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Draft day is here! So what happens?

NOTE OFF THE BAT: Salguero favorite players are in bold.

Is it going to be Earl Thomas or Eric Berry or Nate Allen because the Dolphins need a safety? Is it going to be Jerry Hughes, Derrick Morgan or, my future adopted son, Brandon Graham because the Dolphins need a pass rusher? Is it going to be Mike Iupati because the Dolphins need a left guard? God, I hope it's not Dan Williams even though the Dolphins need a nose tackle. (I just don't think Williams is a value pick.)

Everybody backed off the idea of Rolando McClain after Miami signed Karlos Dansby. But what if McClain is the highest guy on Miami's board?

Maybe it will it be a surprise pick.

If Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham had not suffered a major knee injury in 2009, he would be a Top 10 pick this draft. Defenses will have nightmares about this kid some day. It would be wonderful if they were having those bad dreams the week they have to play the Dolphins.

Maybe Dez Bryant is a possibility because if one troubled but talented receiver is good, imagine what the Dolphins can do with two troubled but talented receivers. If you want to stay away from the troubled receiver, Demaryius Thomas is a WR that simply could be trouble for opponents. Big, fast, he is under the radar. Until now.

Maybe it's a running back because Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams or both won't be around in 2011. In that case it might be Fresno State RB Ryan Mathews, who could be the workhorse for the next five years. Is C.J. Spiller a possibility? I don't see it, but I'd love it! He's a potential TD every time he touches the football.

You want a name out of the blue? Literally? Someone told me the Dolphins might address their free safety issues by picking Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson and moving either Sean Smith or Will Allen to free safety. Why do I say this is out of the blue? Have you seen Boise State's field?

By the way, local agent Drew Rosenhaus has been hoping the Dolphins take Jason Pierre-Paul, who is supposed to be a latter day Jevon Kearse. If Rosenhaus successfully planted that seed in Bill Parcells' brain I vote him agent of the year.

Of course, many other names would be in play if the Dolphins trade down as I wrote in today's Miami Herald. 

Anyway, that's the set-up for the 2010 NFL Draft that begins at 7:30 p.m.

[BLOG NOTE: You will notice the extensive list of players posted earlier on this site as compiled by Chris Cordero has been taken down. Apparently the template for that list was taken from another site. While Cordero added to that list, subtracted from that list, and then worked on commentary for the list, the standard for the work here is high. It's orginal. When it's someone else's work, in this case universaldraft.com, I tell you or link to it or both.]


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hey nj phin fan, ive been reading ur scouting reports and u know what?
they're pretty darn impressive
so whoever thinks otherwise can eat it
Enjoy da draft, and lets hope miami can make us proud:)

Hey now, Simon is looked at as a superstar on the phins messageboard. He is a draft "guru" and is well respected for his player insight. He loves what he does and has earned the respect and adoration of his followers.

D-dense thanks, but still just think that at 12 right
u have eric berry and jerry hughes?
who doya pick?
I still pick hughes because 2 me u have to get pass rush in order to better safeties play
what u think?

Carlito, nobody cares what you think. Buzz off.

Posted by: EightyTwenty | April 22, 2010 at 11:31 AM

Actually EightyTwenty nobody cares what you and all your buddys think...trying to get attention in this way just shows how crappy and need of attention your site is in need of...

I guess you guys over there are the only ones that do scouting reports for the NFL so im sure people from ESPN and CBS sports go to you all first to copy all your precious material that only you and your team is capable of producing

Say high to Mel Kiper for me you little B I T C H

Get off your high horse and go suck something and stop filling this blog with your nonsense that the bloggers that come here everyday can care less for

Now back to Important stuff...

I really hope we trade down and still be able to grab Graham or Hughes....Opps I repeated something similar to something someone else wrote I guess I must be guilty of Plagiarism there is no possible way that I can possibly share the same opinion....right

Can't stand these d-bag blowhards

simon clancy you're a little turd. Go crawl back under that rock you came from and take your little minions with you. Loser.

