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Draft day is here! So what happens?

NOTE OFF THE BAT: Salguero favorite players are in bold.

Is it going to be Earl Thomas or Eric Berry or Nate Allen because the Dolphins need a safety? Is it going to be Jerry Hughes, Derrick Morgan or, my future adopted son, Brandon Graham because the Dolphins need a pass rusher? Is it going to be Mike Iupati because the Dolphins need a left guard? God, I hope it's not Dan Williams even though the Dolphins need a nose tackle. (I just don't think Williams is a value pick.)

Everybody backed off the idea of Rolando McClain after Miami signed Karlos Dansby. But what if McClain is the highest guy on Miami's board?

Maybe it will it be a surprise pick.

If Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham had not suffered a major knee injury in 2009, he would be a Top 10 pick this draft. Defenses will have nightmares about this kid some day. It would be wonderful if they were having those bad dreams the week they have to play the Dolphins.

Maybe Dez Bryant is a possibility because if one troubled but talented receiver is good, imagine what the Dolphins can do with two troubled but talented receivers. If you want to stay away from the troubled receiver, Demaryius Thomas is a WR that simply could be trouble for opponents. Big, fast, he is under the radar. Until now.

Maybe it's a running back because Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams or both won't be around in 2011. In that case it might be Fresno State RB Ryan Mathews, who could be the workhorse for the next five years. Is C.J. Spiller a possibility? I don't see it, but I'd love it! He's a potential TD every time he touches the football.

You want a name out of the blue? Literally? Someone told me the Dolphins might address their free safety issues by picking Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson and moving either Sean Smith or Will Allen to free safety. Why do I say this is out of the blue? Have you seen Boise State's field?

By the way, local agent Drew Rosenhaus has been hoping the Dolphins take Jason Pierre-Paul, who is supposed to be a latter day Jevon Kearse. If Rosenhaus successfully planted that seed in Bill Parcells' brain I vote him agent of the year.

Of course, many other names would be in play if the Dolphins trade down as I wrote in today's Miami Herald. 

Anyway, that's the set-up for the 2010 NFL Draft that begins at 7:30 p.m.

[BLOG NOTE: You will notice the extensive list of players posted earlier on this site as compiled by Chris Cordero has been taken down. Apparently the template for that list was taken from another site. While Cordero added to that list, subtracted from that list, and then worked on commentary for the list, the standard for the work here is high. It's orginal. When it's someone else's work, in this case universaldraft.com, I tell you or link to it or both.]


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Guys,if we drop to #27,what about grabbing Sean Weatherspoon or is he not a good fit?

Fishypete , cody could be a very realistic pick at 27 if that trade happens with dallas . Miami can use that 2nd round pick to get that pass rushing OLB.

Craig M, I don't see Kindle falling to 24 either, I see him being picked before that

Weatherspoon in a trade down. Jerry Hughes would also work.

I agree NJ PHIN FAN.

One Day of Draft Speculation is fun.

10 WEEKS of Draft Speculation makes you feel like
you're in a MENTAL WARD!!

Fooootbbbballll is back! It feels like christmas can i unwrap my present yet... Please dont draft Dan Williams the one year wonder.

Mark and NJ,

I agree with you guys on Kindle. I don't think he will be there at 24 either but I have seen him sliding down a couple of mocks. We can only hope.

I'm interested to see who the Pats pick. I think Odrick seems to be the consensus but I've seen other mocks that have them taking Bryant. Personally I hope it's not Bryant. It would bother me if he's were to eat up or CB's twice a year and eventually become Moss' replacement.

80/20 Running scared now... He should be !
Good Ridance loser, go back to your other blog, if you can call it that. And by the way, you being local makes it all the more fun !

Great List, Armando.

But somehow it sounded better the first time I read it on UniversalDraft.com

Did you have to go to school for plagiarism or is that an online certificate you can purchase?

Dez Bryant could go anywhere but i've a feeling he's gonna be a Bronco

N.J. they already have there OLB...Dansby. If the trade does come...thats means at the leats the Dolphins receive the Cowboys 59th pick in the second round. The players I see there are, Misi, Worilds, Gerhart, sean Lee and ansah. Take your pick. I just can't see the Cowboys giving up their 2nd and 3rd rouders...but you never know with Jones...I rather see a player and the second rounder for the trade.

There's a couple of guys I'm getting excited about. One is WR D Thomas. I been on this guy's bandwagon for weeks. If he's there at 24 or 27 and we have a pick in the second round, I would be fine with picking this guy.

The other guy is Ryan Matthews. I've been folowing this guy since last season and I've always thought he is going to be a star from this draft. I actually think I like him better than Spiller (at least from a value standpoint). If there was a way to get him as Brown's replacement, without us missing out on defence, I'd be all over this guy.

Slick J, you go to school to become an A S S H O L E or were u born like that??

slick J,

Go back to the hole u crawled out of

What name will you use next?

