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Jason Taylor visiting with Jets today

Jason Taylor boarded a 7 a.m. plane to New York today. He is visiting the New York Jets as an unrestricted free agent, according to his agent Gary Wichard.

"I pushed him up there," Wichard just told me. "I twisted his arm. He loves the fans in Miami and he gave up $8 million last year to play in front of fans. I am the one to push him to go up there because I don't know what will be available to on April 23 or 25th or whatever."

According to Wichard, Ryan started calling, trying to get Taylor signed the same day they lost kicker Jay Feeley to Arizona in free agency. The Jets are a Final 4 team and can add unrestricted free agents when they lose unrestricted free agents.

"How do you say no to Rex Ryan? Wichard said. "You got to listen to him. I cannot explain to you how much Rex wants him up there."

Wichard said Taylor would probably not sign a contract while he's on the visit.

"He's going to hear, feel and touch the situation, and then we'll meet to decide what happens next," Wichard said.

Taylor's schedule is to be up in New York today and Thursday. He is traveling with his wife, Katina.


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I don't think this one is a smokescreen.
HINT: Look at the timing of these events.

Last year Taylor was content to wait it out, then signed for pennies.
This year Taylor was apparently content to wait it out. Taylor had no visits while other FA's looking for leverage or a new team were out and about the day free agency began.
As the local media zero's in on the issue, Taylor finally recieves a much anticipated call from the brass.
Suddenly Taylor's on a plane to NY.
Sporano's call couldn't have been a good or comforting call. Think about it. If Tony had anything good or reassuring to say, do you think JT's next move is to suddenly go visiting with our arch rival?
Taylor figures this is the second time Team Trifecta has stuck it to him.

Hell, even a RAT will turn around and bite you if you chase him into a corner.

Quentin Moses was signed for over a million a year. JT can be had for 1.5 million. Penne got close to 3 mill to ride the pine. Lets not forget Patrick White was selected in the 2nd round.

Money is not the issue. Its about showing who is boss....

The Tuna Strikes again


Thats not a bad idea if it can be pulled off, I would say even draft another OLB in the 4th (the double pick the trifecta likes to pull).

Berry or Earl Thomas in round 1 and I'm a happy 1st day draft Dolfan.

You know, you and I should be running the show. We would even bring T.O. in to offer the spark the offense is missing.

Any good free agent receiving TEs out there or is the draft the best way to find one?
If its the draft, round 1-4 will be defensive so is there any valuable receiving TEs in the later rounds?

You So. Florida idiots are so gullible.
Ha Ha Ha Ha

Your team made Dansby the highest paid LB to plug the middle, big deal.

We don't run the the middle anymore, we let Thomas go. We run outside now with Green and LT.

And I'm taking a receiver first so good luck covering the outside and Edwards & Cotchery & My First Pick & the flat on EVERY SINGLE PLAY.

Well we better draft Dez Bryant I don't care if JT is gone or not. Only other pick I can live with at 12 is Earl Thomas if it is not Dez.

A NT or OLB at 12 I will be pissed LOL.

The Jets fans in So. Florida will put up more color than you jerks this season!

Is the fat man really on the set?

There you go Flipper!

"How do you say no to Rex Ryan? Wichard said.
"No, you fat, stinky piece of cow dung!"


Dennis Pita is a TE I like, might go in Rd 3. TE in the later rounds go be another John Nalboner, potential but no impact the first 2 years.

There was Ben Watson who I wanted in FA but no love from the Fins. They can try to bring back David Martin, but Im sure they want to get younger.

Im starting to think the Smiley trade will not happen and they will end up cutting him.

Let's just keep signing young guys. Who cares if their not as good as our veteran players.
Way to GO TUNA.
Youth Youth Youth!!!!
Loosing our top pass rusher limits what we'll be able to do in the draft.
Oh wait, we also lost our best run stuffing OLB, all in one fell swoop.
Youth Youth Youth!!!!
Who cares if we draft a good free safety? With no pass rush our secondary will get picked apart.
Youth Youth Youth!!!!
Can't draft a NT, we need to many OLB's. I hope we can find one that can at least set the edge.
Can't set the edge? Can't plug the middle? I hope that new safety were looking for doesn't bite on play action.

