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With Taylor, Dolphins style is lacking

The Miami Dolphins like Jason Taylor. They say he's a good player and sincerely believe they have a good relationship with him. Coach Tony Sparano believes he and Taylor are as tight as an employer-employee relationship allows, while general manager Jeff Ireland believes he and Taylor's agent Gary Wichard have an open and honest association.

So the Dolphins are not seriously sweating Taylor's visit to the New York Jets.

The Dolphins know what Taylor would like to be paid in 2010 and they say Wichard knows the value they have placed on Taylor. No, the Dolphins haven't made an official contract offer to Wichard for reasons they believe to be sound business, but they insist "everyone knows where everyone stands." There is, by the way, a difference of opinion between the parties about Taylor's value.

But, the Dolphins believe if Taylor gets an offer from the Jets Thursday, or anyone else in the coming days, they will have the opportunity to adjust their opinion.

The Dolphins believe they will have a chance to match any offer any team makes Taylor.

Perhaps that is true. Perhaps it isn't. But that's what the Dolphins believe. So from a purely cold, unemotional, business aspect, nothing the Dolphins are doing really can be deemed wrong or a mistake.

But ...

Dealing with Jason Taylor is not and cannot be just about cold hard facts. It cannot be just about legal tender green dollars.

Taylor wants to be loved, maybe even wooed. He definitely wants to be shown respect because after 13 NFL seasons he rightly believes he's earned that. And the New York Jets are showing him that love and respect at a time when Taylor doesn't think the Dolphins are.

On Wednesday, the Jets flew Taylor to New York for a free agent visit. He and his wife Katina were picked up by limousine and taken to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a five-star facility overlooking Columbus Circle in midtown Manhattan. The Jets later put Taylor in a helicopter and flew him to their new stadium in New Jersey. The place is in a wasteland called the meadowlands but the Jets sold it to Taylor as his new home he can help decorate with a Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The Jets wined Taylor. They dined Taylor. And Rex Ryan repeated to Taylor what he told Wichard the past couple of days as he was setting up this visit: If Taylor signs with the Jets, he will have between 12-15 sacks in 2010 because Ryan would use him as a pass-rusher coming from every imaginable and unpredicatable location on the field except perhaps the pressbox.

Jason Taylor was never recruited by bigtime college programs before he went to Akron but by Wednesday night he definitely knew what it's like to be wanted.

And that is the biggest difference between the Dolphins and Jets right now. The Jets have the Dolphins over a barrel on style if not necessarily on substance.

The Jets may not be able to pay Taylor very much at this time because they are limited by NFL Final Four rules imposed on clubs that made it to the conference title games. Taylor would like to make approximately $3 million per season and he would like a two-year deal because he wants to play two more seasons. Under the rules, the Jets seemingly can't get much higher than $1.5 million in the first year of the deal and cannot raise Taylor's 2011 salary more than 30 percent to $1.95 million.

But the Jets are nonetheless chasing Taylor like he is invaluable.

The Dolphins? They're the team that made it clear to Taylor last year he had to earn his roster spot after he signed. They're the club that isn't showing its cards or any emotion in dealing with Taylor. The Dolphins are the club that have returned some but not all of the calls from Taylor or his agent this offseason.

That matters to Taylor. And so does this:

Taylor has noticed that Miami signed Jason Ferguson this offseason after he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs but they keep him at arm's length. The Dolphins have signed Chad Pennington when his shoulder might or might not be 100 percent going forward but they're biding their time on re-signing the same Jason Taylor who played an entire month with a bum shoulder last season.

Understand that the Dolphins don't see any problem here. They see nothing wrong with approaching folks in a direct and candid way or putting other folks on the back burner when necessary. But one man's candid is another man's tactless. One man's back burner is another's contempt. That's perhaps a reason safety Ryan Clark returned to the Steelers rather than signing with the Dolphins.

Clark didn't get more money from Pittsburgh than he might have from Miami. But he felt he got a whole lot more love.

The Dolphins are not big on that love thing. They don't show everyone a lot of love and particularly not to Taylor for some strange reason.

While Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick were calling Taylor's agent multiple times last year, the Dolphins acted like they were doing Taylor a favor in signing him at a bargain $1.5 million price. And Ryan's continuing chase of Taylor this year is in sharp contrast to Wichard approaching Ireland at the Indianapolis Combine in February and having to sell Taylor as a sound investment, like a pitchman stumping for his product.

Again, nothing wrong with Miami's substance. But the style raises eyebrows.

It is clear that all things being relatively equal, Taylor would love to continue playing for the Dolphins. The Dolphins know this and are absolutely using it to their advantage. And that's fine. The NFL is, after all, a business and Ireland is trying to conduct good business by getting the best deal for his team.

But good business is also about having good timing. And while the Jets are acting in their own timing, the Dolphins are banking on reacting to a New York offer.

Good business is also about keeping a good relationship. And there is no room in a good relationship for being lukewarm when someone else is being red hot.

Good business, in short, is also about style -- especially when it threatens to affect substance.


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and JT needs to do what is best for him and the Fins need to do what's best for the Fins.
It is what it is.
Not resigning JT is just as bad as RELEASING him.

The Dolphins Reflect Managment and Leadership or the "Lack of it!"They have not been a class act since the mid-eighties.
If Rex Ryan gets Taylor I will root for the Jets and anyone else playing against the Dolphins. Parcells has never been noted as a decent sort and Like I said the Dolpins reflect the Managment and leadership or the " Lack thereof!"

Slow and steady wins the race. JT wants to play with the phins and we can offer more $$$$ than the yets so if they will wine and dine for free on the yets dime that will be nice to. JT will be a phin next yr because the phins need him and his leadership and he still has alittle feft in the tank. We will draft a OLB in the draft and he will learn the game playing with JT.

Glenn, class act?? I would rather have a Championship Team then worry about "class act"...Patriots have proven that the last decade

Right now, today, the Dolphins have one of the 3 poorest defenses in the NFL.

That's why no one wants to play here.

Sure Dansby signed, for $43 million, the biggest contract ever given to a LB according to NFL.com, ESPN.com and Armando.

If you were an agent, and you livlihood depended on your clients ability to be in demand would you advise your client to sign here? H E L L NO!

If I were Jason Taylor - I would absolutely consider the Jets.

He doesn't even have an offer from the Fins. Nothing.

Defensive players are emotion based - how much fun would it be playing for a guy like Rex on defense? That would be fun just going to work.

And the Jets are not "rebuilding" - they're built now, ready to go. The Fins have been rebuilding - well, it seems like FOREVER.

I have been a huge Dolfan my whole life...
I'm about out of patience though.

Why wouldn't J.T. want to play for a contending team, with an exciting - defensive oriented head coach that WANTS HIM?!?!?

Parcells is a hell of a football guy, he loves this game more than we will ever know, the coaching tree this guy has is the best ever. I know he sees JT's talent and will offer a better deal than the yets can offer, and if JT wanted to play for another team he would of played for the pats last yr. The yets offered him a free vacation on them and JT said cool. He will go there and they will offer the 1.5 mill and he will say let me think about it and come HOME to miami. He will call tuna and say I got a offer from the yets and Bill will say we will double there offer and that will be that .

I hope this move (or lack of a move) doesn't backfire on the Fins. JT is right up there with all of the Dolphin greats.

No style or class. Consider they paid wilford and gerbil a kings ransom i dont c this as a money issue. Whats up parcells arse armando? If Jets sign him ill really hate watchin the jets vs fins this year. Cant blame JT for this.


What are you basing your comment 'the Dolphins have one of the three poorest defences in the NFL' on? Since the regular season ended (of which we didn't end up in the bottom three), we have axed Porter, Ayodele and Wilson, signed a top free agent in Dansby, brought in a top notch defensive co-ordinator and that's not even taking into account the fact that our young corners will have a year of experience under their belts. And we're not done adding through the draft yet. I think your comment is totally unfair.

I'll take Bill Parcelss strategy to building a team and his years of success of success over how the fat man in New York goes about his business. What has Rex Ryan ever won? Let him go all hot and heavy over the guys he wants. Things will blow up on in him real good in another year or two....just watch!! Jason Taylor and anyone else has to realize that they aren't bigger or more imporatant to the team. I think JT knows he will have a job with the Dolphins when the time is right.

