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Meet Dolphins new starting NT: Randy Starks

Dolphins general Jeff Ireland just announced that the Dolphins have resolved their nose tackle issues.

The team's new starting nose tackle is Randy Starks.

"[Coach] Tony [Sparano] talked to Randy about it today," Ireland said. "The quote he gave was, 'I'm at home there.' "

Not really certain I was hearing correctly that the team moved it's best defensive end to nose tackle, I asked Ireland if Starks had to compete for the starting NT job. He said Starks is indeed penciled in as the starter.

That has definite repercussions.

First-round pick Jared Odrick, Kendall Langford and Phillip Merling will compete for two starting jobs at defensive end.

Paul Soliai remains the team's backup nose tackle. And Jason Ferguson, out the first eight games of the season while serving a league-imposed suspension, can probably ease in and take fewer snaps per game than in the past. That, by the way, is a good way for Ferguson to stay healthy.

Also, the Dolphins are likely moving away from the classic 3-4 to a hybrid version where the nose tackle is often offset to one side or the other of the center. In the past, Miami's nose tackle was seemingly always over the center's helmet.  

Most importantly, the move puts the draft in a different light. Before this announcement, everyone believed the Dolphins needed to address the nose tackle and free safety position on Saturday.

Now we know they have a need at free safety, having addressed defensive end (Odrick), wide receiver (Brandon Marshall), nose tackle (Randy Starks), and outside linebacker (Koa Misi). That's a pretty awesome way to spackle holes on the roster.

I like it.



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Comfynumb.... I can certainly understand what you are saying. But, seriously man, I have read your stuff and its much better then you pulling the "Pat White" card. ALL GM's make boo boo's, you know that. They were looking at Pat White from a "wild cat" stand point and from everyone's perspective... EVERYONE'S... including 95% of the evaluators and NFL player prospectors. They all believed Pat White was the real deal.
As Far as Odrick goes... Being a Senior 3V player on a Joe Paterno team means he carried a minimum of a 3.0 GPA beyond his Football stuff. He was all American every year except as a Red Shirted Freshman. Captain of the Defense from his Sophomore effort, and 2009 Big Ten Defensive player of the year. I am certain you have read this stuff. The cool part is this, Penn State is one of those schools where those goodies really do hold water. I was convinced that NE was going to take him. I have seen him play in about 7 games. He is an unbelievable disruption at the point of attack. He does overrun plays... and has to get behind a few plays and does not have huge closing speed to get back in them, his size limits that. But, if he get rattling around in the backfield with your QB... its on. That is the best personal assessment I can give from what I have seen of his play personally. Hope this helps..

Best news all week!!! Excellent move by Miami (yet another, I might add)

Hope you cry babies from yesterday aren't here posting how the FO is awesome and pure genius when you were calling for their heads 24 hours ago. See what getting all worked up when you see 1/3 of the picture does? A line of Odrick/Starks/Langford is incredible... having Misi - Crowder - Dansby - Wake on the back is gonna be amazing for the next 5+ years. Im excited to be a fan of this team - GO FINS!


I don't like it. Starks was quick off the ball as an end. If you look back at the Jet games and a couple of others he did he best work on the end. I also look at tapes from 2 yrs ago when he played DT and he did well in that role. But I just don't see him as a NT. Maybe i'm wrong, maybe Mike Nolan will show us some new schemes. Keeping fingers crossed.

The rookies have to come up big for us this year for this draft to work and for us to improve from 7-9.

And i'm one of the people who likes this draft so far.

Bill Ruger, great post @ 12:15 on the Hybrid DF Nolan wants to run.
...And yes thats why we are getting versatile position players.

I think a guy like Jared Odrick can help take the pressure off our NT spot with Soliai and Starks, as he should require some dbl teams also at times to stop his penetration.
Someone is gonna get free :)

Also for the posters who say Koa Misi was a reach and is a project
...How the hell is Misi anymore a project than all the other DE/OLB hybrids in the 1st round???

I think the versatile Koa Misi transitions easier into SOLB having already played some LB, and thus he could even end up being better or as good an all around player than those chose in the 1st Rd ahead of him like Peirre-Paul, Derrick Morgan, Jerry Hughes, and maybe even Brandon Graham…IMO

Time will tell :)

Not so much!


