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Is Ronnie Brown likely to get traded?

Adam Schefter, who covers the NFL nationally better than anyone, reminded everyone on this twitter posting Sunday that Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown has been available in trade for over a year and so the implication is don't be surprised if he is traded.

Frankly, I would be surprised if he's traded, but not for the reasons you think.

The truth is the trade availability with Brown has been an on-again, off-again thing dating back to 2008.

The Dolphins were willing to let Brown go for the right price prior to the 2008 regular-season when the player was recovering from reconstructive knee surgery. There simply wasn't much of a market for him. Even at the start of that season, Brown wasn't really Miami's best back which is one reason Ricky Williams started.

But then Brown improved and impressed. As he got healthy he became the biggest offensive playmaker on the team and so Miami suddenly wasn't very eager to get rid of him. He was, at that point, off the market.

The Dolphins took calls about Brown last offseason. But at that point, with Brown coming off a Pro Bowl season, the team wasn't going to give him away and no one wanted to pay a high price for Brown.

So RB continued to be a Dolphins RB.

But in 2009 Brown got hurt again -- this time suffering a Lisfranc injury in his right foot. The fact Brown continues to border on being injury-prone troubles the Dolphins. His DUI incident in March also is a concern despite the fact he's never had any other off-field issues.

The bottom line is Ronnie Brown is today available to any team willing to part with a high draft pick. The Dolphins would love for someone to offer a first-round pick for him. The fact the Dolphins have not to this moment given Brown a long-term deal should also give you a clue the team is treading very carefully on the Brown matter as a long-term answer.

But what is Brown's worth in trade? He's had a season-ending knee injury and a season-ending foot injury the past three years? What team is going to give up significant assets for a running back with that kind of history?

The Dolphins, meanwhile, aren't simply going to give Ronnie Brown away. Yes, he's probably available but Bill Parcells doesn't run a thrift shop. If someone wants a bargain, Miami isn't the place to get one.

The bottom line is Brown seems more valuable to the Dolphins than he is on the trade market. No one is likely to give up a first or even a second-round pick for Ronnie Brown. The Dolphins are not likely to think a third or fourth-round pick for Brown is good return.

So does he get traded? It's possible. But it's not probable.

Remember, it takes two teams to make a trade.

Oh, by the way, Brown has still not signed his restricted free agent tender. He cannot be traded until he does so. 

[BLOG NOTE: Speaking of trades, the Jets actually made one Sunday night for wide receiver Santonio Holmes. Come back here at 10:30 a.m. for a post on how that trade impacts the Dolphins. It will also give you a chance to weigh in on what you think of that trade relative to Miami's decision to stay clear.]


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Dolphins stubborness at their own expense

Trifecta arrogant

Y the DUI I looked up to u u being one of the few players without any offield trouble till this :(

Doublespeak Sparano

Pick Morgan

MANDO great column and the treatment of Taylor and Zach is a true SHAME

With All the dumb free agent moves over the past few years where is the dolphin brass taking responsibility! WHERE IS THE MIAMI MEDIA CALLING THESE GUYS TO THE MATT WITH TOUGH QUESTIONS!!!

Parcells has not sold me and Ireland and sparano are YES men

Dolphins should pick Spiller if available.

I love CAMARILLO and consider him the most clutch guy on our offense

Why why why did the fins MISUSE TAYLOR last year??? Why did they not let him roam and be in more pass rush situations???

Jets surround Sanchez with Tomlinson, Edwards, and Holmes and we are looking to trade our best offensive weapon and start the season with a 32-year old running back? What is going on here?

Tricky issue. Don't know what to say. when the guy is healthy, he is the leader of this offense. period.

Interesting that MIAMI NEVER used PAT WHITE as a WR last year????? WHY?????


Let parcells share a bit more of his "thinking"

Keep Ronnie!!

This trade would be utterly STUPID....Brown is our ONLY effective weapon on offense...yeah so lets trade him????

What planet are these guys on???

Trade Ginn or Hilliard or Cobbs or Fasano....but not our gun players...thats how you FUKKK a team not build it..!!!!

Getting really tired of seeing the Trifecta be wring!


We really need another 2nd round pick

Ireland is a little boy who acts tough!

lets not forget JJ built a superbowl dynasty overnight by trading hershel.


Take it easy.
If Ireland says Ronnie's a drunken progress stopper, it must be true.

I hate to admit it, but I ain't got a clue to what these guys are thinking.

how the heck did holmes get had for a 5th, and we're not involved in the talks??

Why give up Matt Roth for NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO TRIFECTA?


I don't think we would get as many picks for ronnie as JJ got for Herscel.

I have to agree with Armando on that point. Brown's way more valuable to us than what anybody else would be willing to give up.

Parcells blind spot is analyzing the QB position which was Shula's genius

Please no second round busts as the PATRIOTS have like 3 second round picks---YIKES

IF the reports are true that the Dolphins are now trying to trade Ronnie Brown, then I'll have an I told you so to NJphinfan and all the other so called expert wannabes, Because of my prediction two weeks ago that the 12th pick would be Mr."Chunk Yards" CJ Spiller....the best player available with the 12th pick.

Santonio Holmes to the Jets. Good God.

It makes no sense to trade Brown. I had earlier said that in a trade for Brown alone, I didn't think we could get more then a 5th round pick.Obviously the trifecta would never do this(and the 5th round is to low, my mistake)The point being, we will never get fair value for him in a heads up trade.

too bad we couldnt of traded him for Santonio Holmes and a 5th. Then drafted Spiller in the 1st and Mt. Cody in the 2nd

The Jets sure are trying to improve. I dont know if its been good move or the 2nd coming of Dan Snider and the Skins but S holmes for a 5th is kinda crazy

WTF are themDolpphins doing?

