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Draft day is here! So what happens?

NOTE OFF THE BAT: Salguero favorite players are in bold.

Is it going to be Earl Thomas or Eric Berry or Nate Allen because the Dolphins need a safety? Is it going to be Jerry Hughes, Derrick Morgan or, my future adopted son, Brandon Graham because the Dolphins need a pass rusher? Is it going to be Mike Iupati because the Dolphins need a left guard? God, I hope it's not Dan Williams even though the Dolphins need a nose tackle. (I just don't think Williams is a value pick.)

Everybody backed off the idea of Rolando McClain after Miami signed Karlos Dansby. But what if McClain is the highest guy on Miami's board?

Maybe it will it be a surprise pick.

If Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham had not suffered a major knee injury in 2009, he would be a Top 10 pick this draft. Defenses will have nightmares about this kid some day. It would be wonderful if they were having those bad dreams the week they have to play the Dolphins.

Maybe Dez Bryant is a possibility because if one troubled but talented receiver is good, imagine what the Dolphins can do with two troubled but talented receivers. If you want to stay away from the troubled receiver, Demaryius Thomas is a WR that simply could be trouble for opponents. Big, fast, he is under the radar. Until now.

Maybe it's a running back because Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams or both won't be around in 2011. In that case it might be Fresno State RB Ryan Mathews, who could be the workhorse for the next five years. Is C.J. Spiller a possibility? I don't see it, but I'd love it! He's a potential TD every time he touches the football.

You want a name out of the blue? Literally? Someone told me the Dolphins might address their free safety issues by picking Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson and moving either Sean Smith or Will Allen to free safety. Why do I say this is out of the blue? Have you seen Boise State's field?

By the way, local agent Drew Rosenhaus has been hoping the Dolphins take Jason Pierre-Paul, who is supposed to be a latter day Jevon Kearse. If Rosenhaus successfully planted that seed in Bill Parcells' brain I vote him agent of the year.

Of course, many other names would be in play if the Dolphins trade down as I wrote in today's Miami Herald. 

Anyway, that's the set-up for the 2010 NFL Draft that begins at 7:30 p.m.

[BLOG NOTE: You will notice the extensive list of players posted earlier on this site as compiled by Chris Cordero has been taken down. Apparently the template for that list was taken from another site. While Cordero added to that list, subtracted from that list, and then worked on commentary for the list, the standard for the work here is high. It's orginal. When it's someone else's work, in this case universaldraft.com, I tell you or link to it or both.]


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Well it's draft morning and my gut feel is it's still going to be Sergio Kindle at 12. Just makes too much sense. Morgan would be good also but I just think there are more questions about him than Kindle, the biggest being can he transition well to the 3-4. I still think McClain is an option too but I don't expect him to be there.

Still praying for a trade with the Eagles or Cowboys where we are able to get a 2nd rounder back and then a Jerry Hughes or Graham pick. To me that makes the most sense but I don't see it happening.

It will be interesting to see if Miami is able to make any trade today. Thigpen? Smiley? Brown? Going to be an exciting day!

I recall reading this at the SS. Please address the bloggers concerns about plagiarism.

You dont want those Rotoworld boys calling you a Beat Writter, do you?

Phunwin: prove your case or shut up.

Lol, Waterboy, lol

Dear Mr. Salguero

We all know the lady's like a dangerous man.
Stealing someone's else's homework and placing your name on it because the Dog ate your homework is kinda lame in the bad boy department.

Did Mrs. Salguero see the article and say...You are a naughty boy Armanndo..come to momma and see how I treat bad boys.

Dammm I got a little wood by just writing that.

Looking forword to the story in Penthouse forums.

Soiled :)

I think you guys are being way too harsh!! I get a lot of my dolphins info from mando and I thank him for all his effort!!

This guy is obviously some angry nerd from universal draft posting over and over again under different names claiming plagiarism like no one knows its one person... ha!

I wonder how long you had to hunt for a fall guy to provide you with a draft list that had the substance you yourself are incapable of providing. I figure you will now hide behind this guy Chris Cordero who so obviously stole the work of Simon Clancy and Universal Draft that Dave Hyde has feature now for two years, and loudly proclaim your innocence. You must have nekkid pictures of your boss or something as there is no other way for you to keep your job at the Herald.

