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LB Austin Spitler is Miami 's final pick

The Dolphins have selected Ohio State ILB Austin Spitler as their second pick of the seventh round.

Spitler is a 6-3, 234-pounder who was the backup for James Laurinaitis before the uppper classman went to the NFL.

"I learned so much," Spitler said of the competition with his former teammate. "It was a difficult situation at times, but we really pushed each other. I can't say enough about how much we both improved from the competition."

So how does Spitler describe himself?

"Physical guy," he said. "Smart player that really is going to get it done."


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We loaded up on d this yr

How many linebackers do we need?

I'm glad I'm not paid to understand this draft. Mando, how can you possibly bring some clarity to some of these decisions?

I can't wait to hear from Ireland

Nice pick up d captain of buckeyes great moves solidifying our Defense today

The final indignity. The final slap in the face to South Florida sports fans. Not just another slow-as-molasses Big 10 bum, but a bum from Ohio State. Ohio freaking State. We just got rid of Ted Ginn, they've still got their tainted trophy from the Fiasco Bowl, and now, we get one more.

To hell with the Dolphins. My new favorite team is whoever plays the Dolphins. If this franchise so much as gets another first down or forces another punt, it'll be too soon.

Who does the menace owe money to????

I agree beerphin! We won't ever be pushed around!

we need all the linebackers we can get!!! Does anyone know anything about this guy??

Well it's safe to say we got enough defense. Let's hope we don't have another Phillip merling.

This draft looks like a complete disaster..

they do realize that we are not just a linebacker away from the superbowl right?

Hey, how many LB's did we draft? (not being funny)

I'm done, do us all a favor and stop posting then. Go join some other site, and post your bullsh!t there

Great draft!!! How can anyone not be happy about our draft??

Although I have never heard of this guy or seen him play, I am sure he is a bust because I have never heard of him nor have I seen him play. The Worst Draft since the Dawn of Christendom, easily.

lol you guys do realize we lost 3 starting linebackers right..we need all the linebackers we can get..plus we have an above average safety in reshad and to add potential pro bowlers in john jerry & odrick..couldnt ask for it any better

WTF is up with everyone!!! Didn't we need linebackers? Then why are you complaining that we picked so many? You sound like whores, if they put it in you scream and if they take it out you cry.

ray: you're right!

We're set at linebacker.

Way to go Dolphins! Great job! Can't wait to see our new guys kick some a s s!

i think this draft was great! solidified both sides of the line and added one tough s.o.b. at safety. i don't know how much better overall we'll be next year, but we sure as hell will be bigger, stronger and tougher.

Great Draft, I applaud Parcells and Ireland for the best Dolphin Draft in years!!! Can't wait for the season now

I still am having trouble getting over our loss of Santonio Holmes & Jason Campbell.

This FO owes the fans an apology for doing such a horrendous job this FA & draft.

A Crime Against Humanity on American Soil rivaling the worst excesses of the Civil War.

I do not know if I can carry on living with the weight of this Bad Draft weighing on my soul.

I'm done...Don't let that door with the Big Dolphin hit u in ur stupid A"S on the way out you PHONY douche

Jason Campbell? LOL Are you Nuts?

To the Seer, hang in there u will live, there is life after the Draft, u will see...I recommend 2 aspirins and a bottle of Jack Daniels will get u thru

so basically you draft all these LBs and hope one is decent then you can tell the fans, "SEE WE DIDN"T NEED TAYLOR"

The crybabies on this site must be the work of one person with different names....I would hate to beleive we have that many ignorant fans rooting for our team or should I say hoping this team fails.....

Looks like a great draft. No doubt with the addition of Nolan, the picks made fit exactly what the Fins want to do on D this year. The first 3 linebackers have size and speed for larger outside LBs. The fast undersized LBs we passed on, would never work in a 3-4.

Mando is ireland gonna talk to the media?

Waa! Waa! I don't like our draft! Waa! I don't know who these players are, but because I haven't heard of them, they must be horrible! Waa! I'm going to pout until the Fins start busting heads, then I'll try to sneak back on the bandwagon! Waa!

The crybabies on this site must be the work of one person with different names....I would hate to beleive we have that many ignorant fans rooting for our team or should I say hoping this team fails.....

We won't be pushed around by many teams nor will with be able to tackle or catch any one in the open field either.

HAve all the defense you want...not going to go to far with a mediocre offense that features one wr...a slow te with the dropsies and an injured rb.

I would give the Dolphins a B+ on the draft this year.Now the next step is getting the coaching staff to train these guys to be animals and to always hate the Jets,Patsies and Bills....in that order.Great draft.


I'm sticking with Cheetos, Mountain Dew, and a super-human level of insight that allows me to label as Busts & Bums players I have never seen.

