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Draft day is here! So what happens?

NOTE OFF THE BAT: Salguero favorite players are in bold.

Is it going to be Earl Thomas or Eric Berry or Nate Allen because the Dolphins need a safety? Is it going to be Jerry Hughes, Derrick Morgan or, my future adopted son, Brandon Graham because the Dolphins need a pass rusher? Is it going to be Mike Iupati because the Dolphins need a left guard? God, I hope it's not Dan Williams even though the Dolphins need a nose tackle. (I just don't think Williams is a value pick.)

Everybody backed off the idea of Rolando McClain after Miami signed Karlos Dansby. But what if McClain is the highest guy on Miami's board?

Maybe it will it be a surprise pick.

If Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham had not suffered a major knee injury in 2009, he would be a Top 10 pick this draft. Defenses will have nightmares about this kid some day. It would be wonderful if they were having those bad dreams the week they have to play the Dolphins.

Maybe Dez Bryant is a possibility because if one troubled but talented receiver is good, imagine what the Dolphins can do with two troubled but talented receivers. If you want to stay away from the troubled receiver, Demaryius Thomas is a WR that simply could be trouble for opponents. Big, fast, he is under the radar. Until now.

Maybe it's a running back because Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams or both won't be around in 2011. In that case it might be Fresno State RB Ryan Mathews, who could be the workhorse for the next five years. Is C.J. Spiller a possibility? I don't see it, but I'd love it! He's a potential TD every time he touches the football.

You want a name out of the blue? Literally? Someone told me the Dolphins might address their free safety issues by picking Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson and moving either Sean Smith or Will Allen to free safety. Why do I say this is out of the blue? Have you seen Boise State's field?

By the way, local agent Drew Rosenhaus has been hoping the Dolphins take Jason Pierre-Paul, who is supposed to be a latter day Jevon Kearse. If Rosenhaus successfully planted that seed in Bill Parcells' brain I vote him agent of the year.

Of course, many other names would be in play if the Dolphins trade down as I wrote in today's Miami Herald. 

Anyway, that's the set-up for the 2010 NFL Draft that begins at 7:30 p.m.

[BLOG NOTE: You will notice the extensive list of players posted earlier on this site as compiled by Chris Cordero has been taken down. Apparently the template for that list was taken from another site. While Cordero added to that list, subtracted from that list, and then worked on commentary for the list, the standard for the work here is high. It's orginal. When it's someone else's work, in this case universaldraft.com, I tell you or link to it or both.]


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Round 1. Derrick Morgan DE/OLB Georgia Tech
Round 3. Major Wright FS University of Florida
Round 4. Brandon Lang DE/OLB Troy
Round 5. Jeff Owens NT University of Georgia
Round 6. Legarrette Blount- RB University of Oregon
Round 6. Micah Johsnon ILB University of Kentucky
Round 6. Brandon Carter OL Texas Tech

Gotta love these people complaining about Mando out here. This is a football blog, if you have concerns address it with the editorial board of the Miami Herald. Let us bloggers enjoy the draft. Let's go Mando, fcck these guys!

Apparently the Steelers are in trade talks with the Raiders involving Ben Roethlisberger...

VanDolphan only here to promote his blog and make slanderous accusations...

Carlito, no LB in your mock draft until the 4th pick. I think we need to fill the void and hopefully pickup a couple LB. I like Hughs and weatherspoon. Maybe have to trade down to get some help.

Carlito, I like Legarrette Blount in the 6th...That would be an absolute steal...He's quite a load to bring down. Not sure he'll last til the 6th though...


Video of my first 5 choices for the draft.

in the description section it has the full mock listed.

who i think is going to be the pick...

who i would take if i was making the decisions.

Carlito, great job on ur Mock Draft.....U going down the Stadium tonight for the Draft Party??

Don't be surprised if Parcells uses either his first or third round pick on a TE... Parcells is a TE guy... Would be nice to give Henne another weapon on offense...

Why do I feel this will be just the start of all the complaining in regrad to the draft? Is this what we have to look forward to the next 4 days? Who cares where the info came from. I'm sure it will all come together in the end.


Derrick Morgan, my 1st pick is an OLB!... You are dense! :D


Not going down there tonight... but will definitely glued to the t.v. somewhere!

I could be wrong, but I think Parcells drafted Fasano in the second round, despite having a Pro Bowl TE already on the roster...

I still love you Mondo

carlito, i'd be cool with the draft going like that for the Fish.

Hey Jet fans.. You go ahead and keep picking up our sloppy seconds.. 3-1 against you losers the past two season. All you did this offseason was get older and added additional cancers to that locker room. This season will be your only chance before you have a long, long drought - but hey... You've been there done that haven't you.

so you better win this season, which you won't because - WELL YOU'RE THE J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS, and losing is what you do best.. Keep up the good work morons.

Bobbyd, you mentioned yesterday that you thought that TE position needed some attention as well. Any thoughts on who you'd select?I think with the addition of Marshall we can open up the field a bit and open up our TE.

