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Must haves: FS or OLB in the second round

With the 40th overall selection the Dolphins draft another defensive lineman, or offensive lineman, or quarterback, or maybe a punter.

And I would scream!

I spent all of last night defending the trade-down and ensuing selection of Jared Odrick on the live blog and my twitter feed. I defended it in my column at The Miami Herald, and I applauded it on radio for three hours on 790 The Ticket today.

But today is a new day and the Dolphins must address, you know, actual holes in the roster. And the two biggest ones, in my humble opinion are free safety and outside linebacker. So I'm hoping the Dolphins get on their fill-the-holes horse this afternoon and giddy-up toward solutions.

The players available at those positions that seem likely candidates?

At free safety: Reshad Jones, Nate Allen, Robert Johnson (great size and production), Taylor Mays, Major Wright (hitter), Morgan Burnett and possibly Chris Cook much later.

At OLB: Ricky Sapp, Koa Misi, Thaddeus Gibson, maybe Jason Worilds, and of course, Sergio Kindle. Kindle, by the way, apparently has knee issues that caused him to drop like a stone out of the first round. It will be interesting to see how much futher the drop will go.

Remember, think prototypical size. Think production. A workout warrior such as Mays certainly looks the part and runs fast. But did his production on the field stack up?

I suppose the Dolphins could still address nose tackle in the second or third round tonight. Terrence Cody, Brian Price, and Cam Thomas are the names everyone defaults to in that regard.

Two darkhorses to keep in mind in the third round: Dexter McCluster and Toby Gerhart. Just sayin'.

[BLOG NOTE: This blog broke its own record Thursday. More than 120,000 page views, once again leaving every other blog on the site in the dust. I appreciate your visits. Let's do it again! Yes, there will be a live blog again this evening. I'll update just prior to the draft. See you then.]


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Thks Mando, great job on the radio today too!!!

I for some reason couldn't post on the other blog, at least that I saw. My post was about Dexter McCluster, all day long I have had a dreadful feeling all day at work that this guy is in play for us tonight. Ideally I think they would only do that if they could trade back from 40, and even though I like McCluster, I can't justify taking him with many of the next tier of S and NT prospects still on the board.

Mando - Do you get a dollar for every hit?

Mando - would you really fill a need before taking "top rated" on our board?

And yes - I am suprised you agreed with the Trifecta's handling of day 1. They must have gotten it right! ;-)

I agree I say we get a FS at 40. What's up with a lot of people calling for claussen on the previous blog btw??

Bootang25, blog froze up for me a couple times, too much traffic for their servers I think....Lot of us go back to previous blog and post..NO Dexter!!! I predict NT but we will see, I'm also a HUGE Gronkowski fan and I know it don't make sense but if they take him I'll be buying rounds tonite!!!

One of the Troy LB's coming to Miami

Bill just called me and said remember these names: Ricky Sapp, and Kurt Coleman (Ohio State Safety)and Ed Dickson (Oregon TE)...

JIMMY GRAHAM will be the 2nd rd pick. This fo has me now beginning to expect the unexpect and it makes sense because we whiffed at the position last season and Parcells love TE's!


The stadium scene sounds like a blast. I wish I could be there.

I'll be screaming for Sapp and Reshad Jones tonight.

Who are you thinking?

Wait and see guys the Jimmy Graham curve ball is coming up next!

I would like to see one of our DE's traded today or tomorrow... Smiley too


2nd round pick will be:

Sergio Kindle
Everson Griffen
Nate Allen
Morgan Burnett

with Terrence Cody being the dark horse.

Bank it

They're not going to trade any of our DE's if we're experimenting now with a 4-3 hybrid.

We'll need em all.

green lizard time... AWWWWRIGHT MIAMI!!!!!

2nd round pick will be:

Sergio Kindle
Everson Griffen
Nate Allen
Morgan Burnett

with Terrence Cody being the dark horse.

Bank it

Posted by: Just Because | April 23, 2010 at 05:18 PM

This fo never makes the pick we expect them to make. The Jimmy Graham Watch is on!!!

Hey Carlito, pura vida my man. I support you. Lets go Miami.

In Nolan we trust!

I don't think this regime drafts a guy like Cody.