I would hate to see JT leave (again) but business is business. I will say this, JT has earned the right to be treated like a superstar but this is a what have you done for me lately league. We havent won a damn thing in a long time and the time to win is now. I do think JT can help us but we need to follow the plan and the plan seems to be to not throw good money down a dry well. Although I hate it, I do think this is the correct way to handle this situation. In the end Im hoping JT will end his career in a Dolfan uniform in two years hopefully with a Super Bowl ring on his finger!

I'm sorry, I love JT but I like the fact of him taking a roster spot somewhere else. He's old, he's not going to be the difference between a SB team and a non SB team.

Any of you that think he makes the jets a SB team are simply mistaken. The jets were walked into the playoffs, lets not forget that mark sanchize threw 20 interceptions, they made it as far as they did with their D and JT probably isnt as good as their worst LB at this point in his career....sad but the truth.

Miami is in the third year of a youth movement, they know what theyre doing.

If all of the nay-sayers here were running the team we'd be worse off them Oakland

Craig M,
Our starting OLB's are Wake and Anderson. Our starting FS is ClemmonsCulver.
Perhaps you like Armando's words better than mine:

D, I want the people who say "Let JT go" tell me who will be Miami's OLBs this year.

Charlie Anderson and Cameron Wake?

C'mon men! Be serious.

Rex Ryan, hate him as I do, is a defensive mastermind. His defenses shut people down. And he thinks JT has value. That convinces me the Dolphins shouldn't let him go.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | April 07, 2010 at 04:24 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/04/jason-taylor-visiting-with-jets-today/comments/page/4/#comments#ixzz0kTNjZ8rL

Sports Illustrated, Nov 22nd, 2009..294 players polled, rank the teams you would most like to play for...Dallas #1, Miami?? 4 th most popular team out of 32...yet someone would get on here and post "no one" wants to play for Miami...wrong as always

PFT is reporting that Taylor will think about the Jets offer over the weekend. If it was SUCH an appealing offer, how come JT didn't sign it today? Answer......his heart belongs in Miami. I think you make room on the team for this guy and offer him a one year contract with a club option for a second year. I say about $2-$2.5 million a year should be enough to get it done. Jason has a role on this team, even if we do draft a couple of young OLBs.

Dansby will close down the run up the middle, I'll give you that.

But who runs up the middle anymore?

Or even more on point why would an opposing offense run up the middle against us when they can just take it outside. Whoever gets stuck playing FS is going to take the blame for every runner that gets around our edge.

I love my Fins, but this is the same organization (though different leadership) that pushed out Shula, pushed out Marino, has made no mention of signing Zach for a day so he can retire a Dolphin, and JT who made his name as a Dolphin. You gotta respect your history and you've gotta respect those that put it all on the line for you.

If he signs with the Jets will I hate him...probably. But putting him in that position to begin with...that's on this administration. Karma's a b****.

Well I guess all the FA's that came and left and signed elsewhere missed that issue.

The way the Trifecta handles this kind of stuff is REAL... They don't get overly invested and they don't spew B.S. in a players ear to try and impress to try and woo them... I don't see a problem with this.. they just keep it real.

What is JT's hurry? Did he have a problem missing this time of the year when he was off dancing with the stars? Nope, despite how badly the trifecta wanted him around he was doing something for his OWN BUSINESS, now suddenly he needs his deal early and can't wait? why, cause he's scared teams might lose interest and move on? Too bad.

He's a 35 year old olb, he's not a qb, he's not a kicker, he's an olb and 35 is damn old for an olb, he's not the future of this team, if he can't wait a couple weeks until after the draft so we can see how things play out and then decide if it's in our best interest to bring him back, we won't be shedding any tears. His production doesn't warrant shedding any tears.

Guess the fans will just have to show Dolphins management the same kind of love and STOP buying tickets. I will. Trifecta has yet to prove anything to the fans - no playoff wins yet, some ok signings, more not so ok signings, drafts are so-so (Pat White, Turner, when several need positons with better prospects where available). Dolphins management has a bad attitude and I do not expect anything sensational in 2 weeks either. Will be plenty of more "Parcell" guys in the trenches blocking for 2 yard gains and dropped passes. seeesh...after watching the Fins since '71, this year should be my final. JT - you were a class act, good luck in NY!