Thanks for the assessment... Have been kinda in a drunken haze the last two days.. Was just trying to make the point that sometimes the FO's make mistakes (in response to someone telling me that BP made the pick, so it has to be the right choice).

Plus, I am still not sold on passing up Jerry Hughes.... Think this kid is the real deal...

Whatever happens I hope we made the right choice.... Just don't know much about Odrick, and wanted to be assured from somebody that actaully watched the kid play that he was the best choice for us.....

Phin up....

Well, Starks came into the league being a defensive tackle in a 4-3 system ... plus he has the ideal height and size ... I can see how this can work out ... put your best pass rushing lineman to pass rush up the middle in a hybrid scheme ... "In Parcells We Trust" ....

I like it too, Armando. Moving Starks inside was a no brainer; he was a tackle with the Titans and is a big boy. He gets after the passer a lot for a tackle too... this bodes well since i think it will be a team effort getting pressure on the QB this year.

Getter Done... I want to be clear I did not "Predict" anything, But I had spoke to a buddy of mine in Denver and asked him what he thought of the Cutler/Marshall/Nolan losses. He told me that Nolan and Josh McDaniels had had a "Blow Out" concerning the Defensive scheme. Nolan had been experimenting with it in camp and in the early portion of the season. But, without the versatility in players... there were issues... hence the collapse after game 6 or so. Nolan wanted to continue with the Hybrid but McDaniels did not want to do a complete Defensive rebuild. Funny thing is... He is having to rebuild the whole damn team anyway... I believe it was more of a "I run things around here" ego trip... know what I am saying?... I am stoked about the prospect of a new defense for teams to solve... those things get teams Championships... The 49ers ran with the "West Coast Offense" through 4 Superbowl Victories before others started using the system and before the 3-4 scheme was set against it with success. Who knows...? But it is fun..Huh?

No I did say you predicted anything, just glad that you buddy in Denver got the local scoop from the beat writers there.
I too suspected with Nolan and our personnel changes that our D may not always stay a classic 3-4.
I like innovation and especially moving versatile players around in different schemes to throw off the opposing Olines and QB's.

Yes this will be fun, and I look forward to Nolan being able to get the groceries he needs to cook!

I still see another big body like Jeff Owens later, and am hoping for a thumper at Safety (BTW which is the position Nolan played in college)
I'd like to see Reshad Jones still there for us in the 4th, or maybe Darrell Stuckey in the 5th.

I also see us hedging Misi with a late OLB pick.

I'll applaude the move it works. if not, an extremely poor use of two talented players..

I hope it works.. I want to believe....

I like ur inability to spell

I had an eye on Misi for awhile now. He was not one of the "I know that name" picks that ESPN was trying to shove down everyone's throat. He has played very well and has done well with my favorite two stats "Loss of Yardage" and "Caused Fumbles"... Those two stats are all about a player going beyond just tackling a guy when he runs by. One other thing I have noticed at least so far. All the picks are senior 3V (3 Years starting Varsity) players... No guys with weak resumes. Not sure about where Nolan played... Footballfacts.com would likely have an answer... too late for me to start a search running... BTW... was not accusing you of saying I was "Predicting" I just read where a few guys were upset that some folks gave the "I knew it all the time" Bullshyt. I don't blame them... Have no fear about the "Big Bodies"... It seems to be a trend. I believe the goal it to literally wear teams down and dominate at the Line of Scrimmage... Good Football Strategy every time... Don't you think?

If starks is the solution at NT then why draft odrick? If starks is are NT then that pick was a waste. Mixed feelings on moving starks, he's our best pass rushing DE but at NT he was still able to get to the QB and stop the run. Will see how it turns out.... still not sold on misi but hope i'm wrong. As for free safety we better get atogwe or sharper if we don't draft a Free safety. Gota agree with The Seer if we don't have a good fs 2 minute drills will haunt us in '10. Fins still need another OLB

Nighty Night all... Draft starts much earlier tomorrow morning... Hope to see the fans among you in here tomorrow... all have a blessed night...

Stop kissing but mando. You're better than that. JK. Excluding marshalll our draft has been poor. In a year of "great" talent we picked safe and boring. Would've liked one player i could've created for madden 2010 until the next season comes out. Man i think golden tate may have made our offense dangerous.

The draft makes a whole lot more sense in light of Mando's new info. I'm not sure that I do like it though. Starks at nose full-time? really?

