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Jeff Ireland: The interview, the Wilson flap

I got the opportunity to speak with Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland one-on-one Saturday night after his work was mostly done with the draft and the adding of priority free agents.

That conversation gave me a better understanding of exactly how it is the Dolphins attack the draft when Ireland and Bill Parcells are sitting in the war room together. I wrote about that as part of my column that appears in Monday's Miami Herald.

Another part of the column, by the way, tells you how Ireland seemed to be getting more comfortable even as this draft was proceeding. He actually made jokes when he was in front of the media. The guy was cool.

But we're not 100 percent there yet.

This interview gave me the opportunity to ask about a topic that's been bothering me for a while now:

I wanted to know why it was Ireland seemingly misled at the Indianapolis Combine on the subject of Gibril Wilson. As you know, everyone assumed Wilson was a goner after a season in which he played poorly and cost Miami chances to win at least two games -- Indianapolis and New Orleans.

But Ireland went to the Combine and in speaking with the media -- to his credit, against the wishes of Parcells -- defended Wilson so vehemently that it seemed like Wilson was coming back.

"We have our evaluation of Gibril Wilson," Ireland said at the time. "We know what kind of player he's capable of being. I think he's going to be a very good player for the future. He was disappointed in his play last year. He will tell you that. I think he can play better. We'll just have to see. I think he will."

Of course, everyone assumed Ireland meant Wilson would play better for the Dolphins. Bad assumption. The Dolphins cut Wilson when the new league year opened in March.

"I didn't say anything that was wrong," Ireland told me during our interview. "I didn't say anything that was false. If you read the transcript, I said he's going to be a good player in the future. I knew what I was saying. You know, he's a player on my team. And I'm going to defend a player on my team. I'm not going to say anything else bad out there. I do believe he's going to be a good player in the future. I like the kid. It was probably not the right position for him. That's obvious now. But I did believe what I was telling you. I was telling the truth.

"I just wasn't giving you every thought in my head."

Fair enough. It wasn't Ireland's fault that folks like me made an assumption. As Ireland told me in another part of the interview, every draft mistake his makes is a lesson he learns.

Count this a lesson learned for yours truly.


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Yeaa I'm not to conserned about our TE position this year but definetly next year we get a big time TE who can actualy block

Tomorrow night on espn. Run Ricky run at 7pm


Then hit next page.

boy u guys killed this

Everybody crying over need when it is value you look for when drafting. Reach for this position or that position when the best player left on the board is not that position so you pass on the best player left on your board to reach for a need now that makes no sence. I liked the draft we ended up with a 34DE that was #3 on the board behind Suh, and McCoy, a OLB that played OLB in college instead of a 43DE that may or may not be able to play OLB, Misi who was right behind Hughes as the best true 34OLB a player that plays the run well like Roth but is better at passrushing perfect player to compliment our one trick pony in Wake (like SKindle all passrush no setting the edge on running plays. You must have one of your OLBs that can set the edge SKindle plays just like Wake and could not play srongside in a 34 IMO. We needed a Strong side LB to support our weakside LB (CWake). Then we got a Olineman that Bill and Co loved and they know Olineman . Then they got Edds a ILB,OLB,TE,longsnapper, and STeams ace not bad for a 4th rd pick. We also got Reshad Jones who benched 24 reps to Major Wrights 14 and there 40 yd run was close with Wright running a 4.49 and Jones running a 4.52, Jones had the 3rd best vertical with a 39.5. Throw in a couple more LB projects and a CB and you have a hell of a draft. Cry over that jetfans.

Impressive Po. The rap on this guy was he was a headhunter. Gave up big plays for the kill (my words). But hey, I'll take it. You lay that kinda wood on and the WRs and they start backing off, fast.

jones wont be any good, seen the guy alot. dude gets burned all day. roy williams when he was on dallas comes to mind


He's got some pretty impressive hands too... have you seen some of those 11 ints?

Yep Joe, the WRs will think twice about catching a ball and losing track of that dude.

Teams are gonna hate playing such a "Physical"

And the best part is we get younger and younger.

You can not grade a draft for at least 2 yrs. I think Jerry starts at G this yr, Misi will push the other OLBs and may sart at some point this yr, Odrick will play alot in a rotation of Dlineman to keep them all fresh, Edds will play STeams and hopfuly push Crowder into playing better or takes the job all together. I see him playing in 3rd and long because of his cover ability agaist TEs and RBs. I would not be surprised if he plays a little TE at somepoint (good hands and size) Reshad Jones will push the other Safties and at least back them up this yr may even start at some point.

Yeah Carlito I did. He may be the one. Astounding how far he dropped....can't believe somebody (including us) didn't snap him up way earlier.

Yeah we know what you think billbill,
we are gonna be a 6-10 team and might as well Forfeit the games with the Jets and Pats.

Glad you were not in the armed forces in world war two, we would either be specking German or Japanese.

still think miami should sign faneca


Good point... Remember, Clemons was dubbed a "steal" as well because he was projected around the 3rd and taken in the 5th as well last year... I think between these 2, one will emerge as a good FS this year...


I remember back in the day when a DB would put the smack down on a WR....it would take several plays before the WR would get his courage back up. Rules have changed but this guy doesn't seem scared to push it. I like it.

Billbill I have seen alot of him as well, what Ive seen is a guy with ok speed hits hard but sometimes does not wrap up can play in the box and center field though can play to agressive and out of position, raw but alot of upside if he can grasp the system and play with in himself. He is a playmaker 11ints in 37 games but can get beat when overagressive. I think we give him structure, and coach him up and maybe he will get it. At times he looks like a ballhawking safty and the next he is getting smoked. I like him over Major Wright and I will judge him to Major Wright for his career. I think Wright is a more natural FS but Jones will be better all around sronger hits harder just as fast and makes more plays look at the #s.

