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LB Austin Spitler is Miami 's final pick

The Dolphins have selected Ohio State ILB Austin Spitler as their second pick of the seventh round.

Spitler is a 6-3, 234-pounder who was the backup for James Laurinaitis before the uppper classman went to the NFL.

"I learned so much," Spitler said of the competition with his former teammate. "It was a difficult situation at times, but we really pushed each other. I can't say enough about how much we both improved from the competition."

So how does Spitler describe himself?

"Physical guy," he said. "Smart player that really is going to get it done."


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Keeping you guys posted on our Undrafted Free Agent Pick ups so far:

Travis Ivey, DT, Maryland
AJ Wallace, CB, Penn State
Ross Weaver, DB, Michigan State

How about all the busts that come out of rounds 1-4 guys? Every year there are a select few that play up to the hype..the rest are either traded, sent to the farm team, or wind up flipping burgers at micky d's. So many more players that are picked up in the later rounds and players that aren't the buzz of the draft by the "so called experts/analysts" wind up being good or projects that come to light. So who now will be stepping up or Miami from the draft a year or two ago??? Any thoughts? So for all the whiners and complainers..we will call you the wham-bulance to take you to the whinery. We did fine in this draft !

I just can't believe we are a worse team.. 6-10 is worst than last year...That's just a nutty statement. I agree we have tough games again but damn we are a BETTER TEAM PERIOD (than last year at least).

Thanks Jason, good news there my friend

I'm a long time Dolphins fan from PA and I live in the same town as Odrick. I can tell you right now, if you think the Phins made a mistake, YOU ARE WRONG! All you cry baby, wonna be GM's should go root for another team. I can't believe that Dolphin fans are worse than Philadelphia fans, but its true. Props to the posters with a optomistic outlook, but the rest of you crybaby, a-holes need to find another team. Maybe you should follow Jason Taylor to NY.

That's because Mike's real name is Big G A Y AL

Well said Ken!!!

Thank you a COWKILLA a voice of reason..

wow no kidding a lot of these draft experts on here are high on hope,a absolute suck ass draft!!!!!!!!

Well Kelton Tindal just signed with the Browns...there goes the air out of my bubble!

High on hope...if you like this team damn right. If not why even bother to blog here. Solid/Good draft...stop talking trash about a team you love.

We get trolls on our jet sites too. Don't take the trolls so seriously. Let them stew.

Scratch that Tindal still a free agent..there is hope yet!

It's official. The Miami Dolphins have the dumbest fans in the entire sports world.

You know who sucs as bender sucs as

Anyone writing on this blog cant be smarter than Bill Parcells and his staff! I BELIEVEin what their doing. If u like the jets get off our DOLPHIN WEBSITE jerky!

they drafted all these team captains oh goody goody let me run out and buy more season tickets,i ran the 40 in 3 days flat! but draft me i am a team captain,give me a break,you clowns must be smokin the ganja mon!!! I agree with the 6/10 for this year. Oh lets see same people who thought brady quinn was the answer and ted ginn sucked,well you were right, ted ginn does suck,but so does Quinn. one can't catch and one cant throw,maybe one day they will be on the same team and can sit on the bench to talk about the good old days.whether you think this draft was goo or bad not a soul on here has a clue me included,I hope I am wrong but it just dosent do it for me.

I hope your wrong to but 6-10 is a no faith guess...I can't say I feel the same. And I'll tell you if I am wrong but I don't think (hope)so. I'm also a realist and I am excited with this new defensive system we are going to have in place. I'll also guess that all these LB's will not just play LB in defense they are going to be interchangeable to disguise our defense. I feel good about this. LET'S GO FINS!

Updated free agent signings:

Travis Ivey, DT, Maryland
AJ Wallace, CB, Penn State
Ross Weaver, DB, Michigan State
Vince Oghobaase, DT, Duke

Damn good updates Jason....See they keep going defense..they have something up their sleeves I'm telling you. Like some type of Wildcat defense.

"GM Jeff Ireland on drafting four LBs and having 13 LBs on roster: "I feel great about it. There's going to be competitive positions there between outside and inside.""

oh you wanted someone fast. Why didn't you say so. We wouldn't have let Ginn go if we knew the expert "bender" "f-parcells" what ever you are calling yourself wanted a fast guy instead of football PLAYERS!

Remember to post here with all of your alias's during the year so you can beg for forgiveness for being such a hysterical be-atch during the draft and for being so wrong

It seems they are drafting players that could probably play different positions on defense. Just because a guy get's drafted as a DB, DT, LB doesn't neccessarily mean that's the position they are going to play. In that respect it could disguise the defense a la (and I can't believe I'm saying this) the Jets...(somewhere GOD just shuttered and passed out).