I hope the Sun Sentinel, Dave Hyde, Simon Clancy and the other two fellas at Universal Draft, Chris Kouffman and Richard Lines get an audience with your bosses to discuss your lack of professional ethics.

Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News does a mock every year and he is usually very accurate. He has us taking WR D Thomas at 12! It's a big surprise!! I LOVE this guy and this is the guy I most wanted the Dolphins to pick before the Marshall trade but I think this would be a mistake at 12. We need defence.

He has Morgan going to Cleveland at 7 and McClain going to Denver. Bryant falls all the way to Dallas at 27 and Matthews gets picked before Spiller. It's an interesting read. Check it out at PFT.

Sorry to break news on this wonderful draft day, but I just want to defend the Trifecta after it has been bashed by the Media and JT camp

Read this**************

Citing a source close to the situation, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Dolphins did make an offer to bring back Jason Taylor after the 2009 season.
Taylor said he never received another offer after turning down Miami's December proposal to bring him back at the same salary he made in 2009. Per Schefter's source, the Dolphins offered an $850,000 raise even though they pretty much believed Taylor was washed up.


So Mr. Taylor was trying to maximize the $$$$$$
he could get in uncapped year.....


Universal Draft guy,

Don't really care

Please no offensive player in RD 1


I think you forgot this is Bill "freakin" Parcells were talking about here. Hes going to draft a LB!! I think the trade to Brandon Marshall has everyone thinking Bill is all of a sudden going to make crazy surprising sexy picks. The fact is, hes still going to draft his type of guys.


I second that.... If they take Iupati I will go crazy

u need to put spikes on that list---for a possible 3 rounder----JPP at 12 or trade out of it----im also a fan of jermaine cunninghamm

I LOVE the love that Ryan Matthews has received as of late. I'm from Bakersfield (his hometown) and also a fellow West High alum. This kid can flat out play. I am good friends with several of his high school coaches (where I volunteer as a box coach) and have watched this young man since he was a soph in HS. If the Phins trade down and he's avail, I would love to see him in teal and orange. He WILL be a star in the league!!! Great character and work ethic.

Hey Carlito from Golfito, you are a moron. There is a whole group of dolphins fans protesting Armando's lazy ass writing. Keep your stupid comments to yourself.

if earl thomas is the pick at 12---im gonna be titeeeeeeeeee---he is overhyped im my opinion, i watch tape and i just dont see a special player, i think he is good but top 12 good ----NO WAYY

The Carlito Mock Draft Rounds 1-6

Round 1. Derrick Morgan DE/OLB Georgia Tech
Round 3. Major Wright FS University of Florida
Round 4. Brandon Lang DE/OLB Troy
Round 5. Jeff Owens NT University of Georgia
Round 6. Legarrette Blount
Round 6. Micah Johsnon
Round 6. Brandon Carter OL Texas Tech

Ohio Fanatic,

Which name you going to use next?

We need to draft LBs for depth.
Only decent material on Roster at OLB is Wake and Anderson. Moses is Special Teams and fill in. We need at least 2 in the draft and maybe pickup a VET that is cut after the draft.

I want my Name is Earl Thomas, as the dude cant start, fills a need and has value at 12.

I understand picking an OLB at 12 or trade down will be a decent option.

The fins cant fumble on this one and pick an offensive player in RD 1.

I am usually partial to your opinions, but as I asked Armando, this could be a serious and embarrassing issue if a copy/ paste was done.

So while I see trolls looming on the board, dismissing possible plagiarism under the rug is not appropriate.

Dear Penthouse Forums

I am a sports writer that covers an NFL team for a large south Florida newspaper.

One day I was sitting on the beach with my old lady and a bunch writers from the Sun Sentinal kicked sand in my face and made fun of me.

I was also unprepared for an article needed covering the NFL draft.

The look on my old lady's face was of half pity and half disgust.

Thats when my life changed, I saw it there laying in the sand....A Bazooka Joe bubblegum wrapper with the words...Tired of being laughed at, tired of having sand kicked in your face by writers from another newspaper.

Try the Bazooka Joe Plagiarisism/workout routine.

Now my wife can't keep her hands off of me.

