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Jeff Ireland apologizes to Dez Bryant

Yes, Jeff Ireland asked the question. And he is sorry he did.

The Dolphins general manager has called receiver Dez Bryant in the last hour and apologized for asking the player if his mother was ever a prostitute. The question came during a pre-draft interview at the Dolphins training facility earlier this month.

Bryant has apparently accepted the apology.

"My job is to find out as much information as possible about a player that I'm considering drafting," Ireland said in a statement. "Sometimes that leads to asking in-depth questions.

"Having said that, I talked to Dez Bryant and told him I used poor judgment in one of the questions I asked him. I certainly meant no disrespect and apologized to him.

"I appreciate his acceptance of that apology and I told him I wished him well as he embarks on his NFL career."

This apology follows two reports by Yahoo!Sports' Mike Silver in which Bryant claimed he was asked by an unnamed team if his mom was a prostitue. Silver followed with an ensuing report claiming the Dolphins were the unnamed team and that Ireland was the person asking the question, according to a source.

Both reports were correct. And Ireland is hoping to put the issue to bed by issuing this apology. 


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I certainly meant not to disrespect and apologized to him.

Why is Jeff making this private incident public?

It's nice to see Jeff man up and appologize. Still, the kid is going to hear a whole lot worse stuff on and off the field. Hopefully, he'll have someone that will keep in from getting sucked into all traps out there for a suddenly wealthy and famous player.

Damage control... alot of that lately...

wtf do these people think when they ask questions? Ireland probably a closet racist

Looks like Ireland is the one w character issues! Wonder why He and Parcells try so hard to say so little. Seems like anything that comes out of their mouth is basura!

so was his mother a prostitute?

Wow, LMAO...Hilarious

What kind of question is that? Is your mom a prostitute would have been my reply. I mean where is the foundation for such a question?

wowww--- ireland is a rare breed---he lucky he didnt get dropped

Jeff_Darlington "Wow. Some big shoes to fill. Edds takes Zach's number." RT @jackbechta: Client news: Dolphins gives draft pick AJ Edds jersey # 54.
6 minutes ago

Who the F cares?!?

"Damage control... alot of that lately..."
Posted by: Finsupremo

Because when Dez Bryant told someone about it and it got leaked, it became a public issue.

Either way it's a non-issue. Bryant's mom has a well documented history with drug abuse. Many teams asked questions about her. I'm sure Ireland meant no harm, the fact that he apologized only seconds that. Trust me, if Ireland didn't care he just would have said nothing and let the public do what they do.

OMG lol and was the last line of your article on purpose Mando?!?

"And Ireland is hoping to put the issue to bed by issuing this apology."

Put the issue to bed!?!?! Lmao!!!!!!!!!'n

I meant to reply to:
"Why is Jeff making this private incident public?
Posted by: Jersey Dolphan"

What a scumbag

So Emilio, Ireland asks a question about prostitution and he's automatically a closet racist? How do you make that leap?


Ireland's head's gotten too big hanging around with Big Tuna - Parcells with his track record and status might have gotten away with that crap but Ireland? You got long ways to go, buddy.

Is it just me, or is Jeff Ireland a Idiot or is he just clueless in other aspects of life?, and does he Deserve a beat-down??? what are your guys thoughts??

Mando, love ya man, but not do sure if "put this matter TO BED," is how this blog subject should have ended. LOL!

Breaking news: Big Ben just called Dez Bryant's mom to meet him at a bar. Body guards will be present.

Loosing a lot of respect for this guy. The worse part is he is only apologizing b/c the story is out. Wow.

The fact that she had 3 kids by the time she was 18 says something and then went to prison for sellin rock. Who gives a crap what he asked him? GMs ask these kids alot of weird questions just to see their temperment

Ireland has ballz of steel . Dez Bryant should beat the living s h i t out of him.

Perhaps Ireland wants to pay players' mothers for sex. Beware, mother of Odrick, beware.

Ireland calls it a "signing bonus."

Then they give this guy Zach Thomas' number. That number should be retired and nobody in a phins uniform should wear it.

Nothing racist about asking that. Ireland asked a valid question to a potential employee who would make millions. His mother was a crack head literally, with a criminal history.

Cuban, I think a beat down would be appropriate. What the heck does his question have any reflection on Bryant on or off the field.

The fact that she had 3 kids by the time she was 18 says something and then went to prison for sellin rock. Who gives a crap what he asked him? GMs ask these kids alot of weird questions just to see their temperment

Posted by: Truefan

^ this... and if anyone thinks players on the field think Mama jokes are out of line, is sorely mistaken. I wouldn't be surprised if because Dez leaked this story players across from him throw out a few mama prostitution jokes to see if they can get him off his game or get a free 15 yards.

Zach is my all-time favorite dolphin but his number won't be retired for awhile, so I say let the kid play with it. Maybe he'll be a tackling machine too

In the NFL players hear a lot of things on the field and many of them are not nice,brutal in fact, but Ireland's comments were way out of bounds in the context outlined in the Yahoo article. And more importantly it is a disturbing trend one that could effect player acquisition in the future. Ireland, Parcells nor Sparano should treat players they way they did Taylor, Thomas or Bryant. I don't think it will be as easily swept aside as Ireland hopes nor do I think an apology is sufficient. But I may be in the minority there, Ireland should be fined, reprimanded or sadly removed from his job, one where he seems to be a good talent evaluator and is fiscally responsible (better than what we had in the past anyway). In any other sector he would be.

