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Meet Dolphins new starting NT: Randy Starks

Dolphins general Jeff Ireland just announced that the Dolphins have resolved their nose tackle issues.

The team's new starting nose tackle is Randy Starks.

"[Coach] Tony [Sparano] talked to Randy about it today," Ireland said. "The quote he gave was, 'I'm at home there.' "

Not really certain I was hearing correctly that the team moved it's best defensive end to nose tackle, I asked Ireland if Starks had to compete for the starting NT job. He said Starks is indeed penciled in as the starter.

That has definite repercussions.

First-round pick Jared Odrick, Kendall Langford and Phillip Merling will compete for two starting jobs at defensive end.

Paul Soliai remains the team's backup nose tackle. And Jason Ferguson, out the first eight games of the season while serving a league-imposed suspension, can probably ease in and take fewer snaps per game than in the past. That, by the way, is a good way for Ferguson to stay healthy.

Also, the Dolphins are likely moving away from the classic 3-4 to a hybrid version where the nose tackle is often offset to one side or the other of the center. In the past, Miami's nose tackle was seemingly always over the center's helmet.  

Most importantly, the move puts the draft in a different light. Before this announcement, everyone believed the Dolphins needed to address the nose tackle and free safety position on Saturday.

Now we know they have a need at free safety, having addressed defensive end (Odrick), wide receiver (Brandon Marshall), nose tackle (Randy Starks), and outside linebacker (Koa Misi). That's a pretty awesome way to spackle holes on the roster.

I like it.



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Jimmy Graham?


I'll like it if it works.

Andilubio!! Que tal?? Are you really from Spain and in Spain now?

Posted by: Aqua1

Hey Aqua1, yeah I´m from Spain and at Spain right now...although my mom´s side family is cuban so there you have my connection to miami :D

I believe Dolphins would have a better player without the trade and drafted in the 12th. :(

I'm really not convinced of the choice of Misi. Personally, I opted for Kindle.

Moses could be cut...
Like Smiley...

any trade value here...

And draft Reshad Jones (FS/SS) in 4th round

Visca Barca!

Yeah all these guys here on the blog sure know their football from watching it from their couch. I'm sure the Dolphins draft experts are reading all your posts and really doubting themselves since you don't agree. If they didnt' take Kindle, there is probably a reason for it, considering every other team passed on him once as well, some of them twice. If he was that good, don't you think someone would have jumped on him sooner?

Really, some of you know that Starks can't play NT? Have you been coaching him lately? Did you observe in your professional opinions as NFL scouts or coaches? Just watch the damned games and draft like normal fans. This isn't your fantasy league and it isn't Madden 2010 on your PS3. Most have never played or coached a football game every in your lives. Get over yourselves.

NT is our biggest difficiency, why didn't we draft Terrance Cody? Baltimore drafted both he and serge kindle, and I bet that fair better than us on defense. Heck, they just extended ray lewis career by 5yrs.

i knew what they were doing i knew what they were doing shut up. All you guys didnt know anything (tommy ect)all of a sudden you act like you know every thing you guys were the first ones whinning (NJ) SHAQ for NT

Posted by: SHAQ@NT | April 24, 2010 at 12:47 AM

NJ this means you...sometimes wrong, always rude, arrogant, full of himself, liar, imbecile, list goes on and on.

Observer, dont talk to our pal NJ who knows everything, even when he is wrong he is right. Because he planned it that way. You know you admire NJ and are very jealous of him. Just pledge your allegiance NOW to NJ the know it all. Heck he even knows more than GOD, well maybe he is GOD.

Starks wasn't great last yr so we shall see. It sure looks good on paper though.

oops I almost forgot NJ is football GOD even, though he is a semi-racist and does not like home schoolers. yeah and some here called him a washed up, whatever that means. bwahahahhahahahahhahahah

I like earl Thomas and well see next year if we passes up on a special player. Koa Misi seems to reflect the attitude of the regime, so well have to wait and evaluate that player during the season.

jt asked why we did not draft cody...because he is a fat f**k that why...guy is only 20 and looks like a bowl of jello when he runs.

it all makes sense now were going to be nasty this year sapp and norwood are still available in the 4th so lets go dolphins

I wouldn't be surprised if they still pull the trigger on a NT in the draft as a developmental project.

The big guy out of Georgia in the 7th perhaps?

