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Is Ronnie Brown likely to get traded?

Adam Schefter, who covers the NFL nationally better than anyone, reminded everyone on this twitter posting Sunday that Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown has been available in trade for over a year and so the implication is don't be surprised if he is traded.

Frankly, I would be surprised if he's traded, but not for the reasons you think.

The truth is the trade availability with Brown has been an on-again, off-again thing dating back to 2008.

The Dolphins were willing to let Brown go for the right price prior to the 2008 regular-season when the player was recovering from reconstructive knee surgery. There simply wasn't much of a market for him. Even at the start of that season, Brown wasn't really Miami's best back which is one reason Ricky Williams started.

But then Brown improved and impressed. As he got healthy he became the biggest offensive playmaker on the team and so Miami suddenly wasn't very eager to get rid of him. He was, at that point, off the market.

The Dolphins took calls about Brown last offseason. But at that point, with Brown coming off a Pro Bowl season, the team wasn't going to give him away and no one wanted to pay a high price for Brown.

So RB continued to be a Dolphins RB.

But in 2009 Brown got hurt again -- this time suffering a Lisfranc injury in his right foot. The fact Brown continues to border on being injury-prone troubles the Dolphins. His DUI incident in March also is a concern despite the fact he's never had any other off-field issues.

The bottom line is Ronnie Brown is today available to any team willing to part with a high draft pick. The Dolphins would love for someone to offer a first-round pick for him. The fact the Dolphins have not to this moment given Brown a long-term deal should also give you a clue the team is treading very carefully on the Brown matter as a long-term answer.

But what is Brown's worth in trade? He's had a season-ending knee injury and a season-ending foot injury the past three years? What team is going to give up significant assets for a running back with that kind of history?

The Dolphins, meanwhile, aren't simply going to give Ronnie Brown away. Yes, he's probably available but Bill Parcells doesn't run a thrift shop. If someone wants a bargain, Miami isn't the place to get one.

The bottom line is Brown seems more valuable to the Dolphins than he is on the trade market. No one is likely to give up a first or even a second-round pick for Ronnie Brown. The Dolphins are not likely to think a third or fourth-round pick for Brown is good return.

So does he get traded? It's possible. But it's not probable.

Remember, it takes two teams to make a trade.

Oh, by the way, Brown has still not signed his restricted free agent tender. He cannot be traded until he does so. 

[BLOG NOTE: Speaking of trades, the Jets actually made one Sunday night for wide receiver Santonio Holmes. Come back here at 10:30 a.m. for a post on how that trade impacts the Dolphins. It will also give you a chance to weigh in on what you think of that trade relative to Miami's decision to stay clear.]


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Dont Worry DC Dolfan. We will run the ball 70% of the time. These jokers might pick the Guard at 12.

I say Draft Earl Thomas or Dez Bryant.

If you trade down, use the pick to trade for an NFL player.

Unload those 6th round picks to move up in RD 2 and get your WR or NT of choice.

"The We don't have a fifth RD pick to offer" is BS.

Could have given them 2 sixes or another combination.

Give them our 4th and 7th and get back a 5th.

They didn't even make a play for Holmes

Agreed Waterboy, and running 70% is what I'm worried about. We run that much and then wonder why our running backs can't get through a season (or why we can lose a game while controlling the ball 3/4 of the time). Also, running and the Wildcat don't exactly get the QB into the flow of the game.

And I'm upset we didn't at least inquire about Holmes too (unless they did privately). How is he a character issue? Because of this one problem (I don't remember hearing him in the news before this). Or Ronnie Brown. So now one DUI makes you Hitler? Is that the new rule in the Dolphins organization? This is getting crazy, these guys are here to play football (not start a glee club).

Bobby, I have thought about that. But the truth is, Zach should get that contract the day he asked. Not wait on someone elses time imo. I know the whining is annoying, and I agree, but so is the unconditional love people are giving Parcells and Co. I know you love what they have done, and I respect your opinion there. The thing is, we are far away, and some moves are good, some are wtf confusing. (Pat White heads that list). 2nd rd pick where we could have filled a big void. I don't know, I just don't feel that annoiting them the second coming of greatness as a management team is more valid than Whining and complaining about them.