Seems like a better way to do it would have been to draft Williams or Cody (both could have easily been had) and keep Starks at the position where he almost started the pro-bowl.

There's entirely too much tinkering with the lines for my taste at this point. The first two years of this regime was supposed to be about building the lines. This was supposed to be the year of getting more specific pieces.

At first this draft was a bit of a head scratcher but now I'm pretty excited.

We have beefed up on both lines, now its time to trade away some big earners like Smiley or Jason Allen and pick up as many 4th and 5th rounders as possible and have some fun taking a few chances.
Mike Williams, Ricky Sapp and Hernandez would be my choices in round 4 or maybe Stucky at FS.

You instant draft "experts" show up every year and the simple fact---as always---is that you literally know NOTHING. You've never spent a second sitting across from one of these players. Never coached them in a game, never broke down film on them, and in many cases never even HEARD of them until quite literally their name was called in the draft. Yet you pretend to be sudden gurus, able to instantly assess how good or bad a pick is based on nothing more than a 10-second thought process. It's ludicrous and more than a little comical. You're the same guys who attach meaning to preseason games, too. Take a deep breath and come to grips with the fact that you really don't know squat.

With Tyrone Culver & Chris Clemons listed as FS's, that position along with OLB (even with Koa Nisi as an upgrade) still need to be addressed. And I like the idea of moving Randy Starks to the middle where he has the skills and experience, and creating 3-4 variations. I'm looking forward to a very early Saturday morning living out here in SF. There's plenty of opportunity to make the right horse trades and mine some nuggets.

I still say Miami should pick up a true NT in this draft. They've still got a half a dozen more picks to go so there really isn't an excuse not to. Ferguson is old and Soliai apparently isn't good enough so I think it's still a need. Trade Merling and hopefully we can get a 4th rounder for him and (if we're lucky) a 5th for Smiley.

Wondering if Tim Dobbins has been a forgotten addition here. What if he's better than Crowder? Just my opinion but he could be a very good player and someone else might be on the move. Where does all this leave Mcdaniels?

I wasn't sure what the FO was doing but I did think all the picks were solid, not flashy but solid. Now, in light of the Hybrid scheme it does make more sense. I did have a suspicion with Nolan now running the D and the picks that we could be changing the Defensive scheme. I still think we need a solid FS and hope we make a run at Atogwe or Sharper and get one. I don't claim to be any kind of football guru, just a fan that's been watching a long time and kinda' understands most of the minutia (did I spell that correctly? It's late and I'm tired so deal with it) of the game. Let's hope we get some good value picks Saturday.

I compare Mel Kiper to Rush Limbaugh. They both talk the talk and seem educated in what they talk about. When the real professionals in their respective fields does anything contrary to what they believe to be fact it has a huge effect on the uneducated who listen and read their crap. Football fans if your comments are based on what Mel Kiper had on his Draft board and what he had a certain player projected as then you might want to reconsider what you are about to write down on this blog. Lets see here we have Bill Barcells, Jeff Ireland, Tony Sparano, Mike Nolan who know more about winning in football than all of the bloggers in here combined. Who cares what the draft boards say these picks were chosen for a reason. Last coach who listened to the fans (Cam Cameron) about putting a rookie quarterback in did not fare well with the new regime. This coaching staff does not equate or take into consideration what the fans want. So sit back and start evaluating how these picks are going to help this team because it is a done deal. These three picks are our new Miami Dolphins and we must root for them. Go Dolphins!!!!!!

A lot of BP koolaid drinking around here. I don't see many impact players on the defensive side of the ball at all, and they're drafting for versatility more than impact. The Fins got torched for more big plays than almost any team in the league last year, and the two of the three top pass rushers from last year are gone, one to our arch rival. Now, we're tinkering with line because we lack a dominant DT?

Keep kissing BP's but and then call for him to leave when the Fins miss the playoffs again.

F value we need a Gem at safety cause we ain't got one I hope they have someone in mind because I'm tired of being embarassed bye teams like the colts and texans when we should be mashing. Oh yeah if I'm not mistaken I believe Randy played on the inside a one or a two as he actually looked liked he slimed up this past year

All these guys a big, strong, and hard workers... Not flashy, but great picks...

