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Is Ronnie Brown likely to get traded?

Adam Schefter, who covers the NFL nationally better than anyone, reminded everyone on this twitter posting Sunday that Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown has been available in trade for over a year and so the implication is don't be surprised if he is traded.

Frankly, I would be surprised if he's traded, but not for the reasons you think.

The truth is the trade availability with Brown has been an on-again, off-again thing dating back to 2008.

The Dolphins were willing to let Brown go for the right price prior to the 2008 regular-season when the player was recovering from reconstructive knee surgery. There simply wasn't much of a market for him. Even at the start of that season, Brown wasn't really Miami's best back which is one reason Ricky Williams started.

But then Brown improved and impressed. As he got healthy he became the biggest offensive playmaker on the team and so Miami suddenly wasn't very eager to get rid of him. He was, at that point, off the market.

The Dolphins took calls about Brown last offseason. But at that point, with Brown coming off a Pro Bowl season, the team wasn't going to give him away and no one wanted to pay a high price for Brown.

So RB continued to be a Dolphins RB.

But in 2009 Brown got hurt again -- this time suffering a Lisfranc injury in his right foot. The fact Brown continues to border on being injury-prone troubles the Dolphins. His DUI incident in March also is a concern despite the fact he's never had any other off-field issues.

The bottom line is Ronnie Brown is today available to any team willing to part with a high draft pick. The Dolphins would love for someone to offer a first-round pick for him. The fact the Dolphins have not to this moment given Brown a long-term deal should also give you a clue the team is treading very carefully on the Brown matter as a long-term answer.

But what is Brown's worth in trade? He's had a season-ending knee injury and a season-ending foot injury the past three years? What team is going to give up significant assets for a running back with that kind of history?

The Dolphins, meanwhile, aren't simply going to give Ronnie Brown away. Yes, he's probably available but Bill Parcells doesn't run a thrift shop. If someone wants a bargain, Miami isn't the place to get one.

The bottom line is Brown seems more valuable to the Dolphins than he is on the trade market. No one is likely to give up a first or even a second-round pick for Ronnie Brown. The Dolphins are not likely to think a third or fourth-round pick for Brown is good return.

So does he get traded? It's possible. But it's not probable.

Remember, it takes two teams to make a trade.

Oh, by the way, Brown has still not signed his restricted free agent tender. He cannot be traded until he does so. 

[BLOG NOTE: Speaking of trades, the Jets actually made one Sunday night for wide receiver Santonio Holmes. Come back here at 10:30 a.m. for a post on how that trade impacts the Dolphins. It will also give you a chance to weigh in on what you think of that trade relative to Miami's decision to stay clear.]


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dez bryant or cj siller! get some weapons! how did we miss santonio? jeff is supposed to be "turning over rocks" as sparano says. WAKE UP!

So many experts...

greg z.,
forget it, this regime is too stubborn to wake up and see things. They let 2 FA's get away without signign them, and now this. Tannenbaum must have priviliges and access to information that Ireland is not privy to. Either that or he's slow than molasses...

how do the jets come up with a 1200 yard receiver for a 5th rounder while we try to make players out of our 2nd and 3rd rounders(pat white and pat turner)???? jets went out and got sanchez, braylon edwards, folk,LT, cromartie and holmes while we sit???? they have weapons. we cant count on ginn's returns or jt's fumble return to beat the jets again. WAKE UP!!!! last time we played jets we had 100 yds. of offense. now rex wants JT. he will know how to use him.

Let trade the 3 musketeer (Parcells, Ireland and Sparano) to the Jets and bring back Jason Taylor.

I'm pretty upset with this offseason too. We got one player (Dansby), to improve our team. These other teams (with offensive needs) are trading, picking up players, positioning themselves to have veterans around any rookies they draft, but it seems once again, we'll have to look for rookies to have instant success or else we won't go too far this year. How were we NOT interested in Santonio Holmes? All he does is make great catches and plays. The Jets have no money to pay anyone, yet keep getting all these players. Does the Trifecta believe our team last year was that good that an infusion of new offensive talent at the skill positions isn't needed? It's like they're doubling down on the draft, and if it's not a good one, look out, we may be back in the toilet of the AFC East.

Apparently, Parcells would rather have a barbershop quartet than a football team. I guess in his old age he now would rather a team that has no off-field issues than a team that can win on the field. That means one thing folks...Tim Tebow. Sure, the Dolphins might all get to heaven, but they'll never get to another SuperBowl like this.

the only guy in the media holding the regime accountable is our own ARMANDO. he continues to ask the questions no one else has the balls to; even at the risk of getting on their bad side. no one from the trifecta speaks to the fans. we pay the bills!