5th rnd pick for holmes Thats all??? wow, we couldnt take a chance on that either huh?


Id prefer to Draft Dez than Trade for Marshall...
Marshall is 1 screw up from getting suspended.

love me some Zack Thomas, but please people who cares about signing him for one day to send him off the right way. im a Dolphin Fan who is concerned about building a winning team today and tomorrow, the future. there is a time for this Zack thing and IMO is not important!

Now is the Time to trade Ted Ginn to the Steelers..... Unload him please

OK, so I care about it. You can care about that and the future of the team... The point if you read older posts is the arrogance that this regime shows. Their arrogance can and has gotten in the way of some moves and hopefully not future moves.

while Zack gave everything he had, and was a throw back and loved...lets see what most important??? signing a retired player for one day so he can retire w/the team he played for or filling needs at NT, FS, OLB and not to mention WR. i dont mind that this arrogant regime is working on active players. i trust this regime.

Trading Ginn for a bag of kicking tee's? He has no trade value at this point. His upside is still more beneficial than his trade value.

So the Jets rented a wide receiver for 12 games. He is suspended for the first 4 games and is in the last year of his rook contract. Which means they can't afford to resign him. I'd rather see us trade number 1 for Marshall a proven WR, then go D the next three rounds where there is a lot of depth. The Jets have thrown the dice that they can win it all this season, we are building for the future.

Jersey, I get your point trust me. but your last post makes no sense. There is no thought into signing a one day contract and doing the honorable thing here. It also take no time or brain power away from focusing on the draft. There is no important comparison or consideration to take place. Parcells and co do not draft up the contract, and it does not mess with cap. It is a simple one and done and out of your hair type of thing. Then they can give our facility planning committe the time to figure out what game we retire the jersey and do a tribute. LOL Ok so, now I am getting carried away, however I will fly to Miami for that game in a heart beat.

Poizen, i feel ya on ya man love for Zack. and understand what your saying, doing the Zack thing is painless and easy. but w/draft next week, thats what im focused on and hopefully this regime as well.

but yes i agree, Zack should get the well do respect, but at the right time.

You mean we had a shot at Santonia Holmes, the guy who caught the winning pass in the Superbowl while we desperately need WR help and the Jets scooped him right up, meanwhile they are still trying to get JT...Well, for all those who say the Jets are mortaging their future because of all the FA's they've acquired over the past 3-4 yrs...Look what we did...Look what they did...

Dress it up any way you want, the main point is this...other teams are taking chances/risks whatever you want to call it...We are being way too conervative and I'm hoping that doesn't turn into another one of our classic seasons where we barely get a wild card and the loose that game horribly...or don't make the playoffs at all. While we sit back and see the friggin jets and others take chances that pay off more than not. Wake up guys...you can sugar coat it all you want..when was the last time we made it to the big show...or even when was our last AFC championship game that we played?? My question to you all...Does the tuna and co. still have what it takes to create super bowl teams in this ever changing, and much different NFL we have today. Rememer Jimmy Johnson was supposed to be able to create super bowl teams....the savior...well he didn't do much for us...he was worn out. Seems to me the big tuna is headed for an anyalst job soon along side of JJ. Agree...disagree?? Let's be honest here guys, no sugar coating

Hey Mando , I'm starting to get it.

How's this " I hate the Dolphins , they suck , suck, suck ! "

If the FO would only listen to you we could all be in " Dolphin heaven "

go dolphins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the jets are short stabbers

Bobby D, Jets have picked Lt, Greene, Edwards, Cromartie, Sanchez Holmes n probably Taylor within 12 months wake up.....