In other words, just like many here.

I can't believe we drafted FOUR linebackers?!? Would've been better off drafting half that amount and re-signing JT.

AJ Edds might get a look at TE.

I have never posted here before but always read this blog. I have sat through this draft watching miami, taking into account all the draft and trade talk from the dolphins,before during and now after the draft. what I see is simple to this dolphin fan or as I am now a fan of anyone but miami. I will admit I am not bill parcells or Ireland,but after 30 years of rooting for futility,I am totally disgusted with this draft,sure we are going to have a few starters from these picks,whether they can really play or not the front office will play some of these guys to hold on to whatever credibility they think they might have with dolphins fans. sugarcoat this draft anyway you want but 3 years from now most if not all of these team captains will be gone,Baltimore does it right,they trade out of the first round and you can be assured they had a better draft than us,other than jacksonville we had the WORST draft of any team,if Al Davis can outdraft us WTF,we will be lucky to see 6 and 10 next year,we once again will regress,our own division aka jets and new england will hand us a whoopin like we have never seen,even buffalo as lousy as they are split games with us last year,1 and 5 in our own division this year,Ross needs to stop worrying about J-LO and start worrying about dol-fans,this draft is and will be a total disaster.when we got dansby and marshall I couldnt wait for this weekend.Now I want to puke,if Marshall gets so much as a hangnail we are screwed.I could be on here all day but Parcells,Ireland and Sparano the famous trifecta your total arrogance is undeniable.The way former players,the media and even your fans are treated says everything about you,Even when shula was at the end we still loved him and always will, you gentleman will be just another footnote in dolphin history failure,so step right up and stand next to Johnson,wandsted,saban and cameron.P.S. call me when we star over again and I will buy tickets once more. In the meantime go Hurricanes you are my only team left!!!!!

I have never heard str8balla say anything positive

I had never heard of Jason Taylor (3rd rd). I had never heard of Zack Thomas (5th rd). Had never heard of Tim Bowens (1st rd),,,,well you get my point. Some of you guys should be denied use of a computer.

I finally figured out what Parcells is trying to accomplish here; he's trying to send 10 LB's after Sanchez so he has nowhere to run.

10 LB's and 1 safety covering back deep.

Bender..... never post again.


Mike Bender,..bye bye phony, sorry ur guy wasn't picked, and don't come back thk u

Mike I salute your passion as misguided as it is..Sergio Kindle has to have microfacture surgery and takes meds for ADD and Narcolepsy and Mt Cody will eat his way out of the league. The Dolphin defense was bad last year, no way around it. Porter, Taylor, Ayodele, Wilson, Jones all gone.Odrick Big ten defensive player of the year, you slide Starks inside to his natural position and you have a nice rotation with Merling and Mcdaniel until Ferg comes back. I am telling you, Misi is a heckuva player, HIGH MOTOR guy, and do not go to sleep on the MCcoy Kid, Jones will push at safetly, Jerry is a house and should start at left guard, You also have Brandon Marshall who must be included as a draft choice which you got for a 2011 draft pick and you pick up a core special teammer/Backup LB in Dobbins. All in all, while no sexy names, sex doesnt always sell.

well now we can move on to the next round of the off-season: signing undrafted guys and possibly making some trades. Channing Crowder, Justin, Smilely, and one of our QBs could definitely be on the move.

As for the draft, yea I am underwhelmed. Our defense is solid, through and through. The front 7 have been majorly beefed up and the secondary is plugged up. However, no major stars pop out at me. The defense should be an improvement over last year, but lacks an All-Pro or two to make it elite.

The offense added Brandon Marshall-an All-Pro receiver and a pair of guards that should plug up our leaks on the O-L. Overall, our offense looks very good. Marshall, Hartline, Bess, Camarillo, and possibly Turner should make for a good receiver core. Ronnie & Ricky will be strong but Ronnie has to stay healthy. Henne will continue to grow. Fasano is a good blocker and average pass catcher. I wish we could have snagged an elite level TE but that will have to wait.

B for both the draft and for the free agency period (pre-draft). Solid offseason. I believe the major disappoints people have with this draft is that we selected names very few know of. Nothing flashy. Whether or not this pays off, only time will tell.

Definition of Bandwagon Jumper = Mike Bender...please don't buy tickets EVER...An empty seat is better then YOU sitting in it

btw, i believe the reason we added so many defense plays is that we are building a brand new defensive scheme under Mike Nolan. Nolan is a fantastic defensive coach. He creates aggressive defenses and will make the most out of depth. I wasn't surprised we want all defense in this draft (aside from our 3rd round pickup). We'll be a solid defensive team with a run oriented offense that utilizes the play action to throw defenses off their scent. Not bad. We'll see how these guys do in training camp.

