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Marshall in town, says physical went 'great'

Brandon Marshall is in South Florida and going about the business of becoming a Miami Dolphin wide receiver.

And the Herald's Jeff Darlington is going about the business of, you know, working some journalism. So he caught up with Marshall moments ago as he was leaving the doctor's office where Marshall took his physical.

"It went great," Marshall told Darlington through a big smile.

Marshall should be happy. He's from Orlando and he's now rich, having agreed to a 5-year, $50 million contract.

"I'm thrilled. This is home for me," Marshall said. "I'm right up the road from Orlando. I'm a Florida boy. We're finishing the process now. Hopefully it all goes as planned."

With that, Marshall got in the SUV that is transporting him around town. He was headed for the Dolphins facility to sign his new contract.


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Welcome to Miami Baby!

Bienvenido a miami!
I would love for us to get Earl thomas in the 1st round!

Wow, this is real. Feels like I'm in a dream. I know ross said money was not a factor but this is yankie-esque. Mando, how will this affect the salary cap next year with all these high priced players?


Who do you think the Dolphins are zeroing in on right now? After all, you're the one who reported the Marshall interest last night. I think that you know a lot more than people think.


Gonna be a rough blog for ya brother.

Agreed FB, Earl in the first, resign Taylor, and get cam Thomas or buddy outta ucf troup in the third for NT

Welcome to Miami Brandon!!!!

Po White! I haven't seen you here since the games in the regular season. Where you been brother?

This is the last thing I expected from the dolphins. Now we need to address FS with Earl Thomas in the draft.

it will be hard to pass on Dan Williams. I agree a safety is needed also. I don't know. I'm so confused.

Po White, taking my lumps like a man, what u gonna do??? Guy definitley has talent, never questioned that, just questioned his character...I guess Mike Nolan helped Parcells get over that hump...I hope he turns into a HUGE success for us,


Been here but layin low; this year is looking up!

What's the point of that video lol


What are ya gonna do ya know. LOL

Not bad news though.

Success over principle.

Winning is everything I guess.

Sweet video

Ginn might be a goner.

The F.O. is makin some moves ya gotta admit.

Just looking over the posts from yesterday, and half of you guys were calling for Bill(THE TUNA)Percells head,what do you all think of the Tuna now???? Marshall on Offense, Dansby on Defense, 2 of the most coveted free agents out there....

Right CM, not bad A?

Look out AFC East.

Great video!

I'm loving this! What number is he going to wear? And where can I buy a jersey?

All my buddys the other day were talking trash,about the jets adding this guy and that guy, well today I can tell you they were all stunned(Not Teaser stuned)but stunned none the less, They can have Santonio(4 game suspension)Holmes andAntonio(Cant tackle) Cromatie, I'll take Brandon "The Marshall Plan" Marshall along with Mr. Carlos(Pain)Dansby any day....

WOW!!I Never Tought We Would Hav A #1 Receiver.Now,We Hav A #1 Receiver Who Is Like, One Of The Best In The League.But,Back To The Draft.I Think Miami Should Trade Up To Get A Second Rounder Back.Then Draft Taylor Mays!

Who would have guessed that the last game marshall played in a broncos helmet (pro bowl) would be in his future home , talk about ironic

after all these years we finally have a passing game again. Marshall should improve the whole WR corp, Ginn included. I haven't given up on Ginn. specially as a return guy.


AHHH SHT... we now have the best player in the division! (not named brady).. Take that NY!! Dansby + B.Marshall is better than all those moronic moves the Jets made! We will sweep those dckheads again..

CM will slap me but I say we keep Ginn to run down the side line and Deeeeep Posts every other play.

I'e Given up ALL hope for side-line Ginn....

Lets all hail 'The Beast' :)

i think it was a mistake. this Brandon Marshall guy means trouble, more than he is worth and we shouldn't of have given up 2 picks for him, one was enough!

That is the most pointless video I have ever seen on this website.

I for one will publicly apologize right now.I remember last year moaning and complaining about some things i said.I promise to stop right now.At least until next week!!!

I Wonder who's courting Terrel Owens???? more then likey the jets....

Welcome home!

Oliver Rubberneck you're an idiot. This will open up the whole offense.

I don't know, something is telling me that we should keep Ginn & his Family around. The value we're gonna get for him right now is probably around a 5th rounder. 4th at max. With Marshall, it'll be a more open pass attack where maybe Ginn can have a decent if not good year. Plus, it looks like we're not getting dez/spiller/jahvid or any WR or RB in the 1st 2 rounds. So we need someone for return duties. Bess was pretty inconsistent last year & Ginn at least flashed potential in that aspect of his game. What do you guys think? One last chance for the little guy?

Awesome video! Really glad i got to watch that.

This crow tastes better than usual... Its spicy!

I say keep him for his speed alone. He can distract attention at the least.

Also, i think we draft Earl Thomas. Berry if by some miracle he slips. He's just gotta get past KC, Cleveland, Buffalo, Jacksonville. Not crazier than the Marshall trade, so we'll see. Miami for the AFC East title for sure.

Cuban Menace,

Whats up buddy?

Which members of the Ginn family are hurting Teddy's trade value the most?

Finally something to be excited about!!

If u were as scared of getting hit as much as Teddy u would run fast too!!!

Carlito, What part of the crow is your favorite. The wing or the Breast??? I personally like the Thigh......lol...I hear Bobby12 liked the gizzard, though I cant confirm it, What do say there B-12??

They need a safety. Can will Allen play safety or is he too small?

Yeah Baby!!!!

I told you something big was about to happen.

Now all we need is a strong armed QB.....oh wait....we got one of those!

Whazzup now REX?



I'm a breast man...


Do you eat your crow with hot sauce, ranch, or honey mustard?

I think Ronnie Brown is gonna take a shot at safety this go round.

Thats right odin!

Who's ya daddy now Rex?

There is a rumor on ESPN that the Bucs are a possible trade partner for Ginn

Carlito, definitley hot sauce...hotter the better

Don't think we have room for Ginn on the team now. He has his uses weak as they are but If they can get any value for him he is down the road.

Carlito, I'd have to say Teddy(Clipboard)Ginn Sr. I hear he dropped the clipboard more times then Jr. Dropped passes...Though word on the street(And I mean street)is that Teddys sister Tednisha(all the way)Ginn has exposed several Dolphins to a new strain of STDs.....

Today is a great day! Bring on the draft and bring on the season!

Anyone here thinks Bess will give up his #15 to Marshall?

If Marshall writes a check for it.

I would bet anything that they will trade down now and pick up a second rounder. That will enable them to have there pick at NT and then get a safety and LB depending on who falls, fills major needs in the first three rounds. Then in rounds 5-6 double up on those positions for insurance. Oh yeah then sign JT, not signing him B4 the draft create uncertanty with the pick and enhances trade value. marshall instantly beclomes the best wide receiver that the Dolphins have ever had, my apologies to old # 42. Great move!!

Po, I think he can afford it

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