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Jason Taylor visiting with Jets today

Jason Taylor boarded a 7 a.m. plane to New York today. He is visiting the New York Jets as an unrestricted free agent, according to his agent Gary Wichard.

"I pushed him up there," Wichard just told me. "I twisted his arm. He loves the fans in Miami and he gave up $8 million last year to play in front of fans. I am the one to push him to go up there because I don't know what will be available to on April 23 or 25th or whatever."

According to Wichard, Ryan started calling, trying to get Taylor signed the same day they lost kicker Jay Feeley to Arizona in free agency. The Jets are a Final 4 team and can add unrestricted free agents when they lose unrestricted free agents.

"How do you say no to Rex Ryan? Wichard said. "You got to listen to him. I cannot explain to you how much Rex wants him up there."

Wichard said Taylor would probably not sign a contract while he's on the visit.

"He's going to hear, feel and touch the situation, and then we'll meet to decide what happens next," Wichard said.

Taylor's schedule is to be up in New York today and Thursday. He is traveling with his wife, Katina.


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*low blow

This is the ultimate "flip the bird" by SexyRex Ryan

No one should blame Taylor for doing this. It is genius on his part. Parcells won't get off his azzz to sign him so JT is putting the threat out there. His next visit should be with New England, that's what I would do if I were JT. Then maybe Parcells will do what they should have done already, sign him to a 1 yr deal. This regime cannot afford a PR f**up like this if he goes to NY or NE.

No!!!!!!!!! We need jt wether we pick up a line backer or not he has a lot to offer and we cannot afford for him to go to the jets...

The article did read that his agent had to twist his arm to go up there and listen what had to be said. It sounds like his agent is the one pulling the strings this right after mando's last post the the phins reach out to JT. I just hope this is just a smokescreen. Sounds like one. I would like to think Taylor would retire before going down this road again. But if I was a betting man I would say JT will be here next year at a reduced role.

The Jets are already better than we are and this will make them another notch better plus add to their immense arrogance and obnoxiousness for stealing one of the guys who has been a face of our franchise. Rex Ryan is a douche but this is a great move on his part to try and embarrass Parcells.

Give him a 1 year contract with a slight raise over last year, maybe a 2 year and if he doesn't perform this year cut him before next season. JT is just making business decisions and so should the Fins. Thankfully Football is the only sport that you can get out of contracts for underperforming players so it isn't like you would be stuck with him if the bottom suddenly falls out. Just don't go with a huge signing bonus.

Face facts - Parcells could care less about the fans or the organization. All he wants is a fat paycheck and a place to play golf. I for one am glade to see Jason exploring other venues. Even though I despise the Jets- you have to admit they have a better team and management is willing to do whatever it takes to win, unlike the management and ownership of the Dolphins. Jason should do what's best for him and his family. After all, he gave his heart and soul and a bunch of cash to the Dolphins in order to stay here and basically, Parcells and company said F*** off.

The one good thing that might come from this, is, if Jason signs with another team, we might actually find out how much of what Potter was saying is true. Evidently, at least from what I heard, the players really don't care much for the coaching staff or management. Rumors I know, but where there's smoke there's fire.

JT bleeds orange and aqua green, and has been one of the respected Dolphins of all time. BUT the NFL is a business and if the Dolphins won't pay him, shoot I'd go look for someone that will if I was him. Yeah it would disgust me to see him in Stinking Green and would hate him when we play him, but he's human and has a family of his own too like every other American in this F'd up economy. So it he goes to the Jets that's fine, I'd be disappointed more in the Trifecta in letting him go as fan favorite, but this is a business. After his career is over I'd still would want him to retire a Dolphin. We have to give him that respect if the Dolphins don't want to employ him.

very good news finally on taylor. only thing this means is taylor will resign with fins very soon. he will get 1 mill and turn down the 3 mill jets offered him

JT Pleeeeeeease don't be a F*CKING HYPOCRITE!!!!!! We Dolphins fans respect you, so please don't do it!!!! There are 29 other teams to concider if not Miami. Not the hated jets or pats!!! I really don't want to burn my #99 jersey, BUT I WILL!!!!

Knowing Ryan and the F-ing Jets they would sign JT and then trade him somewhere like Oakland just to mess with the Fans and the Franchise. Oh god please no!

hey yo trifecta sucks big time how the frick you dont resing JASON TAYLOR he is more productive than the rests of the LB or DE we have on our roster right now,ill be damem if he sing wiht the jets or patriots,this sucks.

JT is too good in the locker room and as mentor to let go. He also comes at great price. Not to mention his commitment to the team.

Gone are the days of player, and team loyalty. Taylor has already once choosen to jump ship, know he is possibly ready to walk the plank.

