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Owner: No punishment for Ireland, case closed

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has just released a statement on the Dez Bryant matter.

In this statement there is no mention of punishment of general manager Jeff Ireland because, I am told, there is none. Furthermore, Ross considers the matter closed.

Ireland, you may recall, asked Bryant if his mother is a prostitute during a pre-draft interview with the player.

The statement:

"I have looked into the matter of Jeff Ireland and the questions asked of former Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant and I have spoken to many people in and outside our organization who were directly involved and indirectly involved.

"Jeff Ireland has apologized personally and publicly to Dez Bryant.

"We are going to take a hard look at our interview practices and we will make improvements that will allow us to get the important information we need about players in whom we are making a major investment, but without being insensitive.

"Jeff Ireland is a man of great capability and integrity and he is well deserving of my continued confidence. I consider the matter closed." 


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Mando: Blog Brilliance:

"Ireland, you may recall, asked Bryant if his mother is a prostitute during a pre-draft interview with the player."

Drollery at its finest!

2010 predicted player stats: Henne~3800yds~25tds~10int. RnR express~2200yrd~18tds Marshall~112cth~1200yd~14tds Fellow dolphans please expect a heavy dose of henne to marsh. why, cuz its just gonna work. We all know marsh is a beast, three str8 100 catch season with two different QB's. Henne wont be any different stat wise simply cuz he's a better QB than what marsh has played with. IMO.


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Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | April 30, 2010 at 06:55 PM

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Good luck Jerry Jones with DEzzzzz and his sense of entitlement. He already has a chip on his shoulder because he thinks he should have be the first pick in the draft. Look at the trouble he's caused over nothing that everyone else has gone through. But not DEzzz, he's special, right ? This guy is going to make T.O. look like an angel.

I too am writing the league about this. I just don't see how nothing was done. Ross didn't even address the future questions with Ireland. So Ireland can continue to ask racist and stupid questions?

Rob in OC, You are the better man. You won the bet with that imbecile and he offers cookies and a Tshirt, what a friggin joke. That person is thinking on a lower level than you.

No run down on training camp today Mando?

I know there may not be a lot to report. Still I would think you could come up with something.
After all, you went on and on and on about JT, Zach's number and Dez's momma!

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odinspunk, you go off and call mando a piece of non dolphin trash and now you expect him to jump to your commands. Go turn your little wrenches monkey boy

Posted by: just in | April 30, 2010 at 11:30 PM

No thanks.

I'd rather make yo mamma jump to my commands, by Monkey F U C K I N G her with my "wrench"!

It all makes sense. Read what I cut and pasted from an SS blog:

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I don't hate NJ I was just looking at old articles and noticed his avatar on the troll that invested SS.Which people need to know about.

I feel better about the situation now that I know how the WHOLE conversation with Dez Bryant went. It went like this:

Dez said that his father was a pimp. Ireland then asked what his mother did for a living. Dez said she worked for her father.

In his mind, Ireland got confused and jumped to the conclusion that if his mother worked for his father (a pimp) then she must have been a prostitute. So that is when he asked Dez the question "was your mother a prostitute"?

Ireland SHOULD have asked him this. What exactly did your mother do working for your father? Either that or just not asked him what his mother did at all. Apparently she sold drugs or something.

Ireland sort of stumbled into this it sounds like. It doesn't sound like he was trying to embarrass him on purpose. In the future, he probably should just not ask about the parents background much at all ... especially if it could be controversial. Just leave it alone.

Jeff Thomas STFU on this subject, IRELAND WAS wrong period.

Excellent! Well done, Mr. Ross! Now, we just need the media to move on...

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