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Meet Dolphins new starting NT: Randy Starks

Dolphins general Jeff Ireland just announced that the Dolphins have resolved their nose tackle issues.

The team's new starting nose tackle is Randy Starks.

"[Coach] Tony [Sparano] talked to Randy about it today," Ireland said. "The quote he gave was, 'I'm at home there.' "

Not really certain I was hearing correctly that the team moved it's best defensive end to nose tackle, I asked Ireland if Starks had to compete for the starting NT job. He said Starks is indeed penciled in as the starter.

That has definite repercussions.

First-round pick Jared Odrick, Kendall Langford and Phillip Merling will compete for two starting jobs at defensive end.

Paul Soliai remains the team's backup nose tackle. And Jason Ferguson, out the first eight games of the season while serving a league-imposed suspension, can probably ease in and take fewer snaps per game than in the past. That, by the way, is a good way for Ferguson to stay healthy.

Also, the Dolphins are likely moving away from the classic 3-4 to a hybrid version where the nose tackle is often offset to one side or the other of the center. In the past, Miami's nose tackle was seemingly always over the center's helmet.  

Most importantly, the move puts the draft in a different light. Before this announcement, everyone believed the Dolphins needed to address the nose tackle and free safety position on Saturday.

Now we know they have a need at free safety, having addressed defensive end (Odrick), wide receiver (Brandon Marshall), nose tackle (Randy Starks), and outside linebacker (Koa Misi). That's a pretty awesome way to spackle holes on the roster.

I like it.



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Thats fine with me!

That just might be crazy enough to work...

is he big enough?

Phillip Merling, better step it up.

6-3 312lbs

Why do you put your best DE pass rusher as your NT? I dont understand...

Mando---Can RStark handle the duties in your opinion??

I love the Dude but NT is a whole different world.

Starks came to be the NT, perfect size while he learned the position, so it works perfectly, now the only hole appears to be FS, I think we'll get Ken Hamlin or wait for Atogwe instead of drafting a starting FS, third day is for depth and taking some risks with some players, very solid firts 2 days, not fancy but solid

He's built similar to a younger Ferguson. 6'3 310ish. I'm glad they made the decision now and are comitted.

tommy in LA says:
April 23, 2010 at 11:17 pm
losers what the f&*# is wrong with you? this team just got stronger, faster and most importantly a lot younger. i love the three picks, i expect them to draft LB(S), safety, biggeee (NT) and a receiver tomorrow.

Dont forget the team aquired Marshall and it appears the phins are planning on making a serious run at OJ Atogwe to fill the safety hole.

I am extatic about what has happened in the draft as well as FA this year.

The fans on these dolphins blogs are embarrasing....stop already with all your whining about kindle and burnett.


you dont know as much about football as this Front Office and you never will....EVER

I hope he likes the position. Put him on the Rex Ryan diet to get him bigger.

Merling hasnt gotten off the bench this whole time...doubt he does now...Sad...

Randy Starks sucks.

LMFAO !! I bet the miami draft looks a whole lot better now to some of you clueless idiots .

Ha Ha! Keyboard GMs!

Go Phins!

they envision starks to be another Jay Ratliff for Dallas.

I think Ireland is putting false info out there so teams wont pickup on them wanting a DT still

so if miami jus solved the nt positon they got 7 picks left to find what a FS and what ever they think we might need i still think they might want to take blount from oregon and a TE....and can still sneak a young nt pick

three cheers for tommy.......

the negativity here in sofla has been insane the past few days, quite frankly. Dansby & Marshal & nothing else would still be a great offseason.
I have high hopes for this draft; Jerry is a monster.

merling can be a monster when he's focussed. he can be as disruptive up front as any player in this league. but with him its all mental he just doesnt have the fire and intensity. when he does there are very few off lineman that can block him 1 on 1. i expect him to start opposite odrick, not langford

Still must find FS, and another starter at OLB.

