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Meet Dolphins new starting NT: Randy Starks

Dolphins general Jeff Ireland just announced that the Dolphins have resolved their nose tackle issues.

The team's new starting nose tackle is Randy Starks.

"[Coach] Tony [Sparano] talked to Randy about it today," Ireland said. "The quote he gave was, 'I'm at home there.' "

Not really certain I was hearing correctly that the team moved it's best defensive end to nose tackle, I asked Ireland if Starks had to compete for the starting NT job. He said Starks is indeed penciled in as the starter.

That has definite repercussions.

First-round pick Jared Odrick, Kendall Langford and Phillip Merling will compete for two starting jobs at defensive end.

Paul Soliai remains the team's backup nose tackle. And Jason Ferguson, out the first eight games of the season while serving a league-imposed suspension, can probably ease in and take fewer snaps per game than in the past. That, by the way, is a good way for Ferguson to stay healthy.

Also, the Dolphins are likely moving away from the classic 3-4 to a hybrid version where the nose tackle is often offset to one side or the other of the center. In the past, Miami's nose tackle was seemingly always over the center's helmet.  

Most importantly, the move puts the draft in a different light. Before this announcement, everyone believed the Dolphins needed to address the nose tackle and free safety position on Saturday.

Now we know they have a need at free safety, having addressed defensive end (Odrick), wide receiver (Brandon Marshall), nose tackle (Randy Starks), and outside linebacker (Koa Misi). That's a pretty awesome way to spackle holes on the roster.

I like it.



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and they picked up a gaurd to replace smiley

I can live with this draft.And I agree that Nolan might be our best pick up.

Spiller...LMAO. Spiller will be used for returns and some special plays...If u think Spiller is playing fulltime behind that Buffalo Offensive line ur not to smart...His A"S will be on IR by game 3

meant to say Merling replacing the mysteriously released Matt Roth as our new "hybrid" OLB. which explains the Ordick pick.

lastly, now switch Starks, your most productive DE to DT is silly. Look at most teams rosters and you will see NT are in the 320-350 Lb class.....another undersized DT

Lol Bobby,

Badmitten it is....

Who do think is was that held the fort down in the middle when furgi got hurt and Solai struggled, it was Starks. He had one of his best seasons when went inside coming up the middle.


Aaron Hernandez, Dennis Pitta
Both better & Faster than Fasano...
Both down field threats... Both can actually catch and hold on to the ball... unlike fasano

Just Because, I don't think they wanna trade Thigpen right now..I changed my mind on this..This team seems to be getting rid of it's mistakes and cleaning the plate...I wouldn't be suprised if Pat White is moved or cut at end of camp

Cramber... Reach for Misi & Jerry?

wait, wasnt Clausen projected in the 1st? Kindle? Mays? exactly.

And Misi was projected to go in the 2nd round. Patriots werent getting Kindle & they needed an OLB, they would have taken Misi with 1 of their 34567890 2nd rounders. Good pick, bet OLB available.

Jerry was the 3rd rated Guard in this draft. Getting him in the 3rd round wasnt a bad move.

A gold star to anybody who mocked the Dolphins to pick Odrick, Misi, and Jerry in the first three rounds.....

Starks an undersized NT??? Guys, Starks has played NT before.... He came here to play NT, he even played some NT last season!!! I think it's a great move, improves the line.

Starks will not only help stop the run like a normal NT should, BUT he will also rush the passer! thats a plus! all the other NT available are ONE DIMENSIONAL, Starks isnt!

Wow cramber, do u read the blog before u comment??? They are not gonna use Starks directly over center, but off to a side...then you say other teams guys are 320-350 Starks is 310+...between now and Sept. U don't think it's possible to put on 10-20 pds...I can do that before the end of April if I wanted...

Suarez- exactly!

I agree with Bobby, I don't think it is a wise decision to get rid of Thigpen... The kid has talent.. Looked last year before he threw those two int's....

Think he could be a good backup to Henne....

Cramber u exaggerate Misi's projection he was likely to be drafted 40-50 exactly where he went He was most likely to convert easiest from defensive end to 3-4 outside linebacker prototypical, hard working, smart, pass rusher

looked good


I understand...BUT why ask a guy, Starks, who was a pro bowl consideration to add another 20 pounds when he is ALREADY playing at an elite level. makes no sense.