Dont worry children. The tuna will address the WR position with a pass catching TE or move Patty White to WR like the snickers commercial.

Hey aquaandorange,

No offense but I could give a crap about your every thought. So shut the hell up, this is not your blog. Leave a couple of posts then read other peoples posts. If you knew anything about football you would be a player, coach, or journalist. Give one or two stupid opinions then shut it!

Thanks and have a great day!

I don't understand.

Miami doesn't seem to improve... In addition, the Dolphins don't have a surplus of pick for the draft, I do not see how we will exceed last year.

When all is said and done, when the Fins become what the Patriots were, winning year after year because they built this team the RIGHT way, remember what a bunch of whiny, crybaby, bitchas alot of u were


Holmes will be suspended for the first 4 games of the season. He is in the last yr of his rookie contract, which means he will command huge money. Bill would not pay that type of player who has 4 arrests and now a suspension in his 4 yrs in the league.

Tri-fecta stinks like feet. Arrogant!!! If they can't field a SB team, then at least make a couple moves for the fans who pay theiir dam.n salary!!!! Give Zach his one day contract. Most people want JT back at least for this season, he does not cost much. So frustrating

Wow, you people need to chill. Its like you cant handle it because the brass doesn't use twitter to tell you whats going on every second of every daY. As much as i love JT he gets treated like crap because of his attitude before he got traded to the skins. Now, Zach Thomas is a different story and needs to be allowed to sign for one day to retire. I hope we sign JT, we need him even if its just for his experience even tho he had a good year last year,playing hurt even.

When a new CBA is signed and a salary cap is back, do u people realize how screwed the Jets will be??? Do u believe they will be able to resign "wake n bake" Holmes and Edwards??? U think LT will run forever??? They are going ALL OUT to win this year for Woody Johnson who could die at anytime, and they have given up the future to try...No thanks

A lot of you are very reactionary. Nothing has happened as of yet and people are stil getting aggitated. Silly season must be getting into full swing

Dolphins are a WR away from making a playoff run last year, instead... It was the Jets who rade for Edwards and make the playoffs.

OK, lets try it again - the Fins are still a WR away from being a dangeous offense and making a puwsh for the playoofs.... But it's the Jets who trade for Holmes.

I know building through the draft is the key but does this "trifecta" actually think they could have gotten a better WR in the 5th round of the draft??? No one as valuable as Holmes is available in the free agent market why are these people sleeping with trades and free agency???

As much energy that has been given to the draft and completely shut down veteran pick ups, this better be an A+ draft or they will come up short this off season!!

P.S. Ronnie will not be traded and will do his usual 4.5+ yards per carry, I wish they would set up more screens for him - remember 2007, he was Tomilson Jr. before he got hurt.

The Ronnie & Ricky combination is a great one but will only be here for a season or two longer, this is why a #1 WR is first priority - RIGHT NOW not next year!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL well this should mean we draft Dez Bryant, we now need weapons to throw at the jets and patriots this year.

A Pass Catching TE will be drafted, dont worry... or Nalboner will blossom into the next Jason Witten...

I'm sick of this Trifecta stockpiling low picks so we can get guys like Lex, Nalbone n Haynos....while the Jets trade up for Franchise players like Sanchez n Greene

That's awesome, the jets again give sanchez the weapons that henne could only dreAm about, if I was henne it would make me sick to be a dolphin....nobody gets how important wr are and how little the trifecta care. We are in for a rough season.

Guys lets remember the trifeca turned this team around in one season to make the playoffs...never been done before (1-15 to 11-5).
Last year our star QB, RB's & NT go down....we start two rookies on the corners and our LB play was suspect at best....and we still almost made the playoffs.
Come on, we all know this rebuilding was a three year project...have some faith!
If the trifecta blows this draft then we can start pointing fingers, but let them do their job and stop all the crying.

Lol bobbyd this is how u build a team? With no wide receivers and through the draft, a format we have never been good at? Please. Wake up.

Haynos--contract extended? Are you kidding me
Nalboner---5th round pick. Cut 2 times from Practice Squad
Sperry--- only let him play in one game?
White---- Could have drafted an OLB here
Turner----- Pathetic pick in RD 3
Wilford---- Help him transition into a TE for Jax...LMAO

The Tuna's Offensive Firepower

Inismounts, yea just like the Pats, Indy, NO, Pitt all built through the DRAFT, all the teams who win consistently...If u think that means you should go from 1-15 to SB Champs after just TWO drafts u need to watch a different sport

Lol pissed at this or not, the jets and pats are going to kill us next year. So unless we sweep the bills and Everyone else basically, we are screwed. And we are thinking of gving the jets jt? It's like a football nightmare, this season. If we don't draft Bryant or trade brown for spiller at twelve and two second round playmakers then we are screwed.