Odinseye, Rasheed Jones totally agree!!! I'm gonna say Brian Price/ Mt Cody in rd 2!!!


I have said it before and will stay with it. Gronk would gladly be my pick in the second based off his production alone. Super TE prospect.

I have completely taken him off my 2nd and 3rd round board due to his back surgery. I know he has been medically cleared but I just won't mess with a player that has had back surgery as it pertains to getting blasted in the NFL for a job description.

I have had a couple of back injuries in my life and it is debilitating. These were simple soft tissue in nature but I could not do anything for a while.

I also, foolishly looking back at it, was doing sit-ups on a slant board with a 45lbs plate on my chest. Because my body could not curl up properly as I had the plate on my chest it would not allow it. I felt a pop. It has never gone away and I feel it from time to time to this day.

Gronk could end up having a good career but due to my own dealings with back injuries I could not chose a player that has already had back surgery... at least that early. In the 4rth I could but he will be gone by then to a team that feels more like you do about his back surgery.


I am sick of the Alicia Keys song it sucks!Political Correct BS! This is Fricken football! Get some balls NFL Network! Mike Mayock is a D!#%K! Loves the sound of his voice.

I'm just sayin

Go Phins!

Carlito, glad ur better, thought you are better, thought u were going to need the ambulance after last nite!!

if miami is changing to a 4'3 scheme they should go for a safety. but we still need a defensive takle cam thomas


I want Sapp then Reshad.

If they call Graham's name I wouldn't mind at all.

A lot of people think he's a reach at 40, but a damn tempting one.

Safties won't be able to drift down the seems anymore with Marshall, Hartline and Bess. Graham should be able to exploit the middle in our improved(Marshall) offense.
Seems like the next logical piece to the offensive puzzle.

We will not draft a olb. Dansby will play olb in nickel packages. Just wait and see. why do you guys think we passed on Morgan, Graham, and Hughes.

Nolan has some unconventional exotic packages that will be used. Thats why Ireland didnt tip his hand as to where Odrick was drafted to play.

No one drafts a guy with the 1st pick without a clearcut reason as to why he was made #1. Dont drink the koolaid. We may not be taking a NT real soon either. this 3-4 defense under Nolan will not be your father's 3-4 defense.

Expect the unexpected in rd2, Jimmy Graham. Dont say I didnt warn you!

I see hardly anyone mentioning linebacker Dobbins who we picked up from San Diego. I think it gives great insurance in case often injured Crowder goes down again. Maybe he can even replace Crowder in the starting line up. Does anyone think he can be better than Crowder? You are right, the next pick must be OLB or FS. I will be screaming with you if we don't. Has anyone heard anything recently about the Smiley trade??

My darkhorse 40th pick would be Golden Tate. Sure we need defense but management has shown that need be damned. I wouldn't be upset about it.

Put in P.Turner!
Any word on Odricks family?

Go Phins!

Nate Allen in the 2nd Round!!!...Merling for a 3rd!!!!


I got Brian Price at no. 3 of all players left on my "big board".

That would suit me just fine, but I think he'll be gone.

Darryl Washington!!!!!! The guy who many scouts feel is the most ready for the NFL!! Go get him!!

Hey Armando,

What about Brandon Spikes? Or is he projected as an ILB only?

Def fits the prototypical size - 6'3" 252 (if I'm not mistaken)


I agree about Maycock. He's so full of himself it's embarrassing.


LMAO...I still don't know what to think about the pick... Its not that he's a bad player, I'm just not sure where he fits... Whatever, he is a big tough dude and I'm just going to have to trust the trifecta on this one... I hope he has a good year

My darkhorse 40th pick would be Golden Tate. Sure we need defense but management has shown that need be damned. I wouldn't be upset about it.

Posted by: Chris in the 623 | April 23, 2010 at 05:27 PM

Jimmy Graham here makes more sense because of the "instant impact" he and Marshall will have in the redzone alone. Can you just imagine having to defend both Marshall and the 6'6in Graham inside the 20yd line?

Not to even mention the defense has to also consider our run game. It will be like picking your poison from inside the 20yd line trying to defend against us.

Plus we all know Parcells loves quality TE's. Expect the unexpected. Dont say I didnt warn you. They already stated they love Jimmy Graham. He also gives us what we have been lacking since Martin's absence.

