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Marshall in town, says physical went 'great'

Brandon Marshall is in South Florida and going about the business of becoming a Miami Dolphin wide receiver.

And the Herald's Jeff Darlington is going about the business of, you know, working some journalism. So he caught up with Marshall moments ago as he was leaving the doctor's office where Marshall took his physical.

"It went great," Marshall told Darlington through a big smile.

Marshall should be happy. He's from Orlando and he's now rich, having agreed to a 5-year, $50 million contract.

"I'm thrilled. This is home for me," Marshall said. "I'm right up the road from Orlando. I'm a Florida boy. We're finishing the process now. Hopefully it all goes as planned."

With that, Marshall got in the SUV that is transporting him around town. He was headed for the Dolphins facility to sign his new contract.