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Jason Taylor to play for the New York Jets

Jason Taylor has decided to join the New York Jets, according to his agent Gary Wichard. The NFL's active sack leader and the player with more sacks than anyone since 2000, will sign a contract with New York as early as Wednesday.

Taylor is tentatively scheduled to fly to New York to meet with Jets management Wednesday morning.

Taylor, who wanted to return to the Dolphins in 2010, decided to accept New York's offer after realizing there was no opportunity for him to play for the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins have refused to offer Taylor a contract since the end of the 2009 season, saying they would make a decision on that after the draft.

Taylor's decision, looming for days, was finalized late Tuesday morning as the NFL draft threatened his only opportunity for a contract at this time. While the Dolphins were holding Taylor off until after the draft, the Jets offered Taylor a chance to join the NFL's No. 1-ranked defense in 2009.

Taylor recognized his opportunity in New York could disappear if the Jets draft someone that plays the same position. That would leave Taylor, 35, with no contract offer from any team and no assurances from Miami.

Wichard called the Jets to commit Taylor to them on Tuesday morning. The contract is a two-year deal for $13 million but that is not a true number because it includes a large roster bonus in 2011 the Jets aren't likely to pay. The real deal is essentially a one-year deal that could be worth up to $4 million with numerous incentives.

Taylor's decision was sealed this week upon his return from a mini-vacation in Costa Rica. He'd hoped he would return to South Florida and meet with Coach Tony Sparano -- a meeting Sparano requested and then postponed last week. But that meeting was never rescheduled, another hint to Taylor the Dolphins didn't want him back.

Clues that the Dolphins are moving in a different direction away from Taylor were everywhere. The team scheduled a workout for free agent OLB Travis LaBoy late last week. The club also seems ready to draft an OLB in this draft, with that pick coming as early as Miami's No. 12 pick in the first round.

And even as they were searching for pass-rushers -- a position of need -- the Dolphins did not offer Taylor a contract and did not provide either private or public hints there would even be a contract opportunity after the draft. At times during the last two months, the Dolphins have not returned calls to the Taylor camp.

The Dolphins have refused to explain why they are taking this approach with a player who has deeper roots in South Florida than Bill Parcells or Jeff Ireland or Tony Sparano combined. Ireland's stance on the matter recently was, "I'm not going to air our business to the media."

But the fact is this isn't typical of the way the Dolphins have done business this offseason. The club eagerly signed Jason Ferguson and Chad Pennington this offseason. Those moves were made despite the fact Ferguson, 35, must serve an eight-game suspension to start the 2010 season and Pennington, like Taylor, is recovering from shoulder surgery.

Clearly, the Dolphins didn't need to wait until after the draft to retain Ferguson and Pennington. 

Taylor is "disappointed and even hurt" the Dolphins didn't ask him to return for 2010, according to a family friend who asked not to be identified. Clearly, returning to play in front of Dolphins fans was his priority. Taylor wanted to finish his career in Miami because he has ties in the community, wants to retire to South Florida when his career is over, and wants his charitable foundation to continue doing work locally.

Basically, Taylor didn't want to do anything that would be misinterpreted as him leaving the Dolphins for a rival. "He's leaving the Dolphins because they've given him no choice," the family source said.

To that end, Taylor is expected to be introduced at a press conference by the Jets Wednesday. But after working out with his new teammates into the weekend, Taylor also expects to have a press conference in South Florida to address with the local media about his feelings on this move.

Taylor, the source said, sees this move as a separation but not a divorce from South Florida and Miami fans. "Logically, he had to go to Jets," the source said. "But emotionally, his heart is with Dolphins fans."

Taylor also views joining the Jets as an opportunity to reach the NFL playoffs. The Jets reached the AFC championship game in 2009 and have added several big-name players this offseason, including running back LaDainian Tomlinson, cornerback Antonio Cromartie and wide receiver Santonio Holmes.

Tomlinson was part of the full-court recruitment of Taylor by the Jets, as the running back called Taylor to convince him to join the team. That recruitment began in earnest when Jets coach Rex Ryan called agent Wichard three weeks ago to ask if Taylor would be interested in the idea of playing for Miami's division rival.

