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Live blog of rounds 2 and 3 starts here!

Last night was fun. Let's do it again!

The live blog starts in the comments section. We'll go through the Dolphins pick.

Please understand that I am not going to sit here throughout the evening. There are interviews to be done, phone calls to be made, and I have a column to write. So the smart-alecks that ripped me for not being around all night last night, I hope you now understand why.

The names to look for in the second round, in my opinion?

Koa Misi, the outside linebacker from Utah. Robert Johnson, the safety from Utah. Ricky Sapp, outside backer from Clemson, Reshad Jones out of Georgia and Morgan Burnett of of G-Tech.

Darkhorses? Toby Gerhart of Stanford. I keep hearing the Dolphins want a RB out of this draft although the round remains uncertain. 


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raiders a great pick. this draft is depressing. just like the merling, langford 08 draft. garbage

Man I am not seeing promise out of both picks. Missing JT now.

Mt cody?

dude JT had 30 tackles in 800 plays last year. I think we'll be ok without him

Some one defending Fasano...one of the least explosive...most unreliable TE's in the NFL. Dude can't uncover against a defensive end or MLB....better yet a safety.

Dude is slow..has no hands and gets zero yds after the catch. Modern TE's are threats after the catch while still having size enough to block. Ala Gates..Gonzalez...etc. Devlope who...Joey Haynos...none of our TE's could start for any other team in the NFL.

Be real...I understand fanhood but dam@. The only player we have that will scare any one on either side of the football is Marshall.

Love the Mosi pick now we are talking and hopefully can turn Odrick into a NT and we suddenly filled holes with 2 picks now let's go get Reshad from Georgia for our FS.

Parcells needs to let someone else shop for the groceries.

dont know what to say. just tired of parcells trying to act like he knows so much more than everyone else by drafting players projected to go much later. mays, kindle, gron, houston all were there. just doesnt make any sense

kindle is damaged goods.. Ive been watching this drama (ghost) and all i can say is its all a gamble..THE INTERWEBS HAS MADE us ALL THINK that THEY ARE EXPERTS...History dictates that only time will tell..

Mando are we going to a 4-3?

clausen looks like a troll

Any chance we end up with a wr in 3rd?

Parcells is the master draftsman. Let him be and quit your bitching

I wouldn't mind Jimmy Graham on Day 3. But hey, anytime you can draft a TE with back problems in Rd 2 you pretty much have to do it.

everyone says mays is gonna end up playing lb in the nfl. Talk about a project

stop all the crying none of you know more then bill. i bet his grandson knows more the you babys.

Clausen end of 3rd?

Rashad Jones is another SS type. Kid is stiff and has no range. The best picks left at FS are Burnett and Chad Jones.

Joeseph gone to the Giants. Would have been a better pick than Odrick.

Pats traded backbone

Cards will get a receiver.

Gronk looks like a "BEAST"!! But as mentioned above...Not giving up on Fasano!! And everyone should know...Vernon Davis..."WILL" be here next year!!!! So TE will be set soon ('11)!!

I think some of you get your info from a cracker jack box. Misi will be playing OLB not DE. He had one of the best work outs at the combine and was sloted to go in the 2nd round. Some of you need to do your research because you sound like morons.

Carolina goes qb

PArcells master of what. What has he done in the modern era of football. We are getting mediocre talent in early rds of the draft. Most will be from random schools like Troy St.

His time has past. He needs to watch teams like Indy...Ravens....Pats and learn lessons about evaluating players. This isn't 1980.

vernon davis wont be here. san fran will franchise him easily, salary for franchise te not much

Still "LOTS" of talent out there!!! And we "STILL" have a bunch of picks!! Only problem gonna have to worry about? Who are
going to "have" to release? Good problem to have if you ask me...

another defensive lineman to the giants...is osi on his way out??

here comes clausen

Thankyou Scalzo.
The Tuna doesn't make 4 million a year for nothing. They know what they are doing.

dave in jax are you awake? do u reside in a cave?

More like...who are we gonna pick. Look at the board and tell me how many impact players u see at the skill positions or lb positions??? By our pick in rd 3 there will be zero safties of note left and zero NT's on the board. We would be better off reaching for a TE or a wr with some speed and size to compliment Marshall.

What are the chances the Fins get back in the second round to draft a FS???

Taylor Mays nope. I think he will go to a team like the niners.

dave in jax are you awake? do u reside in a cave?

Posted by: billbill | April 23, 2010 at 07:19 PM

Bill, anyone that lives in Jacksonville are not far removed from cave dwelling....


I know. Let stra8balla handle the draft next yaer! HaHaHaHaHeHeHe. The guy is hilarious!

Think there are only SS of value now, SSs that call them Selves FS.

Stra8balla - You've got your coaching tree upside down. Where did Belichick learn about drafting players?

and there goes mays, fffffffff

Cody will go soon.

I called the niners pick.

I think the dolphins are going to get a free agent free safety

Cody could still end up with dolphins.

any news on if the avril trade is true

Is it true that Misi did only 2 reps at 225lbs bench press during the combine?

i don't think we take a safety simply because there are no true free safeties...clemons and culver are going to have to step up unless we sign dude from the rams (doubtful)

Major Wright or Cam Thomas @ 73?

B.B. has always understood the value of having athletic players not just power players that can't run.

B.B. always values speed at the wr position where as this regime has proven outside of the Marshall trade that they have no feel for the position.

Can't compare the 2. B.B has also won at a high level in the modern era of football. When was the last Super Bowl won by B.P.

B.P. does not shy away from big time players from large schools. He actually seems to prefer them.

Cody will be gone by 73.

belliceck hasn't drafted well the last couple of years. Tell one player that's been good.They've had lots of picks with no real talent added


Mando, Gronkowski played at the University of Arizona NOT ASU! Get it right!


billbill...why u bustn my bubble? ='(

can dream? can't I??? =')

do u moron have anything better to do? its friday go find a date.plus some of u idiot no nothing about football,, gosh get a life!

anyone think we can get back into 2nd rd?

for what reason?

hey "k" what you doing toniye...?

no moron

just joking "dude".....=')

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