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Jason Taylor visiting with Jets today

Jason Taylor boarded a 7 a.m. plane to New York today. He is visiting the New York Jets as an unrestricted free agent, according to his agent Gary Wichard.

"I pushed him up there," Wichard just told me. "I twisted his arm. He loves the fans in Miami and he gave up $8 million last year to play in front of fans. I am the one to push him to go up there because I don't know what will be available to on April 23 or 25th or whatever."

According to Wichard, Ryan started calling, trying to get Taylor signed the same day they lost kicker Jay Feeley to Arizona in free agency. The Jets are a Final 4 team and can add unrestricted free agents when they lose unrestricted free agents.

"How do you say no to Rex Ryan? Wichard said. "You got to listen to him. I cannot explain to you how much Rex wants him up there."

Wichard said Taylor would probably not sign a contract while he's on the visit.

"He's going to hear, feel and touch the situation, and then we'll meet to decide what happens next," Wichard said.

Taylor's schedule is to be up in New York today and Thursday. He is traveling with his wife, Katina.


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What a bunch of tools JT is a class act. Maybe his time is past but He still has shown more production then any other olb on the team at this point!

If the phins don't want him he has to still make a living and who know if the jets are the only team providing him a job

Odinseye, so by signing Taylor we are going to the Superbowl?? What's best for the team is having the young kids start playing together and growing together...If this team had a shot at the Superbowl this year, then it might make sense, but we are not...the idea here is to build a championship team, having Taylor here is not helping that happen

jt signed w/the jets ...................................................................................

Bobbyd12, I agree but I don't see the reason for all the bashing of JT for looking to play the game he loves. Not saying you but I have read a lot of trash Talking about him on this blog this far.

JT will be a dolphn---b/c the jets cn only offer him 1.3-1.5 million money, b/c they finished fourth last year----they cut jay feely so under the rules who ever they sign have to match feely contract---we can pay JT 2 million that is nothing---torbor makes 3.5million

jt sucks .

Bobncfinfan, ur right, there is NO reason to trash Taylor...he has been a great Fin and he needs to do what's right for him..if he feels it's the Jets, so be it..I'll boo him just as hard as anyother Jet, and when he retires at the Stadium and is honored as a Dolphin, I will give him a standing ovation..

Bobby12 I agree 100%


I know all the arguments and I know were not SuperBowl bound this year.
Still I believe we have to many holes to fill with one draft.
Without JT we have to use another high pick on OLB. I was hoping for a WR, FS and NT in there somewhere. Now it seems less likely, we'll have bump each pick down a notch.
We absolutely have to get at least one starting OLB out of this draft. We can't just pick one early and hope he works out. With JT gone we'll have to pick at least two early, and hope at least one works out.

My thinking could be flawed here, seems I've worked myself into a conundrum.

Any thoughts?

PS: bobby please don't tell me we'll find an acorn or a gem in the later rounds. We already have one of those. His name is JD Folsom. Ever heard of him? I didn't think so-LOL!

Odinseye, Lets just hope that the new DC can push some of the young olbs we have on the team now to the next level as he did with denver. Maybe we only have to draft one to make it a solid unit moving foward.


That wouldn't be my plan but it might be THE plan.

In light of recent developments back at the "Bat Cave" I'm redoing my draft day wish list.

I'm going to reach for Graham at 12 for the strong side. Then I'm going Sapp/Clemson or Hughes/TCU at 43.

Anybody got any opinions on who fits better out of Sapp and Hughes?

I would like to see channing crowder traded to the cowboys for a 5th and bobby carpender and maybe sam hurd.

Odinseye, not bad...i would hope to trade down and get a 3rd. then
1- Brandon Graham,OLB, Michigan
2- Nate Allen, FS, South Florida
3a- Torrell Troup, NT, Central Florida
3b- Carlton Mitchell,WR, South Florida
4- Dennis Pitta,TE, BYU
6a-O'Brien Schofield,OLB ,Wisconsin give him a yer to heal from injury if wake don't step up
6b- Ben Burney,CB, Colorado,fast 40
6c- LaMarcus Coker,RB Hampton
7a- Dennis Landolt,OT, Penn State can play center
7b- Al Woods,NT, LSU, also can play DE
7c- Jacques McClendon,OG, Tennessee, also can play center

And if we get a 5th for smiley
5-Micah Johnson,ILB, Kentucky

Yeah, I have aready divorced myself from this team (or should I say good 'ole boys club) after 25 years for this upcomming season (possibly forever) due to this type of BS from this organization. Enough is enough.

The organization that I loved is long dead (JJ knocked it down and then Wanny killed it off).

Have fun supporting an 'organization' that will flap in the wind for awhile until it gets its own ego out of its own butt.

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