Oh well, let's draft a WR.......er.......ah....

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that a "lot of people" believe the Jets will get free agent Jason Taylor signed before the end of the day.
A deal "very well could happen" during Taylor's Wednesday visit to Florham Park, Schefter confirms. Reporters like Jason La Canfora of NFL Network have doubted the marriage, but Schefter and the Newark Star-Ledger seem to believe one is likely. We should know more by day's end at the latest.

Let me reiterate " I DONT WANT JT"

but the honeymoon is over between the Fins Fans and the TRIFUCTA

hahahahahahaha that exactly how you tell that 5 neck joker NO!!!!

Calm down dude.

OLB : Wake and Dansby
ILB : Mclain and Clam Chowder
NT : Solai + Cam Thomas, Solai + Fergie
SS: Bell
FS: Sharper
Te: Fasano, Dennis Pitta
QB: Henne, PigPen, Penne
PR: Pat White
KR: Ted Ginn
Fear the Fins... LMAO!

Let's all run around like little girls who lost their dolls...life goes on with or without a 36 yr old OLB who had shoulder surgery...

i absolutely do not blame JT for going to the suckjets if he ends up signing with them. prcells nd co. have really turned us around in the past couple of years and i think they are doing a great job mostly, but way these guys have treated the most loyal and iconic dolphin of this decade (with zach thomas of course) is disgusting. It'll break my heart but if Taylor is in a green jersey and sacking Henne for that squeezed out tub of lard ryan next year, the trifecta have no one to blame but themselves.

go phins!

*** Long Post Disclaimer***
scroll past if you don't care them!

Wow, even the NYJ trip is something I never saw coming, although I don't know why they way the Fins brass has acted towards JT. I thought JT would have trotted his agent Wichard over and found out what the scoop is. Rex can say what he needs to say over the phone at this stage if I am JT.

Another year wiser, JT may see more writing on the Fins wall AND see that is more permenant ink.

JT is trying to put the final touches on what will be considered a Hall of Fame type career. If Rex sells him on the opportunity to add meaningful sacks, as a starter, in the right position, on an already good DEF, he owes it to his own career to listen. They will offer him more money than the Fins were willing to as well as they actually want the guy. (Rules be damned, they will figure out a way to pay him).

I will not fault Taylor one single iota. The man has ONLY wanted to be a fin and took a HUGE paycut (Cavkong the 8 million was tied to his existing contract in Wash) to play back where his heart is in Miami. He played hurt and out of position and still gritted out the season with some decent stats and 7 sacks. He will always be a Fin!

When you think Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, L. Tomlinson you think of their original teams not the career ending ones. It will be no different for JT if he ends up moving on.

Fans thought Porter would have no suitors and he signed a sizable contract with AZ. His 9 sacks has weight and apparently spoke value to AZ. (For the record I don't believe that JP had any trade value as the vultures were just gonna circle, and did)

I have been a HUGE fan of JT's and Zack T's as two of the best Dolphins ever...PERIOD! I still am and always will be... they have earned my respect with actual play on the field. Although they don't get the same pub and might not command the exact emotional level as lofty all time great QB Marino Fan Fav/Franchise Darling wise, the ladder they would use to get there would be a step stool.

This regime is nil on nostalgia and that's fine though their current rose-aqua colored glasses. I don't think that haunts them unless a player can play. If JT moves on to a division foe then we will find out 2 x if he has any gas left.

"IF" Taylor does sign, I don't think he will be some crazy cog in the Jets wheel. At his age he can no longer be the DEF sword he once was... but, I still think hes capable of being a big old poisonous thorn that can become a throat slitting dagger on occasion if played in the right position.

The next thing you know, McNabb will be a Redskin!... wait... DOH!


I have not been posting near as much so sorry for the length. JT is one of my all time favs so this longer post just kinda popped out.


