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With Taylor, Dolphins style is lacking

The Miami Dolphins like Jason Taylor. They say he's a good player and sincerely believe they have a good relationship with him. Coach Tony Sparano believes he and Taylor are as tight as an employer-employee relationship allows, while general manager Jeff Ireland believes he and Taylor's agent Gary Wichard have an open and honest association.

So the Dolphins are not seriously sweating Taylor's visit to the New York Jets.

The Dolphins know what Taylor would like to be paid in 2010 and they say Wichard knows the value they have placed on Taylor. No, the Dolphins haven't made an official contract offer to Wichard for reasons they believe to be sound business, but they insist "everyone knows where everyone stands." There is, by the way, a difference of opinion between the parties about Taylor's value.

But, the Dolphins believe if Taylor gets an offer from the Jets Thursday, or anyone else in the coming days, they will have the opportunity to adjust their opinion.

The Dolphins believe they will have a chance to match any offer any team makes Taylor.

Perhaps that is true. Perhaps it isn't. But that's what the Dolphins believe. So from a purely cold, unemotional, business aspect, nothing the Dolphins are doing really can be deemed wrong or a mistake.

But ...

Dealing with Jason Taylor is not and cannot be just about cold hard facts. It cannot be just about legal tender green dollars.

Taylor wants to be loved, maybe even wooed. He definitely wants to be shown respect because after 13 NFL seasons he rightly believes he's earned that. And the New York Jets are showing him that love and respect at a time when Taylor doesn't think the Dolphins are.

On Wednesday, the Jets flew Taylor to New York for a free agent visit. He and his wife Katina were picked up by limousine and taken to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a five-star facility overlooking Columbus Circle in midtown Manhattan. The Jets later put Taylor in a helicopter and flew him to their new stadium in New Jersey. The place is in a wasteland called the meadowlands but the Jets sold it to Taylor as his new home he can help decorate with a Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The Jets wined Taylor. They dined Taylor. And Rex Ryan repeated to Taylor what he told Wichard the past couple of days as he was setting up this visit: If Taylor signs with the Jets, he will have between 12-15 sacks in 2010 because Ryan would use him as a pass-rusher coming from every imaginable and unpredicatable location on the field except perhaps the pressbox.

Jason Taylor was never recruited by bigtime college programs before he went to Akron but by Wednesday night he definitely knew what it's like to be wanted.

And that is the biggest difference between the Dolphins and Jets right now. The Jets have the Dolphins over a barrel on style if not necessarily on substance.

The Jets may not be able to pay Taylor very much at this time because they are limited by NFL Final Four rules imposed on clubs that made it to the conference title games. Taylor would like to make approximately $3 million per season and he would like a two-year deal because he wants to play two more seasons. Under the rules, the Jets seemingly can't get much higher than $1.5 million in the first year of the deal and cannot raise Taylor's 2011 salary more than 30 percent to $1.95 million.

But the Jets are nonetheless chasing Taylor like he is invaluable.

The Dolphins? They're the team that made it clear to Taylor last year he had to earn his roster spot after he signed. They're the club that isn't showing its cards or any emotion in dealing with Taylor. The Dolphins are the club that have returned some but not all of the calls from Taylor or his agent this offseason.

That matters to Taylor. And so does this:

Taylor has noticed that Miami signed Jason Ferguson this offseason after he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs but they keep him at arm's length. The Dolphins have signed Chad Pennington when his shoulder might or might not be 100 percent going forward but they're biding their time on re-signing the same Jason Taylor who played an entire month with a bum shoulder last season.

Understand that the Dolphins don't see any problem here. They see nothing wrong with approaching folks in a direct and candid way or putting other folks on the back burner when necessary. But one man's candid is another man's tactless. One man's back burner is another's contempt. That's perhaps a reason safety Ryan Clark returned to the Steelers rather than signing with the Dolphins.

Clark didn't get more money from Pittsburgh than he might have from Miami. But he felt he got a whole lot more love.

The Dolphins are not big on that love thing. They don't show everyone a lot of love and particularly not to Taylor for some strange reason.

While Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick were calling Taylor's agent multiple times last year, the Dolphins acted like they were doing Taylor a favor in signing him at a bargain $1.5 million price. And Ryan's continuing chase of Taylor this year is in sharp contrast to Wichard approaching Ireland at the Indianapolis Combine in February and having to sell Taylor as a sound investment, like a pitchman stumping for his product.

Again, nothing wrong with Miami's substance. But the style raises eyebrows.

It is clear that all things being relatively equal, Taylor would love to continue playing for the Dolphins. The Dolphins know this and are absolutely using it to their advantage. And that's fine. The NFL is, after all, a business and Ireland is trying to conduct good business by getting the best deal for his team.