Trifecta Values Players properly???????

The Dolphins have tendered linebacker Quentin Moses at the original draft round tender. Moses is set to make $1,1 Million in 2010.

A Guy that has 15 career tackles and 2.5 sacks!!!!

They like throwing away money!!!!!!!

A thing we have never been good at??? So because Wandstadt, Saban and Cameron sukd at it that means Parcells suks at it??? Ur wakin n bakin with Santonio??

I hate the jets more then anyone. But atleast they are making moves to win and win now.

Jets and Pats are going to kill us this year!!!LMAO. Guess I might as well give away my season tix because the future is set...give me a break, the Redskins bought every player imagineable and they still stink

We'll draft a LB at #12...period.
We led both superbowl teams in the 2nd half last year and lost the both.
Dominated them on offense and lost it on defense.
We'll have a QB with a solid arm (remember penny last year went 0-3 before getting injured)
and our big guns in the wildcat (ronnie, ricky & patrick cobbs) will be healthy.
We will split both series with the Pats and Jets and sweep the Bills.

OK lets not freak out and put things in perspective - we have an easier schedule this year and the Defense can't be any worse than it was at giving up big plays.

So we won't be a worse team than last year but it does get frustrating when they don't make moves for obvious improvements.

On;y an A+ draft can make up for sleeping

How bout we get new uniforms! Lol


New unis would make us all smile - all white with a touch of silver to the teal & orange??

P.S. Give us a true #1 receiver, allowing Ginn to be a situational player and watch him score 8+ TDs!

True...if ginn had the pressure of being the #1 receiver off his shoulders he would perform better...the trifect seems to be eyeing Willams from Syracuse in the 3rd round at WR

I would much rather build through the draft and win for years then go for one win and stink for years...Parcells is doing the right thing, I could care less what the Jets or anyother team is doing, I'll leave that to you guys to cry about...I will continue to buy my season tickets, support what Parcells is doing and support my team, because in the end none of u whiners here have ever been GMs and ur opinions mean shyt

We were far from one WR away from making the playoffs last year. All the money spent on our defense the year before produced swiss cheese, because the d had so many holes it looked like Amy Winehouse's tracked-up arms. A rookie QB (which Henne essentially was) needs weapons to develop. It would be worse (I'm starting to think) upgrading the defense, and leaving Henne out there on an island to try and put the offense on his back by himself. By trying to do too much, Henne might lose his self-confidence. Let's shore up the defense, yes, but GIVE HENNE WEAPONS, don't take them away (RB) without having someone to step up in his place.

The Trifecta has done NOTHING....Pennington fell in our laps n Henning developed the Wildcat

Holmes suspended for first 4 games this season. Not that it matter because the Jets still got a steal for a damn 5th round pick!


Give it up with inimounts, he is hopeless

DC Dolfan,

Right on, lets use the Holmes trade scenerio - say we were the ones who traded for him using a 5th round. That gives us a guy coming off of a 1,200 yard 79 reception season. Instantly upgrades our offense which is already a decent offense also allowing to focus the first 4 rounds of the draft on defense.

Rd#1-Earl Thomas
Rd#2-best avail. OLB
Rd#3-best avail. NT or OLB
rd#4-best avail. OLB or NT
Rd#5-traded for Holmes

I have no doubt we will build one of the best young defenses in the league through the draft but lets get Henne a proven weapon which he needs to properly develop!!

Craig c = idiot... Trifecta has done nothing??? Chad Henne, Karlos Dansby, Vonte Davis, Sean Smith, Jake Long, Brian Hartline. Go back to bed cause it's too early to be this stupid

Everyone needs to slooooww down with the talk that the Jets are simply going to stroll in and pick up their Lombardi trophy next season. Granted, all this action at a time when the rest of league is quiet before the draft makes them look like real movers but, honestly, what have they really done but give away draft picks and spend cash on over the hill and overrated players? LT is DONE!, he was being spelled by Sproles last season and still showed he has no tread left on the tired. Cromartie fell out of favor so fast in San Diego and has been lit up the past 2 seasons, he's just a name. Even Braylon Edwards is nothing more than a bust that has received a second chance! This guy and Teddy Ginn must work out together, seeing as neither one of them likes to catch the ball! The only move here that looks good is Holmes for a 5th rounder, but he IS going to be suspended and he IS going to be a FA following this year. The only way the Holmes deal is a success is if they can lock him up long term, which is no guarantee.