OLB : Wake and Dansby
ILB : Mclain and Clam Chowder
NT : Solai + Cam Thomas, Solai + Fergie
SS: Bell
FS: Sharper
Te: Fasano, Dennis Pitta
QB: Henne, PigPen, Penne
PR: Pat White
KR: Ted Ginn

This acctually not a bad idea.

JT related stuff on deep discount on miamidolphins.com

For JT if he happens to read this:

Just wanted to add my thanks to all of the others you have received re: the contributions/sacrifices made by you for Miami and the Dolphins.

Whereas it would be somewhat surreal to see you in a Jets uniform, and I personally would love to see you retire as a Dolphin after a few more seasons, you are one of the few players whom many fans support beyond ramifications for the team due to an appreciation of the person you appear to be.

Stronger than my wish to see you back in a Dolphins uniform is my hope that wherever you land, it is the right place for you and your family.

Thanks again.

Without Taylor as an insurance policy, we're much more limited in what we can do in the draft.
We now need to many olb's. Looking at the DE/OLB guys is even more remote than ever. If it turns out that they have trouble converting to 3-4 OLB we ain't got no one to fall back on. We don't have time to wait for any of them too develop.
Even if we find two starting OLB's in the draft, we're still 1 and 2 injuries away from starting Wake and Moses.
I hate too sound like chicken little, but this is worse than it sounds. Anyone hoping for an offensive playmaker in the first four rounds can forget about it.

I believe it is time for Dolphins fans to get a friggin clue... I read down this list of posts and see whiner after whiner. See, you want the Dolphins to win the Division... or go on to win a couple play-off games... Even win another SB some day. But you want it done on YOUR terms.
Put your hankies away, dry your little eyes, and get a grip!... The Eagles just let a FRANCHISE QB go... because they felt it was the way to win. You guys are sniveling over a washed up DE who is not even a fit as a OLB in our 3-4 system. Tighten up!!!... troupe! Or go watch "Fat Boy" and his "Green Goblins" play football.



Good points about the all youth movement.

Most people don't quit their jobs BEFORE finding the new one!

I hope the Trifecta's picture becomes more clear as we get close to kickoff...right now it's "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs".

To ALL those thinking that the Fins will move Dansby to OLB... Not gonna happen! Write it down, he stays at ILB.


Good post John G!

Calm down dude.

Posted by: Waterboy | April 07, 2010 at 02:37 PM


I'm trying! I have a paper bag taped onto my face as we speak.
This screws up my entire draft board, OH GOD I'm gonna be up late tonight!!!!

The Eagles just let a FRANCHISE QB go... because they felt it was the way to win.

Posted by: Ask Bill Ruger | April 07, 2010 at 02:53 PM


I can't wait to watch the Skins dog the Eagles this year.
Paybacks a MOTHER.......


OLB : Wake and Dansby
ILB : Mclain and Clam Chowder

This acctually not a bad idea.

Posted by: Jamillion | April 07, 2010 at 02:44 PM

Jamillion, this is a bad idea.

This would mean our LB corp will consist of a rookie with crohns disease, J Peazy's wanna B side kick, a LB that gets juked by punters, and one good LB playing out of position!


I recall how, was it last season, JT trashed the Jets or rather its fans and stated he wouldn't want to play for them. O moral of the story: never say never!
I would be disappointed if he signed w/them but as it was stated, it's a business. Eagles traded McNabb to Skins so.....but I'm more disappointed in the fins for not making a stronger effort to keep what has been the defensive face of this franchise through the good and bad (wanny) years.
Good Luck JT whatever you decide.

The Dolphins have no loyalty. I'll adapt that policy towards them from now on as well.

Taylor is a bum let him go. He is maybe one of the most overrated players in the history of this franchise. They won absolutely nothing with him here. Time and time again the defense with him as the focal point would let us down. Even in his prime he was overrated. Let him go be on hard knocks with jabba rex. Bring in more kids and let this over the hill out of shape bum go to the big apple to embarrass himself.

Football is a business.
Letting your best defensive player(whatever the age) walk ain't GOOD business.
Somebody name a better defensive player?

