | April 26, 2010 at 04:10 PM

What are you trying to say? You calling my boy Misi soft?

Seriously, I read he was having muscle spasms.

ArmandoSalguero "Dolphins source(s) reaching out to various media to quiet rumors of Adalius Thomas interest. Now we can believe them, or think smokescreen."

out with an old headache, in with a new eh fishy???, this guy will be looking for a new deal according to his agent, besides He's one of fat rexys guys from b-more so i say let 'em reunite. He was becoming more of a problem for belecheat in NE and being a prototype parcells guy, i dont see us adding him. He would have to cheaper than taylor at this point.

One man's headache is another mans warrior. The Dolphins don't have much experience at OLB..plus he can play ILB also. He has to be better than some of the scrubs the Dolphins drafted in the later rounds. The really only other them that needs him is Green Bay...so he's either going there or he'll come cheap to the Dolphins.

really only other TEAM...Geez.

Yes, I wore a dress to work because I lost a bet with a Dallas fan. That was the bet. Not sure how that's relevant, and it was not out of enjoyment...If that's the best attack you have though...doesn't bother me

marc your so f'king sensitive. Why would you even admit that to these f'kin bozos. I mean use some sense. These things are private. Use your head, now THEY got you labeled as some freak. WTF

As tempting as Thomas might sound, forget it.

Once JT decided to sign with the jets I jumped on the lets get younger bandwagon.

I'm ready to let the kids play, win, loose or draw. Just like we did with Smith and Davis.

Let's face it people, were hopefully in the last stages of the rebuilding program. We might as well let the young guys get as much experience as possible.

I don't want any progress stoppers getting in the way of my boys Wake, Edds and Misi.

Has anyone seen Mel Kiper's draft grades. He gave us a C-, The 2nd worst in the NFL. hmmm?

I have come to the conclusion he hates the Dolphins, and he is an idiot, he doesnt know what he is talking about.

Foley (who I will assume is an alias for someone else), these people mean as much to me as that gum that gets stuck on the bottom of my shoe, including yourself. Pretty much irrelevant. I am a freak. Ask your wives ;)

Three seasons is a long time in the NFL, but fond memories are hard to shake, too.

That’s why it’ll be interesting to see if new Dolphins defensive coordinator Mike Nolan remains smitten with linebacker Adalius Thomas, who played three seasons for Nolan (2002-04) with the Ravens’ dominant defenses

Mr. Foley. LMAO!!! Actually I give him credit for having big ballz to actually pay up his bet...and I don't usually give Marc anything...Big Ballz, not alot of brains bringing it up here BUT we all enjoy cannon fodder here

ditto Odinseye,

we already have enough potential headaches with incognito, crowder, and YES even marshall.

By the way Foley, ur not related to my former Congressman who had that problem with the young page boys, are you???

DolfDan13...Kiper is paid because he supposedly is a talent evaluator..Parcells has always made him look like an idiot so don't be suprised

Foley (who I will assume is an alias for someone else), these people mean as much to me as that gum that gets stuck on the bottom of my shoe, including yourself. Pretty much irrelevant. I am a freak. Ask your wives ;)

Posted by: Marc | April 26, 2010 at 04:37 PM

marc what would foley be an alias for? Is it like we have true names on he. Oh wait no it is not foley, I am really Patrick. I was sticking up for you. You must be too stupid to see that. So now I have to ask our wives. You are pathetic. Be a fin fan in your own right and a f'king wierdo as well. They are right you are a cupcake.

A. Foley

Quit picking on sensitive guys that like to wear dresses.

Not that there's anything wrong with that......

Mel kiper is of the thinking that if u don't follow his way of thinking then your about as ordinary and unoriginal of players talent then some joe shmoe scout right out of high school.

Bobby I finally realized that all these people on here you and me included are f'kin nuts! Try to help someone and call me gum.

Bobby Im not in politcs. A is for axle, axle foley

Foley, I know what your intentions are, and they were nobel, thanks, I was just stating that many people post under various names (I don't even think this bobbyd12 is the same as the old regular, far less volatile)

Either way, I lose no sleep over this stuff

Yeah marc I got "crowned" nobel by a dude in a dress. that is great. Look now I am making fun of you. This shyt is f'kin contagious I was telling you. Bobby is the same. He is a kindler gentler bobby that is all.