Soiled :)


I dont want Parcells to pick an Offensive player in the 1st 5 rounds LOL

I'm saying McClain in the 1st....

wow.. pulled my comment did ya... that's okay, you can't hide behind this Chris Cordero forever. Everyone knows what you have done, and before the day is over, so will your bosses. Pretty lowbrow to facilitate the theft of someone elses work. Again, I hope Dave Hyde, the Sun Sentinel, Simon Clancy, Chris Kouffman and Richard Lines get an audience with your bosses today. It's a safe bet you will hide behind Cordero and proclaim your innocence.. it's the kind of journalism we have come to expect from you..

Trade Thigpen and Smiley to Buffalo for their second and third pick, take Whitmer, and give them our first pick...thus...

we lose our #1, but gain a safety and #2, and and extra #3 pick.

Dont listen to any of these UNGRATEFUL bums Mando...there are an army of us who read your stuff daily and we appreciate it....

Brandon Graham and / Jerry Hughes....do it ...do it..

Mclain could be a surprise choice. I dont mind drafting him and sending Clam Chowder to the bench.

1st ---JPP or trade
3rd--- Brandon spikes
4th---Myron lewis
5th---deji karim
6th--- Kade weston, George Johnson,Travis ivey,
7th--mike tepper


I saw the article... It has the same players, but different analysis on the players... Whatever, its a blog... Its obvious that this guy is associated with the article, how else does he know everyone's name involved with the other article... Maybe if he wasn't such a P U S S Y hiding behind several names

Mando, thank you Sir for mentioning Mike Iupati, he'll be a sound choice IMHO @ selection No.12. I hope your future adopted son, Brandon Graham slide to us in the later rounds as well.

OL at 12

please... unless you intend on trying to win 40-35 every game with Henne throwing for 500 yds

Hey Jamie,

Shut the hell up you little sloar. Where did you learn that kind of filthy language from your pimp as he beat you. You are a worthless human being with nothing intelligent to say. Sadly, you are the cuuunt!

Stop shooting up you junkie, go turn some tricks wench.

The Carlito Mock Draft Rounds 1-6

Round 1. Derrick Morgan DE/OLB Georgia Tech
Round 3. Major Wright FS University of Florida
Round 4. Brandon Lang DE/OLB Troy
Round 5. Jeff Owens NT University of Georgia
Round 6. Legarrette Blount- RB University of Oregon
Round 6. Micah Johsnon ILB University of Kentucky
Round 6. Brandon Carter OL Texas Tech

Please no offense in Round 1, especially Iupati

Jet Rob

Our GM is trying to improve the team

Your GM is trying to improve jersey sales

Tell me....how many Superbowls have the Redskins won with the "buy all the big name FAs we can" strategy?

I hope like all get out that we puck JERRY HUGHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This compilation has been compiled by a trio of posters on Miami fan site , please acknowledge this asap .

There is no good reason NOT to draft down and get a 2nd-round pick, absolutely no good reason. If we keep the 12th pick, and Berry is gone, then I'd draft Earl. Other than that, I'd be cool with pretty much any of the other names thrown about. Don't think Iupati is a good choice with the 12th pick, but if that means Henne has the fewest sacks of any NFL QB and has time to get the ball to Brandon, then I guess that's a positive.

The fans of other teams who selects ahead of us, as i can see in NFL.com also wants a play makers with thier highs picks, and with the same reasons: "value pick", etc. But IMO, no play maker could do much if his line (offensive or defensive) colapse.
If the GM think the same as their fans may be even is a posibility to trade up, and not much may be 5 spots ahead to grab an elite DT.
Paul Solai step up a bit in the last season, and in the scenario to grab a quiality DT who is better rigth away than Paul, that's make him to step up even more and we have the posibility to trade the 2nd best DT to any other team in order to take again the 2nd round the next season.

No Taylor so it's got to be Kindle or Graham. How about this, they swing a trade with the Giants Osi U for Ronnie Brown and the Dolphins take C.J. Spiller.


Jason Taylor salutes you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year, you beat us because of Ted Ginn.

(1)Dolphin stadium - Ginn beat Revis on deep TD in tight game.

(2) Our stadium - two td returns by Ginn in a game we completely dominated. Oh, yeah, and taylor's return fumble for a TD. (21 points!) not on offense.

Now, you gave Ginn away for a 5th round pick to select another Pat White (wildcat III - joke) and you gave taylor away to us for FREE.

Thank you for the many gifts.

We were the No#1 defense last year and only got better and we were in the AFC championship game...........So, you beat us twice and stayed home while we almost made it to the SB!!!!!!!!! Which result would you rather have? Win 2 playoff games OR beat your rival twice and be a lame 7-9 watching your rival kcik butt in the playoffs!!!

