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Live blog of rounds 2 and 3 starts here!

Last night was fun. Let's do it again!

The live blog starts in the comments section. We'll go through the Dolphins pick.

Please understand that I am not going to sit here throughout the evening. There are interviews to be done, phone calls to be made, and I have a column to write. So the smart-alecks that ripped me for not being around all night last night, I hope you now understand why.

The names to look for in the second round, in my opinion?

Koa Misi, the outside linebacker from Utah. Robert Johnson, the safety from Utah. Ricky Sapp, outside backer from Clemson, Reshad Jones out of Georgia and Morgan Burnett of of G-Tech.

Darkhorses? Toby Gerhart of Stanford. I keep hearing the Dolphins want a RB out of this draft although the round remains uncertain. 


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bay taking benn

Just say no to Mays

avril strong side linebacker ( remember roth)

You are right nyfin, DB time because it's a passing league.

Kindle is damaged goods see Channing crowder and concerns about knees. Kindle goes to raiders. Trade back.


Bucs will pick up Tate, presumably.

4-0 looking pretty good all!!!!

Arrelious Benn to Tampa Bay. Kindle is still gonna be there at pick #40!

Benn to TB

Bucs trade... That wasn't with fins was it?

Ok my source says kindle!...

I really dont see a safety at this pick helping more than culver or clemons, trade down with some team that wants to jump bills for a qb

Lets go get Mays!

So what are they trading up to keep us from getting?

According to Mlive.com, Avril has indeed been traded to the Dolphins for a fifth round pick. No confirmation from the Dolphins.

armando , do we really need posts from scumbags like at 6:37 by fake aloco ???

almost our turn
my turn for a stroke

liking my paws..avril is a beast

would do it...nice peice of trade bait???

I don't think th dolphins will take Mays. I think they learned with G. Wilson.

Bay wants benn. I agree.

Someone really good is gonna fall to us. I hope we don't screw it up fellas!


What DB's are left that fit the FS prototype?

I'll eat my hat if the pick is Kindle.

No mays!! No kindle!!!

lets hope we dont get kindle, we dont need him falling asleep in the middle of training camp...

The philosophy of taking a DB now because they'll all be gone is the reason we reached for Patrick Turner last year when all the WR's were gone. Bad move. Take the best player. Benn or Golden Tate or the DT from East Carolina

Im telling you kindle please listen to me mondo

Gronkowski!!! This is a gift and a Parcells type guy.

They're gettin benn

Mays s an assasin!West Coast n the house!

Go Phins!

Im so nervous, we always do something crazy!

Is Avril a starter or another special teamer and back-up?

Of the Bucs take Benn they would be the biggest winners of the draft so far in my book.

Mort hinted at Golden Tate with Le Batard.

The same guy at mlive.com is now saying Avril HAS NOT been traded.

I'm still wondering if the Fins trade Ronnie. This new edict they have about dumping injury prone players is stuck in my mind.

Jim brown is old now. In 2001 he looked fit in any given Sunday.

trade down! get another third plenty of noe tackles still available later in this round. grab the saftey from kansas in the third or fourth. a safety at this spot will not be better than culver or clemons. you guys are getting draft crazy

Sergio Kindle is the one I want on 40th pick

Here we go folks!


Can't trade Ronnie. He didn't sign tender. Maybe during summer.

Miami on the clock!

And were on the clock!!!!!!!

IT will be a Tight End!

Stupid internet rumors/hoaxes

King, Jeff Ireland said last night Ronnie Brown cannot be traded unless he signs his restricted free agent tender. And he hasn't signed it.

avril rumor not true now

Come on trifecta let's get it done

Bucks are killing it.

Does that mean that mean the bucs thought the fins were targeting Benn at 40?

Maybe phins take gronkowski.

Here it go~ my pick? Koa Misi or Amazon Kindle

I think we try and trade down again. Is there a team out there that wants Claussen or McCoy? There's s till boatload of good players there for us.

Smiley for Avril!!! Y a 5th?

I really, really hope it´s Gronkowski.

Just draft someone good. I don't care who! Fill a need!

If we don't trade back then we HAVE to take Sergio Kindle. He's got to be the highest ranked player they have on the board. Theres no chance he isn't

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