Actually, "Carlito", I used to visit this blog quite a bit. But then stopped after the quality Salguero's material really went down the crapper. Then, started coming back lately, and thought he was returning to some semblance of an A game, but lately he's reverted back to his usual highly sub-standard stuff, and now this blatant rip off. SSDD.

This is a joke, right. Some driveling idiot is claiming you or Chris stole his draft information?

The guys doesn't know what day it is. And lists are not copyrighted information. I know that for a fact.


I looked at Dave Hide's blog and the list you had on here earlier was different than that list. Also, Cordero had commentary.

He also recognized Dekoda Watson is a LB and not a FS, which is where Simone Clancy had him playing.

Simone needs to go back to his tea and crumpets and STFU.

here some funny comments from fin fans:
The stinkin’ Jest and their smack-talking lard of a coach talking all this smack after getting it handed to them show a complete lack of class. Gimmick wildcat stuff?? Two special teams tricks and bullshite calls from the refs. THAT is smoke and mirrors and gimmick football.-cavalierkong

look at Ryan he looks like he just swallowed castor oil! LOL- Truefan

Rex Ryan is cut from the same bolt of expandable fabric as his father. I would say that the apple didn't fall far from the tree, but Ryan ate it so fast that I couldn't tell. This fat-ass displayed one of the most class-less acts during his news conference. Your team played very well; they just got beat by one that played better. The "Wildcat" is a gimmick? If that's the case, then you are truly are a horrible coach, because gimmicks shouldn't be successful play after play after play. You ran up against an excellent football team, who, but for a few mistakes and some crazy calls by the officiating crew, would've handled your team by 17 points or better. You should be thankful that you were even this close. I would call those comments sour grapes...but this fat blob and his buns of slush ate those too!-Kent

Well said finfan in orlando. Simon clancy is from england no less . all rhe footage and material he gets is from the internet or tv. This guy doesn't fly here everyday to scout players on his own . LOL 1 GIVE ME A F"N BREAK. He's just another amatuer draftnik. The a s s-hole on here just hates mando because he was called out or embarrassed on here by him and is taking over his vendetta. Take a f'n hike . It's draft day.

LEAVE Mando alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

With the hugh following of your blog its natural to come under fire from those that are envious from your success.

I've seen alot of shots taken at you today and its my guess that its probly Cote,Darlington and Neal pretending to be readers from another site.

Mr. Salguero [Standing over the bodies of Cote,Darlington,Cordero and Neal]

"You all take a good look at these lumps of Bleep.

Remember what it looks like. You Bleep up in a firefight... and I godbleep guarantee you a trip out of the bush - in a body bag!

Out here, A-holes, you keep your bleep wired tight at all times!

And that goes for you, bleep-for-brains. You don't sleep on no bleepin' ambush!

And the next sum'biatch I catch coppin Z's in the bush, I'm personally gonna take an interest in seein' him suffer. I bleep you not.

Carlito from Golfito, tag him and bag em!

Soiled :)

This Plagiarism crap is so stupid in this case because its all opinion based on certain skill sets that different players have and many reporters and scouts share the same opinion on the most players

such a lame attempt at getting attention

grow up people and you must not be working so hard since you have time to continue to post repeatilly about the same nonsense

at the same time giving Armandos blog more web hits making it even more succesfull

You freaking idiots

This will be my last post on this subject

can't wait for the draft today

hope we trade down and add more picks!

This is like the west side story here today.

Wow, "FinFan in Orlando". You sound like a really tough guy, probably somebody I would really be scared of huh? Lol...