But good business is also about having good timing. And while the Jets are acting in their own timing, the Dolphins are banking on reacting to a New York offer.

Good business is also about keeping a good relationship. And there is no room in a good relationship for being lukewarm when someone else is being red hot.

Good business, in short, is also about style -- especially when it threatens to affect substance.


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Correction on PREVIOUS POST

"How about this, Is a "declining or past his prime" JT better then a rookie fresh out of the draft (probably a 2 or 3rd rounder) of course not."

SHOULD HAVE WRITTEN "How about... of course he is better"

need more coffee lol








I wonder if the current regime not signing Zack for a day, so he could retire a dolphin will also have an impact.

Just a thought...

I remember during JT's Dancing show he mentioned he already knew how to be in a three point stance and didn't feel the need to do off season conditioning or OTA's. I wonder if JT and the dolphins have agreed not to sign until later so he doesn't have to attend these and be able spend some time with his family during the off season?

I have a feeling they both know where they stand and JT will be back.

Just a thought...

"Finally treat your players well and fairly and they will play their hearts out for you, that is something that the trifecta seems to forget with certain players (Zach Thomas, JT), and apply to others not as deserving (Ferguson)"

Really? Cause Jason Ferguson followed Parcells to the Cowboys and to the Dolphins... He's way more deserving, it's not even close. Ferg has shown his loyalty to our guys.

Jason Taylor really showed his loyalty when he he disregarded what they wanted and went dancing with the stars. They wanted him there leading the team early on so they could set their scheme and have him their to set the example. He burned them when it mattered the most and now they'll use him if it's in their best interest but they're going to do it from a business standpoint. JT sure didn't mind treating them badly when it was best for his own business.

Zach Thomas wasn't treated poorly, he wasn't traded for a 7th round pick to some bum team. He was released because they wanted to get younger and felt he didn't fit their scheme. They never once said anything bad about him and they let him go to sign with any team he wanted where he could go chase a championship.

Guys ...dont worry about JT so much...we have other mucher bigger fish to fry....we have NO STARTERS in Free Safety...YB will play strong safety....I cant see them going for Earl Thomas...reason...he is 5'10"...and he will be expected to cover some of the Tight ends at 6'4" and more....i cant see it happening...hes TOO small...no matter how good he is...its a mismatch.

Look for Taylor Mays...or someone at least 6 ft tall.....THOMAS is SMALL...and light...

On a another matter...Cowboys VP of whatever has said KINDLE..???

Ive had a good look at him...hes not bad...but he is also not that big...he is slight I feel...what is he 6'2 and 200..???

Although GRAHAM is shorter he is stouter...KINDLE has mediocre production for mine...its GRAHAM for me.

I still think TURNER will be a BEAST...he is 22 and is lightning...be patient...this guy will BURST on the scene within 2 years....and he has really good hands....He can be No1..

Armando Salguero
Was the following necessary? "The Jets later put Taylor in a helicopter and flew him to their new stadium in New Jersey. The place is in a wasteland called the meadowlands"
Considering your name, I would venture to say that you have seen your share of "real" wastelands. To insult our state by referring to The Meadowlands as a "wasteland" just reinforces my oppinion of your writing (blogging) skills. You are more of a "cry-baby" fan than a skilled writer who is unable to be the least objective. Shame on you for your comments of "wasteland" as I would bet if you researched, you would find a relative or two of yours who does not live far from The Meadowlands.

what's up with smiley ????

love jt but dolphins need to move on younger faster....

nice backup or 3rd and long player but his days are done...

JT is washed up. Sure, he will make a great mentor for the Fins but at what cost? Decisions need to be made for what's BEST for the TEAM, NOT just what's best for JT.

JT being so loyal to the Fins has once again showed his true cards. He should have just waited it out another couple of weeks until the draft was over and the Fins would offer him what he's worth.

Being a life long Fan since 72 the players are all about themselves. No longer do we have coaches like Shula who remained the HC and retired as a Fin, no longer do we have Marino's who are born and retire a Fin. Now it's a free for all and that's what pisses fans off. Yes.. $$$ is important but really... How many millions does it take to own a mansion, nice car, collage fund and play money? Do they REALLY want more millions? ONLY the "Owens" types that are all about themselves.

JT, RETIRE a Fin and enjoy what's left of your life and watch your kids grow up HOME not from across the USA.

Here are some things Jason Taylor said about Jets fans before (this why Jets fans don't want him):

"A bunch of them chanting their dumb-ass chant and all that other stuff, being the ignorant fans they are. I said it. I don't care if they get mad at me or not. They don't like me anyway. Quite frankly, I don't care. ... I'm just being real. I'm telling the truth. You carry yourself with some class, and we'll talk about you as if you've got class. If you want to act crazy and do all the crazy things they do, I'll call a spade a spade."