And I think we have 2 LB's to rotate in: Moses and Torbor. That's it.
We are 3 LB's short of even filling out the depth chart.
That means at least 3 of the LB's we draft are going to make the team automatically.

Dolphins fans are the biggest bunch of pansies in the f u c k i n g league. Whine b i t ch and moan is all half of you do. Wahhh!! Parcells won't do the things I want. Wahhh!! we aren't Super Bowl champions 2 years after 1-15. Wahh!! You guys f'ing suck.

I think what the Dolphins should do is transplant you sissy a ss whiner wanna be GMs to Philly where you can be pissed off all the time. Keep the good fans and trade you whiner fans to philly for a pot of wet noodles.

This blog is a lot less fun when sober.
When I'm drinking I have fun in here trading insults with all of my good friends and sometimes threatening to violently murder people.
Sober the reality sets in.
And the reality is that whenever a team runs a 3 receiver set against this defense they are going to move up and down the field like Hitler through Poland.

Craig M...NFL Stats Defensive Rankings...Miami ranked 22 out of 32 teams, not the bottom 3...like I said earlier, Miami is the 4th most popular NFL team to play for...some love to state opinion instead of facts...fantasy fans

Miami ranked 22 out of 32 with Porter, Ayodele, Roth, JT and Jibril on the roster. That was last season.
I'm talking about today's roster.

Exactly Bobby!!

Pricemaster, how about you wait until September, when we've completed the draft and free agency BEFORE you write-off the defence. The trifecta recognized the defence wasn't good enough and got rid of their DC. I like the guy they've added, in Nolan.

I'm actually AMAZED some of you guys are even Dolfans!! Makes me wonder if you are maybe Jets fans in disguise.

I would hope to trade down and get a 3rd and if we get a 5th for smiley draft goes like this...
1- Brandon Graham,OLB, Michigan
2- Nate Allen, FS, South Florida
3a- Torrell Troup, NT, Central Florida
3b- Carlton Mitchell,WR, South Florida
4- Dennis Pitta,TE, BYU
5- Micah Johnson,ILB, Kentucky
6a-O'Brien Schofield,OLB ,Wisconsin give him a year to heal from injury if wake don't step up
6b- Ben Burney,CB, Colorado,fast 40
6c- LaMarcus Coker,RB Hampton
7a- Dennis Landolt,OT, Penn State can play center
7b- Al Woods,NT, LSU, also can play DE
7c- Jacques McClendon,OG, Tennessee, also can play center

Craig M,
Please tell me the top defenders still available in FA.

Today's roster isn't complete yet, Pricemaster. It's April 7th!! We have 9-10 picks in the draft. These guys will get it fixed. Need defensive schemes from Nolan, as well as improved play from the likes of Merling, Langford, Davis and Smith.

I'll bet you they are a lot closer to be a top ten defence, rather than a bottom three this year.

Better yet please send those FA's a copy of the Sports Illustrated article telling what a joy it is to play here.
The FA's that came and left, or just plain said "no thanks" on the phone evidently did not read that.
Neither did thier agents, you know the people they hire to advise them where to sign.

As of right now are defense is ranked the same as everyother team...ZERO because we haven't played a game yet...till the draft and FA signings and we start playing, no one knows where we are...I admit we certainly don't look like a top flight defense but I'm not gonna say we are the bottom of the league till we see what we are going to have going into regular season

I hope you're right Craig M.

Yes, football is a business and in the real world an employee, even with 20 year with the company would not be asked if it was ok if the company went in another direction. But it would be hard for a proud employee to take if the company hired back someone who is to serve a suspension for using ban substance and another coming off a serious injury. This seems like an intentional slap in the face especially with the stand JT took with the Shawne Merriman defensive player of the year issue. Did it have to be so public with both signings on the same day and no mention about JT?

Bobby is right, the defense is not at the bottom. Heck we have not gone through the draft yet or played the first game. Be patient people. Hey Bobby Yanks 3 Redsox 1 10 innings, I am happy again two days in a row.

