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With Taylor, Dolphins style is lacking

The Miami Dolphins like Jason Taylor. They say he's a good player and sincerely believe they have a good relationship with him. Coach Tony Sparano believes he and Taylor are as tight as an employer-employee relationship allows, while general manager Jeff Ireland believes he and Taylor's agent Gary Wichard have an open and honest association.

So the Dolphins are not seriously sweating Taylor's visit to the New York Jets.

The Dolphins know what Taylor would like to be paid in 2010 and they say Wichard knows the value they have placed on Taylor. No, the Dolphins haven't made an official contract offer to Wichard for reasons they believe to be sound business, but they insist "everyone knows where everyone stands." There is, by the way, a difference of opinion between the parties about Taylor's value.

But, the Dolphins believe if Taylor gets an offer from the Jets Thursday, or anyone else in the coming days, they will have the opportunity to adjust their opinion.

The Dolphins believe they will have a chance to match any offer any team makes Taylor.

Perhaps that is true. Perhaps it isn't. But that's what the Dolphins believe. So from a purely cold, unemotional, business aspect, nothing the Dolphins are doing really can be deemed wrong or a mistake.

But ...

Dealing with Jason Taylor is not and cannot be just about cold hard facts. It cannot be just about legal tender green dollars.

Taylor wants to be loved, maybe even wooed. He definitely wants to be shown respect because after 13 NFL seasons he rightly believes he's earned that. And the New York Jets are showing him that love and respect at a time when Taylor doesn't think the Dolphins are.

On Wednesday, the Jets flew Taylor to New York for a free agent visit. He and his wife Katina were picked up by limousine and taken to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a five-star facility overlooking Columbus Circle in midtown Manhattan. The Jets later put Taylor in a helicopter and flew him to their new stadium in New Jersey. The place is in a wasteland called the meadowlands but the Jets sold it to Taylor as his new home he can help decorate with a Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The Jets wined Taylor. They dined Taylor. And Rex Ryan repeated to Taylor what he told Wichard the past couple of days as he was setting up this visit: If Taylor signs with the Jets, he will have between 12-15 sacks in 2010 because Ryan would use him as a pass-rusher coming from every imaginable and unpredicatable location on the field except perhaps the pressbox.

Jason Taylor was never recruited by bigtime college programs before he went to Akron but by Wednesday night he definitely knew what it's like to be wanted.

And that is the biggest difference between the Dolphins and Jets right now. The Jets have the Dolphins over a barrel on style if not necessarily on substance.

The Jets may not be able to pay Taylor very much at this time because they are limited by NFL Final Four rules imposed on clubs that made it to the conference title games. Taylor would like to make approximately $3 million per season and he would like a two-year deal because he wants to play two more seasons. Under the rules, the Jets seemingly can't get much higher than $1.5 million in the first year of the deal and cannot raise Taylor's 2011 salary more than 30 percent to $1.95 million.

But the Jets are nonetheless chasing Taylor like he is invaluable.

The Dolphins? They're the team that made it clear to Taylor last year he had to earn his roster spot after he signed. They're the club that isn't showing its cards or any emotion in dealing with Taylor. The Dolphins are the club that have returned some but not all of the calls from Taylor or his agent this offseason.

That matters to Taylor. And so does this:

Taylor has noticed that Miami signed Jason Ferguson this offseason after he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs but they keep him at arm's length. The Dolphins have signed Chad Pennington when his shoulder might or might not be 100 percent going forward but they're biding their time on re-signing the same Jason Taylor who played an entire month with a bum shoulder last season.

Understand that the Dolphins don't see any problem here. They see nothing wrong with approaching folks in a direct and candid way or putting other folks on the back burner when necessary. But one man's candid is another man's tactless. One man's back burner is another's contempt. That's perhaps a reason safety Ryan Clark returned to the Steelers rather than signing with the Dolphins.

Clark didn't get more money from Pittsburgh than he might have from Miami. But he felt he got a whole lot more love.

The Dolphins are not big on that love thing. They don't show everyone a lot of love and particularly not to Taylor for some strange reason.

While Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick were calling Taylor's agent multiple times last year, the Dolphins acted like they were doing Taylor a favor in signing him at a bargain $1.5 million price. And Ryan's continuing chase of Taylor this year is in sharp contrast to Wichard approaching Ireland at the Indianapolis Combine in February and having to sell Taylor as a sound investment, like a pitchman stumping for his product.

Again, nothing wrong with Miami's substance. But the style raises eyebrows.

