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Jason Taylor visiting with Jets today

Jason Taylor boarded a 7 a.m. plane to New York today. He is visiting the New York Jets as an unrestricted free agent, according to his agent Gary Wichard.

"I pushed him up there," Wichard just told me. "I twisted his arm. He loves the fans in Miami and he gave up $8 million last year to play in front of fans. I am the one to push him to go up there because I don't know what will be available to on April 23 or 25th or whatever."

According to Wichard, Ryan started calling, trying to get Taylor signed the same day they lost kicker Jay Feeley to Arizona in free agency. The Jets are a Final 4 team and can add unrestricted free agents when they lose unrestricted free agents.

"How do you say no to Rex Ryan? Wichard said. "You got to listen to him. I cannot explain to you how much Rex wants him up there."

Wichard said Taylor would probably not sign a contract while he's on the visit.

"He's going to hear, feel and touch the situation, and then we'll meet to decide what happens next," Wichard said.

Taylor's schedule is to be up in New York today and Thursday. He is traveling with his wife, Katina.


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You guys are all blaming the wrong person. We should not be bashing Jason, Bill, Jeff or Tony on this issue. Go back and re-read the article. It JT's AGENT we need to bash. He is the one who twisted his arm to get him on the plane. He is crying because he didn't get his cut of the 8 mil Jason gave up to come back to play for Miami. He is making Jason go so he can get paid. So if you want to go after someone, go after him.

JT's agent is motivated by his 6%... Are u kidding me?

D, I want the people who say "Let JT go" tell me who will be Miami's OLBs this year.

Charlie Anderson and Cameron Wake?

C'mon men! Be serious.

Rex Ryan, hate him as I do, is a defensive mastermind. His defenses shut people down. And he thinks JT has value. That convinces me the Dolphins shouldn't let him go.

ok so if dez and earl thomas are there who does miami pick we need a WR n a safety but this draft is full of good WR but thomas could be a great safety who do they pick? Is there a scenario where miami takes dez n another wr is there at 2 like the kid from syracuse? Or a te like the guy greshem or the guy from florida?

Everyone is motivated by money, waterboy. Everybody.

Jeff Ireland, Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells all have agents and they don't work for free.

Mando any truth to the rumor that the phins are looking at drafting and converting cam chancellor from VT into a OLB.

OLB: Dansby and Wake

ILB: Mclain and Clam Chowder

Depth: Torbor, Anderson, Rookie.

Why so harsh on Anderson, given snaps he played decent.

JT see you later

Some, the Dolphins want to add picks. I would say the second and third rounds is a good place to do that because they have high picks.

But that is impossible to predict.

On a tough note, New England has three or four second round picks. Sickening.

Torbor is paid about 200 Gs per tackle. He is a keeper !!!


I'm not asking if you think we can trade up. I'm asking what kind of value we would have to give up trading our 43rd for say Dallas's 27th?
Dallas is in need of a guard, hint hint.


But wouldnt the Jets have him play at DE rather than OLB? I think JT is more valuable as a 4-3 DE than a 3-4 OLB. Or do the Jets have a 3-4? I thought they had some sort of hybrid offense. Never mind... I just confused myself.

if the jets can only offer 1.5 miami could double that n keep JT n put him back on the right side which is his natural position! N it seems like every 1 wants dez but keep an eye on ealr thomas n ppl are saying iupati culd drop to round 2?

Robert, I think the Dolphins take the highest guy on their board at No. 12. And given all the information out there, I would not be surprised if Earl Thomas is ranked ahead of Dez Bryant on their board.

Why would we want to add 2nd or 3rd rd picks? To recoup Pat White and Turner fiasco?
The Tuna strikes again.

Mando, would you say the Honeymoon is over between Fans and Trifecta?

t, Jets play a 3-4. JT would be an OLB in their defense.

Gavin, I have not heard that rumor so I don't know if it is true or not.


is that JT's ideal position?

as a 3-4 OLB?


What have you heard about Smiley ?

Odin, I can pretty much assure you the Dolphins will not trade up from 43 to 27 in this draft. It is too long a jump even if they throw in Justin Smiley and the Dolphins aren't going to give up their third round pick and their 43 to do it.

Moreover, Dallas has options at No. 27.

Washington DC isn't too bad winter time....Jersey just sucks, not matter what the stadium is. Rex Ryan will push to get him signed as best he can on this visit...if he doesn't, he knows he probably won't get him signed. Flying back to Miami is always nice when leaving the northeast...and for him, Miami is home. He didn't win NFL Man of the Year for his work in Akron, OH!
No Salary Cap?...SIGN HIM 2yr deal...retire as phin!

Smiley probably aint smiling with no teams chomping at the bit to trade for him...

If the Fins let Tayor go, does that mean they will be forced into drafting an OLB at the 12 spot?

who is the last playmaking safety we ever had I don't remember brock marion? We need a guy like thomas n dez trade ronnie for a two n use tht two for a WR n the other two for a TE. Fasano was good when we had martin to help get coverage off him we need two te!

Everyone is motivated by money, waterboy. Everybody.

Jeff Ireland, Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells all have agents and they don't work for free.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | April 07, 2010 at 04:25 PM

No doubt. Do any of us really think that the NFL cares about the lives of the players when they get into trouble? No. Do they care if that troubled player will affect their bottom line, heck yes.

So does Jason Taylor have so little money that it would affect where he goes? If it does, I'd truly find it hard to believe that his heart is in Miami. I would imaginme JT has enough money that his kids never have to ever worry about working, possibly even his future grand kids.

I don't invest my self esteem in the plusses or minuses of what NFL players do, but JT signing with the Jets of all teams, would be like signing his soul over to the devil, lol.

Robert, I would be shocked if Iupati drops to the second round. Shocked!!!

