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Live blog of rounds 2 and 3 starts here!

Last night was fun. Let's do it again!

The live blog starts in the comments section. We'll go through the Dolphins pick.

Please understand that I am not going to sit here throughout the evening. There are interviews to be done, phone calls to be made, and I have a column to write. So the smart-alecks that ripped me for not being around all night last night, I hope you now understand why.

The names to look for in the second round, in my opinion?

Koa Misi, the outside linebacker from Utah. Robert Johnson, the safety from Utah. Ricky Sapp, outside backer from Clemson, Reshad Jones out of Georgia and Morgan Burnett of of G-Tech.

Darkhorses? Toby Gerhart of Stanford. I keep hearing the Dolphins want a RB out of this draft although the round remains uncertain. 


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i am Miami fan for over 30 year the last 20 years we got lots of moron fans its bin long time since i can see a real football ppl run my beloved fin let them do they work if its not flashy name u guys moron g m thinking u guys better why u guys don't work for nfl team

damned I need to git soon...can't even spell anymore? ='(

I thought we had 43 thrd overall what happened just got home from work

BTW...Did you guys see Tebow!the chosen one yesturday with the matching shirts does he call his buds and color coordinate. little gay, however, now he can save some Atheist Liberal souls in Colorado.

So we gained a DE and LB that will likely be inside vs outside. So what postion of WANT instead of NEED do they take in round 3? RB?

right on....phin4. lot's of folks out here seem to forget, Parcells built ukk!! j-e-t-s! built Pats! built Cowboys...His thing is, leaves "just" b4 teams turn corner. He learned from one of the "BEST" in George Young...

you and I probably close in age? I've been Fin Fan going back to Griese,Morrall,Buoniconti,Warfield days...Them were "good" one's!!

we got the 40 koa Misi DE/olb

I think misi will be big and physical. That's important. We need a guy that can play the run.

Do we go receiver at 73 or TE?

cody is gone

Same here DaveinJax,

One thing is certain, we've seen our share of horrible drafts. Let's hope this isn't another one of them. As I am saying this, Cody just got drafted by the Ravens. They know a thing or two about defense.

Time will tell

Rb? Where is the poor man's Ryan Matthews?

dolphins just traded their 3rd pick to the jets for gholston

Oh well!! If we meet Ravens in playoffs? We'll have to throw on them!! Don't see "ANYONE" running on that front seven with "Mount" Cody
anchoring that line!!! Damned!!

i am thinking LB from FLORIDA 73rd. They don't care about how fast they are based on the 4.75 MISI

What the $#^%&...does'nt Parcells know my two most "HATED" teams are j-e-t-s, and OSU!!!
What the #$^#^$ is a buckeye anways? Some kind of wheat!

Ginn jr was "class" citizen...who could'nt hold on to the tough one's? And "WORST" was a buckeye!!Gonna have to talk to Parcell about this!!

Can Gholston be confirmed? Or this "bad"/late april fool's joke?

Back to rd 1. Remember in seior bowl how Odrick out played Dan Willims & Mt cody? He was the best inside D Lineman in the game.

we need to start packaging, moving to front of coming rounds?

no...sit were we are. take golden tate or another outside lb in the 3rd

guess not tate...haha

So much for ben Tate and golden Tate

Jets next.

Crossing my fingers for Major Wright.

does anyone else see us trying to start a organized chaos defense (like the wets)? were going young and versitle so players can swith postions:
de,dt (nickel), maybe occasional dt and olb
olb,de,and possibly ilb

cam wake also can play multiple positions, as well as starks and merling

Fins fan since 1971, lots of ups and many downs. I have not heard of either of these picks, but I hope they can make the diff for this D as we need the help!

What number is our next pick?

i'm thinking major wright too....good point mojomark

other than the safety from georgia the rest of the ones thats available arent any good imo........

Misi was picked above his grade , this is true. I saw a lot of Utes games past 3 yrs and reminded me of Zack T , saying that he will have to be coached up. What I saw was a guy that never took a play off , threw his body around and was fearless. Thad's why he reminded me of Zack.

spikes to the pats.......darn it

73rd I think

agree with you finfan....bigmouth ryan ain't seen nothing yet!! thinks his def. is controlled chaos? wait til Mike Nolan opens up can of whup $@#% on him this season!! can't for when camera is put on him on side-line!!!


Here's whats left of my wish list:
Major Wright, Jimmy Graham, Ricky Sapp, Cam Thomas and Mardy Gilyard.

9 picks to go.

can only wait and see what sanchez does when fins throw 5-2-4 at his #@^$....it's gonna be tuck & roll @#%@ tuck & roll!! actually more chuck & run %@#^ chuck & run..

the draft is a crapshoot the more picks the better keep trading down and get more picks for this year and next year

ryan my not have come over(afc east)to kiss any ring! but he's gonna be kissing a lot #$^#
"real" soon.......

Sound's about right to me...MoJO...Let's hope!
That would be heck of a draft!!! Best ever?

Who can we hope for in our 3 rd pick

how many 3rd rd. picks does miami have?

Boy, I hate the Jets and dislike the Pats..goona be one tough division. Nothing is better than beating the ego, sloppy, drunk Ryan. Lets hope RR run all over them and Marshall in the air!

Ya. Who's left for us in the 3rd round

Miami has 1 3rd.
Armando said early today the FS could be
robert johnson
morgan burnet
or chad jones

i like major wright

thanks andy!

Oh the major os still there?
Let's hope for him

cam thomas dt? Morgan bennett s from GT?

Timbo...they say to be the "BEST"...you have to "beat" the best. And "personally" I think the AFC EAST is gonna be the "BEST". And I "TRULY" believe if things go right,with few injuries?? Even @ 7-9 we beat the j-e-t-s "TWICE"...split with the pats...And "HELD" our own against "TWO" superbowl teams!!

the only other lineman they need is a true nose guard a big strong mofo run stopper

Got to have a safety out of this and then OL.

2 safeties went in the 1st and 3 in the second none since pick 17 2nd round
I imagine there are more than 5 safetioes in all of college ball that can play in the nfl

Got draft tracker open...There's "STILL" quality out there...te's still on the board...some good rb are left....even @ this point fs talent...a little thin @ olb, but players out there..F/A undrafted's are gonna be a hoot!!!

that god for uncapped year!!! =')

except for LaFell who looks like a "stud", and Williams/Syr(nephew)goes to school there..don't know too much about wr's???

We don't need a guard I give up!!

john jerry OG hope he is abeast.
if the guy is good enough to become a good starter then its a great pick and maybe they find a safety in the fourth

We went for a guard?
John Jerry , ole mis??

i was hoping cam thomas!

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