Trust me I want to beat all in our division twice this year...bottom line is...we need to make moves now. How many drafted rookies start?? A few..so all this stuff saying "wait for the draft" well sure I'll wait for the draft, and then I'll wait for these peole to come into their own and be able to start in 3 years when the big tuna is flopping around in retirement and we still have no playoff wins. It's been like this for years guys! Aren't you getting sick of this every year. And no...it's not because I'm not a patient person..I want to win! And from the looks of it...it's already looking like another one of those years where we get all excited and either we win the first five game and then miss the playoffs..or we have a mediocre season and just miss the playoffs because we had to depend on 7 different teams to win or loose so we can grab a crappy wild card spot. Be realistic here guys...it isn't about patience...it's about sound what the jets and others are doing to ge the job done for the fans...maybe this is why we are a part of some of the teams that have crappy stadium attendance so when Miami scores there are more boos from the opposing tema fans than we have home crowd fans in the seats. Wake up font office...u can try to sell me this same old story once again this year...but I'm not buying the hope as in yers past anymore...how abou "DO" instead of hope!!

I dont see anyone giving up a high draft pick for Ronnie Brown. HIs injuries through the years have been a concern and I dont see any team taking such a risk.


Looks like we're gonna finish in 3rd place again this year,The Parcells experiment has been a failure so far.the Jets have done more i one year than he has in three.

dolphins need a god damn reciever that is good..give up #12 and get marshal or try to work something out to get him..a safty is also a need

Hey bobbyd I can't read previous post if they are no longer available to read. So back da f*ck off my nuts byotch

Cnt wait for the draft.

I agree with this logic about why the Dolphins probably will keep Ronnie Brown this year. I'm also not worried about the Jets because we beat them twice last year and I do feel that by the time this year begins that Miami will field a team that has a better long term winning future than it does now.

I read so many complaints bout the trifecta it amazes me. Doesnt anyone remember how bad dumbsted drafted how he ran ricky into the ground. He wouldnt upgrade qback, the oline nothin. His drafts hve 2 b some of worst in history
Then dick saban started out on fire but you saw he ddnt care 2nd year he gave up 2nd round pick 4 a qb he ddnt even like. Drafted j allen 16th he cnt even start.not to mention that 3rd rnd receiver who cldnt catch a cold hagan.then there is ravens oc who gave wes welker to the pats and the 2nd round pick used on satalle he cldnt even start on the raiders.
Parcels and crew have made mistakes but his track record speaks volumes. This is only their 3rd draft we were 1-15 in07. Have some patience let them get more picks in here for all of you that thought this was a couple year fix get real . We were a bad football team we r a good team next yr we will b better. Teams dnt wnt to play us now cuz were so physical but you cnt get everything fixed over nite patience patience patience..

for those of you that are saying that the jets are not playing for the future please remember that they DRAFTED!!!! SANCHEZ REVIS MANGOLD HARRIS KELLER COTH D.BRICK GREENE these are all MAIN parts to there team!!!! What have we drafted?!????????????? So those of you that are sayin we are building this team the right way must be BLIND!!!!! Theyre building thru draft and FA!!!! soo give me a break with the calm down talk!!!!! Yeahhh we beat them twice last yr!!! WhhhhOOOO CARES LAST TIME I CHECKED THEY WERE IN THE AFC CHAMP GAME!!!!!

All this crying about Santonio Cheech Holmes.
Was he a good to great WR? Yes
Is or will he still be after his suspension??? Who knows.
But the elephant in the room is the fact that the Steelers let him go so easily.
The Squeelers aren't exactly over abundant with top WR talent right now.
Ward is old, Randle El is soo, Wallace, Sweed & Battle are still developing.

Something is up with Holmes and they knew it, so they easily washed their hands damn fast!

I'm not worried about Holmes or even Edwards dropsies at all.
Besides Sancheeze will have a Sophomore slump that could be worse than his rookie year, since all teams will have a season full of tape to target his tendencies.

I can see the desperate rb hungry chargers pulling the trigger for ronnie brown I can see norv giving up his 1st rd pick for ronnie he knows what ronnie can do I see parcells suckering the chargers.

dnt trade brown he 1 of the best

You draft Cj. Spiller at 12th overall. then the second round comes around and you draft Major Wright. And mike williams in the 3rd round. Meanwhile you do an outright trade to denver Ronnie for Brandon, you may have to throw in a 3rd rounder for next years draft. This can only happen however if Denver takes Dez Bryant 11th overall. Otherwise the trade will not happen

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