John Jerry is an absolute beast... very talented 3rd round pick... He can play guard or right tackle (played RT opposite of Michael Oher) or even center... With our young guys like Jake Long and Garner, Jerry will be part of this offensive line for years

It's funny how most all of us go through this every year. Many of us spend all this time researching picks, gathering info, watching games and coming to conclusions on who we feel is right and in which round.

It's all educated guesswork were us as fans can "out smart" the experts or NFL GM's and scouts. Sometimes we guess right on players and do.

The media outlets, youtube clips, the internet all build cases for the players and a virtual pecking order is created well before the draft. Many hours of talking about why this guy is better or not from every angle. Everyone from the ESPN experts to the casual fan has an opinion valid or not.

If it was all so paint by numbers then the TV "Stud anylists" and "ex-scouts" would not be so far off base. QB Jimmy Clausen is a prime example! He was being touted as top 10 pick at one time. Then some started stating he would fall but they could not bring themselves to take him out of the 1st round. He finally goes so many picks later it is not even remotely close to his "projected" status.

The reason I say all this is the supposed "reaching" that is going on for LB Koa Misi or G John Jerry is all based of rankings established by the same guys so wrong on Clausen. The Fins did all their research, they worked with these guys at the Senior bowl and decided that they can go to battle in the NFL and WIN with them. Their jobs are always on the line so I know they take it seriously.

A couple of picks I would have liked went to other teams. Time will tell if the Trifecta's choices are correct. I like what they have done as a whole and am ready to keep riding with them as I feel the team is getting better.

Go Phins! Cheers,

Also, all these guys are position versatile... definitely no "team full of exceptions" in this draft

Whats up Rob in OC? Glad someone else in on here late night! There is some good talent left in round 4! If the Dolphins could pick up a Ricky Sapp, Reshad Jones, or Aaron Hernandez, we would be looking good...

I still think the Dolphins will pick up Brandon Lang or Cameron Sheffield of Troy


There was no reaching for Mosi, he was taken where he was projected and John Jerry was a steal in the third... check my post at 5:00 on Jerry


I agree on John Jerry! I have REALLY liked what I have seen from him. He holds his mud well and really absorbs guys trying to pass rush. Sometimes you see the entire line has been pushed back towards the QB and there is JJ stonewalling his guy and not giving an inch. Great anchor vs the pass rush and he can really maul in the run game. I like the pickup!

Koa Misi looks like he could some nice facets to his game. I picture him as a guy that does a lot of things well but not really a standout in any category. I don't think he will be some crazy pass rusher and he can get run at but, he is a gamer and has strength and some good lateral movement. A couple of times he was bull rushing vs Iupati and pushed him back after gaining leverage and lifting him some.

Odrick I believe will work better than it appears he can on tape. He seems active and agile for a kid with his weight. I feel this is a Nolan scheme fit all the way. Lets hope he can blow up a backfield play or two!



What the heck you doin on so late? You watching Saturdays draft finale?

Morning guys,

I really like the picks but is it ok to say i'm alittle concerned about the FS position. Rob,is there a decent starting FS we could grab in the 4th?

I like Misi, I think he will fit well as SOLB... I definitely expect another LB to be taken

Reshad Jones and Kam Chancellor are still available at FS


There is definitely talent left. I was hoping like heck TE Jimmy Graham would slide to us in the 4rth but apparently the Saints were thinking he would make a good Brees weapon.

S R. Jones (Hitter! enforcer type)
CB A. O-Ansah (I think he may be able to play FS safety as well)
CB Persih Cox (Not a giant player but very aggressive)

TE Pitta (Is my second choice after J.Graham)
TE Hernandez (Definite talent)

DE Everson Griffen (His value should be sky high right now in the 4rth although I think the Fins go elsewhere)

ILB/OLB Jamar Chaney (I REALLY like this guy and could have taken him in the 4rth, Very good speed 4.54 40. Can blitz and cover as well as stop the run)

DT Geno Atkins (Active D Linemen that is hitting real value level in the 4rth. Can split double teams)

WR Jacoby Ford (Fastest guy at the combine and could help with KR's.)

Others include:

Riley Cooper
Mike Williams
Mardy Gilyard
Carlton Mitchell

Kade Weston and Owens are NT types although I think the Fins may not be trying for a true NT.



I wouldn't be surprised to see them add a true NT like Owens in the later rounds...


carlito nailed it...

I feel if its not one of those two guys we are trying for Otogwe, letting Clemons or Culver have a shot or they may make a trade with some team.