Slick J late to the party hahaha jagoff

Gerhart reminds me alot of Csonka.

We trade down and pick up a second I would be totally thrilled to grab a TE in the second or third..

I applaud you for standing up and saying it wasn't original work Armando. So much for giving a guy a break to get into the business.

Keep writing, you'll still have lotsa readers. But i'm sure you'll quadruple check from now on.

And at #12 the Dolphins select ...

I also like weatherspoon too, bobbyd you had some issue with him yesterday, but 103 tackles, 1 FR and 1 int. Sounds like pretty good stats double kindle or hughs,. What's your take on this guy?

A week or 2 ago I read something from Mortenson saying the Fins were hot on Jimmy Graham. This was right before the Marshall trade. Mort guaranteed JG would be our second round pick. I wonder if there was any real substance behind that and if we do pick up a 2nd if that will come in to play.

Here is a surprise pick for you guys for a guy that will have value at #12: FLorida center Maurkice Pouncey. He can play guard and then move to center in a few years if the Dolphins need him to do so.

If the Phins take any offensive player at #12, it will say a lot about what they think of Wake and Charlie Anderson. Which is to say, I dont think there is any way in hell the Dolphins take an offensive player at 12.

D-dense, I'm not down at him at all, I just believe once Dansby got picked Weatherspoon wasn't an option anymore...That was my only point with him...BUT Darlington did a column on the extent of Crowder's injury, down to bone on bone...if it's true I would be very concerned how much longer he can go

OK guys the Menace has arrived a little early, what are we talking about this afternoon???

Thanks Mando for always having consistantly great blogs but I must say you've been wrong all this offseason!

Didn't seem like you wanted a Marshall trade because of "Character issues"
The Marshall Trade happened and it's one of the best moves of the Tuna era! This is exactly what we needed and I've been preaching it for so long - since last offseason to be exact.
1.) It helps Henne develop
2.) opens it up for the rest of our receivers
3.) opens up even bigger holes for our already great running game!
4.) Defenses will have to plan differently against a Miami offense now and days! Points will be scored!!

But you still don't seem too excited about it and not "convienced" perhaps? Still caught up in the character issues??

In the Jason Taylor thing:
You had us all thinking poor JT was the innocent one since he's obviusly your all time favorite TAYLOR!! Don't get me wrong I love what Jason Taylor did here his whole career will alwasy be a top notch Dolphin in my eyes!!

But lets get the story right - Parcells wanted to give him a contract extension and he declined by telling him to meet with his agent.
Miami wanted to make him and offer and JT decided to make it dramatic. TUNA doesn't play that game!

It seems like you are always bashing what this organization is doing. We are finally moving back in the right direction and these negative articles are a set back.


Taking Sean Lee at 59 would give the Dolphins a very good middle linebacker group. So they would have Wake and Dansby as the OLB...and Crowder and Lee inside...with Cody cleaning the middle.

Hopefully we trade down to gather more picks.

If not IMO, take the OLineman (what's his name). I wouldn't gamble with a first round pick. Leave the risk taking for later rounds. You know what your going to get by taking a offensive lineman, usually.

So...Cody at 27, Lee at 59 and Ansah at 73..Hmm.

My issue, I guess is with Crowder's comments on the radio with Porter. Not a parcells type of guy.

I've heard reports that any trade with Dallas could include Spears and/or Carpenter. Question is, depending on the trade, are we interested in these guys or would be prefer picks? Personally I'd like to see if Bennett could be worked in but I'm not sure the Cowboys would go for that.

The Philadelphia Eagles have called the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins about the possibility of trading up in the first round, sources have told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio. The Broncos have the 11th overall pick and the Dolphins have the 12th overall pick.

Picks, no second tier players

I would think Carpenter before Spears...I believe Parcells likes him alot.

Spoon is a very good player and will be either a 4-3 OLB or 3-4 ilb but at 6-1 239 might be a little to small for the tuna/ireland 's liking. I think he will be a better OLB where he doesn't have gap responsibilities and won't have huge guards locking locking him up . He can use his great athletic ability on the outside. I don't think miami has him on their board.

D-dense...Crowder messed up with his mouth bit but nothing that a little "extra" reps in training camp won't help solve...His boy Porter is gone and he is alone out on the island now


I get what your saying and it's not bad. I just think I prefer Dansby playing inside and I have question about Cody, mostly the fear that he won't be able to keep the weight off. I think he might struggle in the heat of Florida (yes, I know he played in Alabama). Not sure I'm completely sold on Lee either. I think he's solid if unspectacular.

Trade Ronnie brown, Justin smiley this years 4th rounder and next years 4tt rounder for seattles first round pick and get Eric berry! Then at number 12 get derrik morgan and get mcluster in the 3rd.

Sean lee is a good player but he might also be a little to small for the tuna and is a little injury prone.

