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Live blog of rounds 2 and 3 starts here!

Last night was fun. Let's do it again!

The live blog starts in the comments section. We'll go through the Dolphins pick.

Please understand that I am not going to sit here throughout the evening. There are interviews to be done, phone calls to be made, and I have a column to write. So the smart-alecks that ripped me for not being around all night last night, I hope you now understand why.

The names to look for in the second round, in my opinion?

Koa Misi, the outside linebacker from Utah. Robert Johnson, the safety from Utah. Ricky Sapp, outside backer from Clemson, Reshad Jones out of Georgia and Morgan Burnett of of G-Tech.

Darkhorses? Toby Gerhart of Stanford. I keep hearing the Dolphins want a RB out of this draft although the round remains uncertain. 


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Hey bill ruger... I pooped.... In case you are still interested

Thanks for info Ruger!! Not complaining, just don't know of him? Guess I'll research, and find out!!

Rasheed Jones or Major Wright rd 3

U guys think Gronkowski will be there at 73?

Inimounts, r u happy with your CB selected yesterday by fat ass Ryan?

Misi will get a lot of pressure on the QB in Nolan's blitz packages.

Koa Misi

6'2 5/8, 251 pounds | Outside linebacker/defensive end | Utah

Pass coverage: Misi showed during Senior Bowl practices that he has the hip fluidity to turn and run with tight ends. Whether he can translate that into actual gameplay is an unknown. He rarely was used in coverage as an end for Utah. But when he did drop back, he got decent depth.

Pass rush: Is a disruptive pass rusher, even though his numbers may not indicate it. Finished a three-year career with 26 tackles for a loss and 11 sacks. But Misi does a good job of hustling and getting his hands into passing lanes.

Pursuit: Closing speed is excellent. Once Misi locates a target, he gets after it without wasted motion. Uses his plus agility to maneuver around offensive players to get after the ball.

Quickness: Possesses superb explosion off the snap. Fires out of his stance low and corners quickly. Quickness should translate just fine to playing linebacker.

Run defend: Misi's biggest weakness. Because of his lacking skills stopping the run, Misi may have to begin his career as only a pass-rush specialist. His lateral agility is solid, but he doesn't always take great angles to the ball. Gets beat on counter plays too frequently. Needs to become a more heady run defender. Gives a lot of effort. Can be knocked around by big backs.

Strength: Has decent playing strength. Knows how to properly use his hands to keep blockers off him. But sometimes when Misi gets into the backfield and stopped by a running back, he can be neutralized. Needs to continue adding strength to his lower body to work against the run.

Tackling: Misi's combination of explosiveness and upper body strength helps him make tackles when the ball carrier isn't in the open field. When he's going one-on-one with a ball carrier, he can be juked and needs to play less recklessly. If he can get stronger throughout his frame, he should only improve here.

Versatility: Misi largely played end for Utah, but he did play out of a two-point stance on occasion. He projects as a 3-4 linebacker because he doesn't have great size and may get neutralized by offensive linemen who don't let players get under their pads. Should be an asset on special teams.

Final word: Misi really came on during Senior Bowl week. He was one of the week's most outstanding players because he showed he has the athleticism to move laterally.

He'll probably enter the league as a project player, but his upside is very good

So let me continue to beat the dead horse. Scheme versatility, a regime that counts plays. Koa Misi can play both inside and outside, do people not understand how many personnel groupings Mike Nolan uses? Seriously, try to understand not only the defense we run, but also the guy who is in charge of running it. Most of you guys saying who and complaining probably said the same thing no doubt about Langford, Hartline, Bess, Carpenter. Koa Misi is a great pick. If Sergio Kindle was as good as everyone thought, he would have been picked by now, and not just by us.

I'd love to see Taylor Mays available in the 3rd round for the Dolphins but I doubt he lasts that long.

6'3" 230lbs 4.43 40 yd dash 41" vertical


Did you watch Mays play at all? We need a FS safety who can avoid giving up the big play, not a roid-head who always goes for the highlight reel hit and misses badly half the time. Mays is a SS, not a FS.

nfl network likes misi pick. says he will be linebacker for us. he is def end college. he looks a lot like jason on tape. same type. speed. gets around people and good at zeroing in on the spot. interesting. i thought we would get mays

Great Pick !!!!!!!!
This a need pick Now comes the
Go dolphins !!!!!

Gronkowski is getting picked right now. by SOMEONE

Mando how far is jimmy C going to fall?


Instincts/Recognition 2 Can be a step slow recognizing screens but shows above-average instincts overall. Keeps head up, locks long arms out and locates the ball quickly. Moving from end to outside linebacker should also help him read keys and locate the ball because won't get engulfed by offensive tackles as much. Showed good awareness and positioning in underneath zone coverage at Senior Bowl.
Strength/Toughness 2 Isn't big enough to consistently hold ground against the run if asked to line up at end in the NFL but plays with good leverage and stouter than size suggests. Above-average upper body strength and appears more than capable of setting the edge at the outside linebacker position.
Range vs. Run 3 Takes sound pursuit angles and shows good lateral mobility when scraping down the line of scrimmage but top-end speed and range appear just adequate on film.
Tackling 3 Flashes the ability to deliver the big hit and wraps up when gets hands on the ball carrier but doesn't show great body control or agility in space. Concerned about open field tackling.
3rd Down Capabilities 3 Physical and has shown the ability reroute tight ends at the line of scrimmage on film. Reason to be optimistic about ability to develop serviceable underneath man-to-man cover skills. While listed at 263 pounds on roster weighed 244 pounds at the Senior Bowl and appeared more fluid there than he did on film. Adequate range in zone coverage but doesn't appear fast enough on film to consistently turn and run with NFL tight ends and backs. Greatest strength is rushing the passer. Doesn't have elite closing speed but quicker than fast. Uses hands to prevent tackle from locking on to frame, gets underneath outside shoulder and then bends back inside. Flashes the ability to get under offensive tackle and drive them back into the quarterback's lap. Gets hands up when sees quarterback start throwing motion and times jumps fairly well. Has ample experience rushing out of a two-point stance.