Bow you heads "Losers" to the mighty Jets!!!!!!


Ps. Your GM is moon lighting for us :-)

Posted by: Jet Rob - Dol

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/04/note-off-the-bat-salguero-favorite-players-are-in-bold--is-it-going-to-be-earl-thomas-or-eric-berry-or-nate-allenbecause-th.html#ixzz0lq2oQ1Hr

You guys are TRUE divas... who give a Flying F**K that parts of this blog came from elsewhere, it happens all the time. Its just that NOBODY reads those other blogs so you dont hear about it. Stop being Divas and have a Snickers Bar ! And Carlito is right, just check the ip address and you'll see that its the same Universal draft guy bitchin and moaning. FREAKIN' DIVAS !

You and/or your pal, Chris Cordero, stole this list from Dave Hyde's Sun-Sentinel blog from just a few days ago- where the information you have here was compiled by Simon Clancy - Cordero did no such work. This is not just public knowledge either because there are nuances to the Clancy list in Hyde's blog that are unique to Clancy's view of players and position assignments that no one could duplicate on their own.

It's PLAGIARISM through and through.

You are slumming here and this should not be tolerated by the Herald.

Got a better idea Mat... why dont you just STOP reading this blog and disappear ? Freakin' DIVA !


Your incompetency has reached a new low. Did you honestly think you can plagiarize Simon and company's work on Hyde's blog and get away with it?


Despicable, and you and you should be ashamed of yourself.

The little credibility you had is gone, and I hope everyone else finally realizes this.

I have to admit that I look forward to Soiled Bottom's posts :) According to PFT, J. Lo was on Leno last night to promote her new movie, and she said she wanted the Dolphins to draft NT Dan Williams. Somewhere, Bill Parcells is cursing in disgust.

Wow... this is a new low for you Armando. Stealing someone elses work and you'll likely use Cordero as the fall guy. How about a low five?

I thought you were better than this. How very disappointing to see you included a list of contacted players that was obviously stolen from a blog on the Sun-Sentinel.

Maybe your boy Chris Cordero did this unbeknown to you. Either way, proper credit needs to be given where it is due or the list removed. Shoddy journalism practices is a good way to lose more readers to the Sun-Sentinel and the Palm Beach Post.

"my future adopted son, Brandon Graham"

Simply - You are the man.

Thanks for all the great draft work Armando !

Everybody get off this mans jock!! We need to be focused on draft talk and all you girls can do is talk about the same tired subject. Get over it!! He is trying to keep up us informed and up to speed. You guys are petty and pointless. Let's get back to draft talk!!!!

glad you don't practice what you preach. Remember your preachy Jesus-y Easter sermon to us? Isn't "thou shalt not steal" somewhere in your church teachings?


What happens?

The next 9 hours are te most painful hours of te year

I like what Peter King said about the Dolphins... Trading down and taking Ryan Matthews with their first pick. Take Jerry Hughes and Darryl Washington in the second...

Good productive comment lane. Are you sure it's not lame??

What do journalists make nowadays, 20-30K? WHO CARES ABOUT JOURNALISTIC PRACTICES?!? This blog is about one thing, the Miami Dolphins. For the rest of you, go to Columbia University. I could care less if Mando took his posts from the bathroom wall at Shula's Steakhouse. He writes 'em, we comment about 'em, it ain't cellular biology people. I'm trying to win the AFC East. I want a 100-catch receiver and a 1,000 yd. running back. I want an OLB with 16+ sacks and a CB with 6-8 INTs. As far as everything else, shove it up your a-hole.

Do all these new names talk football or just b!tch and moan about the same thing?

I love how all the people here complaining NOT ONE and I mean NOT ONE name I have EVER seen on this blog before...you guys are making serious accusations so you better be able to back them up..Plagerism is a serious offense but so is Slander...thousands of writers are writing about a limited number of players...lots of opinions are going to be the same

I actually don't think mcclain is such a suprise pick

He would upgrade the LB unit
So I think if he is There at 12 and we haven't moved down, he could be te pick, an he would be a very good pick

What would suprise me is if we moved down and he was still there when we pick. That would be too good to be true


You haven't seen the names before because its all one person!!! LOL...


Lets talk football... what do you think about my Dolphins mock through round 6?

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