Wichard, holding no offer from the Dolphins, convinced Taylor to visit with the Jets on April 8-9.

Last week, the Jets called Wichard again. But this time it was owner Woody Johnson, general manager Mike Tannenbaum and Ryan on the line all at the same time.

"It was not to pressure Jason," Wichard said last week. "It was a respectful call. They wanted to share how much they thought of Jason. It wasn't like they were blitzing me. No pressure. We talked about how much Commissioner Roger Goodell likes Jason.

"The Jets have been great throughout this process."

The Jets and Dolphins could not be more dissimilar.

While the Dolphins last year referred to Taylor as an "acorn," a player plucked off the market at the last minute and unexpectedly, the Jets have treated Taylor like an icon -- taking him on helicopter rides to their new stadium, putting him up in a five-star hotel in midtown Manhattan during his recruiting visit.

Weighing the treatment of acorn and icon, Taylor obviously picked the latter.

This will mark the second time Taylor leaves the Dolphins.

Taylor played for the Dolphins from 1997-2007 then was traded to the Washington Redskins in 2008 for a second-round pick. He returned in 2009 and collected seven sacks and 42 tackles. Taylor started all 16 games in 2009 and was a team captain. Taylor turned down $8 million guaranteed from the Redskins to return to Miami for a one-year, $1.5 million deal.

It was such a successful reunion, the Dolphins offered Taylor a contract extension early last November, according to a club source.

The Dolphins have done this before with others players -- Parick Cobbs, Lousaka Polite, Greg Camarillo and Ricky Williams -- performing at a high level.

The difference for Taylor was that the contract offer was basically for the same money he played for last season. There was modest base salary increase offered from $1.1 to $1.5 million and there was one interesting stipulation: The Dolphins wanted to deal directly with Taylor and not let him include Wichard in any talks.

Taylor wanted to include his agent and that concluded the talks.

Interestingly, soon after Taylor rejected the curious extension offer, his playing time changed. Taylor still started. But the guy who led the team with 5 1/2 sacks with most of November and December still to play, suddenly wasn't part of Miami's pass-rush package all the time.

Taylor, playing with an injured shoulder on run downs but less so on passing downs, collected only 1 1/2 sacks the season's final two months. Meanwhile, Joey Porter, who had struggled early in the season, was allowed to stay on the field on pass downs and sometimes even waved off substitutions from the sideline on those downs.

With the Jets, Taylor is expected to play only on passing downs. Ryan has promised to be innovative and let Taylor attack the pass-pocket from every angle and side. That isn't exactly a new approach. In 2006, Nick Saban used Taylor in that fashion. Sometimes Taylor would rush from the right side, sometimes the left side, sometimes up the middle, sometimes Taylor would drop in coverage.

Taylor won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award that year.

When the Dolphins signed Taylor in 2009, their plan was to use him only on a limited basis -- again, mostly as a pass-rusher. But starter Matt Roth failed his training camp conditioning test and so Miami pressed Taylor into a starting job.

Taylor was happy to take the job and didn't give it back. Roth was eventually waived.

Now the Dolphins don't have either Roth or Taylor.

Now the Dolphins will face Jason Taylor twice in 2010.

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He's a trader now. He could have gone anywere and he chose the Jets. Trader.

Well this is something else. You know Dan Marino is a true Dolphin as he could have played anywhere but he said that Miami and the fans of the Miami Dolphins would be sick to ever see him off in another city. Well Jason could have went with the skins again or anywhere else but the JETS. You have to be kidding me. what a f u c k o. He is not a phin now and will never be in my book as a dolphin, he is right in there with Bryan Cox. I would rather retire rich and look at hollywood before ever playing for that fat f u c k ryan and those f u c k face fans.

he didnt choose the jets; we forced him out. poor decision the way in which it was handled. best regards to jason who wanted to end his career here.

He was forced out. Fins treated an icon like an acorn. Well put Armando.

Good luck JT. Hope we beat you twice and knock you out of playoff contention, but still wish you well.

Too bad our team decided you were not worth the effort.

Well, if it was a bluff, looks like JT just called it...

