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Feed the stud, but which one more?

Offensive coordinator Dan Henning last season talked colorfully about FTS to a roomful of reporters and everyone, me included, had this blank look on their faces because, frankly, we didn't know if he was talking about some obscure formation or a new political party.

Then he explained FTS is Feed ... The ... Stud.

It is what a fine offensive coordinator like Henning tries to do. He tries to get the football in the hands of his best player or players as often as possible, repetition be damned.

When Henning was in Washington, the stud was John Riggins, when he was in Carolina the stud was running back Stephen Davis first, then it was receiver Steve Smith, then it receiver Mushin Muhammad or some combination thereof. When he was head coach in San Diego, Henning didn't have a stud so he got fired. (Not your fault, Dan.)

The question is who becomes the stud requiring feeding for the 2010 Miami Dolphins?

Suggestion: Brandon Marshall.

It seems logical that the NFL's newly minted highest paid wide receiver will be the focal point of the Dolphins offense. The dude has caught over 100 passes the last three seasons and, sounding good to me, let's hope he does it again in 2010.

But are the Dolphins willing to shift gears from an offense that is run-first to one that throws to Marshall first? How far is Henning going to be able to take FTS?

You might be surprised.

Last season the Dolphins snapped 1,088 offensive plays from scrimmage. They ran the ball 509 times. They passed 545 times. Yes, smart-alecks, I know that doesn't equal 1,088. Add the 34 sacks Miami gave up and you have 1,088 snaps. Sheesh

Anyway, this suggests the Dolphins were not exactly the run-run-run team everyone thinks. But I'm certain the fact they were behind in a good number of games and had to pass has something to do with this statistic. Despite the statistic, everyone knows Miami's studs on offense have been Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams and so it has come as no surprise, they have gotten the ball more than anyone else on offense.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins passing game hasn't had a great, consistent performer and so the passes have been spread around to a host of players. That has been spun as a good thing. No. The good thing is to have two or three great players who get the ball every week.

When you hear, "We're doing what the defense gives us," that is not signaling strength. That is weakness. Good offensive teams like Arizona, Minnesota, Indianapolis and others dictate to the defense rather than allow the defense to dictate.

Those teams get the ball to their Larry Fitzgeralds or Reggie Waynes or Adrian Petersons or whomever is their stud.

I assume the Dolphins will now be more able to dictate to the defense and successfully get the ball to Marshall 100-110 times for the season. Sure, the guy will have tough days. Everyone has tough days. I feel one coming on soon myself.

But if the idea is to FTS, then Marshall has to be at the forefront of the Miami gameplan, no?

How does that affect Brown and Williams? I imagine Miami will still be a run-oriented team in games they control and so the pair of running backs will also star in the game plan. But it makes sense that they are not taxed to the levels they have been the last two years. It definitely makes sense they don't figure as much in the passing game as checkdowns when the passes should be going downfield to Marshall.

It makes sense that if the Dolphins have added a stud wide receiver, well then, he should be fed.


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I can't wait!

Just can't wait for all the possibilites that Marshall opens up, can't wait for everyone to hear bout Bess whom I've always thought was great and now has the chance to be like welker

Good things are happening folks.

Feed the BEAST!!!!

Can't wait till Draft day!

Wow- I can't wait to beat those stinkin Jets with some wildcat and some Beast!...I'm so excited...Our offense was not bad before Ronnie got hurt...Now with the stud back, and the Beast in the mix, watch out! This offence will give headaches to ooposing teams...
I would also keep Ginn Jr and his family in the slot and watch him torch a few victoms...Godd times are heading his way! SWEET.

do not get rid of thigpen.... mark my words. tyler and marshall? are you kidding? silly. silly i say. i mean in a god forbid henne injury, penne will go down again, sorry. keep the gamer thigpen. it's him or stick boy white. i mean honestly, who's out there? i know, no one.

Looking foward to Marshall eating up Revis for a 140 yard, 2 td day....

Unless you want to put Cromartie in him....

Wait, Wasn't it on Cromartie that Marshall caught 18 passes on (tied for the second most in a nfl game)....

I still cant believe this trade happened, I didnt think in a million years Parcells would deal 2 2nd rounders for Marshall.

As for the running backs, there will be a ton of room for them to run this year. Ronnie Brown in space just runs over linebackers and defensive backs, and he'll be at that 2nd level of the defense a lot this year.

