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Live blog of rounds 2 and 3 starts here!

Last night was fun. Let's do it again!

The live blog starts in the comments section. We'll go through the Dolphins pick.

Please understand that I am not going to sit here throughout the evening. There are interviews to be done, phone calls to be made, and I have a column to write. So the smart-alecks that ripped me for not being around all night last night, I hope you now understand why.

The names to look for in the second round, in my opinion?

Koa Misi, the outside linebacker from Utah. Robert Johnson, the safety from Utah. Ricky Sapp, outside backer from Clemson, Reshad Jones out of Georgia and Morgan Burnett of of G-Tech.

Darkhorses? Toby Gerhart of Stanford. I keep hearing the Dolphins want a RB out of this draft although the round remains uncertain. 


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Jared, READ the post and you will understand.

Everson Griffen next?


Who do you like at FS in this round?

Got a funny feeling the trifecta takes Gerhart?

Go Phins!

Armando, Do you feel if selected 2nd rd Graham would have an immediate impact stretching the field as Martin did and have instant impact in the red zone?

Please answer Armando this is my last question.

Chris Cook looks slow.

if we take gerhart im turning off my TV

0_0? what is that? Just got here and I'm missing the joke...

nyfin, Kindle has knee problems. There are rumors he may require microfracture surgery.

Tampa will probably take Benn

Mando, any truth to the rumor that Fish traded a 5th rounder to Chargers for Shawne Merriman ? :)

I would love Cam Thomas in the third, and toby gerhert in the second.

Dyingbreed, I don't think Graham would have Immediate impact in Miami offense. He needs to develop.


Nathaniel Allen @ 40?

Ok, just making sure, because yesterday you bailed at about the 16th pick or something. I am glad I can READ your post. By the way, can you specify whether that is the pick in the 2nd or 3rd round?

I think the bucs are guna trade the pick

Benn over Tate? Yeah!

We need to trade Smiley,a 6th & nxt yr 1st...to either Phil, or K.C. for "both" 2nd rd picks and nxt yr 2nd....will be adequate F/A available(Vernon Davis)to make up for loss of 1st rd nxt yr?

Darryl Washington LB TCU will be our pick he is perfect for the weak side lb since we played Wake strong side last year, and at 6'2" he should be big enough for the tuna


He is a Parcells kinda guy. A friggen Bad Ass

Go Phins!

I like the Washington kid, gregz.

think he's a fit?

Mando, u briefly adopted Clemons last yr; if the Fins go OLB in rd 2, do they really think a 3rd rounder would be better than him?

I like Allen or Burnett and Sapp in the third

I would love Gerhardt!!! He reminds me of Tom Rathman. Plows over people and has decent hands.

What about Dunlap from UF? going DL again this early would help our secondary, good pass rusher, so-so against the run.

There goes Price Bobby


I think we need a TE as much as we need any position. You think the trifecta will try to address that position in this draft and if so who do you think they will target?

Price gone...0 for 2 lol

Surprising, really thought they'd take a receiver.

Price was a guy the Dolphins really like as a NT.

Are kindle or nays gone!!!??!
I'm not near a tv

how big is price?

Good pick by the Bucs. Imagine McCoy and Price together.

see i would want a shorter DT for leverage reasons...Odrick at 6'5 might be a little too tall

Kindle is still on the board all you take him at 12 Einsteins!

Go Phins!

I hope we take Nate Allen at 40.

Mando, u think we go NT? Joesph, or Cody would give us a stout dline!

this is greg's son, washingtons my guy, i like hhim alot. more then jerry hughes i think he's a good fit. he can play the run unlike *cough* joey porter *cough*

Dyingbreed, I don't think Graham would have Immediate impact in Miami offense. He needs to develop.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | April 23, 2010 at 06:18 PM

Thanks for answering Armando I just wanted to know your opinion of him.

Kindle and Mays still on the board.

Bucs coulda used a WR. But they're d line is gonna be stout.

Make the trade!!!!!....."Mount" Cody, and "Capt" Kindle can be in south beach nxt friday!!

Tampa having a good draft

Nt nah we got oddrick

Rob Gronkowski still out there.

Bucs are going back to their roots, I like it.


Haven't heard anything about Torrell Troup the DT from UCF. I think he would be a great fit for us at NT in the 3rd - 4th round. Any Thoughts?

Zach, Price is 6'1", 303

Why are people so in love with Cody? Eh.

I think our best bet is a safety at this point, to go with both Davis and smith and let the defensive backs develop together to be a strong db triplet. Lb would be second best

Ok boys and Girls . just got in and right on time with the 36 th pick. Here we go, what's the consensus for the 40th pick ??

Adam schefter is saying john henderson is the NT to watch to be traded, would he fit in Mia or is he too old?

"capt" Kindle "still" sitting out there!!!!

Unless we go 4-3 hybrid full time we still need a NT, we can get a safety later

Gerhert is like john riggens. A monster to stop and faster than you think. Mount Cody is a fat lazy....Take Cam thomas in the third. He is gonna be very good at the next level.

I'm so excited, there are so many good picks left for us. This is interesting. Let's see.

i say golden tate gets picked

Cayman, on the TE front, there's a guy Pitta from BYU, Gronkowski of ASU is another guy they like.

Me? I like Graham in the fourth or the guy from Pitt, Dorin Dickerson.

Would love to see Andrew Quarless in the 4th or 5th. Not the greatest blocker but damn that kid is a red zone threat

Common Mando Price is too little for a NT for the trifecta

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