After all these long weeks of waiting for this day... I feel the best thing is to ignore the trolls and just like stray dogs they will go away and maybe get hit by a car. There are a bunch of guys on this blog who have put a bunch of thought and time with there picks and talking with each other. Many times agreeing and sometimes not. That fact and the work Armando does is why this blog is the best Miami Dolphins blog in SF. We don't have some lunatic talking about "Chem Trails" every day to destroy what the blog stands for... and I have gotten to see who has really got some good thought behind what the post. As We head into the night we have all been waiting on I just want to say thanks to all the regular posters on here. Thanks for YOUR hard work and YOUR loyalty and time placed on this blog. It gives me a great place to come and bitc...Talk about my team.... Go Dolphins... Go Team Tuna.... and lets get ready for some picks!!!!
P.S.... I have no friggin clue what this team is gonna do even with all the info and mock and posts in the world... ain't suspense grand?

NJ, the day is here, any new feelings??? Writer from the Dalla Herald Mocks us with D. Thomas at 12...Think we could get a suprise pick like that??? I'm fired up and ready bro!!!

Your only scared when you look in the mirror

Ask bill ruger , thanks for the kind words and backing me up. I have patience with these idiots because they are jealous nobody's who have nothing better to do in life. It's funny but sad and pathetic. I love it . It's a complementt to impersonated and talked about , that how stupid they are , LOL !

Armando, are you selling any used Term papers?

Last girl I banged was yelling EightyTwenty??? Any relationship, wife??? Coincidence

If there is indeed a "surprise" at 12, I think it'll be drafting an offense guy - a WR or RB. Pat White in 2Rd last year was probably the biggest shocker that NOBODY saw coming.

EightyTwenty nice come back you tool

Simon is from England ? I fly there two-three times a year on business and they have next to ZERO NFL coverage, its all about Soccer, Cricket or Rugby overthere. So yes, Simon definately scours the internet for information. And yes once again, ITS A BLOG NOT AN ARTICLE ! And they are COMPLETELY different. They do have the same type of content but trust me, I work in advertising and as long as you make a small change, it is NOT the same ! This is almost as boring as Jason Taylor crap. Today is the draft, the day we've ALL been waiting for, Its freakin' CHRISTMAS boys, cant we all just get along ??

Soiled . tom berenger in that seen from platoon was freaking awesome @!!

I wonder who cam cameron would take with the 12th.

Bobbyd12 , the writer from the dallas herald is f'n clueless,

I've been over to the Sun-Sentinel blog, the only live intelligence is NJ, FishyPete, Waterboy, the guys from here...everything else is HomeSupershyt and Chemtrails and braindead garbage....gimme a break

Lol...that's a good one bobbyd12! Hey, by the way...what's the 12 for in your id? Your age?

scene **

Hey NJ you think we pick the RB from sanford somewhere between the 3rd and the 5th since he has been slipping because apparently the color of his skin!

We will have to draft a RB at some point in this draft and he looks Impressive and has played well against some players doing well in the NFL right now.

DF, I think pass rush is really important in this draft as well. Its definitly an area the fins need to improve. What if the improbable happened and we pickup hughs and kindle or weatherspoon? LB is the obvious void to fill. I also like Graham in the later rounds if he's still around. We need a S and a good NT any thoughts.

EightyTwenty, ask ur wife, it's the size of my di'k, which she said is 4x bigger then u...anymore questions u piece of wortless shyt?

bobbyd12 , homesupershyt( and his chemtrails ) , who was busted on here as my impersonater fake NJ , has been banned from omar's ss blog , has now infested this blog.

NJ Phin Fan... You bet. Ya either look out for your own or become an animal like the rest.
And ..."Soiled".. Damn Man... Some of your stuff really make me wonder what color the sky really is in your world... Great Stuff!!... where did that "Platoon" thought even come from?...Thanks for the laugh.

Is it safe to come out? Are the trolls gone yet?

Picks 1 and 3 need to be Defense IMO...OLB and NT...even with a trade down...lots of players to fill defensive holes

I'm surprised you guys actually consider this a real blog for posting. I read it occasionally, and the number of intelligent comments is pretty low. I always assumed it was just a comments section for each article.

Do any of you guys see Will Allen moving to safety?