Thanks for the clarification on that Carlito!

Well it's almost starting time...the horse's are getting in the gates....and there off;

Dolphins trade down at least once...perhaps twice....get to appx 24...and the card go's to the commish...with the 24th pick in the 2010 draft the Miami drafts Hughes.

With the 37th pick the Dolphins select Mount Cody

With the 73rd pick the Dolphins select Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB/FS

With the 110th pick the Dolphins select D. Watson OLB.

With the 145th pick the Dolphins select Clay Harbor TE/FB

Happy to see bobbyd and D-dense put aside their difference for the betterment of the team!


You're making me so jealous by going to the stadium tonight for the Draft party :(

Thats another reason why i hate living in the UK

Hows it hangin Bobby? I suppose we finally made it to draft day huh?... Took a good look at the accusations that are being tossed about. Yeah, names are same, but the order and the player profiles are different. Beside all that... I have likely looked at 20 to 25 Mocks and blogs about today... Funny thing is... You can lay one over the other and find very little difference in them, after all... same teams same players... right?. I completely shut down my posts on Sun Sentinel. They had some kook on there stealing names and talking about "Chem Trails", what a Total mess... I have never seen a paper with a worse blog reputation the the Sun Sentinel. I saw NJ Phin Fan taking hits and shyt over there when I read their stuff... I suppose he has more patients for that crap then me. Any who.... Glad its draft day. You heading to the stadium? I will be watching on a boat belonging to a friend of mine... nice boat...good company= Great draft Night!!! Talk atcha during the day...Okay?

D-dense...TE all along I was a huge Gronkowski fan, so unless we get a second rounder that's out soooo I wouldn't mind if we can pluck Graham out of a later round

"the template for that list was taken from another site. While Cordero added to that list, subtracted from that list, and then worked on commentary for the list, the standard for the work here is high. It's orginal."

Eh, Armando, that's a nice try, but woefully inadequate. It's also false. We've all seen some of the "original" work you've put up over the last few months, and (not surprisingly) we've also seen it elsewhere a few days before it made its way onto your blog. In almost the identical form that you publish it. Coincidence? If your "standard of work is high", then how is this stuff "accidentally" slipping through the cracks? Huh?


Sup guys, good morning to all. What a nice day for the NFL draft. Don't know about you guys but it is 82 degrees and sunny in FL. I just woke up...I don't like getting up early...so what's the happs, who are we taking first today?

If the Dolphins somehow end up with Brandon Graham, I'll bet you 2$ Armando won't sleep tonight... LOL!!

It's not an accusation at this point. It's the irrefutable truth. We were ripped off.

hey Jet Rob

you know what a dick you are

Hey Bobby D and Carlito. There's your admission of guilt that lazy Armando's source cut and paste the list. So, you can happily take your comments now and put a little salt on them as you eat them. Tools.

Is a beautiful day here in West Palm Beach COWKILLA.... I wish I knew who was going first.. I could make a years salary with a few telephone calls to newspapers and Newsrooms!!! Hope to see a trade down involving players and picks... But every team who is not looking for a QB or Top 10 talent is doing the same... It will be a tough sell either way.

Why do Jets fans come on our website? I don't go to Ny local sports paper websites and post comments. Stay in your own town instead of coming to Florida, living here and swear to love your home town team when you leave in the rival state of your Football team.

The problem...in case some of you who seem to be missing the point...is that there was a tremendous amount of effort put into creating the blog that either Armando, or Armando's source blatantly ripped off this morning.

A good deal of us are upset about it, because we communicate with the guys who put that time in on a dailey basis. We KNOW the amount of work they have put into this.

And quite frankly, this is not the first time information is passed on here that looks very familiar. This is just the first time it has been 1) So blatant and 2) So irrefutable.

There is a check in balance for almost anything you do in a profession, and with this, WE ARE THE CHECK AND BALANCE.

If you are pissed because your football talk has been interrupted, be pissed at Armando and his Pal....had they put the same kind of effort the guys at Universal do into what they wrote...none of this would even be a discussion.

This is a lack of work ethic on your part Mr. Salguero. Simon and his cohorts at the London Calling Blog have worked countless hours to compile the info that they do, and to have it swiped from them and touted off as your own is not only reprehensible but against the law.

You really can't feel that good about yourself can you???


Ohio Fanatic,

I DON"T CARE! What part of that don't you understand... My problem is not with Armando, its with trolls like you invading the blog posting over and over under different names...

Which name you gonna use next? LMAO

If we can trade down for a first and a second from some other team, it would be worth it.

It takes two to make that deal though.

Been waiting for this day for a few months. :-)

Nice List you put there together simon, ehm i mean armando.....

Hours and Hours of work hahahahahahahahah ohohohohoh eeehhheeehhheeehhheehh oohohohoh.... What did they do... watch Sport Center five times in a row?
Get a life and go kick your "Chem Trails" Lunatic off your Sun Sent. blog so it is readable ya bunch of cretins.....