Misi WAS projected in the second round but MOST had him in the 60-70 range which would have been an dieal trade down. Yes, a reach when you could still pick up halph-a-dozen similar LB still around...

offbeat thought but.... whats the status of and where is david martin...?

he and fasano together the first year was a very dynamic tandem.

anyone know?

Have a goodnight gentlemen, what an exciting and productive two days...for the Dolphins, I personally accomplished nothing but killing a couple 12 packs...no production for me


Why draft another guard in the 3rd when there were still some nice NT prospects available also makes little sense. Yes, Starks played the nose when Ferguson was injured and this is about the time when teams started running all over us. He is not the best NT prospect. Maybe our best DE...but not NT

It's good for the liver dude....

Plus, all the exercize you get having to get up to get another beer...

Unless you have one of those coaches that have a frigde built in...

In that case, I am just plain jealous...

Hey cramber, that forest you must be talking about is that cannibis forest you must be in with that idiotic post, check your facts before saying that Misi was a 60-70 pick! I always wonder how the Fins get these moronic fans, but I guess every team has them!

They started running all over us because our ILB sucked pretty bad as well


That is why they play the games....to show people like you that you don't know what you are talking about....Like you know who these people are and how they would do...you gotta be kidding me!

i mean couches... lol... Damn you king cobra..

Thigpen is good enough to be a starter.Last year against Pittsburgh,he pritineers won the game for us coming off the bench.I'm not sure if that's how you spell pritineers or not but whatever.

To all my beloved fans please keep in mind that in the NFL especially in the AFC East you win games and lose games by your lineman(defense or offense) not your receivers, backs, QB, etc..etc.. you win in the trenches. We will be 13-3 in 2010. In Parcell we TRUST.

What this ultimately tells me is they may have really been targeting Dan Williams. If Starks was going to be the NT and that was the plan all along, why would they just now tell him? Because it was one of the scenarios they looked at, but in a backup plan. I think it says that Williams was the only NT guy they really liked in the draft. They had enough confidence in Starks that if Williams wasn't there, they could go with him for NT. believe they were sure that either Williams or Odrick would be there at 28 if they made the trade. That being said, our front is not going to be slow and plodding, but very active and athletic. I love it.

Just wrote about this in the last blog. I spoke to a friend of mine in Denver who told me one of the issues that Nolan Had with McGoofy was he wanted to do a "Hybrid" 3-4/4-3 defense... its freeking ground breaking stuff man. You can use a 4-3 against a "spread" offense where it will hold down the Line of Scrimmage to allow DE's to get to the QB faster. You run a 3-4 against West Coast Offenses... the 3-4 was made to use against the West Coast O. It is the Kryptonite Against it. Having Both D's available and having multiple position players to play the Hybrid.."You Know Like Guys we just Drafted" makes this Draft pretty damn smart... Once again... Tuna wins... Doubters keep on Doubting...


would be nice.. Hope you are right, but I am thinking more like 10-6


great idea!!! maybe he is not big, but he has a great motor, this guy doesnt quit!! our defense look fast, strong and very young!!! great move!! go fins!!

this clears up a lot of worries. still not thrilled about our 2nd round pick but i trust the trifecta. Hopefully we get another pass rusher and a field stretching tight end in the next couple picks.

I love Randy Starks PERIOD!!! Tje dude is young and a stud!! He'll succeed anywhere!!! Great season for Fins!!!!!!!

Still not sold on Odrick... has anybody actually done some research on this kid, or watched him play besides the senior bowl?? Checked him out on youtube, and he did not look to good....

Would love for someone to let me know they have been watching him for a while, and he is the real deal..

last year they started to run over our defense cause ILB sucked!! now with danby and healty crowder we can hold the line

We need either rb or te with next selection.

the people who run the dolphins have looked at odrick in detail. they liked him so much they made him the first pick in the 2010 nfl draft.

Parcells did the research, that should be good enough for you


Don't forget we picked up Dobbins from the Chargers... Being a SoCal Phin fan (Chargers fans everywhere), I watched this kid play alot last year, and he looked pretty good...