LOL to Mooseknuckles

I think going after Atogwe would be a great idea! He would fill in that void and absolutely help develope the others!

tommy in LA

Im with you here brother. Noone here was ever a coach in the NFL. They can whine as much as they can but they will never know more about scouting then the Dolphins Front Office. If they didn't pick up Kindle, there's gotta be a reason for it. The trifecta has been making good choices and bad ones too but mostly good ones. The rest of you should celebrate that the Dolphins fulfilled a few holes in the roster on the past 2 nights. I am very happy and I will continue to be for a long time.

I hope the Fins know that we appreciate what they are doing. Thanks!!!

Are d line will have a lot of size with a lot of quickness. I think the days of the old slow defense are over. Love the Jerry pick need big guards to help on the big nose guards in the afc east. Misi will be a solid OLB a lot of people had him really high on their boards some thought he might crack the first round. Love having more guys with motors on the team.


We let go of J.T and Porter along with the sacks they produced and now we move one of our best DE to NT. I hope we find those lost sacks somewhere or witout the S, we arn't picking in the early rounds, the two minute TD drives from last year will haunt us again.

I think we are looking good now. Odrick and Langford at the ends, Starks up the middle with Crowder and Dansby behind him with Wake and Misi on the outside. Plug in Jerry at Guard and I think this may turn out to be a pretty good draft. Very happy

How in the world can you surmise we are "planning on making a serious run at OJ Atogwe to fill the safety hole"? Dude, you accuse people of knowing nothing. But guess what? You don't either.

LMAO @ all u whiners and crybabys...as usual the Fins have the plan all set up...God, some of u should just watch the Golf Channel and stay off the Football Blogs...U look like complete TOOLS

Starks played DT for the Titans in their 4-3 defense so he should be ok since he is not playing over the center but more off the center in their new hybrid 3-4.

now that we've got our nt we're freed up to grab some more offensive lineman

The Starks move makes sense. My only concern is how effective he will be at that size. e doesn't have your typical frame for a NT, ie. very strong, solid base. However, I think with Odrick playing beside him he will get lots of help. Still have some questions about how all of this is going to come together, however, I'm confident with Nolan in charge of the defence and with input from Sparano and Parcells that these guys will have the defence playing tough.

It will be interesting to see where we go from here. I think there's a good chance the next pick with be TE or FS and I think you can count on there being a KR, a nickel back and QB in our remaining picks somewhere.

We all wanted our favorites to get drafted but they didn't . To tell u the truth I don't care . Tuna and Co. are pros at what they do. I'm sure well be fine come week 1. This dolphin football team is starting to look like a team with atittude , something we haven't had in years. For all the critics out there who are doing the complaining, well let's just say thank god your not in the fins front office becuz then you'll all make cam Cameron look like a god. Go Dolphins baby

I love this offseason. The beast Marshall, Dansby and maybe the best pickup of all is Nolan!


You stupid idiots, me and NJ new what was going on the whole time....

Phin up...

smart moves by the phins today


Nothing wrong with golf dude....

Great drinking game......

This organization has made very solid picks. They have probably been following these guys as well. They just did not pull these guys out of nowhere. All of this will make sense to some of you months from now. Let chill out they have few more picks yet in this draft.

@11:30:"We let go of J.T and Porter along with the sacks they produced and now we move one of our best DE to NT. I hope we find those lost sacks somewhere or witout the S, we arn't picking in the early rounds, the two minute TD drives from last year will haunt us again."

Posted by: sullysfins |

You mean the two-minute drives that occurred when JT & Porter were on the team???

Well, I'll reserve judgement until the games count. If they change the D up, then it doesn't look too terrible. If we run any type of 3-4 we need another OLB though, and we obviously need a FS either way...

Still would have liked to pick up Sapp in the third

Ok i agree w the moves to solidfy the front seven. Take note that the AFC & NFC North teams we will compete w this season are run- oriented as opposed to pass- oriented. We will be prepared to handle them. On that note, it has been worthwhile to adress NT and DE more so than FS.

Lots of NT's have started at End while they were being developed. Ratliff did. Randy Starks size is very similiar to Ferg's. We must remember Randy Starks is just 26 years old, he's had 2 years in the 3-4 that he's been being tutored.