Just throwing this out there, since I haven't heard anyone mention much of him, but if Michigan RB Brandon Minor is still there in the 6th or 7th, I'm betting Dolphins take him as a sleeper. I have a source telling me the Fins took him to breakfast on a non-publicized meeting. If he doesn't get drafted, he'll be a UFA pickup.

Ohio, listen A S S H O L E, no ones interested in what you have to say, u so stupid u don't even understand that...bye the way Ohio suks

It's very disappointing to see the mistake made taking the Universal Draft work and not giving them the credit they deserve for their hard work. They do the best work on the draft that I have seen over the last few years, and many others recognize this fact. I'm sure that is why they are posting some of the comments we've seen.

I'm even more disappointed to hear back from some of the folks that have emailed you privately - and hear that you have resorted to name calling and denial. The last time this happened with the lies you had to go on the radio to try and get yourself out of a hole that you dug. Did you learn nothing from that event? If you made a mistake, man up and own it. Don't act like an angry diva and be pissed that people called you on it when the mistake is made in public on the job.

Bobbyd, like Graham too, local talent to boot. Help Fasano out as well. Hoping this plays out right for us. Our biggest needs continue to be D and I think we're going to have to trade down to accomplish the rebuilding of D.

Ask Bill....yes we made it...u going down to Stadium tonight??? I'm so pumped up it's incredible!!

Carlito, nobody cares what you think. Buzz off.

Draft Board :

NT - Precious

DE - Queen Latifah

DE - Mo'Nique

SS - Venus Williams

FS - Serena Williams

Hours of stealing taped footage and crediting themselves...

Love when Jet fans post on this site. Keep giving away draft picks and signing any playere that is over their prime. Great G.M up there.

BTW- Bengals were a joke,any team coached by norv turner is an automatic win for the other team in the playoffs and the colts....oh wait,they showed the WORLD what the jets true colors were in the AFC Championship game...hmm???

D-dense, Graham has been pumped up, I'm hoping he falls back down to where he belongs, Rd 4

Good Job taking the plageurized info down. Simon was on one of the Phins messageboards rousing the troops to come after you. Your emails to them are being posted so take care when they try to egg you on. They are acting like little girls.

Go Dolphins?

VanDolfan and all your henchmen.... Go back to your little blogs and high five yourselves on all 6 of you getting together to bash this blog. If you dont like what or how its written, SIMPLY LEAVE ! This aint a newspaper article, its a freakin' blog ! The fact that IT IS NOT identical, makes your useless argument even more lame. NOW LETS TALK DRAFT and stop eating S**T about who wrote what first cause frankly, WE DONT GIVE A DAMN !

No... like I said, A good friend of mine has a 54 Hatteras named "Grouchy" and we are going over to Abaco for the weekend. I am leaving the house in about 2 hours. He has Sat TV and a Great TV/Bar lounge on the boat... Should be a great time Drafting, Fishing and... well you know? Engaging in multiple Fermented Grain and Barley liquids!!!
I will have E-net through Sat the whole time... I am stoked. Stadium was a blast last year... If I were not going on the "Grouchy" I would be going down there!!!

Glad the lost wasn't yours Mando cuz it kinda sucked!! It would list 10 players per position and all had grades of the 3rd round and below.. I was bored after two names..

Bill, sounds like a plan!! Hope u have a great time...Parcells plan starts cementing tonight!!


Did we finally get the template mongers off this blog. The templates gone, so let's hope we can now stick to the draft. What about Earl?


Go back to where ever you were before you came here

Hey guys, I haven't been here in a while but it's good to be back. For all of those who are smashing Armando, take a hike. Reporting is all about getting someone else's info or getting info from one place and transferring it to another. sometimes it gets repeated and other times people don't realize they're repeating someone's info. In this case, the reporting was changed to fit Cordero and Mondos perspective. Good job Mondo in the way you explained yourself in the retraction.
As for the draft, the Dolphins will pick Morgan if he is on the board. If not, they will try to trade down. The only way they do not trade down is if Morgan is there. I really believe he is their guy. The biggest prize in any trade down would be Philly's 37th pick. I think that would be a coup at this point. It's fun having the phins being major players in this draft. Their first rounder is right where alot of teams want to be. This will be the defining draft of this FO.

Hey Simon C and your little henchman ( singular/one guy ) , get over yourself. They're are a million draft lists that are similair all over the internet these days . That's the internet life we live in. Give me a f'n break , you do a pretty good job but you're not that great to go crying you've been plagerized like you're something special. Get f'n over it and move on. I've ben giving scouting reports since sept to everyone on here , i do just as a good a job from my office or at home as you and i'm a freaking amatuer. Now get lost .

earl could work
its just that it makes more sense to draft a OLB at 12,
safeties are a reach there

DF, like your 12 pick, I like Hughs too and we need the help.

I see the crybaby was up bright and early. You know who you are , the better and more knowledgeable posters are on now not like some of the kooks overnight. so take your " it's better when some of the idiots aren't here " comment and shove up your arse krissy.

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