Bottom line is RB never gave the fins a 1K season! So you all keep complaining, but the bottom line is he is not on the field enough. You all are all about personal liking, but there is much to football than personal liking.

I don't see why everyone is freaking out about Santanio Holmes... Honestly, I'm not worried about the Jets

Hey bobbyd so the pats and jets are gonna kill us huh?? Well in glad u decided 2 give up your season tickets because we don't want fake fans at our stadium anyway. Later Homer.








Im not worried about the Jets either.

The fins are their own worse enemies. They dont get beat, the lose solitos with there glaring holes

I will see after draft day if they have addressed the following
1) FS
2) OLB X 2
3) NT
4) TE
5) WR



Bobbyd12 was responding to an idiot that had said the Jets and Pats are going to kill the Dolphins...

We don't have a fifth. Would have had to give up a fourth.

I agree with trading ronnie brown, they should go ahead and get rid of chad henne, jake long, ted ginn (not that I care for him) and of course, just release jason taylor, these players are hurting us. Obviously the only ones who would believe this is sparano, ireland and tuna

We are 2 or 3 years away. Too many holes and too many misses in FA....

Enjoy an 8-8 and give some playing time to Culver and the Draft Reaches (White and Turner)

All you guys love to complain and whine, I'll remember that when we are in the playoffs in January

Bobby D, did not say anything negative about the dolphins, However he is bashing the people frustrated with Parcells anc Co. Bobby, no one here is a GM your correct, however that does not mean there are not SOME valid points. Zach should have already got the one day contract. JT should be a dolphin this year, he earned it with his play last year and is better than any of our other OLB's, including any we draft. Their arrogance to the public is ridiculous, considering all the SB winning teams management have not acted this arrogant! Oh, and did I say, yea I did, they won superbowls. Saints, Colts, Giants, Patsies, List goes on and on. All of these teams have treated good Vets properly, and have made GREAT off-season vet moves, that we passed on. So there can be frustration, and ill-comments toward this regime, and some WELL deserved!

Phinatic, try reading the prior posts before responding to me and looking like a complete ass like u just did...

Poizen, ok have u thought that maybe Zak will get his one day contract during the season and get a proper send off??? As far as the Pats go, they know when it's time to get rid of vets and build draft picks..they have 3 second rd picks because they don't hold on to declining players...yes, people have valid points but it's the whining and crying about the Jets did this or someone else did that that's so annoying...by the time Saban left we were destroyed, people think u can rebuild and be great overnight, I'm sorry but it's going to take awhile and can't all be done at once, if people don't have patience then they need to forget about the Fins for awhile because it's still going to take a bit, but I LOVE what Parcells is doing

The point here is people, like Jamillion stated, we have more needs than draft picks. I mean, yeah, you can luck out and get a starter in the later rounds, but those players are usually developmental guys. That means you have like 3-5 picks to draft starters. And, for all the needs on defense, and the Trifecta's past history of drafting defensive players first, then that leads many of us to believe the offense will suffer this year (like last). And with decent FA options (Boldin, Holmes, Marshall, etc.), what we're saying is we could have gotten our "PROVEN" WR (and I don't care what any of you think about any of those receivers, but you're lying if you say they haven't proven themselves in the NFL) before the draft, then used the draft for our holes on defense. That's all, I don't think that's such a wild and crazy or idiotic idea. I think that makes good football sense (in a pass-happy league).

Now, it can still happen (even after the draft), but this Dolphins fan, for one, is getting nervous. If the Trifecta is planning on fixing the defensive problems this year, riding with our offense (with maybe the loss of Brown) and then fixing that next year, that's a tenuous situation if you ask me. Again, I'll say it, the MOST important position on the field is QB. Without a decent QB, you're going nowhere. And we need to make sure Henne is comfortable and confident to continue to grow and help the team positively for years.

Playoffs? Yeah Buddy

Some people on here obviously don't realize that we don't have a 5th round pick in this year's draft. I'm not saying that our FO would be unwilling to give up a 5th but even if we were we don't have one to offer up. The Jets are set up to win NOW, but if they don't then all this will be for nothing because they will def be rebuilding sometime soon. They can keep giving away their draft picks for all I care, its not the way you win year in and year out.

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