So far this draft has been perfect.
we lost some key games last year to both the colts and saints after running the ball down their throats...then loosing it on the defensive side of the ball....now we have a new D-coach and replaced some dead weight with pure STUD.
We are contenders for the AFC East crown and beyond!

Just watched the highlight reel on Jared Odrick...

I stopped it half way through because I couldn't take it anymore! He looks completely lost out there!! Either out of the play or getting knocked out of it!
I almost felt sorry for the guy.

When I heard that Jeff Ireland said the reason he liked Odrick was because "he looks like a football player" I was extremely concerned.

Is that the new technically sophisticated way that we evaluate talent. If so..thats pretty effing scary!!!

Koa Misi looks like he has a thin frame and 5 sacks last year at defensive end, for Pete's sake," doesn't exactly inspire confidence either.

For all the hype surrounding this FO, they can't hold Jimmy Johnson's jock-strap when it comes to drafting players. He was one of the best and I miss the confidence and trust I had in him.

I believe that the Trifecta is coming into it's own and Miami is well on the way to becoming the next powerhouse team in the NFL. We'll know more about that this fall for sure!

Like Mickey D's, I'm loving it!!!! I like what our team is doing this draft.. We addressed our needs which was mainly on da defensive side on da ball.. A+

just like are front office instead of admitting the screwed up and lost out on dan williams they say we are moving starks to dt did anybody see him play dt for us not good at all great de not big enough for dt this regime never admits when they screw up but they preach responsibility to there players what jokes.


Your such an idiot. You act like you whats going on and you don't know sh*t. Just like the rest of the people on this blog. I think you are borderline mental.

At this point I should see a post with some jackass posting "HEY NJ WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT......

What a joke.


Well said.

Whish I had said that. Mind if i cut and save that for future post? I know it will apply again shortly

BTW there are reports to ESPN that the reason Kindle fell down many team's draft boards was concerns he may need microfracture surgery on his knees very early in his career. I'm glad they didn't draft him after all.


Your about TWO days late with that news. Where have you been, down a mineshaft or something?

I originally wanted Kindle at 12 but I think the trifecta did well steering clear of this guy. I LOVE what Baltimore has done (again) but there is some risk, with Kindle and with Cody.

Baumhower was criticized for being to tall and lean but was a great nose tackle. Stark starts from a stronger place. Good shot. Always the chance to rotate in with Solai and Ferguson as well. Overall draft interesting. Clearly Trifecta mentality if to be bigger, stronger and heavier but not necessarily faster or flashier than counterpartier. With this shift and these picks we are solid on DL and on LB esp against run. Young corners will definitely improve. FS remains a concern unless Clemons is ready to step up. Even with a first round choice it is tough for a FS draftee to start so it is probably Clemons or a trade. That said I still hope for a FS draftee to compete and groom.

I like our picks, and moving Starks to NT is money...

I have confidence in the FO and I think we will be great. Young talent + special K to push them along!!can't wait. I am nervous about safety

RICKY SAPP..........Get it!

Kris, NJ who? NJ PHIN FAN?

Awesome! It shows the Fins are moving away from the old Parcells 80-ish ways of doing things, to a more modern way of maximizing your personnel. Now I get it, now I understand the Odrick pick. Can't training camp start tomorrow?

Maybe we can move S. Smith to safety since Allen should be back and healthy. Thoughts??

Great to hear them moving away from the 3-4. Sounds more like a variation (shade the nose) of the 4-3. But I think we're going to see a lot of different looks under Nolan. Quick changes that will keep the offense confused. Hate the jets but they were very effective with different looks last year. Very frustrating watching Pasqualoni's monolithic, slow reacting 'schemes' the last two years.

Pretty Parcells that Parcells and company were pretty sick of other teams running the ball down our throats. As they should be.....it ends now!! That's what WE do to other teams and we will! The Jerry pick will help as well as Richie I. It's going to be one Hell of an offensive line this year. Even better than last year!!

I wonder if we will look at moving Thigpen and/or Smiley for someone like Whitner.



Yeah NJ phin fan....i hated typing that

Expose NJ for the weak mental patient he is and just like magic (POOF) somebody post under my name @8:55 AM

NJ learn my writing syle. lesson one. I don't end post with questions

or do I?

Mental patient

Incredible offseason so far. I like what we are doing.

plus your so predictable.