I like their first two picks...

I see the Fins going after OJ Atogwe hard on June 1st, since they certainly don't seem shy about spending Ross's money on guys they like. I think they may take a flyer on safety with a late pick but would be surprised to see them go for 1 before the 6th round. It seems like there are more quality Free Agent FS's available than quality OLB's so it makes sense to me to go for the OLB's in the draft and get a FS via Free Agency. I also think they will pick (another) NT late.


F!!!!! Belicheat got Grankowski!! He's a bad ass!!!

very good te's available


Koa Misi? Never heard of him. I guess Paul Soliai will like this since he also went to Utah. Not the big name kind of guy you'd expect to fill the shoes of Joey Porter and Jason Taylor though.

It is no accident these so-called top tier players are being passed over. Most of the people (all teams) know what they are doing.

ALoco, as long as his name wasn't " Mosi" from Hawaii I'm thrilled!!

Oh boy. What a mess.

Terrible. I waited 24 hrs in anticipation for the fins to draft no-name players earlier than what they were valued by the rest of the NFL.

Another slow...unathletic player that will be a liability in coverage. We will be roasted over and over by the pass....sound familiar.

No weapons on offense outside of Marshall...no TE.....no FS....no NT.

Parcells is determined to ruin this organization one pick at a time.


You're showing your football ignorance here, man. You know nothing about these guys. For you to even ascertain that this is a C- or D- is ridiculous!!

Who is it EXACTLY you wanted us to pick with our one and only 12th pick?

WTF? move it fwd!!! lose the pick! you lost the time!

Just read a report from Cajun McJuniper, the new Herald beat writer: "I've just heard from my sources that Sergio Kindle actually showed up to the Scouting Combine with an artificial leg. You read that right: A FAKE LEG"

This McJuniper character is getting ridiculous scoops during this draft.

This concerns me about Misi:

Run defend: Misi's biggest weakness. Because of his lacking skills stopping the run, Misi may have to begin his career as only a pass-rush specialist. His lateral agility is solid, but he doesn't always take great angles to the ball. Gets beat on counter plays too frequently. Needs to become a more heady run defender. Gives a lot of effort. Can be knocked around by big backs.

Raiders ruin us always.

Guys, the live blog has moved to the new post with a Koa Misi interview on it.

what a steal for new england, damnit

Mayock was saying he would play ILB for the Dolphins.

this is awesome. the draft is falling apart. Patriots get nobody with their 2nd round pick because time has expired.

I am hoping the Dolphins are going for a tight end I'm round 3

Start with toughness up front, or our little DB's and safeties have mo chance in this new pass league.
Great job by Dolphins management!!!


Are people seriously upset because we're not drafting "big-name" players? Ryan Leaf was a big-name player too. Personally, I'd rather have a guy that can play the game, and it sounds like that's what we've got with these 2.


I wish the phins had more picks in round 3.

You idiots are out of your mind if you think the Dolphins are going to draft a TE in the first 5 rounds. Fasano wasn't that bad, and they've got players to develop. Calm yourselves. Fasano is 1 season removed from a 7 TD year.

Damn, NE got Gronkowski

Gonna hate playing against Gronk, this kid gonna be a monster

What happened to the jerseys?

Good pick for new England. Scary for us.

They have their Clark.

Insane. Baltimore got Cody.

So does TUNA package picks to climb up into the late 2nd or 3rd? We have too many picks and not enough roster spots to keep them all. Lets get back into the fight!!!!

Kindle? Wow.

Craig I'm not going to explain to u how wrong u are. If u read right the trade was what I liked. But I've SEEN odrick play. Have u? And misi had as many sacks this year as he did his previous two, but barring all that, kindle and Washington are just BETTER! I'm ignorant because I don't like our pics? I'm pretty sure the last sox years show anyone who LIKES dolphins picks are more likely ignorant and I'm tired of it! I stuckby this team when they picked ginn and when they picked pat white and Jason Allen etc. No more. These are, as merling as a basic first round pick was, HORRIBLE! the year will show it. Mark my words. Odrick and misi will underperform. Care totake me on Craig? Anybody? I've still got byatches at my will saying we wouldn't pick vontae or Brandon Marshall. Any more takers I can make look stupid?

fasano is awul dude. miami knows this. great pick by pats as usual. miami had better players avail, guy is to small

Baltimore is a scary team.

Baltimore now has Cody. So EVERYONE in the afc is going to have a dominent nt but us. This ridiculous.

Gronkoski goes to the PAts. We will be the gas can of the AFC East...while every one else will field a high powered O with actual weapons on offense. We will be plodding with old running backs and hoping to set up play action to the only pass receiver we have (Marshall) sounds a little limited to me.

Ravens know how to draft....Kindle goes to them. Fast...athletic..mean defense. Pay attention parcells.

Lamar Houston to raiders. Nice draft for them

Pats get another lineman?

We draft crap again, and Pats take Gronkowski. Someone shoot me.

I am so tired of the dolphins passing up. Man. I hope kindle does well. Misi v. Kindle? Mayock said it was a good pick.

NEED!!! To get back in here and get...."Mount" Cody..Parcell works 20lbs off him? He'll be a

Some of you are truly morons. Baltimore took Kindle.

Denver gets Cody.

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