I don't have a problem with this, but it doesn't make any sense. If the JETS were going to draft another OLB or DE... THEY STILL WILL! Picking up a 35 year veteran for one year will not change their draft plans, it just changes this years playing time. Taylor could have waited until after the draft and I'm sure the same offer would be there from New York, except maybe Miami would then show some more interest. Clearly, he just thinks the Jets will give him more playing time, which is probably true.

Traitor. Him "missing out on his only chance to play next year" is BS. He would've had a job. It's not like Bilechick wouldn't have had a roster spot waiting even if we didn't. I don't know why we wouldn't sign him now, but you know what? That's what teams do. They wait til after the draft. Have fun in NY Jason when we beat you twice more this year and win the AFC East. Traitor.

I just heard on NFL radio that Taylor is not a done deal. He has until thursday to sign. What gives?


pure bull$hit!

I feel bad this ended this way. It's obvious Jason wanted to return and wasn't looking to leave, but our front office gave him no choice.
I think they'll regret this move, from both a playing standpoint and leadership standpoint.
If they had a made a respectable offer to him, he would have come back and they didn't pull the trigger. Fins have no one to blame but themselves on this one and I have no ill will towards JT.

Not JT's fault. The Dolphins could have signed him for the exact same money at any point prior to Wednesday. They didn't even want to meet with him.

I hate the J-E-T-S, but now I will really be pissed at management if J-e-T sacks Henne.

Dolphins management FAIL on JT.

Man, I can't believe you read this story and still made that idiotic comment. BTW, I think you meant "traitor". Trader is what the trifecta has been recently (Marshall for 2 2nds).

That guy didn't need the money, he could of waited til after the draft and signed with any number of teams. He is a true trader in my book. He thinks he has a chance to win a super bowl in new York! Hahahahahah. Good luck you hypocrite


I am sorry it ended this way, but I will be booing him loudly from the stands at the home game. I think the Fins have no one to blame but themselves either, but Taylor made the choice of the Jets, not the Fins. I am sure there were other offers. I hope every fan treats him just like we treat every other Jet player.

It was no bluff and I am glad Jason took the Jets up on their offer. As much as I hate them I still think they are a good up and coming team that is doing all it can to win. I look forward to seeing Jason Taylor twice a year and if he tears us up so be it. The Dolphins made this decision not him. Go Dolphins!

This is ALL on Dolphins' management. They treated a local hero, an icon like dirt. They pushed him out the door, no matter how badly he wanted, nearly begged, to come back.

Well, at least if this ownership can't give us a consistent winner, they can give us a team we hate.

I am as diehard as they come and I hope we sweep the Jets forever more. But I don't mind at all if Jason Taylor puts a hurting on us in every, single game.

It would serve Parcells and Ireland right for their arrogant disregard for a legend.

Well, another jersey to burn!

So, let me get my tissues out and cry. Wasn't this the same guy that forced his way out 2 years ago? We played his game, but he couldn't wait for the Miami Dolphins. Good Luck Jason, I wish you the same success you had in Washington.

What a sad day it is but we have only the top three to thank for this. Parcells, Ireland, and Sparano thanks for sticking the stick so far up that I can only hope that you can pull something out of yours during the draft to make us all feel better about this. I cannot blame Jason as it was not handled better by our team.

You know what ? I can no longer be a fan of a team that does this to it's legacy, it's star players and it's fans. The dolphins are not going to victimize me with their celebrity football, their disdain for footballs most talented players or the b/s that comes with paying top dollar for low quality football. After 32 years as a devout fan I am no longer a dolphins fan. The Baltimore Ravens will from this day on be my team. These guys in Miami don't give a F***k about loyalty, dedication or football for that matter. Sorry Jason the As****es here didn't do right by you. We will be rooting for the JETS this year, I hope you sack Henne or whoever into retirement !


What a goon. How do you turn down Washington's 8 million a year ago because you WANT to play in Miami and then go to New York? Because Miami "disrespected" you? How about when you "disrespected" us by making being on tv and pursuing your acting career a priority above the Dolphins? I'm sure Miami would have re-signed him after the draft even if they got another olb, you always want good, veteran leadership on your team. Good luck in New York bro, those fans will never respect you and if the FINS have anything to say about it...you will NEVER win a ring with the Jets.