We are in dire need of an upgrade in terms of production as far as the olb position is concerned. 33 tackles and 7 sacks is decent. What is alarming, we rank near the bottom of Qb. hurries(teams that run the 3-4 only. Dal, Pitt. top 2) In this scheme, we need to have a stud pass rusher. I don't think the trifecta feels Taylor can be that guy anymore.

Whatever, he will be back or he won't. We have never won anything with him. He is a great player but why were the Phins 11-5 and won the division without him? It doesn't make sense. He is getting up there in age but I do see one or 2 more productive seasons out of him. If he goes, he goes if he doesn't great.

guess that conversation with the head office did not go over so well, what are they thinking?

The Jets...comon, man!

TRIFECTA. KISS MY XXX SIGN TAYLOR HE IS CLASS AND A PERFECT LEADER. ENOUGH ALREADY WITH YOUR STUBBORNESS! You didn't let Zach tetire a fin! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If he signs with the Jets today, Zach Thomas should run over him with a truck.

are u guys all idiots? no chance he signs with jets. he did this last year when brady was wanting him to sign with new england. in the end he will sign a one year 1 million deal with incentives to stay here

What a bunch of whiners, let it go. JT is past his prime he needs to make a financial decision. If he does well up there, fine. Can he be replaced yes! I like the guy, but life goes on. If you guys think no one else on this team can provide leadership then you don't know football. Not to mention his leadership die what for out defense last year? Good luck JT in whatever you do. Fin fans time to grow up and move on.

What's up fellas? No one can be mad at Taylor for this. If he still wants to play he has every right to do so. Miami looks like they are waiting to see who they can get in the draft before they resign him. What if Miami takes Sergio Kindle or Jason Pierre Paul in round 1 where does that leave Taylor? Probably he will be an after thought. If Miami goes Earl Thomas or Dez Bryant round 1 and round 2 the guy they want isn't there then Taylor would get a call. He can't keep waiting on Miami. Sometimes people have to move on if they don't feel wanted.

1-15 WITH Taylor...11-5 Division Champs WITHOUT Taylor...7-9 WITH Taylor. Look, JT has had a wonderful career and I admire the guy but anyone who thinks he has been essential to the W/L bottom line the past few years just isn't paying attention.

1-15 with camoron, 11-5 with an easy schedule, 7-9 with a hard schedule hennes first year and two rookie corners starting. This is a TEAM sport not golf.

Sorry to say, it's becoming more and more obvious that Taylor will not be back with Miami next year. I would hate to see Taylor in the Jets' uniform, but it is strictly business. He wants to play, and still can (for at least one more year). The Tuna will draft a linebacker in the first round.

The love for Taylor has us blind. The reality is Taylor is "too many people". He bleeds aqua and orange but Bp is looking at all options before signing him.last yr they did the sme thing. This yr doesn't look good. IMO, I think BP is calling his Bluff and still will wait till after Draft. IF JT signs w/ jets, get ready cuz it's for Revenge!!! I love JT but if he's a Jet. There's a thin line between love and hate.

If they allow Jason to go to the Jets, it will be a slap in the face to all Dolphins fans.

Sign Taylor, then bring Zach back for a day and let him retire where he belongs.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Are Bill Parcells and the Dolphins going through a mid life crisis ?

All these years with the Dolphins as a good faithful provider and now JT's not good enough anymore.

Now the Dolphins are flying in all these young kids in to prance around with thoughts of how to mold these young men to do nasty dirty things they now desire.

If I was JT I would fly to New York and have a few drinks and have my ego stroked too.

Will Bill Parcells come to his sense's and tell JT to come home.

Will JT be able to get over the Dolphins looking at younger men ?

Soiled :)

I hate to say it guys but if JT leaves this opens the door wide open to draft Darryl Sharpton.

Go 'canes!

This all looks like a Bluff from taylors part. But Rex would LOVE to have him as a tool to Hurt us where it hurts most.( in the heart) Rex hates everything about the Fins organization and Fans, and more.

If he signs with the Jets, we can call him Benedict Arnold, anyways, im tired of hearing about the Jets, lets face it, they stink, they shouldnt have made the playoffs (compliments of Painter, indy's backup). They keep talking trash soon after we beat them twice, burnt compliments of TED GINN JR. come on, Jets will not make the playoffs this year no doubt.

Don't blame JT, Miami hasn't offered him a job yet. That's one way to get their attention. PAY THE MAN!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

More thoughts about Jason Taylor

I expect JT to start drinking heavily as soon as he lands in N.Y.

With Rex Ryan filling his glass with hard liquor JT signs a two year deal with the Jets.

Realizing what he has done and how he was treated in Miami JT begins to drink even more.