Ace me too!!! And the Marlins who blew a 5 run lead are on the verge of beating the Mutts, so it might be a real good night all around

That's true bobby.
But think about it: our depth chart is short 3 LB's and a FS right now.
That means if we draft 3 LB's and 1 FS they all make the team without competition.
If we draft 4 LB's and 2 FS's to create competition that leaves 3 picks for the rest of the team.

If he leaves - he leaves.

Too much is being made of this.

Nobody - NOT EVEN MARINO - is bigger than the team.

Mark in Ottawa "Not even Marino" Now that is blasphemy(sp).

The ONLY thing we know is that...
Taylor has made it clear how much he would love to finish his career with the Dolphins. (...on the surface, not the BEST way to get an above average contract.)

NONE of us have seen their Text Messages,
listened to their Phone Calls,
or read their Emails.

.....well no one except for Global Surveillance Agencies!

Hey....Come to think of it... I'll bet that
and the
Have a MUCH better Idea of exactly what Jason Taylor
is planning to do!! (...."its just a matter of mining the right data!")

Maybe THEY can tell us how tight his relationship with the team is.

As for us...we might be better off spending 1000 DOLLARS on
Slot Machines in Vegas.


Let me put it back at you.....who did YOU want them to sign in free agency to improve the defence?

I think if you read up on a lot of what the experts said about this year's UFAs, that is was an unusually WEAK FA class. Part of that was because of the fact that the CBA had expired and guys who would normally have been UFA lost a year and were instead RFA (Ronnie Brown fell into that category. But I think we got the BEST guy in UFA in Dansby (some could argue that Peppers might have been the best but he didn't FIT what we needed, namely help at LB. So I think Dansby is a great addition.

I think the trifecta is disappointed that they haven't added a safety in FA but they tried hard with Clark and went after Rolle and of course, they're not done yet. I think they will look urther at Sharper (don't think they'll get him) and the kid in St. Louis (after June 1st). They're not done yet and feel we'll have a competitive defence when it's all said and done.

And rather than add through FA, they are choosing to add through the draft, which is the correct way to do things.

You know one thing I've learned over the years in business is you take care of your employees well and their performance increases...you under pay or mistreat someone and their performance decreases..if the dolphins pride themselves with good business practices then they would have signed Taylor last year to a three year deal paying him what he wants, and not second guessing his future performance at a time when their biggest rival is making an attempt to steal him away....I can just see it now...Taylor sacking Henne next year..I hope I'm wrong..WAKE UP Dolphins!!!

Hey Kevin in Colorado, you said you will stop buying tickets if JT signs with the Jets..I don't think the Dolphins are to concerned about a ticket threat from some who calls themself Kevin IN COLORADO!!!

I don't see the point of all this. The guy can still play and he comes cheap. They could have gotten this over with already but instead they're going to let the yets and pats drive his price up.

I don't like hanging on to players just because of the good old days, but:

1. Taylor was putting up good numbers before they started using him against the run and taking him off on passing downs.
2. The man is a Dolphin to the core
3. We are without depth at the LB position
4. Even with the drafting of an OLB or two, I still think JT on the roster makes sense, as he is a true leader on this team, takes on the world for us..

The only thing that makes sense is they arent sure if they will have to start him or use him on rotation, or something... so until they do, they don't know his value to them... but no matter who they draft, I think they make some sort of offer..

LMAO@bobby "colorado comment"

Best article in a while, Mando. Really captured my feelings about this situation.

If the Trifecta lets JT go, they are stepping in a steaming pile of dogsh*t. I am as diehard a fan as anyone but this would be beyond the pale. I'll still watch, but Mr. Ross and his merry band of slappies can get effed if they ever think I'll buy another game ticket or piece of Dolphins merchandise. The way that Parcells has treated Zach and now, possibly, JT is atrocious. JT plays a need position and was their best OLB even though he was playing on the wrong side all last year. They need him because they have no-one else who comes close (Cam Wake can rush but he can't begin to defend the run like Taylor can). If Taylor is used properly, he is likely to get close to the number of sacks Ryan is promising. Nolan will know how to use him. The Dolphins are making a huge mistake by treating him so poorly. Just pay the man the $3 mill/yr for two years. Anyone here who thinks the Fins can pick up a rookie in the draft and that guy will play at Taylor's level has been sucking on the superdope acid tab for too long.