My favorite pick by far is Reshad Jones. The guy is a beast. I think that he will provide many highlights this season.
Check out this one-handed interception:

AlexG. alias AlexG.

I will never back down but admit if I'm wrong and the Fins stink it up...but they won't. We will win and I will laugh.

hahahahahahahahahaha....insert evil mad scientist voice

Another update to our undrafted free agent signings:

Travis Ivey, DT, Maryland
AJ Wallace, CB, Penn State
Ross Weaver, DB, Michigan State
Vince Oghobaase, DT, Duke
Roberto Wallace, WR, SDSU


What I read about Wallace, very nice size 6'3" good athlete, bad hands, good 40 time 4.41.

Not liking the bad hands part....

Don't worry I had bad hands when I first entered the NFL. First 3 yrs. I was not a burner either

Another Undrafted Free Agent update, this time another DB:

Travis Ivey, DT, Maryland
AJ Wallace, CB, Penn State
Ross Weaver, DB, Michigan State
Vince Oghobaase, DT, Duke
Roberto Wallace, WR, SDSU
Jonathan Amaya, DB, Nevada

Jon Amaya
Conference: Western Athletic
HT: 6-0.5
WT: 203
40 Time: 4.60
Biography: Four-year starter awarded All-Conference honors as a senior after he led the team in tackles, posting 89/1/9. Junior numbers included 60 tackles and four interceptions.

Positives: Athletic college safety who will get consideration at cornerback in the NFL. Aggressive, works hard to get involved in the action, and flies around the football. Wraps up tackling and always gives effort. Displays good sideline-to-sideline range, quickly gets to the flanks, and remains disciplined in centerfield. Takes good angles to the action and displays solid awareness.

Negatives: Does not consistently play to his forty time, nor does he show great recovery speed. Lacks a sense of timing in pass defense. Slow turning his hips to transition with opponents down the field.

Analysis: Amaya possesses solid size/speed numbers and has the mentality to play at the next level. He has enough skill to get looks as a dime back.

For the most part I think it is a solid draft.

I like the Edds pick a lot...the guy can work in space and is a very sure tackler. A white JT with better coverage skills

Jones is scary..i thought they were going to get Coleman out of OSU ...then i saw the Jones pick and was oh yes... he is a ball hawk and a big hitter.. I think he could start.. i love this pick

The Penn St. DT is a good solid choice as well the guy is good.. is he a NT/DT you can build a D around?...dont know...but he is very good.

Koa Mili...how can you not like this guy

The others I am not to sure about..but we'll see

I see this as a good draft not excellent..but a solid B. I think there will be some roster adjustments still to come. Like Pat White as a 3rd down back..possibility of a 3-3-4-1 type of D (the 1 is a rotated LB, DT, DB to counter offensive packages)

listen folks,can"t we all just get along,I have the perfect macthup for the jets and fins,instead of playing football,why don"t we line up Parcell"s and Ryan put a large cheese pizza 40 yards away and see who has the best 40 time,the winner can kiss belichik's ASS!!!!!!

hahahahaha....that was a good call reality boy.

belichik is too busy kissing Parcell's for Parcells to reach

alright peeps good chattin...keep the faith. Dolphins D is back!!!

20 linebackers and counting

i keep watching videos on edds.... yea this guy is a player

what a bunch of cry babies, you all should stick to your days jobs that is if you have one you know nothing about football, in BP we trust, very good draft.

How come everytime someone posts something about the pu__y ireland they get erased? Fire his a++ please. Worthless! Just a do nothing mouth piece.

Like Tampa bay fin fan said, just because we don't know the players or because Mel kiper did not rate them doesn't mean that they are not good or maybe excellent players. We now need to see the results on the field. I believe it will be harder to score on us this year. We are definetly a much younger defense and it will be harder for teAms to score as much as last year. Our offense Also got 3 great new players. We will rock this year and I am sure we are not done yet. We will get a fs after June 1st

With the 1st pick in the 8th round of the NFL draft, the New York Jets select 2 dozen krispy kreme donuts and 3 gallons of milk. "this selection really fills a need for me" said head coach rexina ryan "the need to create a few more a s s dimples".

Be a homer if you want...but after this draft, we still have many unanswered questions. You can have 100 linebackers but if none of them are worth a hoot...you still have 100 worthless linebackers. Where's the team speed? Who is going to do returns, where is the speed at receiver? Seems everytime the team gets 5 O-line players together...they want to change...mix them up...you don't build O-lines like that...they have to play together for along period of time. The say they needed a NT...so what do they do...they take Starks and move him over...and HOPE he works out. I'm sorry if another team was doing this stuff...we'd be all laughing. I hope for the best, but I'm not expecting a miracle.