"To score a touchdown in New York against the Jets in the last time I'll be in the hellhole they call a stadium up there before they get rid of it and move to the new one, it was outstanding."

"The Giants fans are a different type of people. Just put it that way. There's a little more class on the Giants' side, and some Jets fans take the 'c-l' out of class."

Let each of you so called fins remember that taylor put his status before the team when Parcells and company came abroad. Then he realized the grass wasn't greener and came back home. No one can adeqautely that the Jets will win the SuperBowl before we do. Remember itr was the Jets that Parcells start turning around before his exit.
If he wants to leave and play his season in the cold then best of luck to him. It didn't work for him in Washington and I am pretty sure it want work for him in NY. We have the right DC who knows defense and the way to use players on board now. I will assure you our defense will be better then the jets this year on.
We are going to pick up the right pieces to this puzzle through the draft and when we are done, if Taylor wants to continue playing in a well seasoned place we will welcome him back. If not then good-bye JT, we will be lifting the trophy before your next team will.


Your man crush on Jason Taylor has no end. You will blah, blah , blah, and blab, blab, blab, about him but you never talk about his numbers. I really feel your professionalisim is clouded when it comes to JT. You swoon over him like he just asked you to the prom.

You never mention him leaving this team when they needed him most. you never mention HE CANT STOP THE RUN. How many time on 3rd and 4 or less have teams run the ball at him and picked up a first down?

He gives you interviews and cries on your shoulder when the buisnessmen in the orginization do buisness.

Take your personal feeling out of your journalism and report facts. if you did you would report that we are far better of without JT then we are with him.


2 weeks until draft day people!

we have 2 young guys who could be the starter at FS. we currently have 8 LB's on the roster. there is still the draft the second round of FA and the cuts during camp/preseason. plenty of chances to find guys to fill gaps.

besides ryan clark who took less money to stay with the team he was already on who have we made a serious run at that went somewhere else?

and yes, big surprise that players would want to play here. warm weather and no? state income taxes.

i do think taylor will be a fin. if the best the jets can offer is 1.5 and 2 on a 2 year contract then the dolphins are crazy to be outbid. not to mention his family is settled in miami. he said he hated his year in washington partly because he was away from his kids.

Very nice write up. The Trifecta is quite ruthless in their M.O, but like Mando illustrates, they show LOVE to "their" guys: Fergie, Torbor, Penne etc

I dont care what their M.O is but, this year its playoffs or bust.

Too many crappy moves in F.A so far.

Still many questions to be answered: FS, NT, OLB, TE, 4 QBs, Smiley, DUIs etc etc.

They have until draft weekend to address them.

You made some outstanding points with Jason Ferguson and Chad Pennington. The Dolphins like to sometimes play this hardball business with players. Jason Taylor makes their OLBs better! There is not one OLB with as much experience than JT. The guy is a class act and a great player. Young players need veterans to show them the way. I think one of JT's great highlights from last year was when he was on the sidelines jumping on Sean Smith and Vonte Davis to get their heads in the game. What player in the draft will offer that? NONE!

I agree that this approach is tactless by our management. Taylor will be a necessity this year, and maybe only this year. He needs to be signed, and treated the way a 13 year vet who has been loyal should be treated. The majority of fans want him here, and he does not Hurt the team. This frustrates me so much. I can not imagine him on the Jets, it would be terrible. And why has Zach not gotten his one day deal to retire with the Phins? I really am not a big fan of Parcell's and his crew at this time.

They need Jason taylor so they can draft wr and get sharper. He has been a dolphin hero and they are pissing on him. That's the bottom line of this article. Te trifecta have made horrible moves so far, besides dansby. They need to get something right!

MyNYjets... Meadowlands is a waste land! It's surrounded by landfills lol... I know, I live in central jersey and drive up the turnpike last the meadowlands all the time, Armando is right!

While I like the Tuna's approach to the draft, I absolutely hate his approach to free agency, and the results on both say as much. JT is on par with Marino as far as a hall of famer on and off the field, and these guys are treating him like an ex convict who wants a second chance and no one else will give it to him. They really need to update their approach in recruiting players because outside of offering the most cash to players, they don't seem to understand the importance of making players feel wanted, appreciated and loved. As much as I hate to think or even say it, this current administration deserves to have JT sign with the Jets and see him have a couple of great years. If Miami does not sign JT today to a two year deal above what the Jets are offering, it will be the end of the honeymoon for the Tuna and company, specially off of all of the FA mistakes they have made, Pat White draft pick, and last years record and the fact that the Jets are right now the best team in our division and are about to add our best defensive player.

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