It is clear that all things being relatively equal, Taylor would love to continue playing for the Dolphins. The Dolphins know this and are absolutely using it to their advantage. And that's fine. The NFL is, after all, a business and Ireland is trying to conduct good business by getting the best deal for his team.

But good business is also about having good timing. And while the Jets are acting in their own timing, the Dolphins are banking on reacting to a New York offer.

Good business is also about keeping a good relationship. And there is no room in a good relationship for being lukewarm when someone else is being red hot.

Good business, in short, is also about style -- especially when it threatens to affect substance.


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Nah...but I think you would agree that Belicheck, Mara, and Taninbaum know the guy's Tendencies inside and out.

That may be a factor....also, two of the three are in his division...

I thought hearing J.T rumors of him going to the Patriots 2 years ago was bad enough, almost made my heart break, but being courted by the J-E-T-S?
This is an abomonation, unacceptable, hearing this made me sick in the stomack.

I dont know what the deal is between J.T and Miami, but the fins need to take care of business and sign him. He still has 2 good years left.


Trypitch, they ask for my money 10 times every season. And I have been paying it for nearly a decade so I'm entitled to have an opinion.

And my opinion is I am growing increasingly sick of this gang that seems so arrogant in the Nick Saban mold and like Saban, has won NOTHING.

FLPD, cmon bro, how many Superbowls has Ryan won?? And I don't want to hear about the Jets, take away Indy laying down in the regular season they are looking at 8-8 or 7-9 just like us...they are going all out to win this year or next by trading draft picks and signing older players...believe me, their weak link is Sanchez, guy is one good knee shot away from walking like Joe Namath...two bad knees coming off ur rookie year, one that required surgery isn't good

we need sharper or atogwe jt WILL be a dolphin next year.2010

bobby, I'm not saying the Jets are awesome. I'm not saying Rex Ryan is God's gift. But I am a realist.

The Jets had the No. 1 defense. They had the No. 1 running game and they were in the AFC title game. I don't give a crap how they got there, they got there and that's all that matters.

And at the end of the season, they were simply a better team than my team that laid down and lost three in a row to end the season.

Parcells, Sparano, and Ireland don't ask for your money 10 times every season... Sorry, they have a job and they're being paid to do what is right for their business. JT has shown when he was dancing with the stars that he's quite happy to do what is right for his business. If he'd rather be a Jet than wait a couple weeks and see how the draft plays out, good riddance.

Very fair article Armando. You present both sides. Thank you.

mike nolan so far biggest freeagent move & dansby.he make are deffense at least top 10-15.wish we had more though.chicago,baltimore,denver all made alot of freeagent moves?

well put, the Ireland management style basically is not good. Ireland is not suited to lead in personnel matters..

"2. The man is a Dolphin to the core"

A Dolphin to the "core" wouldn't even consider wearing the Gangreen. Not even for one second.

It's funny to me how Bill Parcells wants his contract guaranteed even if he quits and goes somewhere else, but he doesn't want to pay Jason Taylor $3 million?

He paid Reggie Torbor $3 million and he's a backup. He paid Akin Ayodele $2 million and he was terrible. He paid Gibril Wilson $8 million guaranteed and he was a bust. He's paying all these undeserving slobs, but he doesn't want to pay Jason Taylor?

The man has alzhiemers.

Tryptich, your posts are RIGHT on the money man.....good job!!

Gotta go guys....but one last, unrealted thought and Bobby, I know you won't like or agree what I have to say.....I think there's a 50/50 chance the Dolphins draft Dez Bryant. It's not the way I want them to go but I think if they do their due dilligence on him and he checks out that they will be comfortable taking him. Guys like Hughes and a NT can be added in the second and third round but I think Bryant could be a real talent for us.

'Night guys....

Dolphins fans are the biggest bunch of pansies in the f u c k i n g league. Whine b i t ch and moan is all half of you do. Wahhh!! Parcells won't do the things I want. Wahhh!! we aren't Super Bowl champions 2 years after 1-15. Wahh!! You guys f'ing suck.

I think what the Dolphins should do is transplant you sissy a ss whiner wanna be GMs to Philly where you can be pissed off all the time. Keep the good fans and trade you whiner fans to philly for a pot of wet noodles.

You said it bro. Love the Fins, but hate Fins fans! You all wanna cry? Root for the Lions!

JT visiting the frigging Jets shows this game is a business. The Jets of all teams! whats next visit? Bellichik at New England? At least go out of our division for the fans JT!!!