Can someone please tell me what the two trades where and how did we end-up loosing pick #179 and pick # 219? I know we moved-up from pick # 126 to 119, and from 174 to 163, again I'm totally lost on these trades, can someone help with info as to whom we traded with in each ?

Honestly, I can't figure-out why TE Dorin Dickerson from Pitts who runs a 40 yd in 4.4 second, who could be used as a WR was passed-over several times by Miami and everyone else until he was picked at #227 by Houston, can someone shed some light on this?

For more than 3 decades I have watched the Dolphins drafts, from back in the Tom Heckert days and before. I have som many times heard that doubting Thomas' immediately come out and beign to nitpick and complain, rather than point out obvious positives. Again right after this draft has ended, we have doubters, although an educated fan knows necessity is not always the most popular pick.

The Dolphins last year were strong in the beginning on the run, but all year we were weak against it. That combination will always translate to modiocrity! We needed a lot of youth on defense and a Guard for our already impressive O Line. We got Brandon marshall (The Beast) for a 2nd round pick, then got that back plus a player of known quantity from the Chargers!

So whatever the naysayers want to believe they will believe, I myself think this December will be lots of fun and most importantly, January will be too!


I too wish we could develop a young TE but I believe next years FA TE are stacked. Davis, gates, Daniels. .. not sure about the draft but like others have stated. Character is huge. Living in NE I have to hear about the ne bums. That team takes no name characters and turns them into house hold stars. In the paid professionals aka front office I trust. Lets face it. Mistakes equals termination. These guys don't want that. Lets see how the paid draft analysts and after preseason cuts happen. That's when the team will acknowledge their mistakes.

Bow Down!
All you critics and know-it-alls! Go back to your Daddy Mel Kiper and measure someones wing span! Ravens ain't won crap with all this draft genius BS.
The mighty Phins went up against the best in the NFL last year. With rookie Cbs, a 2nd year Qb, a bunch of leftover Cameron family and still competed.
Parcells doesn't win with all these sexy big-mouth Farraris'. He builds with Mac Trucks from the Lines out. He builds a Team of grinders! When he was coaching the Wets and the Spats I hated those games. They had a bunch of nobodies competing when it seemed they didn't match up name wise.
Bye Porter, bye J Traitor, bye Ginnvisible, Hello 10 draft clas and FA's, Hello Superbowl Champion Phins!

Quit you friggen whining!
If you agree, give me an "F yeah"!

Fat-a-saurus Rex!! HaHaHaHa!! Best post ever!!

Would love to be in the locker room to see that slob chewing out a player for picking up five pounds while he stuffs a snickers bar in his fat face.

Hope he brings in Charlie Weiss to handle the O.


"Kot-rEX" is gonna gain all his lard back. Twice this year when "The Beast" burn skid-marks all over "Revis Island" (ghey). Can't wait to see him and Chromartie getting yelled at on the bench as they bow their heads. He will be sterss eating half of New Jyork after After Sancheees gets hammered by our new boys D!

Go Phins!

Kot-rEX! Mighty leader of the Gnew Jyork Yets!

Go Phins!

Mel Kiper doesn't like the Phins draft!



Go Phins!

Rumor on the net that Fat-a-saurus Rex traded the jets 2011 2nd round pick for a life time supply of krispy kreme glazed donuts!
Still trying to confirm . . . .

I think some of these players will work out. When your trying to plug in upgraded players for starters like Crowder who dont make big plays it doesnt take much to improve.. Hope one of our new LBs play like Cushing did for the Texans last season.. Still think we need another Wr. that makes all the plays while Marshall is being double teamed. If we got a guy like this Marshall would be more effective . Our other receivers are average and dont create mismatches due to the lack of talent at the position they dont scare anyone.. We are weak at the TE position as well.. Didnt we learn anything from the Cards two great receivers and an average defense can get a team to the big dance.. We could improve alot with Sharper and T.O ..



I wanted to hate this draft...no Spiller, not flash.
But some persuasive arguments here have changed my mind.
I believe our defensive improvement ...especially getting after the QB will be greatly improved due both to the influx of new blood, and Mike Nolan.
Our O was not the problem last year. It was the huge amount of time opposing QB's had to pick us apart.

Hopefully, the new guys can make an impact sooner than later.


This has been an excellent draft knowing that the defense is moving to a hybrid. The only question that I have is: why are you so high on Misi, that they pick him over much higher rated OLBs?

Ok.. I rarely post on here but I was a bit turned off by the draft.. i am sure these guys are going to play well but who is going to mentor them? Channing Crowder? These LB's are gonna need a peer or two to let them know how to be mentally tough in the NFL..We need veteran presence on our defense.... Still I love what these guys are doing and I know things will be ok.. GO PHins and Die Wets!!!

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