We sure are rash and prude

i would take a 3rd.for brown

ME UGH THINKTHAT people clash and druude too, but it ugh messed up the collecting bluberries ugh and mad man agry, the wife is ugh the cause of pain. So blame it to the ugh wif..

Hypothetical Question.
Lets say Brown does get traded, do we try and replace him with a draft pick, or do we go with who we have? The running back position is not to deep this year, so if you are a replace him guy, do you think we would be forced to take a back in the first two rounds?

Do not trade RB is his a beast if givin the toches.all those years we looked for a RB now we have one and they want to trade him dumb.

i hope we draft golden tate and dez byrant trade carammilo smmiley ginn and brown and try to get cj spiller and late nose tackle 2 lb s and ol rb :D

I cant believe anyone would want 2 trade ronnie! Hes our best offensive weapon. His injuries are all legit and he will b fine. Trade cobbs,hilliard,camarillo,will allen,or ginn but not brown!

While Holmes is worth giving up a 5th rd pick he is not what Miami is looking for. Holmes is a number 2 receiver and inconsistent at that. I think Hartline will be a great 2 receiver next year. What we need is a number one receiver.

how exactly is Holmes inconsistent? 7th in the league in receiving yards last year with 1248, super bowl mvp just over a year ago. If it was just for a 5th round pick I don't understand, is he that big a jerk? there has to be more to this.

cavemomma swing from my ball hairs. Dont distort my handle for your pimple popping blog.......troll.

Ronnie isn't going anywhere. The Fins need to find that #1 receiver, and I see them scoring 30 or more points a game next year. With that being said. Give up #12 and go get Brandon Marshal and let the FINS ROCK

I like Brown but if you can get someone better, then trade him.

Wow I´m just amazed!!

1. How the heck does any in their sane mind can think we can trade ronnie? When he is playing opponents can smell danger,,,when he is off the field the team has much less options...no trade, no way! I would even think of a 1st... draft pick even 1 rounds are not sure things...

2. AMAZED, totally at how the jets pull off the trades!! its ridiculous that the jets pulled that trade for just a 5th rounder...(I´m sure it could end up having other conditions...)

I would give a 5th even a 4th in a heartbeat for Holmes, that guy is 100 proven and solid...

I some times wonder if the people watch the game or just talk the game. Ronnie is top-3 player in the phins game... giving away him and thinking we could be calm having ricky & Co. its just crazy.

The draft is fun the draft brings player...but holmes,brown,marshall are 100%...ok they could have problems but are 100& PROVEN player!

Why cant the phins get some moves like the jets do?? Why did holmes get traded for such low price(big contract coming?) but dont big players get big contract?? I´d freakin play them big contracts and not ayodele,crowder and Co. mid-range contract to be AVERAGE.

Wow I´m pretty pissed today...

CAn someone tell me at what stage of salaries are the dolphins and the jets?? The jets are freaking loaded...

Holmes is facing 4 game suspension and is inlast year of contract - Jets traded a 5th for a 12 game player

Armando, you have officially lost all respect in my book. Do you watch the games? The guy is 90% of our offense. I wouldn't trade Ronnie Brown for Tom Brady and a first round pick. You F^$%ing jerk off!

dolphins need to add players not tra

miami needs to add players not trade or let good players walk

after listening to ireland for 1 hour i must admit i have no confidence in this guy. we really need some direction and he provides zero. i'll give sparano one more year but he has to improve or put mike nolan in as the coach. the trifecta is losing their luster; jets have spent the offseason making significant upgrades and talking to their supporters(fans). rex has been very open and engaging about their improvements while we ignore our 13 year leader who wants to end his career with the fins! rex can use him.

It makes me sick to my stomach to see what the jets are doing. You mean to tell me that we had a chance at Holmes for a 5th rounder? This is crazy. What planet is Parcells living on? Does he know that we're in the same division as them?

Now if this doesn't come back and kill us, I don't know what will. We had better get Dez Bryant or Spiller if they're available. Oh and did I mention we need a draft from hell???

How about trading BROWN for BRANDON MARSHALL .....

then ..... use 1st round pick for IUPATI,OG
(with LONG and IUPATI on left side of OL) we will have 2,000+ yards rushing offense .... and that will make it better for MARSHALL and GINN at WR

2nd round ..... R.JONES, F.S.
3RD .... DEXTER MCCLUSKER,RB/WR ... similar to Percy Harvin
4th ... J.GRAHAM,TE from the U
4 (extra pick .. Smiley trade) T.TROUP,NT

6th and 7th rounds (6 picks) LB, LB, LB, LB (hopefully, we get one good one in the mix) and also Kafka,QB NW

The sad part is that there will always be apologists out there who will defend Parcells' position and say that Holmes is trouble and this and that. 5th rounder for an superbowl MVP a year ago and a guy who had 1278 yds receiving and 79 catches??? WTF?

I'm starting to lose confidence in this staff; they're overly confident, to the detriment of the this team. I hope that this is an indication that they are willing to at least consider drafting Dez Bryant if he's there at 12.


Can you please say Lisfrank in everything you write with Ronnie Brown? It helps us so much to hear you say Lisfrank as opposed to a fractured foot. Do you get some kind of royalty when you say Lisfrank? Please, please say it again. It shows us how smart you are.

pfft...jet suck... keep it real people, they are just trying to sell PSL in the new Giant stadium. They wont make the playoffs for another 40 years!

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