FLPD, I just it interesting how you like me, both have season tickets but we can have such a differing outlook...ur disgusted and I'm excited...u don't like the moves or direction and I love what we are doing...Every single team has hits n misses in FA and the draft...Chad Henne, Jake Long, Sean Smith Vonte Davis and our whole offensive line along with Wake, Culver, Clemmons have me believing we are well on the way..FA has definitley had some ugly marks but like I said, everyone misses...I guess it's mattter of perspective, I'm just telling you as one who has followed Parcells since the Giants is this team will be built through the draft and not FA...u either have to trust or not

It's funny how a lot of you guys criticize Parcells and the moves he makes and that he doesn't treat people well. The guy has now built up FIVE organizations from nothing. He won Superbowls with the Giants, took the Patriots to one, built the Jets up from nothing and the team you are watching right now in Dallas is Parcells team. Plus he took us from 1-15 to 11-5 and the playoffs and yet all you guys want to complain about his moves and how he handles players. If Parcells is such a bad guy how come Taylor hasn't signed with the Jets yet and how come guys like Ricky love playing for him?

Even though it is a business I believe you still should treat people like you yourself would want to be treated. And JT played hard for a bunch of years for us and I do kind of agree with
Ham-Ando that we should show our guys some love, give them a "Welcome to Miami" press conference, and make them feel wanted. You know no one is going to want to play for Miami in the future if the club continues along with this cold shoulder way of treatment...at the end of the day we all put our pants on the same way...weather it be the big tuna or the water boy. Show our players some love so we don't end up like the friggin Lions organization and have heartless players and winning only 1-2 games per year. It seems to me this regime is has a ton of money but would rather give the players K-Mart gifts as thanks for bangin your bodies around for the last 10 years for us. Look...I'm a die hard Fin fan...I like sparano so far...but this cold stuff and no big welcome Karlos parties has got to stop...don't be afraid to spend those dollars Miami, because without the players love for the team and city...we will eventually fall to the Lions rank.

zzzzzzzzzz. seriously. JT isnt elite anymore

Craig M...Like I said before, I would be shocked if they took Dez, but if in fact they did pick him, I would not be upset...now if they take Pierre Paul or Lupati at 12, I would not be too happy

FLPD and Willi Chirino the gig is up. Both of you are the same....so sad. click on the blue to reveal the truth


Totally in agreement with what your saying. I have a lot of questions about JPP and I just think the guard is a wasted pick for us. It's interesting Charlie Casserly was ripping Lupati on the NFL Network tonight and said he thinks the kid has red flags and thinks he's a low first, early second round pick.

Was it McClain or Morgan for you?

Keep in mind one thing, JT left for Washington thinking the grass would be greener (No pun intended). How did that work out? This is his home. If Miami truly wants him, they'll get him. It is that simple.

Good point about Ricky, he was quick to show him more love than he had to or was even expected to. Ricky was happy to be a role player.

The Fact is JT played hard for the FINS a lot of years, not parcells. Parcells isn't here to help people with their fin legacy, he's here to build a long term contender. Is JT as a 35 year old olb ready to accept a reserve role, ready to be a situational player? I don't think so... He wants to be the main guy and the fact is he's going nowhere but downhill even if he manages to play one more good year. Dolphins management wants to develop their youth and grow this team towards the future, they will not allow a players ego to interfere with that. They are not going to cling to a player past his prime for the sake of that players legacy.

Nice blog, Armando! Very well written. Your best in months.

That's a great point about the Dolphins already signing Ferguson with a positive steroid test (and he's older than JT) and Pennington with his injured shoulder.

This seems to be exactly how they lost Clark. They're trying make established players prove something they've already proven. No multiyear starter in the NFL wants to feel like a rookie.

It's puzzling how the Jets and Cheatriots appreciate JT more than the Trifecta. They would utilize him better than the Dolphins did last year. That's for sure.

mR742 and Mark in Ottawa:

mR742 : Ur still shittin' yellow, son. You're not even old enough to be a Dolphin fan, much less an authority on our best OLB and defensive team leader. Just making any ole' change doesn't always make things better. Christ, what did he get while playing out of position on reduced downs? Like, 7 sacks? What would his sack total been w/more downs and used properly?

Mark in Ottawa: Don't know what to say about u and the comments you make pretending to be a Dolphin personnel authority from the confines of Canada, other than stay where u are, S FL is a much better place for it.

Craig M, I still like McClain, I would rather grab Hughes or Sapp or even Scofield at lower rounds then Morgan, Kindle or Graham...My pick of the draft is Rob Gronkowski if he falls to 43...