Some, you are making it seem like JT has a contract on the table with Miami that he is refusing to sign.

He doesn't have an offer that I know of. So he's looking for a job. He should be able to do that without being ripped for it. It's the American way, last I heard.

Mike, the Dolphins will try to draft an OLB regardless of whether Taylor goes to NYJ or not.

And it doesn't necessarily mean they have to do it in the first round.

I have a tweet from a guy from nfl source I'll retweet it so you can see it ok look for my name PHINSPHAN1013

Which TE is the best candidate for Chunk Yardage Sparano player?

Will Smiley be traded before the draft? Thoughts on compensation?

Water, the Dolphins have had offers on Smiley but aren't happy with them right now. I would be shocked if he is still on the team after the draft.

t, JT was the NFL Defensive player of the year in 2006 playing OLB. So I guess he's fine at OLB.

You can't blame JT's agent.
JT has the final say, and you can't blame him for whatever decision he makes.
The ball was/is squarely in Trifecta's court. I think they FUMBLED!

Thanks Mando, deeply appreciated.

They better move him quickly before he becomes more stale.

Heres my take on the whole JT thing... If the Trifecta doesnt offer him a contract, then they dont think that JT is an important contributor to the team. I am assuming his stats were pedestrian this past year. I think the only reason why fans are so outraged at the lack or resigning jason taylor is because of how long he has been a fin... but if they dont resign him, I have confidence they will find an OLB to replace him... maybe someone like J.D. Folsom..
: P


Porter, Roth, Ayodele & Taylor gone: NOTHING IN RETURN.

If 4 sports writers at the post all left would not someone be fired?

When are you and your fellow reporters going to hold someone responsible?

Hypothetical, you're the Dolphins' GM. Do you trade Ronnie Brown to a division rival for a 2nd round pick?

I dont now which is more hilarious, JD Fossile or John Nalboner. Both picks could have been packaged to move and get mid round NT last Year.


Sometimes my sense of reason goes out the door when it comes to the Jets, but very good point. If we had the OLB depth, then I would imagine we would be seeing JT hoist a green and white jersey, but it's something else that we don't have the OLB depth and they haven't given JT a contract.

Wasn't there interest from other teams? If so why didn't JT visit them. He must have a very influential agent to get JT to NJ as opposed to the other teams. That's why I think this has to be a Ryan Clark situation, but hopefully it turns out for the best for us (like the Steelers) then the Jets.

OK guys, I'll catch up to you later. Thanks for stopping by. I will be posting a column on the JT saga later this evening.


If the trifecta decided they want to spit on JT, why not sign him for a one year contract and then immediately trade him to the jets for a second round pick? like they did to the redskins... and then resign him when the jets release him after next season?

Porter had zero trade value
JT is a FA
Ayodele is still looking for a job
Roth was a lied his way out

I would and could forgive J.T. for going anywhere....except the WETS. New England or any other team and when he retires he should do it in a Dolphins uniform, he crosses that line of playing for the Wets and he to use a mob phrase would be dead to me. No joke, never allow him to represent the Fins in anyway if he signs with the Wets,even for one play.


Damn, wanted Mando to rank not signing JT with the top 20 worst decisions.

Some of you need to watch another sport because you don't know anything about football.

So, who's going to take JTs place? Some rook who was a college DE last year? I understand most of you don't know $hit about it but Parcells & co. is getting paid to make good decisions. And the fact is, they're not.

The mans not being offered a contract with the Fins, what do you want him to do???? not play cause you all would be P.Oed cause he went to the jets??????Please people buy a clue....

Shame on JT for even thinking of going to the Jets and shame on the Phins for letting him go. He still has value as a situational pass rusher especially late in the game.

JT, There are 30 other teams besides Miami and the Jets; don't sell your soul to the devil at ANY price.


If this one comes back to bite us in the A S S, I will really start to question the front office's decision making capabilities.

For you all saying Its business, JT ain’t starving and 2 years ago he was wanting to retire and act in movies.

Judas is a name that comes to mind.


Look at it this way too. He'll be next to Radio city music hall, he could join the "Rocketts" during off-season.....

If JT signs with either the Jets or the Patriots, I will give up my season tickets ... And not because one player makes a team, but because the front office sucks!!!!

I Know what your saying"Cuban, the "Rocketts are all female",and they still will be with Taylor on board..........

The only thing that sucks more than the jets is the idea of JT going to the jets!

Come on Miami, call the guy in and save us all the pain of losing him again.

Per Jeff darlingtons tweets... Jets do not expect JT to play coverage, they only want him rushing the passer... thats what i meant earlier by ideal position. Thats why, even if dolphins match jets offer... JT may decide that him playing in a system that takes advantage of his strengths would be better than playing for the team he likes (but doesnt utilize him as he would like)...

What do people want JT to do if the Phins don't want him? This assuming he is still viable. What would you guys do if you were in the same spot? I guess I would probably entertain an offer from the Jets as a last resort. Or maybe get myself injured after the first game.

You said it CM!

The fickle fans rear their ugly heads indeed.

Taylor has a right to earn whatever living he can while he still can. Acting may or mat not await as most never make a true successful crossover. He can Dance with the So and So's all he wants...nothing is gauranteed.

Anything he does at this stage will pad his stats to futher make a case for the ever elusive HoF.

Whether Taylor decides to live lavishly, buy more businesses, travel with family, set up annuities or start charitable foundations filled with true philanthropy... you need money!

It's not a done deal yet BUT, maybe the Fins have let it get to far gone regardless...

This is hell of a position for JT and us FinFans. It is buisness! I heard on radio they are offering 1yr 3mill. Not confirmed. JT don't do it, please. Its rex way to slap us in face. I also understand he must move on though aspecially if he's not wanted here but damn, the Jets!!!!

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