The Dallas Cowboys have allowed WR Patrick Crayton and WR Sam Hurd to explore trade options, reports The Dallas Morning News' David Moore.

Crayton does returns.

Mark is a freak.

He borrowed my fishnets and fu@k me pumps and never returned them!

Posted by: A Foley's wife.

I would love to pick up Crayton to compete with Hartline & Bess and return kicks.

Of course I don't know what we would give up that would be worth it.

I would be open to trading for crayton as a punt and kickoff return specialists.


probably for a fifth rounder but that would be the limit. Ironicly the same value we gave up for ginn but at least u know what ur getting for it!!

Bobby I finally realized that all these people on here you and me included are f'kin nuts! Try to help someone and call me gum.

Posted by: A. Foley | April 26, 2010 at 04:45 PM


You said it. Sometimes I think I'm going to wake up one day and realize I'm really Aloco, Carlito, Soiled bottom, bobbyd12 and NJ PHIN FAN!

Oh believe me Marc, I'm the same guy...

Anyone notice Misi have funny shaped head?

Smiley for Crayton.

Id be happy to give up a 5th. Or maybe package Smiley and Camarillo.

Marc is just mad because he can't wear his pink Ted Ginn jersey anymore

Smiley and a 5th, but not Cammy. We still need value slot guys and he is about as reliable as they come.

can hear the announcer's say now...Parcells is going to play Dick...LOL

Posted by: Fishypete | April 26, 2010 at 02:37 PM

or how about "Looks like Parcells is going to use the dick today"

Don't know if he'll get on the field though superfin w/ Hartline, Bess and Crayton. Agree though, he's one of my favorites, but somebody would have to go.

iPhone hence the different name. Why the change in temperment booby? Meds?

Good one carlito

Or "Looks like Parcells wants to insert dick"

Cuban, enough filth... lets hear it... what do you think about the draft?

Incognito is a dick too, no?

I see I missed out on some intriguing Ginn and cross-dressing discussions today.

Bye Gentleman, heading to Stadium for Marlins game


A guy that wears dresses shouldn't let "dick" come out of his mouth

Smiley for Crayton is an equal trade...the Dolphins need a returner and the Cowboys could use O-line help. Marshall, Hartline, Bess, Turner and Bryant seems to be a good receiving core.

Bryant???? U mean camarillo right fishy???

Wake is as go as Joey Porter or better. Joey didnt cover or support the run when he was playing. At least Wake will try and improve himself with run suport and who needs to cover when the QB is on the ground. As far as the draft goes it will be a grade B and if you dont like it find anoughter team like the J E T S so you can complain every year.

God help me...I'm tired...not Bryant...Crayton.

Cuban, where you been? I was trying to organize a search party when you showed up.

I'll let you know in 2 or 3 years carlito, But I well say getting rid of Joey(IQ the same as a shoe size)Porter, Gibril(Why mom,Why did you name me Gibril)Wilson, Okoyune, And Ted(Hands of stone)Ginn (And his family) made the Dolphins a better team, also losing Jason(Twinkle Toes)Taylor was also good for the team, as far as the draft? Its a wait and see thing.....

Who the hell is Okoyune? Ayodele?

CoCo, been busy withy ashley, a little damage control was in order after reading a post from a certain custom agent from south fla..

Defensive slash will regain his prior form under nolan---i think he is strong enuff at 270 to hold down SOLB while givn us another linebacker who excells in coverage---his pass rushn mite dip off but is a solid vet that can still get after it---

I honestly feel he was disinterested in new england---Bellichick isnt 4 every1

I also see that we've been visited again by a certain dress wearing,pink pants wearing,hermaphrodite......what's up M@@c??

Hmmm, seems like I read something about that the other day and didn't know what to make of it.

Well, whatever it is, hope all is well.

F*ck off man@ce...Still no love lost ;)

Love you too bro, Keep up the Good fight....

the menace is the worst blogger .

And who ever posted that Misi has a strange shaped head, You sir are correct, looks like a cross between a coconut and a pineapple,kinda like a Klingon if you will......

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