I would still love for the Fins to make a play for a guy like Greg Olsen if he is available. I just think a possession type TE who can stretch the field would pay major dividends to this team. May have to wait though.

DLT, Way too many holes to fix with one draft, I dont think anyone can question this defense needed work. I am telling you, again, Odrick, Misi and quite possibly Chris Mccoy are going to be very good for this team.

only time will tell my friend that is why we cant grade this draft right now. give it some time. grade this draft after the season ends.

I agree, they should be solid. And the offseason isn't over with either. I trust Nolan will do some great things with the defense. We just have to tamper our expectations a bit. I can see us making a playoff push but we are not quite there at the elite level yet. Still, we are on the right path. I liked the draft. Still feel bummed about not snagging Cam Thomas-but again, only time will tell how these guys all turn out. Our defense is in good hands. And I like our 0-Line. I am majorly concerned with Ronnie Brown-health issues. With an offense that is built to be lethal as long as the running game is strong, it is vital our best back stay on the field.

Great draft! Give it a B+ or A-. Odrick, Misi, and Jerry could be starters from day one. Before the season is over Edds will replace Crowder on the inside.Carroll will compete for the Nickel. Jones will compete at FS or will take Bells spot in a year or so. McCoy and Spitler will improve depth and ST. Hope we can add RS like a B. James out of Fla. Add The Beast, Dansby, Incognito, and Dobbins and the Dolphins should be fighting for the East Title.

All you guy's crying about how they don't know who these player's are because they've never heard their names means absolutely nothing. Like a previous poster said JT was drafted later, Zack was drafted later and as much as I hate him; Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round and we all know how that worked out so stop crying how you think the players we got aren't going to be any good! Just sit back and wait...we're gonna be real good this year!

Excellent draft! The defense will be one of the best defenses in the NFL this year. Especially with Nolan's schemes which should be be much more effective and sound than Fat-a-saurus Rex's.

Remember we were the #1 rushing offense before Ronnie & Smiley got hurt. And that was without The Beast Marshall. Young developing QB and receivers, beefed up line and the Beast. This offense will be something to deal with. That's why we went heavy defense. Thats what we needed and that's what we got.
You heard it hear first Phins win in the AFC East followed by Pats. Jet's implode after desperate moves fail and Ryan ruptures his lapband and eat's himself into a diabetic coma.

Listen we made the move for odrick because of dansby. By bulking up the d line it will help dansby with alot of tackles. dansby is not the type of line backer that is known to pass rush alot. He is more of a wait and plug the runner after he passes line of scrimmage. We took all those linebackers because they are more known for their pass rushing in college. that is what we needed, pass rushers after losing J.T. and joey porter....and we did that. Im happy we did. Love how no one knew the dolphins draft board and who they were going to pick lol. love it and it should be kept that way for years to come as long as trifecta is steering the boat. fools like mayoc and kiper wont have a clue of what were doing lol. Trust me folks these picks are players that are intelligence and tough. example: davone bess he was not even drafted and we seen talent and determination from him. now he is producing for us in a tremendous way.

PS: Even though I want the Jets to finally break out of our losing ways and be winners for a change, I realize we will never reach the greatness of the Miami Dolphins.

I would also like to announce that I am in fact a Ricky Martin fan and am myself very proud to be a gay man. There are a lot of us in the Jet family but not all of us are as proud.

Our offense will be strong this year. We were a middle of the road offense last year and horrible passing the football. That doesn't improve with the addition of one player.

smack me all you want, I am not drinking parcells and irelands kool-aid, I will see what excuses you diehards make this coming year. if you feel good about this draft you must be delusional.I am sure the Ravens have no clue what they are doing and I am totally wrong about what i saw the last 3 days,now I also realize opinions are like as-holes,we all have them,but instead of smacking me,I would like all the draft experts to tell me why I'm wrong. 6 and 10 pals and that's if we are lucky!!!!!

Holy cow Stra8, your back over here telling fans that one player doesn't improve the offense....really??? So are you saying that Brandon won't have a big impact?? That's crazy, I know you don't really believe that. He's going to open up soooo much for other players. Plus we got that G Jerry and Incognito (who people say is a nasty player but I'll take it). It's at least going to provide toughness and open holes for some power running. At least you can agree to that. And if you do it means it makes the offense better.

Bender are you saying we are worse off this year than last??

They call me "bend over" bender.
I'm a pro scout look at me oh oh
listen to me whine wa wa . . .
nobody picked who i wanted . wa wa

Stra8balla, you should just not post because . . . . well it is obvious you ( I will spell it slowly for you) a r e n o t v e r y b r i g h t

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