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Live blog of rounds 2 and 3 starts here!

Last night was fun. Let's do it again!

The live blog starts in the comments section. We'll go through the Dolphins pick.

Please understand that I am not going to sit here throughout the evening. There are interviews to be done, phone calls to be made, and I have a column to write. So the smart-alecks that ripped me for not being around all night last night, I hope you now understand why.

The names to look for in the second round, in my opinion?

Koa Misi, the outside linebacker from Utah. Robert Johnson, the safety from Utah. Ricky Sapp, outside backer from Clemson, Reshad Jones out of Georgia and Morgan Burnett of of G-Tech.

Darkhorses? Toby Gerhart of Stanford. I keep hearing the Dolphins want a RB out of this draft although the round remains uncertain. 


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colt mccoy here

Anybody who needs a safety consider trading in front of the Dolphins?


The only one I think might have helped us is Allen. I think if we stay at 40 we're going to get a good player.

Colt McCoy should be the guy.

If we go safety it will be Morgan Burnett

I like all those guys you suggested.

Misi is interesting to me along with Morgan Burnett

Do you ever get information from the Fins organization that they insist you cannot share? Like how you are telling us that the fins liked Allen, Price, McCluster and Cook, now and not before the draft? Just wondering.

i think kindle goes here, if not McCoy or Clausen

How big is Washington?

def need cleveland to take a qb

Quick plug for this if anyone hasn't seen it: http://vimeo.com/10571924 - ESPN's 30 for 30 on Ricky Williams. Looks fantastic, especially if you're like me and love Ricky to death.

sorry jumped the gun! ='( Cle then Oak...?

Maybe we trade back again. Need more 3s.

Reshad Jones? What do you think Mando?

Clausen or McCoy?

I would go Clausen.

Can Everson Griffen be an OLB?

Sergio Kindle is still there at 38. C'mon baby.

Jared, yes. All the time. A lot lately, especially in the jason Taylor situation.

NJ--I'm a Gator fan & live near St Thomas Acquinas & saw Wright play in HS...I like him alot but I don't think he's a #3---trouble in coverage, tho he hits like a freight train

avril for real to miami was tweeted by mike berardino

These frs better not go to commercial again when the fins get ready to pick!!!!

Allen, Price, McCluster and Cook all players Dolphins liked. Gone.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | April 23, 2010 at 06:34 PM

I agree Mando... but now that this has happened you think there is any chance that the fins trade down for a second time???

I would go colt. He's a gamer.

fish take morgan burnett...i think


Dolphins go arrelious benn. Sorry to contradict the defense first philosophy.

being tweeted that avril trade is for real for a 5th

Anyone think the Bills take Clausen or Colt McCoy?


Hey Armando,

What about Brandon Spikes, he on their 3rd round radar?

He's got prototype size but I don't know whether he'd be an OLB, or is projected as a ILB only.


is Everson Griffen a hybrid DE/OLB?

Avril deal looks like it is true.

We should take Marino
Still better than any qb in the draft this year

Fins trade for stud olb for 5th rounder!

Come on Mays! Gerhart will be the best back of this class!

Go Phins!

San Antonio, Cody went from 368 to 343 in 6 weeks earlier this offseason. I was saying if he continued to lose weight, that would have been good.

I want the phins to get a starter and Cody is not anything more a 2 down guy. Raiders will get Mccoy or clausen. Wow. I think we should get McCoy or clausen and pay white to ufl tuskers.

TJ Ward to Cleveland?

No Gronk! Please!! We can make due with what we got til next year when Vernon Davis come's to Mia to be with lil bro....='0

Morgan Burnett

haha what is cleveland doing?

another DB!!!! damn there is a run on DB's!

MLive says no avril trade per tom kowalski

Linval Joseph @ 40?

I'm told Fins liked TJ Ward--saving u some work Mando ;-)

I say Kindle if he's still there. If not, Linval Joseph. Nate Allen is already off the board, and Mount Cody seems like he maybe a gamble

TJ who??

Mando...I agree...it's a good thing. But is it short term or is it indicative of a discipline/self-control issue?

kindle is the pick girls !


Jim Brown: better actor or football player

No mays!

That was unexpected. Mel wants to shoot himself.

I say da bills take Clausen he is more of a complete QB then McCoy..

TJ...Who???? What da #$^#

Taylor Mays with Miami. Why not Mando ?

Like you said when you wanted a receiver Armando, passing league indeed!!! All these DB's early.

dang bucs trade ahead of the fins..... who do they want?

taylor mays is a gibril wilson 2.0

have you seen this actual college game play videos, he is horrible

i think we have to get DB now, there arent going to be any left in the 3rd

Dolphins will select Clausen lol

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