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Must haves: FS or OLB in the second round

With the 40th overall selection the Dolphins draft another defensive lineman, or offensive lineman, or quarterback, or maybe a punter.

And I would scream!

I spent all of last night defending the trade-down and ensuing selection of Jared Odrick on the live blog and my twitter feed. I defended it in my column at The Miami Herald, and I applauded it on radio for three hours on 790 The Ticket today.

But today is a new day and the Dolphins must address, you know, actual holes in the roster. And the two biggest ones, in my humble opinion are free safety and outside linebacker. So I'm hoping the Dolphins get on their fill-the-holes horse this afternoon and giddy-up toward solutions.

The players available at those positions that seem likely candidates?

At free safety: Reshad Jones, Nate Allen, Robert Johnson (great size and production), Taylor Mays, Major Wright (hitter), Morgan Burnett and possibly Chris Cook much later.

At OLB: Ricky Sapp, Koa Misi, Thaddeus Gibson, maybe Jason Worilds, and of course, Sergio Kindle. Kindle, by the way, apparently has knee issues that caused him to drop like a stone out of the first round. It will be interesting to see how much futher the drop will go.

Remember, think prototypical size. Think production. A workout warrior such as Mays certainly looks the part and runs fast. But did his production on the field stack up?

I suppose the Dolphins could still address nose tackle in the second or third round tonight. Terrence Cody, Brian Price, and Cam Thomas are the names everyone defaults to in that regard.

Two darkhorses to keep in mind in the third round: Dexter McCluster and Toby Gerhart. Just sayin'.

[BLOG NOTE: This blog broke its own record Thursday. More than 120,000 page views, once again leaving every other blog on the site in the dust. I appreciate your visits. Let's do it again! Yes, there will be a live blog again this evening. I'll update just prior to the draft. See you then.]


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Any FS except for Taylor Mays!!!!

How many minutes between picks for the second and third round?


Dying Breed,

I haven't done my to much homework on Graham. I didn't think we would be going there.

Is the guy any good at run blocking? At 6-6 260 seems like he should be????

Posted by: odinseye | April 23, 2010 at 05:40 PM

He doesnt have to be yet. But I see him as a phenominal redzone target paired with Marshall while he fully developes his overall game. He also gives us the stretch the field ability we lost with Marshall.

In about 3 seasons I believe he can definitely be a top 5 nfl pro bowl TE. His upside is phenominal! Until then he will stretch the field and become a beast as a red zone weapon.

PS-I like Tyrone Culver rather than spend pick #40 on a FS.

Mike Nolan runs a Hybrid? Obama will love that!

Go Phins!

Posted by: Martin | April 23, 2010 at 05:46 PM


I'm excited to see who we get today!!! D-FENSE! D-FENSE! D-FENSE!

Odinseye, Penny can't be traded, He has not healed enough to pass the NFL physical at this time..have to pass to be traded, they said he is still 2 or 3 months off...

I'm excited to see who we get today!!! D-FENSE! D-FENSE! D-FENSE!

Posted by: carlito from golfito | April 23, 2010 at 05:50 PM

Dear Carlito,

Jimmy Graham will ring your bell. Not to be confused with your cell phone either!


Forgot about that....oh well, it was a thought.

It's lock and load time!

QB kidding...where is the trade for white...oh i forgot... a give back

Jimmy Graham is a project, only played one year and is not second round material...late 3rd, early forth IMO

These analyst are insane! They are starting to sound like a bunch of old New York Yentas! Sitting there bragging about their kids and bashing everyone elses. Kiper and Mayock were wrong about everyone! Shut the F UP!

Go Phins!

we need a FS or olb period then play around

Today is make or break day for us in the draft.

I really think we wind up with one of the OLB's from Troy... just got a feeling

Gotta love this kids Oddrick answers to Q&A!!

On his ability pressuring the quarterback and defending the run) – "[If] You want to do both. I want to get after the quarterback every play that it's a pass. Sacks don't come every play, they come every so often. It makes you hungry to go get one, and that's why it's such an exciting play. Defending the run, that's just being a man. That's just hunkering down and getting dirty."

(On if he expects to start in the 2010 season) – "I don't expect anything. The only thing I expect is for me to go down there and work my behind off to get better. That is what I want to do. I want to be a better player than when I left Penn St. and I think I will do that."

(On what he thinks will make him a successful player in the NFL) – "I'm the kind of guy who's going to be professional, who's going to come to work every day, who knows what he wants from the league and knows what he wants to get to the league. Not just the league, but the Miami Dolphins. Coming to work every day and being a competitor. I think I'm a natural competitor, and that's what I do, compete."

Go Phins


The thing about all 3 of those guys (Cobbs, Sheets and Bess) is none has really done much.

Bess gets the most opportunities but I believe that is simply because he fields the ball cleanly and hardly ever puts it on the turf. (cept that time vs NO was it?...grrr).

He just doesnt have the top end speed to run away from people although he can make 1 or two miss for a few yards most of the time.

About Sheets I feel like I do about Pat Turner.... If you are so special...how come you couldn't battle your way into the lineup?

Cobbs coming off injury did a decent job but is not the scariest returner either...so who know's.

They could draft someone that has return ability or try to roll with what they have. I would take a shot at having a new return guy in the mix by the time the draft is over.


maybe my brother carlito

We need to draft someone with a Mullet! Those crazy dudes mess up some business on defense!

Go Phns!

Linval Joseph NT?

we will not draft a special teams player type tonight

QB kidding...where is the trade for white...oh i forgot... a give back

Posted by: harricane | April 23, 2010 at 05:54 PM

I said get an extra 2nd and draft LeFervour LATER. He'll probably last until the 6th round...duh!

armando should be IN TV RIGHT NOW,NO JUSTC ,MEL.K IN TV .

Live Blog up

Alright letter rip!!!!

I will hop on and try to catch up from time to time today... I am going to go watch it unfold folks.

Go Fins!!!!



why a QB? we have MR Henne

I disagree. The pick needs to be Terrence Cody. We need a NT that can take up blockers and allow Dansby to make the tackles much like the way "tractor" taylor did for Zach. We need him on the early downs, but now we have Odrick to move over to DT during passing downs

the fins will trade back and pick a NT later in round 2

Jimmy Graham is a project, only played one year and is not second round material...late 3rd, early forth IMO

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 23, 2010 at 05:54 PM

Not neccesarily I want this 2nd rd pick but I would welcome it considering the upside and potential. I also believe someone "will" draft Graham whether it is us or someone else.

Whoever takes him will have an instant impact red zone threat at tight end. The red zone is where you really earn your paycheck in the nfl.

He will be the true definition of "earn while you learn" in the nfl.

If the trio thought Kindle was that great they would have grabbed him yesterday in my opinion. Odrick had a better chance of being there today than Kindle.

Maybe Taylor Mays in the 2nd round...

If we don't trade back we will grab the lb from TCU


We lack team speed. Probably one of the slowest teams in the AFC..especially on the offensive side of the football

Who ever the pick is...if its a backer...FS...rb...or wr...draft a guy that can run and make things happen.

I hope they take Mays if he is there. 6'3" 230 lb safety, runs a 4.43 40yd dash and has a 41 inch vertical.

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