"Cromartie on him"

in him sounds kinda gay, (not that there is anything wrong with that for all you gay phin fans, just not my style).

Just got back from chuckey cheese with the kid. Drank a little to much...

Go phins...


I watched Chad Henne his first year at Michigan and every season since. The guy is tailor made for a team with power backs and a true go to guy.
This is going to be the best Offense the Dolphins have had since Marino hung up his cleats.

sounds great!!

But with the investment we've made in the OL I still think that Ronnie is the first weapon of choice. Marshall is the dagger.

odin's right, seen alot of henne up this way. where i didnt always like him the kid plays big in big ways and in big games.

Keep Ginn! He will be a great #2!

Cromartie already knows what Reevis will soon learn.
Everybody was talking about how Chad has to learn how to throw touch passes. Well....not anymore.
Henne's going to be rifling deep passes and Marshall's going to be loving it.

Mando stop force feeding me crow it's awful!

sounds great!!

But with the investment we've made in the OL I still think that Ronnie is the first weapon of choice. Marshall is the dagger.

Posted by: dolfanSF | April 15, 2010 at 12:49 AM

That's the beauty of it. Henne has done it over and over again at Michigan.
The only difference is now he'll pound the ball with Ronnie, pound the ball with Ricky.
The second the safties cheat up.....it' a wrap.

Ok all the tuna haters can now be quiet! We have a beast of a wr. Lets trade down and pick back up that 2nd rounder and then we are really cookn with fire. go miami

Brilliant analysis, dude. They'll pass the ball to the awesome receiver they just got. Glad you explained that to us.

very excited odinseye. Hopefully this guy doesn't disappoint. But then again I think we have a nice balanced offense attack, so no pressure on any one individual. The offense should be a force to reckon with.


Just when it looked like the game had passed the Tuna by......BAM!
Did we sign a Gerbil Wilson, an Eric Green, or a Ernest Wilford? NOPE! Some wanna be stop gaps Nope!
We signed and traded for the two best offensive and defensive playMAKERS on the market.
OH what a difference a day makes.

I admit I pissed and moaned for a second there but I will never doubt the Trifecta again. These guys know what they're doing.


Odin u been runnin ur mouf!


Just kiddin odin. U da man on here. True fan. Hey what do u think bout Jerry Jones badmouthun Tuna?

No worries dolfanSF.
I hadn't noticed before but it was pointed out on NFL Total Access today.
Marshall caught over 100 passes twice from Jay Cutler and a third time with Kyle Orton.

Believe you me Brother, Kyle Orton ain't got nothing on Chad Henne!

My womans been callin me to bed for an hour. Damn u Armando Salguero and ur iphone app! By the way change the year on ur app dude its 2010 already.

Wow, finally! Finally, we have a player the defense has to gameplan to slow down. You gotta love it. Now...let's grab a real TE somewhere in the draft.


I thought it was despicable! A good ole Texan Boy that can't hold his liquor what's the world coming too-LOL.

No seriously, I believe Jerry Jones is an old washed up Daniel Snyder.
He dummy stumbled into Jimmy Johnson and the Herschel Walker deal.
Other than that Jerry Jones is the one that ain't worth a S H I T !

Just my honest opinion.......

can you imagine if we had signed ryan clark as well?

the media would be all over the trifecta's nether regions then...but i still say its been a good offseason so far with the pick up of nolan as the sleeper move of the year.

i think fasano can be a great TE, i just think henne struggled with the touch passes and the seam routes (penny's favorite) and thats why tony did so much better the year before with chad p slinging it. we need to focus our picks on defense


Good point I agree.

I heard a Denver Post sports reporter on a Miami radio station say that If Nolan got's the tools, he gets the job done.

Clark or no Clark, the Jets are doomed. Henne and a good team effort beat them once. Then Ginn almost single handedly destroyed them.
Can you imagine what Marshall's going to do too them?

He said he only hired Parcells to get money for the stadium. People say what they really mean when their drunk and usually regret it the next day! What a dope.


i am big on nolan. i think defense was our undoing last year. we went blow for blow with a lot of good teams, but we gave up every lead and crumbled in the 4th qtr. now paul p is gone, so are a lot of D coaches, peezy, akin, gerbil, etc.

nolan had vonnie, renaldo, goodie and the rest of the denver crew looking solid for a lot of last year before the wheels came off. here's hoping he can turn it around here.

