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Jason Taylor visiting with Jets today

Jason Taylor boarded a 7 a.m. plane to New York today. He is visiting the New York Jets as an unrestricted free agent, according to his agent Gary Wichard.

"I pushed him up there," Wichard just told me. "I twisted his arm. He loves the fans in Miami and he gave up $8 million last year to play in front of fans. I am the one to push him to go up there because I don't know what will be available to on April 23 or 25th or whatever."

According to Wichard, Ryan started calling, trying to get Taylor signed the same day they lost kicker Jay Feeley to Arizona in free agency. The Jets are a Final 4 team and can add unrestricted free agents when they lose unrestricted free agents.

"How do you say no to Rex Ryan? Wichard said. "You got to listen to him. I cannot explain to you how much Rex wants him up there."

Wichard said Taylor would probably not sign a contract while he's on the visit.

"He's going to hear, feel and touch the situation, and then we'll meet to decide what happens next," Wichard said.

Taylor's schedule is to be up in New York today and Thursday. He is traveling with his wife, Katina.


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Taylor needs to have a backup plan for himself, can't criticize him for that

If the Phins don't persue Taylor and let him sign with the stinken wets I will be pi$$ed. Especially given our situation at OLB.

Go to the JETS baby.....

Can I smell Smokescreen by JTs Camp????

Wow...What a travesty

Business is Business. I cant see JT beating Long or Carey one on one...

For once, can Bill Parcells be modest? How can u play the game w one of the oldest Phons vets? Whats that mean anymore, right? Intangible leadership and tradition, continuity and stability of the team? Ok.... So we'd rather have Cameron Wake out there, not quite the same passion, production, probably cause of his paltry paycheck. Ridiculous, Im throwing out the smelly tuna I was gonna have for lunch

No one should bash Taylor for this, this is still a business. This is how he makes a living.

Furthermore, all the Phins had to do was make Taylor (7 sacks, 3 FF, and an Int last year) a decent offer to be a 3rd down pass rusher and we wouldnt be having this conversation.

So please, no Taylor bashing, he doesnt deserve it.

WTF???????!!!!!!!! If he signs with the HATED Jets I will loose all respect for him. He is one of my favorite dolphins of all time. This better be bs. Any team other than the jets.

This sucks....

Lol Waterboy, same thoughts, let's put pressure on Fins by visiting Jets...hope the Fins don't bend on this one...do what's best for the Dolphins not Taylor

Brian Cox revisited.

See ya later traitor. Last time u went to a "contender" we won the division.

I dont agree with bashing Taylor. He allready gave us a hometown discount in 2009.

The Trifucta might be forced to make splashy pick at 12.

The honeymoon is over Trifucta... Wake up and smell the Emotional Fan Tirade...

The "JT curse" might be lifted!!! When he wasnt in the fins uni (the last 5 years), we won the crown! LMAO

Run JT Run

I doubt he could even get on the field with that team. The only reason Whynin wants JT is a personal jab at Miami... It would actually be beneficial to Miami for JT to play in NY. Run the ball right at him and watch the yards tally up. If JT goes to the Jets he will have destroyed his entire career with the Dolphins with one decision. Whatever... as I said in another blog... JT is not the future of the Dolphins.

Never blame anyone who tries to make a living.THIS IS ON THE TUNA.The man is trying to make a living just like the rest of us.

If Jason taylor plays for the Jets then he should move from miami and take his family with him.

This is the Tuna's fault. The guy outplayed his contract by far. He had good but not great stats playing a new position last year. Just sign the guy already. Its an uncapped year.

Taylor has waited long enough, he publicaly said that he wants to play football one or two more years and that he wants to retire a Dolphin. Meanwhile the team has been indifferent with him, what else would you expect??? This one is on Sparano all the way! Taylor was one of three defensive difference makers on the team last yeat, he deserves more than that.

JT a JET possibly? Say it ain't so JT I most definitely will lose all respect for him. He will no longer be considered a Dolphin to me if he signs with the weak sauce jets. Go anywhere but there why tarnish your legacy. This man said he hates the jets I am going to believe this is a smokescreen to apply pressure to the Fins to get him signed already.