Taylor is not over the hill. No rookie can take his place. No-one on the roster even approaches his CURRENT skill level (especially when used in the right position(s) for his talents). They better sign him or the two or three jokers on this BB who say the Fins don't need him will be the only ones who will show up at the stadium (with their pom-poms and poodle skirts).

ARMANDO. THE Dolphins are showing poor form with JT. Are you freaking kidding me. Sign him!!! He has leadership, finesse, class, and can be a great mentor. Parcells and company quite frankly should be ashamed of themselves. They are the ones that STRUCK OUT after being so sure about G Wilson and screwed up on ROTH and did not get anything for him, not to mention their pursuit of the wrong WR last year. This stinks to me, and the medal of the Parcells led Dolphins has lost its luster. Shame shame shame Miami Dolphins. You need a little PR management. I would love to see Miami sign JT, sign back Zach for a day so he can retire a Dolphin, call Sparano on his clock management decisions in games down the stretch, find out who the heck is heading Miami's assessment of free agents, and start making sounder decisions. Oh where is Shula, and Warfield, and Offerdahl and Marino and Czonk....those were the days. Parcells get off your perch because your simply not all that. Wake up and remember you may be passing through but the legacy of smarts, class, and grit that the Miami Dolphins are known for continues. I'm out.

Pennington and Ferg are well known parcells players who he drafted. They also are well known mentors, which I don't care what anyone says JT has never really been a great mentor, just a great player. Bring ferg and Pennington back has nothing to do with JT and were just their type of players who will be a positive influence on the team.


I thought about that when I read the comment too.....too funny!!

This mentor thing is overrated.


How are the Jets going to drive Taylor's price up? The maximum they can offer him is $1.5 million. based on free agency rules this off-season. Doesn't sound like a ridiculous amount to me. And by all reports, I haven't even heard that the Pats are interested. I think they are like us. I think they are more interested in adding good young pass rushers in the draft.

Change of subject:

When Mand came on the blog this afternoon someone asked about trades.
Mando said, "Parcells is comfortable trading with Scott Pioli, Al Davis and Jerry Jones, that's it."

It just occured to me: why not the Jets, Giants or Pats? He's worked for all of three of those teams. Is he afraid he'll get ripped off? Outsmarted?
Just wondering.

well we will see what happens after draft.if i was a betting man i say jt stay's in miami!we will re-sign him.we still need vet's in other positions?fs/wr
no vets at either unless t.ginn and g.camarillo are guy's you look too for help.
t.culver is very young very little experence and c clemens rookie last year.
answer should be found in freeagent vet's
fs=oj.atogwe/wr=t.holt just a thought here guy's!!!

Can someone please tell me how many Super Bowls Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano have won?

Can someone tell me if they even won a playoff game, like, ever?

So why am I supposed to trust them on this when the Jets, who went to the AFC championship game, are obviously thinking Taylor is pretty good?

Zach Thomas is my favorite player ever... but how did Parcells treat Zach wrong? He didn't dog him, he didn't throw him to some gutter team for a 7th round pick... He released him because he wasn't the fit he was looking for in his scheme.

JT on the other hand, didn't have any problem missing this time of the year when he was off dancing with the stars... You JT fanboys are so quick to be fine with JT making a business decision that steps all over what would make the Trifecta happy, but when the tables are turned?

Pricemaster, ur right about being short on FS and LBs.. But the draft isn't going to be the only option left to fill these spots...We have FA left, we have the draft, we have guys who won't be drafted, we have guys who will be cut by other teams after the draft and like Wake, could sign some CFL players...it's certainly not gonna be easy, but I personally like Dansby, Crowder in the middle, but most certainly if Wake, Moses, Anderson and Torbor don't step it up we will struggle...

FLPD, you don't have to trust them... that's why they don't consult you or ask for your acceptance when they make their business decisions.

If JT signs with the Jet than he is a sell out. He has made it clear he dose not like the Jets fans so why play for them? I can understand him going to another team to get what he wants if Miami is not willing to give it too him but why go to a team he hates? Because they are the only ones offering him a contract? I would rather keep my dignity and retire than play for a team that I openly hate only to get what I want.

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