I expect JT will be out of the NFL with in a year and will ultimatly hit rock bottom when we see him on Dancing with the stars.

Sad ending to a good career.

Soiled :)

If it happened to Joe Montana, Joe Namith, Thurmond Thomas, Emmitt Smith,,,it can happen to JT. No hard feelings. A man has to do what a man has to do. Those who don't wish him well,,,what would you do if 2 or 3 million were placed in your lap? I hate to see him go, but if Tuna doesn't want him, he has to do what he can to earn those last few dollars.

Anyone hating on Jason is wrong. Yes, it will be terrible if he plays for those stinken' Jets, but it's a business. Don't blame Jason Taylor. Blame the Fins for not signing him asap.

His leadership alone is worth the pocket change he wants to stay with the team he loves! Quit the stubborness tuna! BRING BACK JT!!!

Don't go j.t.!!!! Especially not to the stinkin' jets!!!!!!!

Do you see what you have done, Armando? Is it any wonder I hate the cheap sensationalism of you media types? You have these guys out on the ledge over a stupid rumor of a lunch. They're all saying things they don't mean out of sheer panic. Next time, wait till the deal is done and either break the big story or scoff at it's absurdity in hindsight.
... Or is the scoop more important to you than the Dolphins well being (that is a rhetorical question).

The Newark Star-Ledger reports that the Jets are fully expected to sign free agent Jason Taylor during his Wednesday visit.
"I’d be completely shocked if he left without signing," one source said. "Rex (Ryan) likes those tall, lanky, off-the-edge kind of guys that can wreak havoc." The move would likely threaten Bryan Thomas' spot on the depth chart, and obviously move down Vernon Gholston. Taylor wanted to return to the Dolphins, but GM Jeff Ireland's team is moving on without him.

i love jt for everything he has done for us, n the dolphins dont need to treat 1 of the greatest players like there doing, this man out played every body in our lb corp n did it getting paid like a no body, JT wont to win and wont a ring n the jet was a game away from the super bowl last year. I hope JT dont go to the jet but it is what it is, u can balme only 1 thing, this front office, they dont make the best moves for the team cuz we as dolphin fins said for 3 years now we need a wr, and as soon as 1 come free n we can sign him/them the front office turn there head acting like we have the best wr out...GOO JT ....n screw this front office

Now is not the time to cross over to that dark side, the fans will never forgive him. It makes my stomach I'll just thinking about it, hopefully he takes a page from long time friend Dan Marino when it comes to how to finish a career. Maybe it would be different if it were the Colts or Saints, but Miami beat the Jets twice last year, it's not like it's an upgrade.

If JT goes to the JETS or anyone else, I will lose a lot of respect and faith in the Trifecta. Think about it, with all the terrible, high priced free agents they have signed and whom have bombed out (Wilson, Wilford, Green, etc), they let JT get away? Or, how about Jason the cheater they just signed? This is sickening!! Hey Bill, Jeff, and Tony get off your fat butts, quit screwing around, and sign JT who has done nothing but given his all for the Dolphins organization. He is the kind of free agent you should sign. By the way, Mr. Ross maybe it is time for you to intervene in football operations and stop this nonsense. You will lose fan support on this one.

You gotta first give Rex Ryan credit. He coaches by using psychological warfare. How intent would our coaching staff be, come game time, to stop Taylor from sacking Henne? How much will this attempt by Ryan get in the head of Sparano and Parcells? On the other hand, Ryan is a jerk and I think likes rubbing his opponents nose into the ground. If Ryan gets J.T., this would make the Dolphin management look weak and inept. This would ratchet up the hatred of the Jets to new levels and make the rivalry stronger than ever. I still hate seeing Wes Welker with the Patriots, I can't imagine seeing J.T. with the Jets. It seems like a tactic by J.T. to make some money and get a contract, can't blame him there, I just hope it doesn't back fire. I for one will not be upset with Taylor who has demonstrated his loyalty to the Dolphins...but I will blame management. J.T. is a future hall of famer, and a Dolphin icon, the last of the Marino era. Please Dolphin Management, have some decency, some respect and some common sense.

Betcha they dont sign him.
Betcha the skins trade Haynesworth (who they found out can only play every other down - sucking air between plays cuz he's outta shape and Shanahan HATES that. Skins have NO speed at RB and that wont do - they also need Ol help so my guess is the Jets give up RB Washington or an OL for Haynesworth, who Ryan would coddle.

Mandito, if your able to restore communications between the fins FO and JTs camp?

Can you pretty please have them take Earl Thomas.

LMAO... cant believe it!!!

You Pacells haters are freakin pathetic, go become jet fans you fat turds !