Craig M, I also find the fact that the Fins have bought in Earl Thomas for a second visit ALOT more interesting and important then this Taylor nonsense

It's funny, I read that Ryan has promised JT he will have 12-15 sacks next year playing for the Jets. Possibly that would be the case if they play Buffalo every week!! I think it's questionable that JT is an every down player any more and I don't see it happening on that Jets defence with guys like Bart Scott and Harris and kids like Gholston and Westerman needing playing time.

If JT doesn't get his 12-15 sacks, the fat man should step down....

Hey "boo hoo"...You're a little BIT@H!
Now go back to your Joisey site and leave the NFL talk to the grown-ups...Move along now, and have your mommy wipe your nose before you go to bed...

The Patriots may covet Taylor more... but make no mistake about it, they have the same business first mentality. They had no problem letting Tedy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel go when they were still younger than JT currently is. So far I haven't heard the Patriots are knocking JT's door down this year, they were last year but, that was last year. Let's see if they're as interested this time around first. You know whats funny, if they are interested it'll show much more post draft, cause they look at it exactly the same way we do.

I just jumped over to a Jets blog and it's really interesting what the Jets fans are saying about JT. They DO NOT want him there under any circumstances and they are pissed off that ryan is even entertaining the idea. thsi may backfire on Ryan yet.

Maybe I'm wrong about this but I don't think the Jets are all that much better than the Dolphins, talent-wise. I also don't believe the Jets are as close to winning a Super Bowl as many NFL pundits out there are insinuating this off-season. Sure, the Jets made it to the AFC Championship game last season, but let's not forget that were it not for the Colts shutting it down in the regular season the Jets wouldn't have even made the playoffs. Next, consider the two teams the Jets beat in the playoffs: First, a Cincinnati team that was reeling by the end of last season and hasn't won a playoff game since the 80's. Second, a San Diego team that has made a habit of repeatedly underachieving in the playoffs and has choked more times than Rex Ryan has choked on chicken wings. Yes, the Jets boast a top-notch defense but they also benefited greatly from having the chips fall as they did last year. Luck has as much to do with success in the NFL as talent and coaching.

As far as the whole JT situation goes, I wish the Dolphins would show more love to him. JT has given his heart and soul to the Dolphins organization, so the least the Trifecta can do is be open and honest with him. Return the man's phone calls for God's sake. Would I be disappointed if JT signed with the Jets? Hell yeah! But I wouldn't be mad at JT, I'd be mad at the Trifecta for letting it reach that point. I can't imagine Don Shula or even Jimmy Johnson (who drafted JT) giving a player with JT's history and track record the cold shoulder the way the current Dolphins regime has. Yes, the NFL is a business. But there is also a degree of respect and courtesy that should always be present between an employer and employee, especially an employee that has been as loyal and hard-working as JT has.

Jose T,

You are right about the Jets not being as good as a lot of the experts think they are. They were lucky to make the playoffs last year and got hot at the right time. Ryan is getting greedy and going all in this year. I think it's going to blow up in his face in a year or two. I also think Sanchez is the weak link on that team but for me it's because he can't throw in windy conditions and I think he will struggle when the games matter the most. I expect this team to fall back to earth in a hurry in a year or two.

Why would Taylor want to play for a team that's rebuilding? He came back because he thought they were competing for a playoff, instead it was just a fluke season and the awfulins are garbage.
Jason would be alot better off ending his career on a high note, with a contender and not the pats because they're retooling and going nowhere also, so eat a smarter pill!

K......I'm done guys. Two weeks until the draft!!......thank God!

SEAN GOUGH 703-754-0113. You imbecile, this number is out of service. Are you scared?

Craig M, the Jets fans are not as enthused about some of Ryan's moves as Fins fans think...The Jets spent $100,000 on advertisements to pacify their fans after releasing their leading RB last year...The LT signing hasn't been really gone over big...Fans blasted the team when the Brandon Marshall talks were happening...Rex seems to be more popular here then in NY

JET FAN better be careful because SEAN GOUGH is TOUGH and will get you.

Jet Fan, playing for Oakland would be better then playing for the Jets and their trailer park trash fans


Jason has been with the fins all but one year of his career. Surely the communication between him and the trio has been clear. It's business. Sports is no different than any other industry. So he visited the Wets. Normal..One has to explore the opportunities. The thing is, you are speculating. You have no idea whatsoever how things stand between him and the trio. I think without firm evidence its a stretch to imply the trio has been cold or disrespectful. My 'guess' is they've both been honest with each other and each is following their path to see where things lead. I think your article is overly dramatic, tabloid and speculative. No way to compare his situation with Fergie or Penne. Life isn't a Walt Disney movie. Every situation is different. If management no longer feels a player who has been stellar for 13 years can still be stellar, there is no room for sentiment. The management has to do what they think is best for the team no matter how good or classy a player has been in the past.