Lastly they could hope for someone to cut a safety late.



We definitely have quite a number of picks coming up late!

I like CB Ansah as he has size and speed and also returned punts and kicks. 11+ yard avg on PR's and took 4 in for TDs. Also returned 3 Kickoffs. He could be moved to Safety if Corner doesnt work.

WR Freddie Barnes would be worth a shot. Anyone that can have 155 receptions/19tds in one season is worth a look!

Safety R. Jones would be a good get in the 4rth.


True, they did have Owens in for a visit. He strong as hell!!

Well Im gonna catch a few winks before the gem finding rounds are here.

I hope the Trifecta brings their miners hats!!



The 4rth round is the "Tie" round of our gentleman's bet on WR Carlton Mitchell.

Your rounds 2-3 passed and he didn't go.

4rth and we tie.

5th round on and I win.

We shall see as the drama unfolds Sat!


Laters Rob

Cheers for the info bud

Hernandez would be a nice pickup. We need some help at TE.

I think Randy will do a great job at NT, but he was a great DE. The Odrick pick makes sense now that they spill their beans on their plans. I also like the hybrid 3-4 system (here we go Mike Nolan, take the reins and turn this pumpkin into a stagecoach baby).

He won't play this year because of injury, if healthy he was like your favorite Graham, Miami must draft O'brien Schofield

No one's taken Blount just 'cause he punched a kid after a game? That's silly. Pick him up!

we will see you never know about draft picks but these guys have probably been 50 /50 on picks and free agents maybe less than that ,where are they going to get the 161/2 sacks that JTand JP provided last year oh I know Charlie Anderson right , this guy from UTah I don,t the 40th overall pick I think we could have done better and by the way the front office has made a lot of mistakes you could name alot of them I think we are probably looking at 8 and 8 this year and that will be with playing 5 soft teams we will see

Scott, ur right, it is a crapshoot. But don't get down on these picks because you haven't heard these names before. These are solid football players that will shore up our lines. Our offense was pretty good last year. Brandon Marshall, John Jerry, the return of Ronnie will all make us better there. On D, Karlos Dansby, with Odrick and Misi, should fill up some of those holes from last year. The team is betting that these guys, all hard workers in college and having everlasting motors will transfer to the NFL very nicely.

We may have overlooked other players, but you can't tell now if we were wrong or right. The season will determine that. I think we'll be pretty good this year (and a beast next year).

Also, if Justin Smiley is getting traded, then John Jerry was a MUST!

I tend to think in the 4th round it will be DE/OLB, TE or even NT...

But who know every single round they´ve come up with something different we think.

Color me crazy but I don't like the Starks move. I think because Starks is a team player that hes towing the company line in agreeeing.

The fact is, he has been a very good end for us til now and why they would experiment with proven success is beyond me!

First of all he doesn't have the size (see: Vince Wilfork, Kris Jenkins, Haloti Ngata/Terrence Cody). Second, you just killed his sack production at end.

I'd like to know who had this brain fart of an idea! Just get a huge dude in the final rounds. Uuuuh... Cam Thomas, anyone??



Hopefully, we can still find help in rounds 4 = 7 in the draft .....

CAM THOMAS,NT from UNC is still on the board ... I also like ARTHUR JONES,NT from Syracuse .....

R.JONES,FS from Georgia is still available...

I hate to say it but on paper the Jets defense is completely insane. The "Fat Man" is gonna have a field day dialing up the blitzes. Oouch!

I see now how important the John Jerry pick was. Just overpower their defensive line with sheer, brute strength!

"The Marshall Law" will keep them from trying to stack the box.

Yeah, I´m not buying the whole starks for NT move...When he played at DT with his previous team he was average...having to perform as NT makes it much harder.

They may think its a good option but with all the picks left I´m positive we are getting a TRUE NT.

Make me sick that we are soo late in the 4th round...would like to get another hybrid DE/OLB.

Guys what´s up with everson Griffen and Bruce Campbell?? they where projected as late 1st early 2nd!!!

Mike I agree Cam Thomas looks like a nice pick, also do Sapp and Hernandez.

IS there any good material left as Safety??

Where'd everybody go??? Echo...echo...echo!!

...Must be nap time.

Sleep tight "little Phinsters."

Andilubio!! Que tal?? Are you really from Spain and in Spain now?

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