Finfan in orlando , i saw that Toby Gebhardt comment about being a white RB , it was a little Bizarre ?? Miami won't take him in the third and he will be long gone after that. miami will take a rb somewhere in the draft.

Ohio, the IQ only goes down when people from Ohio come here, I visited there once, ugly women, drunk unemployed losers and old houses...and they say they Interbreed in West Virginia???

I have to agree with you Ohio Fanatic or EightyTwenty what you want to call yourself yeah everytime bloggers like you come on here we have to read stupid S H I T

So please help making this blog better and STFU

So bobbyd, getting back to the draft, what do you think about Earl as our 12 pick?

bobbyd12 - yeah, just one more question: what's your address? Got the balls to put it up? Love to come and see you.

So NJ who do you think we can end up with later in the draft that might be a sleeper pick at the running back position

Yeah... I have seen his crap floating around here also NJ. The guy is 100% unable to control himself. I would get more angry at him if I did not really think he belonged on Heavy Meds under armed guard. I am convinced that anyone who takes that internet and turns in into a personal weapon needs to meat who Bill Ruger really is... It is just like the line in Bat Man Dark Knight...

"There are some who cannot be reasoned with, bargained with or bought... there are some who just want to watch the world burn".

That guy fits that bill to a tee...

LOL @ bobby at 12:13

Outstanding buddy...

How late do you think LeGarret Blunt (spelling?) will go in the draft? I think he could be a great 5-6 round draft pick. Any thoughts peeps?

EightyTwenty, yea stupid I'm putting my address up here stupid....that's why ur a moron and I'm not...go play with ur dolls

Ohio... YOU DONT BELONG and NOBODY cares about your stupid comments. Just go from "Reading it ocassionally" to NOT READING IT at all !

McShay is reporting that the Dolphins are "Locked in" on Sergio Kindle.

I think he is ok but I dont like him at 12 ?

If the Dolphins stay at the number 12 spot...any of these players works for me. First, Earl Thomas. Ballhawk safety with amazing instincts. Second, Brandon Graham. Looks like a heck of a player to me. Pair him with Dansby and Crowder. Ooooo weeee. Third, CJ Spiller. Not a huge need, but very tough to pass on a player this good. Also Dez Bryant....his talent, with Brandon Marshall and devone bess, with a little dash of Hartline. But who knows.....wait and see now.

What you clowns don't seem to understand is that you are reading a blog that is almost completely comprised of other peoples leg work and information.

You are getting second hand info.

You clowns actually think you are getting original information.

That is just sad.

NFL network had Earl Thomas making it the way to Philly at 24, does this hurt our chances of trading down out of 12 where they have us picking Kindle?

Kindle is not bad he would be solid but I don't think he has the playmaking ability to create fumbles or as good at making a living in the other teams backfield as Graham or Hughes

I really like graham from all the videos I've seen (only Youtube I'm no scout) he is the one that gets me hyped up....Just like how hard he hits and love his pash rush ability

Finfan in orlando , indiana just gave you a name in rb blount even though he has baggage and is a hothead. The marshall and incognito moves show that won't stop the tuna from lokking at him.

I don't live in Ohio. I live in Florida. Just a short drive from your house, coward.

Earl Thomas?? Man, I'm not as high on him at 12 as alot of others are...personally I like Carlito's idea more with a Major Wright or Rolle in lower rounds and let Culver, Clemmons and the draft pick battle it out...I'm not so concerned about FS as I am about NT and OLB

Oh, and see you soon "bobby". Stay safe.

Bobby... if that idiot only had a clue who you are and what he is doing by saying what he did to you.... People should remember that the people you speak to on these posts may just be the people who can cause you the most headaches or the most time away from what you call freedom. Ignore him Bobby... He has no clue and he will only make your day less then it should be. I know that the stadium will be a blast today... I will be heading over to "Grouchy" in an Hour or so... Have to stop and buy 1000 lbs of ice and bait and Soda first. There goes $500 bucks. At least I did not have to buy the damn beer or booze.

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