NY is JT's stepping stone to Hollywood. 1 yr deal. eventually NY will implode with all the free agents , ryans ego and the microscope of the media there. Ryan = walking heart attack too. Once they start losing it will be like a runaway freight train. Cue the music. Can't wait.


QB: Henne
Pennington (best backup in the league; valuable insurance)
White (keep working on his throwing stricktly wildcat plays 1 to 4 snaps per game)
Thigpen (trade for 5th round)

RB (deepest group on the team, maybe in league):
Ronnie Brown
Ricky Williams
Patrick Cobbs
Lex Hilliard

Polite (most under-rated, pro bowl caliber)

5th Round rookie

T.O./Dez Bryant/Coles/Holt (in that order)
Camarillo - #2, 55% of snaps
Bess - slot
Hartline - #2 30% of snaps
Ginn - situational plug in.

6th round rookie


2nd rnd rookie - Cody

Torber (pay cut)
3rd rnd rookie
4th rnd rookie

W. Allen
J. Allen
Free Agent
6th rnd rookie


1st rnd rookie - Earl Thomas/Sharper/OJ Atogwe (in that order)

K - Carpenter
P - Fields
KR - Ginn

This is the most logical and "cost effective" way to build without losing a step and being competetive this season.

He's going to sign, fake an injury 1 hour before the first game and retire....

they, meaning the media, are killing the Jets up here for going after "old" players

I think we dont draft a WR. Hartline is the best WR of the Group. Give him more reps.

Draft a pass catching TE in the second rd.

I dont want JT back.

NT Rotation is 1 Fatso: Solai and 1 Strong one: Cam Thomas, Dan Williams, Ferguson. I dont think they go with Dough Boy Cody.

I agree on the rest.

Hello... when did he become Reggie White suddenly? His best days are gone, unlike his agents opinion of him.
Good teams (Pitt, Philly, NE) move on and even trade players just b4 they start sucking.

Thats how you get better and you stay better and out of the morrass of mediocrity that is the middle of the pack.

Get over it losers. Anyway maybe you can buy his autographed sweaty tutu on ebay.

Truth is in his heyday we never won jack%^$^ w/ him or Zack. Both always wore down in the 4th qtr.

jt can still play at a high enough level to have value. the team should stop jerkin around and sign him. but if they don't you can't blame him for getting the best deal he can. wherever that is


I think we dont draft a WR either but we should at least bring in Coles or someone that provides an upgrade from last year.

I def. say give Hartline more reps, he will continue to shine.

I like the idea of a receiving TE in the second round but if not bringing JT back and a TE in the 2nd round, where do you find a solid pass rushing outside LB to start and even backup?

I know that Dan Williams would fit well but I just hate the idea of drafting a NT in the 1st round.

I think Earl Thomas or Eric Berry, one will be avaiable offering the best value at #12

JT is free to do as he pleases. His departure to the Jets, doubt that happens anyway, will allow Sparano & Tuna to see just how bad the younger guys are. Moses, Anderson? Wake better be a better all around player, he is going to be 29! How many more years of developments can we afford? Time to STOP drafting & signing project players who amount to nothing. We NEED guys who can contribute now.

Taylor won't make the Jets D better, but losing him would make us worse. Maybe that's Fat Rex's motivation. He's obviously on the down swing but has value to us. If JT signed with Miami, he'd be penciled in as a starter barring 2 OLB'ers coming into the picture.

With that said, we need 2 OLB'ers, a NT, a FS, a WR, a RB & TE. Sadly, this will not happen in a year. Expect another .500ish season. If we can land 1 OLB, FS & NT that can start next year in this draft, MAYBE next year we can compete.

As far as the draft goes, look at it this way. With so many holes, we can draft just about ANYONE and be happy. Thomas, Williams, Spiller, Bryant, any OLB'er, Mcclain...


JT = JET = :(
Regardless if there is nothing in the tank, JT should be a Fin or be Finished.
Hate to see him strengthen that dispicable team...sad day (albeit reality) if this transpires -
Thank God Zach didn't play there


I would say package a player (PigPen, Smiley etc) and a later pick to move into the second rd and get a pass rusher.

I think Anderson, Wake could fill in on side and Rookie on the other

It has to be Berry or Thomas in Rd 1.
NT in the 3rd.

Taylor would look terrible in Green... But if he does go, its TOTALLY the trifecta's fault. they have disrespected him, just short of insulting him by not reaching out to him earlier. As much as I hate the Idea, I cant blame Taylor for having a plan B. I dont hink he will sign with them, I think he will re-sign with us, however, if he does, its TOTALLY on the Trifecta !

Not resigning JT is a douchebag move. You dont get rid of a player until u have someone who is better! Quentin Moses, Charlie Anderson, Cam Wake are better?? I dont think so.

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