I agree with Mando - there is no reason for the Dolphins to project themselves as such a classless organization.

Rex is an idiot...he was one of those half tall part dumb and fat bully that was all talk. He was talking trash like they beat us last year. I was hoping that someone whould knock him out at those fights. Same as today dummy is talking trash...he has nothing and we will stomp the jets again this year...twice

And beating the jets twice this coming year will be as refreshing as eating a big bowl of vajflakes on Monday morning.

I think the Phins seriously need to bring JT back.

I would give him a full-body massage if need be!!! I woulkd stroke every part of his body and make him feel wanted in Miami again :-)

Maybe we should hold his hand to Armando and walk him across the street this is the NFL and if you're a 35 year old pass rusher who wore down toward the end of the season and was a selfish jack@ss the year before I doubt we have to rush and resign you.

I would give him a full-body massage if need be!!! I woulkd stroke every part of his body and make him feel wanted in Miami again :-)

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 08, 2010 at 01:30 AM

Cut print gay...

I suppose I am just not all about the bitching about this or that. I damn sure don't know any better then the people being paid to run the team... I have been a fan and season ticket holder since 71. What I see happening is good football sense. They are building the team from the inside out and doing it with young drafted players. It would be wrong for me to whine about that since its what I feel our team should have been doing since Wanny was given the Boot. I feel that trying to prognosticate what this team is going to be all about before we even see what has been done and what the final product will look and play like is dumb. To me the time to start whining is when there is a problem... not when you perceive there is one. No one saw N.O. winning it all last year... No One... and no one knows who will win this year either. I don't believe in flukes... that's the other teams loser talk. You can't say one team is a fluke and the other is not and maintain any credibility. We'll see when the season gets going what the real deal is.


what's with the lack of love? :-(

I am a big JT fan for years and would do anything for him!!!! So, stop with the bashing and get on board. You can help me out and wash his toes.


Enough of J. Taylor already...when millions are out of jobs...fans here are worrying if he's going to sign for millions? I could care less...if he want's to go...leave....if you want to stay...stay. Taylor's best days are behind him....and thats one fact that can't be denied.

I love JT to death but you cant build a championship team with ine foot in the past, the other in the future, and pissing all over today.

Even if JT's not a Dolphin this season I'm pretty damned sure he won't be a jet. Thanks for the timeshare tour and 90 minute spill Rex Ryan, Jt won't be buying, lol!

I love JT to death but you cant build a championship team with one foot in the past, the other in the future, and pissing all over today.

Even if JT's not a Dolphin this season I'm pretty damned sure he won't be a Wet. Thanks for the timeshare tour, the free gifts, and your 90 minute spill Rex Ryan, JT won't be buying, lol!

Jets want him, the Patriots would consider him and both of them finished above us in the AFC East. The Dolphins are clearly suffering from dillusions of grandure, and think they're bigger than they are.

How's the fog out there in the UK? Seems its clouding your brain.

jT will never be a jets.

You know what. 11-5 without JT and the playoffs. 7-9 with him and Porter. You JT fanbois need to wake up. JT is not in his prime anymore. He is a situational player now and will not be a big piece in building this franchise which was destroyed by previous regimes. Keep it going Parcells. Don't ever listen to these fanboi's and beat writers.

great job with the blog today very impressive

It's one thing to lack style if you make it up with substance but I haven't seen much substance from the likes of Gabril Wilson, Pat White, Patrick Turner et al.

How about this, Is a "declining or past his prime" JT better then a rookie fresh out of the draft (probably a 2 or 3rd rounder) of course not. JT has one thing more then all these rookie "hybrid" OLB, experience. Some of you think its the $$, how much will a mid second or 3 rounder (unproven atthe NFL level) cost? probably as much or close to it. We have so many other needs, with 10 draft picks, there is no way in hell that we will cover all our bases with this draft. As for free agents OLB hummm, who is out there that is better the JT ? Finally treat your players well and fairly and they will play their hearts out for you, that is something that the trifecta seems to forget with certain players (Zach Thomas, JT), and apply to others not as deserving (Ferguson). Sports are part physical and mental attributes and part EMOTION. I perceive The Trifecta as having as much EMOTION as a freaking Cactus. Sign JT, draft another OLB next year, if there is a season...

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