Anyone calling Taylor a trader is an idiot.

He has the right to go to which ever team he wants. It's his life. Doesn't mean he won't always be a Dolphin. Big deal. The Fins didn't want him so he went to the only team that'll take him.

No one, but NO one on here would pass up a possible 13 million dollars even if you'd have to play for the Jets.

Much ado about nothing. If this was the 2000-2006 JT, I would be beside myself, but it's 2010. Move on and find a pass-rushing demon in the draft. I'm more amazed at the mouth-piece that Armando has been for Taylor and his agent the last few months. I'm trying to remember how you reported 2 years ago when twinkle toes danced his way off the team. Can't wait for the Monday night opener against those clowns. J-E-T-S suck suck suck.

I for one am glad this whole JT situation is behind us, JT was a great player but he obviously wasnt going to fit in miamis plans next year, the only thing that I dislike about this whole nonesense is that the fins management didnt tell him sooner rather than later. Good luck in N.Y. Jt(except against us), to me you will still be considered one of the greatest dolphins to play this game dispite the haters on this blog!!!


Ireland,Sparano & bill they are classless, morons. Even if J.T.doesn't mean anything to
them, he means a lot to all the doolphins fans.
But they like Huizenga & Ross, do not care about us(the fans).They are capetbaggers, &
they really, really do not get it. I'will ne-
ver watch another game,as long as they are there. Besides they are not good football savy
people. Only show bussiness

The Dolphins really know how to treat the all time greats, This reminds me of what they did to Marino And Shula !!! They are a low class organization and this will spell theIr DOOM!!!!! JT will rub the fishes noses in it when they meet !! You Watch!!

Ireland is and IDiot

I cannot believe this. I mean honestly, besides our division there are 28 other teams and he couldn't play anywhere else. I know Miami is to blame for this and it doesn't make sense to me why they didn't want him back. The JETS though, seriously, WTF? I know I will be puttin a jersey on a fire very very soon!!! I hope no one EVER wears a Dolphins JT jersey in our stadium ever again. He has enough money, so if I was him I'd retire before I would play for a division team....

*Traitor.. damn it.

You guys are idots and cannot read clearly the dolphins tried him. I guess you guys were the type sitting by the phone hoping the person that dumped you might call you back

Fins have had three GREAT players in 15 years, Marino, Taylor and Thomas and this is how one of them gets treated by the fat arse management?

This isn't JT's fault at all. Bailing on his meetings, refusing to deal with his agent, mis-managing his playing time..they couldn't have treated him worse.

Good luck Jason, hate to say it but I will have to crack a smile when he smacks the crap out of Henne. And how stupid are you to call him a "trader"?? Did you graduate third grade?

Hey Laz!!! The dolphins don't need a shitbag fan like you anyway. So on your way to go root for whoever your rooting for now. Do us all a favor and jump off a bridge. You front running jagoff!!!!

I guess you guys cannot read. Clearly the dolphins tried him and backed him in a corner.If anyone to be upset with it is the big three. They treated im like a dirty diaper. First we sign a qb that cant throw 20 yards and then wesign a guy that will miss the first half of the season. Then they want to work out Travis Laboy who has been out the league and never was as productive as JT Money. I guess you guys were the type to sit by the phone hoping the person that just dumped you would maybe call you.


- in 2009, JT refused to sign an extension with the club of his heart, because he wanted more money
- in 2010, the Dolphins are not willing to give more money to an injured 36 year old local icon coming off a modest 7 sack season

Welcome to Miami, Derrick Morgan!

Tomlinson, Cromartie, Pool, Holmes and now Jason Taylor. And the draft still to come.

No man is bigger than the team


While!!! U can only blame da front office for something like this, how can u do a guy like this not once bit twice.. J.T I wish da best for u over at da J-E-T-S and when u play da Dolphins make them remember they made a mistake. F**k Parcells u as*hole..

He's obviously loyal to miami as shown by him accepting much less money from the phins than the redskins and he still wants to play for the dolphins.

He obviously isn't pleased with the fact that he has to play for the jets so give him a break. I will always be a Taylor fan no matter what team he plays for.

JT must wait 'til the draft...i trust the Trifecta knows exactly what's their plan, my last question will be, with JT how many playoff games did we play????