Is there a REASON we are talking about JT again on this of all days? For God's sake guys give it a break!!

He's gone OK....get over it!

Well I hope so, always liked Crowder until that day. Your right though, Porters gone and he is on an island. I'd like to see him take that anger out on the field!

I Don't see a problem with Cody's weight...in fact can you imagine him and Parcells in the weight room...D. Williams also has a weight problem in the past. After a year or two...I'll bet Cody is the next all Pro NT...Let him sweat and lift weights...let him learn...what better teachers than Parcells and Ferg...to teach him...right now the guy made McClain look good...so I have no problems with him at all.

OK guys!!....I'm out for awhile....I'll check in before the draft...

I live in Fort Worth and watch every Cowboys game. Spears is a very strong player, we should push for him in any trade down with Dallas. Carpenter sucks, slow and poor instincts. Martellus Bennett is a headcase but has talent and is hard to cover, could be worth a shot.

Whass Up!
Dolphins Nation

Its the moment you have all been waiting for' and who will the pick be???

Good afternoon Phin fans. To all the peolpe who are upset about the so called plagiarism on the blog, go fu%k off somewhere else. This blog is here to share info, and talk football. Half of you hippocrites go to web sites, find a mock draft, and instead of doing your homework. Rip off some so called expert about who we should draft in the 6th round.

Craig...I don't believe the Dolphins ever said that Dansby was going to play ILB...He's really a OLB. Thats why the Dolphins can get a good ILB (sean Lee) and then have a good linebacker group. Hrad to beat them PSU linebackers.

Im back....

Quick Hits

1) JT & agent played Mandito and colleagues like a fiddle. Fact 1: Jt was offered a contract in Nov. Fact 2: JT was offered a contract after the season Fact 3: JT wanted to squeeze the Fins and played the scorned girlfriend.

2)My Name is Earl Thomas is the way to go at 12. Probably will be the on the board as the top 3 three BPA and fills a glaring need

3) Too many trolls on this board. Few contributors: bobby, NJ, Indiana, Carlito, Jamillion, Mark in ..., Rob

4) I am glad to see you took down the list. I guess Cordero isnt making the cut for next years pre draft scouting?


If we Draft Mclain, would you part ways with Clam Chowder or hold on to him?

I Agree with Darryl, Hell, I majored in Plagiarism in collage.....

I guess we've seen the last of Chris Cordero....

Waterboy, no Crowder is still a real good player, he is going to have a solid year if I had to bet

I might take a lot of heat for this, but please don't draft any of the 4-5 OLBs with the 12th. I'd rather select Thomas, Williams, Spiller, Bryant, Iupaty, et.al. Of course, choice 1 is to trade down, and then do select one of the 4-5 OLBs.

What are you guys feeling about TE?

I was convinced back when I was posting "Tuna takes a dump on Fin Fans and fails to address WR position" that we would draft a pass catching TE early.

After Marshall, I dont think we take a stab until RD 6.
Fasano is decent. I definitely dont think Haynos is worthy of a roster spot.

Can we wait for Sperry and Nalboner to blossom?


Ever wonder why you never see Chris Cardoro and Mando in the same spot??? I think chris Cardero is Mando's Alter-ego....or maybe Mando has a split personality..ALA "Fight Club"..Maybe Mando has gone completely mad...lol....

tofu dan, i like dorin dickerson a lot too. will he still be there in the 4th? he could give henne a huge down the seam target and he goes and gets the ball. not the greatest blocker but they can help him get better. he would be the one offensive guy i'd really like them to add.

Seer and NJ - You guys are totally right about that Boise State player and fan. They are to blame also. The player obviously said something very personal and bad, which most humans probably would of knocked the guy out also. The fan was just being down right a jerk and would of got schooled by Blount in about 2.2 seconds if they were in a back alley and no where for the fan to run or security holding back Blount!!


You have been found guilty of violating The Dolphins in Depth personal conduct code.
Whether or not you actually commited the crime of plagiarism is irrelevent.
Your defense that "Cordero did it" only confounds the issue. You were the responsible party and Have been found to be negligent in carrying out your duties(proof reading...duh).

You being the QB of this blog are held to a higher standard.
Therefor you are hereby suspended for 6 post draft blogs.
This suspension can be "reduced" however, depending on the quality of your previously scheduled "Live Blog" tonight. That is all.

Your Editor.

PS: The Dolphins in Depth has traded a 3rd round Mock Draft Pick for back up blog QB Soiled Bottom.

Water, I LOVE a good tight end.....

Waterboy, listening to WQAM right now, they talking that they believe Fins take TE rd 3 or 4...makes sense to give Henne a weapon that can run down the middle of the field..need an upgrade their..

And impressive Earl Thomas video


Odiseye, as long Mando keeps his "penis in his pants" while writing the blog he is only on probation

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