Its gonna be sweeeeeeeet!

I don't know, we'll see. Good FS is just about as rare as a good QB. Gotta have the physical skill and smarts too. That's why Jason Allen couldn't make it....just not smart enough.

Jones takes over for YBell at SS at some point in the future distant I hope and intil then he can push for the FS spot maybe he wins it maybe he dont but he will make the team better GO PHINS>

hope your right sean but i just dont see jones being a good nfl player. hard hitter who gets burned, worthless

Agree Sean.

Glad you are not a capitchulater like some folks which shall go unnamed.


Please tell us one thing you do like. Anything. What is it?

Yeah billbill just one?

I got it!

The lock out!

where we don't have to even play!

liked the jerry pick, he will start right away. odrick was solid for late first round. think misi will get pushed around alot. would love to sign faneca. sorry carlito im not gonna act like every pick was a great one like many in here do, reality of the draft is that its a guessing game. no more than half these picks will turn out to be anything.

Half of 8?

Not bad.

thats at best, and u have liked all 8 guys po white. so which 4 are u wrong on?

One thing many lose sight of is that John Jerry is perfect for the power run game. His versatility, as well as that of Nate Garner, leads me to believe that we will also have plenty of formations in which we run with 6 OL. The wildcat formation I believe will also be run with no QB on the field from now on, truly making the numbers game even. Also the most unheralded part of Brandon Marshall's game is his blocking as a WR, then also factor in teams not being able to stack 8 in the box. All of these things should make our already impressive running game elite.

I don't know brother, just want to give em a chance.

After the last two regimes, 3 if you want to count Jimmy Johnson we aren't doing to bad. You can ask CoCoajoe, I'm not much of a Kool-aid man but I do hope for the best.

Just think of our secondary , with rashard starting , vontae knocks people out , bell can hit , and rashard will be laying people out and imagine if Sean smith would use that big body of his and HIT , probly the only reason why I dnt see him ever playing free

The bottom 4 maybe but give em a chance.

Take that back, the bottom 2 but thats waht ya get in the 7th.

Reshad Jones is a beast.

guys watch some games of jones, guy gets killed all the time, never in right position. yes he hits hard when he actually makes the tackle. hes roy williams all over again. of the 8 picks this is the worst in my opinion, guy just isnt an nfl player, period

We will see.

What of it Mando? Any trade rumors or new released free agent rumors involving Miami?


I think Reshad Jones was more picked to be the SS in a few years, I don't believe they think he can be a FS. That being said, the things he does well are what you typically want from the SS position. What he struggles at is what you look for from the FS spot, and as I said, I dont think he is that guy. I believe his importance to this team this year will be in the ST phase of the game. He will earn a roster spot by his abilities as a ST, and earn playing time from there.

agree bootang


the woman who's going to marry him,SHE'S GOING TO BE LUCKY B/C HE HAS A GOOD HEART .

Good night.

Wup up Mando! Any word on the dolphins showing interest on Thomas. The LB that New England released?

PO tries to be smart. Capitulator was spelled wrong you giant FOOL.

why don't you gancho this ?

I wouldn't mind them kicking the tires on Adalius Thomas, but he was such a bust and malcontent in New England that I doubt Miami will sign him. Mike Nolan was one of his former DCs in Baltimore, so you never know.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the team will look for a veteran offensive lineman to add some depth at the position.

Hmmmm.I smell trade between the Dolphins(smiley) and Patrick Crayton...who happens to be a returner and is looking for a team to trade with.


what wold you say if we get you married to a blonde ?

Patrick Crayton isn't a bad receiver, but we have too many of him. He's been their slot/3rd WR for the past few years. He doesn't have great speed but has the best hands on the team. He has mainly been used on punt returns, not kick returns (only 4 KR in his 6 yr career), and last year was his only season as primary punt returner, which includes 3 muffed punts.

I'd say my wife would go after you and me with a meat clever.

crayton isnt coming to miami

oh, you married ,sorry fishypete .

billbll.........are you married ? we need a weeding .

i love to see carlito,he's not married for sure,he's 12 years old .

Actually I have been married for 3 years Aloco

Adalius Thomas will end up with the Jets.

I think we had alot of solid picks....

Although, I would have rather had Jerry Hughes, I think Odrick will have an impact from day 1..

Jones and Jerry were great picks...

Didn't like the Edds pick at first, but after doing some research on him, I think he is going to contribute big time covering TE's..

Caroll has big time potential, and hopefully will contribute to our return game..

The only pick in the first 6 I am not sold on though is Misi...

Think if he pans out and becomes a solid starter, this could be a great draft...

If he doesn't pan out, then the trade down to pick him up in the second was wasted, and we payed full price for marshall...

Think the production of Misi is the difference from this being a good draft as opposed to a great draft

agreeedd im not sold on misi---the draft grade relies on him---i rather had justin worilds olb from vtech he went to steelers a couple of picks after misi---i dont know misi at all--seems too small to be an outside tuna linebacker but maybe they will use him inside or he will put weight on-----im on the fence?


I agree alot depends on the production of Misi, I really don't know alot about the kid, but you got to trust Parcells on Lb's....

If you haven't already check out A.J. Edds... this guy could be a great find... He was a leader of a great defense at Iowa and even played TE as well... He is 6'4 and great in coverage... 5 int's last year alone... He has good hands, is a sure tackler, and flies all over the field... I had not heard of him before the draft, but I am really impressed at his footage.


Misi is 6'3 250... He's not that small... I think he projects more as SOLB that ILB... I think A.J. Edds might get some time on the Inside on passing downs to cover tight ends... I

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