It is a business. That's the point. The Trifecta's "business moves" are starting to add up to retarded!

It ain't no love loss or a man crush on JT. It's about getting your team in the best possible position to win. This "move" handicaps what we'll be able to do on draft day and on the field this year.

I'm a Dolphin fan through and through. A jets a jet. If JT's wearing gay-green this season, I hope Jake pancakes his a s s onto the IR list.

Adam schefer also thought the raiders were going to get mcnabb when he had no basis to report it. The guy is a joke who reports everything he overhears as fact. In the era of live sportcenter stories are made up and overreported to get more face time.
Who cares anyway, jt sucks let him go. The one year he wasn't here we won the division. He is a cancer in the locker room. He is well spoken so it doesn't come out in the media but he is as selfish as they come.

Newark Star-Ledger reporter Manish Mehta tweets an unnamed source has informed him it's "basically a done deal" between the New York Jets and Jason Taylor, the longtime Miami Dolphins sack artist.


Keep fighting the good fight...

Alas, at the end of the day there will ALWAYS be those fans that just wan't to try something new.

That's why the back-up QB is usually the most popular guy. Same case in Phili.

Time will tell whether Shanahan is more right or Reid is.

The Fins would seem to have narrowed the search to OLB in round 1 or 2. As you pointed out repeatedly Odin the current group won't cut the mustard. I agree. I think they will look VERY hard at:

BG, Hughes, Kindle, Morgan, Weatherspoon and a few others in the later rounds.


Gosh darn it; please say it’s not so. I thought it would New England. Taylor was made for NY; keys to the City will come with the thousand dollar bottle of wine on Broadway. Explain to me how you say no to a four million dollar contract, that’s probably Jason’s true market value. Following the media storm, the fans are going to bring the tar and feathers and pitchforks out for the Dolphins regime and JT’s camp. This will be a coup for the Jet’s because they are going to vote with their wallet, and reverse that three game losing streak to the Dolphins with inside defensive knowledge from Miami’s #1 Veteran. Zach Thomas is scheduled for next week to interview to become assistant line backer coach. (just kidding)Thanks SteFinhttp://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/jets/ The NY Daily News is reporting the Jets can only offer JT 1.25 mil because it was the UFA A.J. Feely salary, the Jet's lost when he signed with the cards.

You'll be missed Litos.

You guys don't think we're in sorry a s s shape at LB?
Check this out from one of our "starters".

Jets head coach Rex Ryan: Not even Dolphins inside linebacker Channing Crowder could remain upset with Ryan.

They publicly feuded last summer, but Crowder developed a genuine respect for Ryan as a defensive master and fun-loving dude.

"It's hard for me to say this, but I'm honest. I like Rex now," Crowder told me the week before the Super Bowl. "He's a funny guy. He first became a head coach, [their feud] was one of the first things that happened. I was like 'Who's this guy?' That's when everything kind of manifested.

"Now that I see what kind of guy he is, he seems like a funny guy, a funny coach. I'm starting to lean towards ol' Rex. I might give him a hug when I see him."

What's up folks. I'm going to be here for the next 30 minutes or so. Sooooo...

Any questions, comments, complaints, kudos?

What Crowder didn't realize is that he's starting to lean towards Rex because he is so large that all objects on earth have slowly started gravitating towards him.

Who do you see as potential trading partners in the 1st round? Green Bay we could swap 1st pick up a 3rd or 2nd and give them Smiley and most likely Kindle or Graham will still be there in the 1st. The Eagles are also intriguing if they want McClain or JPP or D Morgan.

Gavin, Bill Parcells is most comfortable trading with people he knows -- namely Al Davis, Scott Pioli, Jerry Jones and some others.

I guess anyone could be a trading partner, but I'm told most teams want to hold on to their picks because this is supposed to be a very, very deep draft.

It's so hard to even think Taylor would even step in the Jets organization for plans other than sabotage. I stepped in the same thing, except my dog produced it.