Anybody who blames Parcells is an IDIOT...Taylors agent said on QAM this morning that Parcells has been nothing but great to Taylor and has been upfront with him about the Fins are going to do what's best for the team...

I've lost all respect for him, when he cried his way out of miami the first time. I could care less if he becomes a jet better for us we get the young guys to play more. Jt was a great dolphin but i hope he and fireman ed get together and live happily ever after we swipe them again this year


Why wouldn't JT want to be on the Jets? Did we go to the Playoffs last year? Did we have the #1 defense in the league? Did we go to the AFC Championship game? The guy has already established himself as a Dolphins legend, nothing can change that. If this regime doesn't want him, obviously another one might. And look, for as much as I hate Rex Ryan, fact is the guy is the best defensive mind in the league right now, hands down. Regardless if he goes or not, we still beat NY twice this year like we did last year, so nothing will change on that front!

In Tuna we Trust... LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grab your torches and head to Davie!

1. How funny is it that people come on Mandos blog and talk sh^t about him and say he is awful. But yet these people are on HIS blog... irony at its best.
2. I do not care where Taylor ends up. He is doing this to get the dolphins attention. Its like when you are trying to get a girls attention and you go and flirt with other girls in front of them... I think taylor is too old and not worth the headache.. IMO he makes the jets worse so good for him.

I dont want JT back either. Even before this Jets nonsense

i will throw up on my computer right now.. i'll do it.. i swear i will..

Roth, Porter, Ayodele, JT: And NOTHING in return.
Great job guys! Outstanding!

And the way you pulled Henne in all of those goal line situations to keep his TD's down and screwhim out of a production bonus: Outstanding! Sanchez got a $3million raise to $6million, Henne gets $675,000.

Well at least you were astute enough to keep Wake, Anderson & ClemmonsCulver because they are al starters now.

JT to help GHOLSTON to turn into an ALL Pro, says Wake is too good and he can never start on the Fins

Clarification: Henne did not get a $675,000 bonus Henne got no bonus.
Henne's salary is $675,000.

What is wrong with Bill. He will end up with NE or the Jets and I hope he kicks the $hit out of us. Why can't Bill suck it up and sign the guy. He has been a great person and team leader and he still has some in the tank. Get the guy signed already.

JT can only be offered 1.5 million by the Jets..

So its not about mo money, its about, love, trust and such strong feelings that the Trifucta has denied him this off season.

Rex Ryan will always be fat and stupid in my eyes!

Go Dolphins!!!

Ask Bill Ruger,

That is exactly what I thought when I read this article. They would get a great veteran in Taylor but this is clearly an intentional stab by Ryan to the Miami organization and fans.

That's like Marino signing with the Bills in the late 90s!


What the heck is wrong with this management team!??

Sign JT back and let him rightfuly retire a Dolphin!

We need more OLB in this Defense any way. We only have 3 right now (Wake - which is more of a DE, Anderson and Moses) Why the heck not sign JT!!!?????? Makes no sense at all, there's no need to play the "wait and see" game. Sign the guy!!!!!

JT wants to spend his final season with a team that has a chance to win it all.

JT that is sacralige.... The jets how could u I have lost respect for that man for even flying to meet with that jackass Ryan. JT u were one of my all time fav dolphins don't do me wrong. If the dolphins don't want u don't rub it in the fans face by playin for jets or pats... Please

jests are desperate as usual. Last year was a fluke and wont happen for another 40 years. Sanchise will be a bust, mark my words. The hapless jets are a hopeless franchise that's wasting money on old players. They suck.

If Twinkle toes signs with them he's done here. Move your kids with ya too.

If JT signs with the Jets, I will burn every JT jersey I have and boo him every game!!! That's bs!!! Anywhere but the jets and pats. The dolphins need to man up and sign him now!

NOOOOOOOO!!!! Tuna you better sign JT or I will hate you if you let him become a jet....