I wonder what would have happened had Bryant reacted as most people on the street would? That would have been interesting.

I have been a Dolphin fan all my life and I have never been as ashamed of the organization as I am today.

Ok here's the tally so far, 2 beat downs, 3 no beat downs...

All women are prostitutes and Dez Bryant is one too.

sammy, you are killing it right now!

if that is his idea of a signing bonus, he must be stoked about this uncapped year.....

The fact that Ireland apologized after it was found out that He and the Dolphins asked this question is wack. How about not asking it at all?

I'm sure Dez "reportedly" being late to a few practices showed a lack of or poor judgement, but it cost him millions.

Come on man... you people overreact so badly. The kid's mother is a known drug user and had 3 kids by 18. Many organizations asked about her and drugs. Ireland apologized for it, he didn't mean to hurt the kid, he wasn't doing it to be malicious. He just was trying to get a feel for him, maybe he went a bit further than he needed to. But he admitted it and apologized. Get Over it!

Tim are you serious? Get the hell out if here with that crap. If you could here half the messed up questions these kids get asked you'd be amazed.

I think the question was out of bounds...Poor choice by Ireland even for a football interview

What an A HOLE I am starting to get a little nervous having this jerk off run the team he starting to remind me of what was his name speilman I think, it is looking like he was a poor choice by the tuna, first he gets rid of what 16 and half sacks from last year and 3 punt returns for touchdowns this is guy a dope and then he passes on a lot of good players maybe I will be wrong but I wish they had selected someone else to be GM

I say beat down but only for the sake of entertainment. I couldn't care less if he asked if his mom was a hooker.

Shows that Dez has more class then Ireland for not immediately administering a well deserved beat down on jeff.... too bad....

Well when you're about to pay a kid 10 million dollars to represent your team and your job is dependent on making the right decisions. You can ask politically correct questions. He apologize, Dez accepted it, dead issue.

If I was going to pay the guy millions I'd ask the tough questions too. Could it possibly have an impact on the guy's feelings toward women? Sure it could. And God knows we never hear about domestic violence in the NFL, yeah right. I'm sure much worse things have been asked of these guys.

He could've formed the question in football terms. Hey Dez is yo mama a wide receiver or a tight end?

speaking of odrick....i played golf this past weekend with a couple of penn state season ticket holders (and they have been for 30 some years). i told them i was a dolphin fan and asked what they thought about odrick being our first draft pick?

i one guy said, and i quote, "yeah, he's good....i just hope he is tough enough for the nfl...."

WTF?!? i told him "thats not a very encouraging endorsement..." and he then said he would be fine. i am not sure what to think about that given the fact that i personally had never even heard of the dude before the draft and definitely never watched him play before. being the defensive player of the year from a good conference like that has to count for something, but his youtube highlights dont seem to make him seem that amazing.....only time will tell i guess.

scott from delaware you are wrong. Thats kick returns not punt returns. Were you even watching any games?

Vote for the beat down for JI. No personality and a butt boy.
Good posts Tim from England @ 5:15 and Scott @ 5:19.
Easy Tryptich/Knight @ 5:14 & 5:19, you're trying too hard for acceptance and it's embarrassing for you.

Well, was his mom a prostitute?

The article was a hit job you blog lemming goons. When will you all just announce you're jet fans and let this blog be a Dolphins blog for once ? Dez bryants momma is a convicted drug dealer and a announced lesian. Doesn't seem like they are shy to me.

As for th sweedish joker above, take your fake reports and shove them. All media had Odrick as the best 3-4 DE before the draft, try reading.

idiot thing to ask,no doubt,but to drop the racist tag..come on,its 2010,we have a black president,let it go....seems to me real racist r the one claimin it all the time..or maybe hidin behind it

He just asking where is good time in Lufkin, Texas

I bet Joey Porter's momma is lady of the night

swedish_phish - the last thing you ever want to do is trust a college fan.

I remember a die hard Tennesee fan told me that Jason Allen will be one of the greats. "He is smart, aggressive, passionate, and dedicated, exactly the type of guy you want"

We saw how that worked out.

Trust Bill Parcells, not a bunch of middle earth PA hillbillies.

Any chance Dolphins are interested in Adalis Thomas?

I'm hoping so. Thomas is the anchor at olb we need

Mando i would like to know why the question was asked. Its not normal to ask it so why ask it? Dont let him off the hook that easy.

And what kind of conclution Irealnd expect to find knownig if the mother of somebody is a prostitute? Is there another way to reach the same conclution?, I mean seriously, I know some women who prectice the prostitution for sometime to pay for school and grow their children well, and some women who even don't work at all and their children behavior is not so good, and vice versa. ¿some opinion?

What does dez'z mother being a prostitute have anything to do with dez? More importantly his ability to be a top nfl receiver. Makes no sense to me unless he asked to see his reaction. bad stuff and nice of dez to accept his PR based apology!!!

Scott from delaware,

Thomas was nothing special with the Patriots plus I'm hoping the Dolphins address safety before adding anymore linebackers.

So, if your mom was a prostitute and I asked you, would that be wrong? You guys are making an issue out of nothing here. It's not like he said does your mom $uk cawk for rocks.....

Paul I don't know what kind of questions players are asked on a regular basis so who knows if it is out of line. Are or were you a GM? I think the only opinion that matters is that of other GMs. Second, I agree with you about the racist thing, but what does having a black president have to do with it?

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