Expect the unexpected in rd2, Dont say I didnt warn you!

Misi or McCluster.

I do not know IF this 2nd round is the one to start filling needs. There are still some impact guys out there at the WR or TE position.

Tate, Benn or Gronkowski?

Dolphins will pick up Brandon Lang or Cameron Sheffield from Troy...

Lots of good players still available

Misi or McCluster.

I do not know IF this 2nd round is the one to start filling needs. There are still some impact guys out there at the WR or TE position.

Tate, Benn or Gronkowski?

Posted by: Wayne Fontes | April 23, 2010 at 05:35 PM

"You are on the right track but the tightend will be Jimmy Graham."

I would like to see Phillip Merling, Tony McDaniel, Kendall Langford traded


I think the Fins badly need one OFF player that has return ability and can make people miss.

McCluster would fit that bill. They coached him at the Senior Bowl. Even though he is small he was super durable and the only guy in SEC history to have over 1000 yards rushing and 500 yards passing in the same season.

With Ginn gone we will be in desperate need of field position on Kick Returns and Punt Returns.
Bess does filed the ball clean but never seems to get away from defenders on punt returns. Cobbs returns were average.

As long as they have solid targets for FS and NT checked off their list they can grab McCluster in the 3rd and it won't be a negative.

Maybe they trade back from 40? Possibly swap picks with a team and get their 2nd and an extra 3rd? Maybe grab a guy like CB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah? He is another BIG corner in the Sean Smith mold. Averaged 25.9 on KRs taking 3 back for TDs and had an 11.3 avg on PR taking 4 back. If he doesn't work out at Corner he could be a great FS prospect. Had 8 INTs as a Jr.

So many options! I'm glad we are in the second.


The Jimmy Graham watch is on!

Dying Breed,

We are going defense... fa sho

Rob in OC,

Whats up bud! I agree, it would be a very bad thing if we didn't have a 2nd rounder... lots of talent available... and we ended up 3 spots ahead of where we were originally!

Question, do Smiley or Merling get traded, do we get an extra pick for either one today???

I like Aaron Hernandez at TE as well as Graham!

Dying Breed,

I haven't done my to much homework on Graham. I didn't think we would be going there.

Is the guy any good at run blocking? At 6-6 260 seems like he should be????


Did you see Dalington's recent writeup about our tweaking our defense, going away fromtye more traditional 3-4? I think Mike Nolan runs a hybrid 3-4, and I don't know if you saw my post last night, he uses a lot of 2-4-5 sets on obvious passing situations. That package will be one of the best things Odrick does, pairing him with Randy Starks will be impressive. I think after the first few games people will begin to understand why exactly the pick was made. You and I were both big time pulling for Jerry Hughes, and even though that didn't happen, we didn't get some bum.

Rob in OC, read or heard, I don't remember that the Dolphins believe Kory Sheets, Bess and Cobb can do return duties

Dying Breed,

We are going defense... fa sho

Posted by: carlito from golfito | April 23, 2010 at 05:38 PM

Carlito, have you not learned to expect the unexpected from this fo yet? Was not yesterday enough evidence for you? How about the last 3years?

Expect the unexpected, Jimmy Graham. I have already cushioned myself for the impending shock. Graham will be a a pro bowl TE by year 3. I just now comes down to who will he be playing for.

Prepare for the 2nd rd curveball.

Id like the TE Rob Gronk.

Tate not "Prototypical" no go

Some of these early first teams will be unloading some talent to make room for the big contracts. We will do some work outside the draft as well.

Gronk YES!!! I would be psyched big time.

Rob, I agree ideally get McCluster if we trade back. Owusu Ansah was the pick in my mock for us in the 3rd round I did a few days before the draft, I would be excited if he was a Miami Dolphin.

Mike Nolan runs a Hybrid? Obama will love that!

Go Phins!

Man mccluster in the third would be frigging awesome. Kid had wheels ( we did, um, just trade awY our only speed demon).
Address that fs first. Then put a little polish on the car.


I say package Penny, Smiley and Merling for another 2nd.

Then draft Dan Lefevour QB/ Central Michigan later.

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