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Draft day is here! So what happens?

NOTE OFF THE BAT: Salguero favorite players are in bold.

Is it going to be Earl Thomas or Eric Berry or Nate Allen because the Dolphins need a safety? Is it going to be Jerry Hughes, Derrick Morgan or, my future adopted son, Brandon Graham because the Dolphins need a pass rusher? Is it going to be Mike Iupati because the Dolphins need a left guard? God, I hope it's not Dan Williams even though the Dolphins need a nose tackle. (I just don't think Williams is a value pick.)

Everybody backed off the idea of Rolando McClain after Miami signed Karlos Dansby. But what if McClain is the highest guy on Miami's board?

Maybe it will it be a surprise pick.

If Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham had not suffered a major knee injury in 2009, he would be a Top 10 pick this draft. Defenses will have nightmares about this kid some day. It would be wonderful if they were having those bad dreams the week they have to play the Dolphins.

Maybe Dez Bryant is a possibility because if one troubled but talented receiver is good, imagine what the Dolphins can do with two troubled but talented receivers. If you want to stay away from the troubled receiver, Demaryius Thomas is a WR that simply could be trouble for opponents. Big, fast, he is under the radar. Until now.

Maybe it's a running back because Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams or both won't be around in 2011. In that case it might be Fresno State RB Ryan Mathews, who could be the workhorse for the next five years. Is C.J. Spiller a possibility? I don't see it, but I'd love it! He's a potential TD every time he touches the football.

You want a name out of the blue? Literally? Someone told me the Dolphins might address their free safety issues by picking Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson and moving either Sean Smith or Will Allen to free safety. Why do I say this is out of the blue? Have you seen Boise State's field?

By the way, local agent Drew Rosenhaus has been hoping the Dolphins take Jason Pierre-Paul, who is supposed to be a latter day Jevon Kearse. If Rosenhaus successfully planted that seed in Bill Parcells' brain I vote him agent of the year.

Of course, many other names would be in play if the Dolphins trade down as I wrote in today's Miami Herald. 

Anyway, that's the set-up for the 2010 NFL Draft that begins at 7:30 p.m.

[BLOG NOTE: You will notice the extensive list of players posted earlier on this site as compiled by Chris Cordero has been taken down. Apparently the template for that list was taken from another site. While Cordero added to that list, subtracted from that list, and then worked on commentary for the list, the standard for the work here is high. It's orginal. When it's someone else's work, in this case universaldraft.com, I tell you or link to it or both.]


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Plain and simple.
You know that 'mundo.

Cut-and-pasting a comptetitor's blog and then changing a few words is not actuallydoing your job. It's a total lack of integrity. Maybe you are feeling pressured to deliver the samequality of content Hyde's bloggers (Simon, Chris and Richard of universaldraft) do. I get that. Those guys are ridiculously in depth.

Still, Armando, you're better than doing something like this. Why sink that low just over some draft coverage?

So what if the 'other guy' runs a great column. Just raise your OWN game. Go out there and do your own research, come up with an original angle at the article or daily blog post. Don;t just lift someone else's work and claim it's yours or "Chris Cordero's".

I don't know, man. It's disappointing. Sometimes your blogs are really good, but it's like you get on a deadline or get overwhelmed by your competitors and so do something so unethical like this just to survive. It looks desperate Armando.

C'mon. You're a better journalist than to do something like this, bud.

Keep taking our scraps Jets! By the way can anyone remember what teams where CLOSE to the superbowl the year before, how about the year before that? NO ONE REMEMBERS OR CARES only stinking Jets fans. This time next year you will be listing the stupid reasons why we swept you again. Jason Taylor is now pancake mix for Jake Long.

I think it was awesome that the french president banned the veils in france,(I just had to get that in) So let's lift the veil and be real, they let go Jason Taylor so even though we Need a secondary and another WR I bellieve the Dolphins will replace JT right away...Letting JT go was a HUGE mistake!and they will pay for it. They should save their pick for a running back for later and get the most important first which I believe is another WR or another free safety, we are in DESPARATE need of another great Free Safety!! PLEASE!!

Graham is the pick if we can't trade down

I know why true dolphin fans get on these things. We love them. Why do jets fans cruise dolphin blogs...?

Hope we trade down for xtra picks? If not "MUST" pick quality, over need!! McClain-because he's gonna be another Singletary. Spiller-because he's gonna be another C.Johnson/B.Sanders(lite). Bryant because this is an offensive league. And he's gonna be a "STUD", just like his running mate (Marshall)..Who'd stop Marshall,Bryant,Camarillo,Bess,Hartline, and lest us not forget Turner...That's an airforce

trade down is one thing but to trade down that far?!!!!!!!????!?!?!!dammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnn

Fortunately the Dolphins passed on Bryant. I guess Parcells had enough with his Antonio Bryant experience... Solid draft for the Fins though!

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