Guess and your attcks and imposterism is a joke. Much like your know-it-all attitude

Cramber you said
"Most sites had Misi projected in the 60-70 range and not at 40. Could have easily traded DOWN and obtained ANOTHER third round pick'

Most sites also said Kindle was a first round pick..along with Clausen...fu#k your little website scouts..if they were any good they would have a job with an NFL team..not some mock draft where they have nothing at stake.

It's funny how so many of us predicted this pick and that pick... please!
We had no idea! Yeah it's fun but frustrating, especially when they take players you had no idea even existed. LOL; exaggerating of course.

Anyway, the fact that we passed up on Cody, Williams, traded down even though we had a chance at Earl Thomas... Those things tell me that they had been planning on moving Starks to NT all along. I also smell Smith moving to FS, provided Will Allen is healthy of course.

I'm very intrigued by today's picks. I really hope we pick a WR, TE, and FS. No more linemen please.

I think it may be a smokescreen. I think we go after a NT, possibly Cam Thomas. Starks is too good on the end, and with Odrick and Langford on the other end this would have potential.

I like Mike Hoowananaui TE, Brandon Cater OG, and Joiquie Bell RB to round out our draft.

PapaBear, what are you smoking baby? I've never even heard of these guys. LOL
I do agree with you about the smokescreen theory though.

good idea. This may have been up their sleeves all along. THinking out of the box!!!!

Still need a TE and FS to get drafted today

Kris,your welcome. There are many that feel the same way that you do. Many are too afraid of HIM and dont say anything or go along with it. A few like you speak out. I do in many different forms. You will know that I am always around. Keep the fight up.

Go phins!!

Maybe the idea of having quicker D Line is to focus more on defending the pass. Having a D line more focus on pass rush instead of Run Stopping. Teams are passing more and this might be Nolan defensive adjustment to type of play in the league. Having Starks and Odrick add pash rushing up the middle not just pass rushing on the corners that we are getting In Misi and Wake.

no one reads my posts. I've been saying Starks should be moved to NT since end of season. He is the only Miami defender that commands a double team. 5-10 lbs of bulk and he will be in the pro bowl at the position. Great draft for the fins so far. Odrick is a parcells guy, for sure! He will be dominant. Good Job picking up Dobbins to compete with Misi, Wake, And Anderson. One more LB, a safety to compete with Culver And Clemons, and a return man. I would like to see the Phins move at least 3 of thier remaining picks to stock up next years draft.


Glad to know you. I don't know why some of these people are scared of words. Its crazy to me.

Trust I will keep up the fight and expose this fraud and any other when they make stuiped bold face lies and feel like they need to be held accountable while at the same time putting down everybody else for stating thier opinion.

The struggle continues...



Go Tuna!!!

Gilyard Gone. Dang, I was hoping he would fall to us.

Ireland also said that Ginn and Gilbril Wilson wasn't going anywhere. I find it strange our best defensive end is moving to nose guard. Let's see if a big nose guard is drafted today.

"lastly, since the end of the 2009 season, the word was that Merling was going to be switched to OLB since he was inconsitent at DE"

Cramber, lol..where did you hear that??

I'm just so flippin' happy we haven't picked a quarterback.

Another reason why I should shut up and let the professionals do their job.... I like it

I like the move. Starks plays DT in Tennessee, granted not a 3-4 NT but still has played the middle. I like the hybrid more then a typical 3-4 too. Real quick my thoughts on the draft is Miami has done great. Jared Odrick is a highly rated, high motor guy who needs to add competition to push Langford and Merling or push them aside. I love Koa Misi, he is in the mold of Clay Mathews from last year. Mark my words! He might not have the same impact as far as sacks but he can fly around make plays in coverage, pass rush and is a physical tackler. John Jerry? I don't know a ton about a Guard/Tackle from Ole Miss but I can't understand why everyone is crying about the pick. Smiley is either going to be traded or cut so depth and competition is needed. He is 6'5 330 lbs. I like just the fact he is big and Sparano who is a great offensive line coach gets to work with that size.

I understand why people liked Sergio Kindle. I thought he would be Miami's pick at 12. He is super athletic but he has NO INTEREST in playing the RUN. Miami couldn't stop anyone late in the season. They let the Texans and Steelers run right off the edge at JT and JP. Kindle CAN NOT play the run. Also there is a chance he might need MICRO-FRACTURE surgery. Do you really want to draft a guy who needs that kind of surgery as a rookie? Come on guys think about it.

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