Think he could be Crowders replacement, if he doesnt step up his game...

Excellent draft so far.
Now its time to take some chances.
If FS is truly adressed via free agency ( Atogwe , Sharper etc ) then take a shot at a Dorin Dickerson , Aaron Hernandez, Mike Williams.
Am I the only one scared of Gronkowski on the Pats?

Oh BP did the research..

In that case i'm sold...

Wait wasn't it BP that did the research on Pat White, or was that someone else???

Obviously I know BP researched the pick you idiot... I am asking if any of you have actually watched the kid play..

BP seems to fall in love with guys tht perform well at the senior bowl.. Aka- Pat White, and our top three picks this year..

keep thigpen... he's the only healthy backup we have. loved how he played vs pittsburgh

Dont forget that moving starks to nt doesn't mean he can't also pass rush once in a while. Looks like we will have a lot of combinations in there on defense. We have done that before. Move guys around makes them guess and throws off their rhythm. Could be interesting. Still want to find that terror pass rusher. Not sure if Misi is it but I hope so


blow me


According to you, Odrick did not look good on You Tube. Yet, he was chosen Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year and Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year his senior season.

Between you and the coaches in the Big Ten that voted for Odrick, I'll go with the coaches. I think he's a pretty good player despite his showing on You Tube.

It makes sense to me... You put Starks at the hybrid NT. In this 3-4 scheme we will be running, the NT will be playing a shade technique shading to the stong side or even playing in the A gaps when they line up. Starks will still be able to occupy blockers because he knows how to shed off block in the run game one on one, so they'll have to double him. Now we need to address FS maybe another OLB.

Odrick was named the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year in '09 after registering 43 tackles (11 for loss) and seven sacks as a senior at Penn State. During his four-year career he started 31 games and contributed 104 tackles (25.5 for loss) and 14.5 sacks.

Wow jets just cut Alan Faneca

Faneca cut - Jets lose pro bowl guard

i knew what they were doing i knew what they were doing shut up. All you guys didnt know anything (tommy ect)all of a sudden you act like you know every thing you guys were the first ones whinning (NJ) SHAQ for NT

Fart Worth,


That is a real witty comment... Would have never thought of that... What are u in fourth grade???

Plus, are u really that hard up to ask another man to blow you??

Come on dude... Is your wife that fat and ugly??

Watch for Jeromy Miles as a FS from Mass. Regardless if they draft a safety or not, the front 7 will be improved to the point that a safety (Bell last year) will not lead the team in tackles - that is the job of Crowder and Dansby. Expect a very different D this year from Nolan. You may see things as radical as when the Giants played 2 down linemen against the Bills in the SB or when the Pas put all LB's and DB's on the field. I am not saying they will do these things but it will not be biz as usual


Thanks for the stats.. I have been researching him as well... Didn't know to much about him before the draft though...

Just looking for someone that has been following him through college to let me know that this kid is the real deal......

Three guys I really like that fit the Trifecta mold that are out there tomorrow....A.J. Edds OLB from Iowa, FS Cam Chancellor from VaTech and Johnathan Dwyer RB GaTech. I also like Jacoby Ford to add some down field speed to the WR and return game.

sorry numb, thought you were a chick. That amazing knowledge of football you possess clearly indicated your gender

Atogowe likely won't go anywhere. The Rams will match any offer he receives, that why they tendered him the way they did.

I say give Culver and Clemons a shot, because any FS we draft at this point won't be a starter.

Brandon Lang and Eric Norwood are 2 OLB that are still out there and could fit the prototype! And BTW, I love the John Jerry pick. Outside of Iupati there isn't another LG I would want in the draft.


Like many here I have never seen him play, but, those stats from a DT are impressive.... The fins had that extra week to study this guys in the senior bowl.... The stats from Miso are not that good, but his highlight video is....world is he was double teamed most of the games since Utah did not have another good Linebacker on the other side..!! they been preaching the bigger stronger mantra and looks like the serious about it this year...

They will add a TE, nickle DB/special teamer and a safety tomorrow.

then add the usual O-line depth/development guys and perhaps another OLB

Hope they can still squeeze a pick or two for Smiley. There's got to be some team that missed on interior O-line that would take him. Throw in Pat White too!

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