I think it is pretty obvious there is/was/has been something going on behind the scenes with this situation. I can understand fan reaction to this but the fact is we don't know why this went down like this.

you people get over it, players are let go year in and year out, JT days are far behind him. Its time to move on, so what big deal,its not as if he's going to put the Jets over the top, Let it go PLEASE.....

All Spoon fed by Taylors agent to armando. Wow, how sick is that, a huge article writen by the guys agent. come on little lemmings, don't fall for it, taylor is a traitor, he had a deal and didn't take it last year, nuff said.

F the TUNA!!!

Jason Taylor is more a dolphin and has done more for the Fins than any of the Trifecta ever will.

I can't believe this team, why wouldn't they have a spot for JT? It's not like we have someone ready to play - we have no one. AND JT although not the player he used to be, CAN STILL PLAY AND HELP THIS TEAM WIN!

From this moment forth, until he retires a Dolphin (hopefully), he is now Mr Jason Pelosi!!

F*** the tuna is right. F*** them all. When are people going to wake up. Parcells and company are slim balls. First the players didn't want to play in Miami because we were bad. Now, no one is going to want play here unless we pay the fifty million dollars. It's time to ship the fat ass and his fat ass coach back to NJ were they belong. And take that piss-ant Ireland with them.

Since a little kid lovin this team to now wondering WTF is the big three doing??? Business is business but can u really get everything u want in the draft u have had for so many years with JT? They choose Pat White-FAIL, they bring in Gibril Wilson-FAIL, I thought they were coming to their senses bringing in Karlos Dansby and Brandon Marshall, then with JT back there they would have a defense to be reckoned with... Such deep disappointment... All I have to say if there's no playoff this year, one of the big three have to go.... Preferred the big tuna himself... His common sense is waining and his decisions are becoming baseless.

Disappointed... Very, very disappointed.




Why is everyone hating on the trifecta? Does no one remember that this team was an un-organized disaster until they came along? Look at what we've done with them since going 1-15 just a few years ago. Obviously they have a plan and JT just didn't fit into it...and as far as all this crap about dissing him, get over yourself JT.

Bye-bye Thomas.. Now we need to draft a rusher fo' sho!!! On another note, people need to chill out!!! How many superbowl has Taylor brought Miami? AFC championships? All u people overreacting can still see him shirtless in Noxema commercials..


Hey, it's time to move on!! JT, through no fault of his own, is the last guy from the decade of failure!! Time to cut the cord and enter an era of winning, nosalgia has ended, it's the dawn of the NEW DOLPHINS!!

I can assure you that "something" is going on. Taylor and his agent are painting a picture to make Miami look bad so he can save his face in so fla. Of ALL the teams he HAS TO play for NYJ. Thats like George Bush inviting the president of Iran over for drinks. Jason I truly hope this decision doesnt bite you in the rear. I still think Miami could have paid him $1.5 to stay. But I know for a fact its not the $. SOMETHNIG happen to burn that bridge. Dont believe what you read folks. I am going to boo the lights out of Sun Life stadium. Jason should be thankful he lives in Miami and not Pitt, Buffalo or GB. His wife would have to sell and leave with all the death threats. FINS would have been fun to watch with Jason and Nolan together. What bs.

Shame on management for treating JT the way they did, and shame on JT for signing with our most bitter rivals. I will never forgive either of them for bringing shame onto this proud franchise and its fans.

It's clear that this administration has been arrogant and favors its own 'guys' over everyone else, to the detriment of the team. I like the sum total of what they're doing, but if they don't start winning some playoff games soon, this is gonna get realy old really fast.

As for Taylor, I think he selfishly went to the Jets to spite Fins management and to increase his chance of winning a Super Bowl. Sure, he'll claim he had no choice, that he couldn't wait five stinkin' days, that his agent dialed other teams for offers 'til his fingers bled, and that the Jets were the only team offering. BULLCRYPE.

As usual, the fans, the reputation of the franchise, honor, and decency don't matter. The billions of dollars that we pay to get all of these guys filthy rich buys us a chance to to watch. Nothing more. Not even a shred of respect, a tip of the hat, or a good gesture.

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