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Meet Dolphins new starting NT: Randy Starks

Dolphins general Jeff Ireland just announced that the Dolphins have resolved their nose tackle issues.

The team's new starting nose tackle is Randy Starks.

"[Coach] Tony [Sparano] talked to Randy about it today," Ireland said. "The quote he gave was, 'I'm at home there.' "

Not really certain I was hearing correctly that the team moved it's best defensive end to nose tackle, I asked Ireland if Starks had to compete for the starting NT job. He said Starks is indeed penciled in as the starter.

That has definite repercussions.

First-round pick Jared Odrick, Kendall Langford and Phillip Merling will compete for two starting jobs at defensive end.

Paul Soliai remains the team's backup nose tackle. And Jason Ferguson, out the first eight games of the season while serving a league-imposed suspension, can probably ease in and take fewer snaps per game than in the past. That, by the way, is a good way for Ferguson to stay healthy.

Also, the Dolphins are likely moving away from the classic 3-4 to a hybrid version where the nose tackle is often offset to one side or the other of the center. In the past, Miami's nose tackle was seemingly always over the center's helmet.  

Most importantly, the move puts the draft in a different light. Before this announcement, everyone believed the Dolphins needed to address the nose tackle and free safety position on Saturday.

Now we know they have a need at free safety, having addressed defensive end (Odrick), wide receiver (Brandon Marshall), nose tackle (Randy Starks), and outside linebacker (Koa Misi). That's a pretty awesome way to spackle holes on the roster.

I like it.



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Sure wish we trade with Chicago for one of their tight ends, and then we would have that out of the way.

I now this sounds stupid but i actually moved Randy over to NT on my Madden 10 game and he did great. I got more sacks and was amazing. Mike Nolan doesn't have as much to work with as he did in Denver. Last time i checked he had some pro bowlers over there. But he is getting guys who he needs that will have the same productiveness that Mike Nolan has always had. and Randy is just one of the moves.

All the good tight ends are gone; great. We better make a run at dorin dickerson guys.

I hope we go FS in the 4th and 5th round. No more random guys

I liked Pitta not Hernandez for Miami's style of play. I like Anthony McCoy from USC and there is Jeff Cottam from Tennessee. Cottam is 6'7 260 lbs and a a great receiver. He just never stayed healthy at Tennessee.

We finished about 2nd or third in the NFL last year in team sacks, I forget the number but it was about 40. J.T., Porter and Starks combined had about half of those. I hope we have enough play makers with new guys and our pick ups to stay up there with those lofty numbers. I think we have a chance to.

Are you freakin' kidding me?????

AJ Edds??? Who is this guy?

Edds is a very instictive LB...had 7 picks. Not overly fast, 4.71, but good size. Will push Crowder for play time, and be a GREAT ST beast. Good pick here. My only question is....we passed on M. Wright to get John Jerry, a huge G. Are we going to get Sharper or the other S in FA? Move Sean Smith to the spot and keep Allen at CB? Move W. Allen to weak safety? Tuna will answer the "Why did you take Odrick over Hughes? (size)"....Misi before Kindle (Kindle has a micro-fracture in his knee...not good)?" Jerry before Wright? we'll see...

Meet the Dolphins new starting Free Safety; Pat White Jeff Ireland says "He has the ball skills of a corner and hits like a linebacker to go around with excellent height and weight for a free safety He is a big hitter and can cover"

Are you kidding?

Myron Rolle anyone?? Cam Thomas is bigger than Starks will ever get....how about him? Dorin Dickerson as that pass catching TE??? Come on guys....make a splash here in 5th round!!

For all the budding GM's Sergio Kindle has serious knees issues. He will require microfracture knee surgery.

Randy starks played nt last yer parttme and he was NOT effective. This is a FOOLSH move! Draft a nose tackle DUMMIES!

Excellent picks so far! Great job. Jerry is a beast. That's our starting RG right there. Bigger and more experienced that Donald Thomas. And I like Thomas! But you'll see it soon for yourselves. Reshad Jones S from Georgia is a very nice pick. I bet you he ends up being a big steal! Intriguing fellow that A.J Edds. Looks the part of a 70's LB. We'll see about his play. We'll also hear a lot about Carroll. Heck of a player now.

Watever this draft is pathetic. You will see. The dolphins gave drafted horribly the past few years but this one takes the crap cake. I'm embarrassed to be a dolphin fan right now.

lol @ im just readin comments and I come across..

"Is he big enough?" priceless.

I hear albert haynesworth is going to get released by the Jags. Can we please sign this 6-7 335 lb. animal and leave Starks where he is? Or would that make too much sense?

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