If they are truly going to enamor Taylor by showing him his highlights on their fancy new stadium screens, don't you think someone needs to play the Midnight Miracle and all of the results when the Jets beat Miami previosuly? If anyone hates the Jets more than anybody else, it's Jason Taylor.

How much of this is JT needing the ego stroked? That obviously won't come from the Trifecta.

Mando have you heard anything else about Dexter McCluster since the Senior Bowl? The Phins staff seemed to love the guy. Is this another Pat White situation where they fall in love with a player at the Senior Bowl and over-rate him.

oh and KUDOS btw Armando. The articles truly have been top notch lately. Please excuse me while I wipe the Jets from my nose.

Armando do you think Dez Bryant is our Pick at 12? Or am I am in for major let down with a NT or OLB at 12? Earl Thomas is my consolation to Dez LOL.


The Trifecta letting JT walk. Good move, bad move?

I'm asking for your own personal opinion?

Armando, any update on Ronnie Brown and his status?

Some, everyone wants to be wanted. Jason Taylor is no different.

The fact is the Jets are going to show JT a lot of love today and tomorrow. And the Dolphins have failed to do that in recent weeks and months.

But ultimately, this is a business trip and JT will make a business decision. If the Jets make an offer and Miami matches, the Dolphins keep JT. If the Dolphins don't match, JT is outta here.

Odin, bad move. I think he's still got gas left in the tank and Miami doesn't have a stud waiting in the wings to take his place.

If the No. 1 defense in the NFL thinks he's valuable, then he's valuable.

D, all I hear on Ronnie Brown is he's still rehabbing from the foot and has participated (at least Dolphins say he did) in the off-season conditioning program.

He should be signing his restricted free agent tender by next week sometime.

flipper, I truly hope Dez Bryant is there when the Dolphins pick. I pray he is there because it will force the Dolphins to make a very tough decision.

Do I think they pick him? No.

But at least I want them to have the chance. I think Earl Thomas is a good player and would eventually be a very good player once he learns. That would be the guy I think the Dolphins will pick.

I would lose a lot of respect for JT if he were to sign w/ the Jets. I don't even like the fact that he is up there now visiting them. Look at all of the things that JT has said about the Jets in the past... How can he go there after saying all of that? It's not about wanting to play or how he needs to make a living, I'm sure him and his family are very well off. It'd be very hypocritical of him to go and play there when it's HIS choice.

The Dolphins and the 'trifecta' are dumb for not resigning him. Their OLB is weak right now and even if they do draft 1 or 2, why wouldn't they want JT there for another 2 years to teach them? A LB or DE can learn A LOT from JT. Big deal, he's getting a little older and his production isn't what it used to be. Put him back where he belongs and let him help groom the young LBs we have.

Gavin, McCluster didn't have a good Sr. Bowl and then ran poorly at the Combine. He's more quick than fast and with his size, that's not a great, great thing.

Dolphins haven't shown tons of interest since the combine.

Do you think JT's trip will force the Dolphins hand?
Whether we have or not affects our draft strategy, no?

I think it's a shame that the Dolphins haven't signed JT. I agree that he still can play, but Armando the prevailing train of thought on this blog has been to "let him go". From the comments I've seen, he's too old and a younger guy should play. With Porter gone, who's left?


What have you heard about Smiley. Is this going to end with "smiley gets cut" with nothing in return?

Randy, I don't know what you do for a living but I assume at your place of business you have a competitor. If you work for Hertz, Avis is your competitor. If you work for Burger King, McDonalds is your competitor.

Bottom line is work is work. It is a job. If your company's competitor comes calling and your company cannot assure you a job, would you take the competitor's offer?

You betcha!

JT hasn't been guaranteed anything by the Dolphins. He's watching out for his own best interests. It's business.

If you had to give a percent to the chance Miami tries to do some wheeling and dealing in the draft, especially during the second round, what would you think?

Odin, I am waiting to talk to a Dolphins source about this JT thing. I want to hear what the Dolphins say before I draw a conclusion on whether they feel pressured to sign JT based on this visit.

My sense is they won't admit to any pressure.

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