Who else on this team can provide veteran leadership? get the crowd fired up? and be productive....non other than JT

Sign him, sign him, sign him!

I'd be really surprised if Taylor signed with the Jets.That would be the equivelent of Favre signing with the Vikings.

He won't sign. He will be back. Otherwise I will need some new jerseys. I really don't want to have to burn all of my #99s.

this ones on sparano who spoke of JT in the past tense. he enjoyed having him on the team. he didn't say he is wanted or needed or that he hopes he stays. no respect.

Due to no salary cap this season we should make jt a legit offer. Don't want to lose him to jets!

Print the 99 Jersey to say: Cam Thomas

What can the man do,... he'll allways be a Dolphin

This regime is very selfish,...
They should have allready signed JT & they should have allready signed Zach Thomas so he could retire a Dolphin.

If they don't produce a winning season, it's our job to ride the tri-fecta out-of-town. Respect the fans. Respect the traditions. Remember the marketing scheme "Respect". Ireland should try respecting one of our best defensive players of all time!

I love JT and am a die hard fan, but he would be a fool to not sign with the jets.

The guy wants to win a Championship, who can blame him? And who is closer?

Sadly, its the logical choice.

Taylors stats are a product of alot of him being in the right spot not him creating the play. WE NEED PLAYMAKERS.

Last time Taylor's diaper was full he was sent to Washington to have it changed. Now, it's the Jets. Quit being a pacifier for this guy.

The wets aren't winning anything... get REAL PEOPLE! Backing into the playoffs as the %5th seed and beating 2 chokers was a fluke. Won't happen again... some of you drink too much kool aid

Let him go...really who cares...

I would hate to see JT as one of the Jest but whatever. It's a business. Gave up 8 mil last year? Would JT really have gotten a 9 mil contract last year to play somewhere else? Child please.

I have jason taylor Football, Jersey, and mini helment for sale if he goes to the jets..You no its funny that miami dosent pay a reciever but we would even concider hiring jt back for 8 million..

Whether or not he signs with them just talking to them his horrid, if he loves the dolphins as much as we do he wouldnt do it, i would rather play for the taliban than them

Something IMPORTANT...Dolphins bringing in Earl Thomas for a second visit

The Dolphind sign Fergi a much needed NT for half a frigging season! But when it comes to the leader and face of the team they lead him on! This kills me. They sign a 4th QB with a repaired shoulder in Penni and they treat JT like he is some scrub? I know Taylor is old and not the future but he would make a perfect role player and role model for a young team. 2 mil a year will get it done so just F-ing do it already!

And the the hits keep on coming. Just f@cking amazing.


Fergie is "their" player
Penne is "their" player

The Trifucta, likes to clean house and only care for guys they drafted or brought in..
Look at Reggie Torbor's ridiculous salary.

This regime has many questions to answer after draft day.
1) NT: signing a guy for 8 games (They wont have to pay him for the 8 games he doesn't play. Who will rotate with Solai?

2) Incognito Hot Head vs Smiley trade

3) Safety: Gave Wilson 8 Mill and still have no starter

4) 4 Qbs: Pat White for a 2nd pick, who is getting traded out of White, Penne, Pigpen?

5) OLB : JT out, Porter Out, Roth Out... Who have you brought in ?

6) Chunk Yard Player: A polished turd is still a turd... Who did you get

The honeymoon is over... Either Win the Division or bust.

I wish JT well, whatever the outcome. If he plays for a division foe, so be it. We have the power to affect the outcome of his final decision, and can we blame him for trying to parlay that into something decent for him & his family? He did us proud, and fans have strong feelings, but I think the Free Agency system promotes such scenarios. Would you really do something different?

yeah think this is a similar thing to the Ryan Clark situation. The agent putting pressure on the Dolphins to get a deal sorted. Except this is the Wets and that is a bit of a ow blow. Sounded like is was much more to do with his agent than Taylor's deal though.

@Mark in England - Do the Taliban play american football now? That would be kinda ironic dontcha think

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