Jared Odrick just went from a value BPA pick to a a BPA NEED. Koa Misi was a need, and John Jerry was a need. At the time it looked like we were shunning 2 huge needs in NT and FS, now all the remains is FS. I think this is great news, it makes everything make a hell of a lot more sense.

bobbyd12 , i said the same thing about some of these clueless so called , i had a feeling something was up with starks when miami took odrick and didn't draft any NT'S, This draft gets an A and i'm outta here for the night feeling real gooooood !!

Armando, any way the Dolphins pick one of the two stud TE's at the top of the list?

Dennis Pitta or Aaron Hernandez?
Both playmakers, nice targets for Henne & way better than FAumbleSANO.

All this talk about drafting a starting FS... How are you so sure they wont go with Chris Clemons?

cam chancellor, jeromy miles, kendrick lewis, darrell stuckey, darren sharper!

It appears that both Koa Misi and John jerry were a REACH. Dolphins seem to ALWAYS be guilty of this.

Most sites had Misi projected in the 60-70 range and not at 40. Could have easily traded DOWN and obtained ANOTHER third round pick.

John Jerry - good player but concerened this is the 3rd guard they draft and still haven't found a starter in 3 years. For a head coach who was the offensive line coach at Dallas and a former lineman himself, very hard to explane mishaps.

There were greater needs than another rookie guard, specially at NT with some pretty darn good ones still available.

lastly, since the end of the 2009 season, the word was that Merling was going to be switched to OLB since he was inconsitent at DE and Stasks took his job. (Merlin replacing the mysteriously departed Randy Starks as the new "hybrid" OLB) Therefore, the Odrick pick does not surprise me. Let's hope it works out. Too many position changes. Now also asking your best DE to play DT in Starks is dumb. The past up on some very good DT in the 3rd round to get another gaurd. Not smart.

This team is very illogical at times. They see the tres but somehow always seem tomiss th forrest.

Comfotablynumb, LOL, just replace Tennis or badmitton or whatever makes u feel better...since I enjoy playing golf I shoulda known better...

We can get Sapp now in the 4th!

No one left at TE or FS that has special ability.

Please no Hamlin in F/a dude is the definition of a S.S. it would be like having to Yermiah Bell's. We already tried this experiment and we were torched over and over.

No Blount either. Enough of the huge back that pound out 3 yds. Get a medium sized back with a good blend of speed...elusiveness...with power enough to break an arm tackle.

forget the fb sized rb's. Ronnie brown is big and can't stay healthy. He also hasn't broken a long run in a while. We need SPEED! Spiller will be showing us what elite speed looks like this season. Chris Johnson part 2 sits in our division now.

Have faith Starks will do a good job, but it is kinda weird to base the whole draft around the notion Starks will be the man to shore the middle...

Still going to drink muself to sleep...

Go Phins..

Cramber, Neither were a "teach" in fact NflDraftScouts had Koa Misi as a first rounder and Jerry right where he was picked in the third..



"reach" not teach

Hey tommy I agree with you man, big time, now I have a few questions for you guys, how do you feel about Myron Rolle I think he can develop (in less than 1 season) into a solid, good; free safety, and how do you guys feel on Joe MCknight (we need a fast RB especially if Brown gets traded and with Williams getting older) or how would you feel on LeGarrete Blount?

"having addressed defensive end (Odrick), wide receiver (Brandon Marshall), nose tackle (Randy Starks), and outside linebacker (Koa Misi)."

Need to mix into that sentence: "inside linebacker (Dansby)" and "guard (Jerry)"

And surprise surprise -- looks like Parcells had a plan all along.

No Fasano clones at TE...big slow guys that can't get away from coverage. If we want another in line blocker...draft another OT.

Wondering if were going to trade Justin smiley. What value is he worth and could we package it for a safety?

I expect the team to get some more picks:

Moses signed his RFA tender and could be traded

Thigpen could be traded

Smiley should be traded

Maybe Jason Allen and Reggie Totbor get traded

should be another fun day tomorrow

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