NJ PHIN FAN... wait, you AREN'T right all the time? Oh my GOODness. What have we here? The self-proclaimed, great, NJ PHIN FAN is WRONG about something Dolphins??? Oh my, how in good gracious could it be?! It doesn't fit their MOLD. It'll NEVER HAPPEN. We are IDIOTS. I am so tempted to go back through your last 500 posts and copy and paste your douchey-ness. Eat. Eat your crow. And your butt. Eat your huge, fat butt too. While you're at it, walk down the street and eat Rex's big ol' bottom for dessert. BOO YA BABABBABAAAAAAYYYY!!

Odinseye... my oh my. YOU impress me too!!! It is so so WONderful how you are so BRILLIANT, that you can figure out ways how to circumvent the rules for cursing on this blog. Clap, clap! Barns a blaze, I never thought I'd meet someone as CLEVER as you!


I agree people say what they really mean when their drunk........most of the time!
There is an exception to the rule.
For instance, when you finally find that woman of your dreams. You love her and you want her more than anything in the world.
The only problem is, she figures out you're not the man for her and she leaves YOU for the man of HER dreams.
The next thing you know you're an old lonely drunk that can't do nothing but bad mouth her and wish she never left.

Alas.....Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells.

Odinseye... my oh my. YOU impress me too!!! It is so so WONderful how you are so BRILLIANT, that you can figure out ways how to circumvent the rules for cursing on this blog. Clap, clap! Barns a blaze, I never thought I'd meet someone as CLEVER as you!

Posted by: Cavemanna | April 15, 2010 at 01:47 AM

LMFAO!!!! As I read your post I could hear it in the voice of Stewie Griffin.

Too Funny Cromagnonmanna!!!!

Wow I think u called it. Jones looked old and bitter. BP come back pretty please!

Brandon Marshall joining the phons have been the news I needed to hear. It really made my day. I am very interested to see what is going to happen in the draft now. I say we keep the first round and go for Earl Thomas. That guy would really clean up our defense. Then I would resign Taylor and have Wake on the other side. Design plays that have them doing what they do best and that's rush the passer. Karlos Dansby and Crowder in the center. Our 2 growing CB are going to be great! The only real thing we would need next is draft NT in the later rounds that can share time with solai. Til the monster of Jason gets back... I'm pretty excitied to see how this team is going to end up... Go Phins!!!

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*******Do Not Trade Ronnie Brown***********

I agree

a jests fan asked me about marshalls domestic abuse history and i told him that i do not condone hitting women and that i hope its behind him, but the real victim is rex ryan's wife because if having 500 sweaty lbs on top of you isnt abuse i dont know what is....

Swedish, hilarious. You, my friend, are the winner of 100 internets

thank you, i try


i totally agree.....why on earth would we trade ronnie? if he can just stay healthy he leads the league in awesome

My only guess would be that he wasn't brought in by parcells. He's outstanding when healthy, and really is the face of our franchise, save JT. My plan is to post it as much as possible, maybe it'll work

*******Do Not Trade Ronnie Brown***********

*******Do Not Trade Ronnie Brown***********

*******Do Not Trade Ronnie Brown***********

*******Do Not Trade Ronnie Brown***********

*******Do Not Trade Ronnie Brown***********

Your just not going to let up on my little auto repair shop are you.

It doesn't matter with me. If your roofs leaking, I'll patch it.
If you want to rob banks, I prefer to be the get away driver.
I've survived America's "finest" cesspools and LOVED every minute of it.
If I could turn water to wine, believe me brother, you and me would drink our way to heaven!!!!

Does anyone know how far we would have to trade down to get that 2nd rounder back?

******trade Ronnie Brown******

*******Do Not Trade Ronnie Brown***********


I said what I really mean and I'm really drunk!

As usual I'm going to regret it the next day!

I'm a DOPE!

******trade Ronnie Brown******

*******Do Not Trade Ronnie Brown***********

*******Do Not Trade Ronnie Brown***********

besides health, i just dont know what else you could want out of brown.....

and as for JT, you cant tell me you can justify giving gerbil 8 mil guaranteed and you cant come up with 3-4 mil to sign back JT and let him retire a fin. especially when we DONT have anyone else ready...wake, charlie, and hopefully a draft pick or two would do well with a little more JT around.

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